nandini d most shallow character

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Posted: 2018-09-13T23:42:54Z
if some one ask me who is a shallow character or a perfect example of a shallow characterthem d answer will be NANDINI .
even kunal is better than nandini , he never try 2 portray himself bechara , masoom 

hum tumhe chhot nhi pahuchana jahate the mauli 

r u serious nandini ?? or r u real ??

mujhe nhi pata tha ema kisi ko khushi pahuchane ke liye hota . 

all dialogue so nandini shoes how majboor she was 4 having an ema with kunal , it looked like kunal blackmailed or drugged her .

all those u say kunal stopped her blah blah blah 

i dont come in her leaving drama , nor she was going any where 

chalo kunal stopped her & proposed her . if tomorrow kunal ask her kill mauli then she will do that also {  i know nandini can do anything }

nandini was always jealous of mauli subconsiously  , why coz mauli had everything which nandini had ever desired 

how initially when kunal mauli use 2 have play around , seeing kunal nandini always use 2 think r husbands like this also. when kunal praised mauli's cooking , she remembered rajdeep scolding her 4 adding extra butter in food., when she use 2 see kunal taking care of mauli , she always use 2 remember torture of rajdeep .

nandini ever use 2 admire did & yamini's luv 4 mauli . 

so nandini always wanted what mauli had 

when in temple that baba predicted someone will come in ur life , & kunal turn up , nandini immeditely gave him that place coz subconsiously nandini already kept kunal in place of rajdeep as 4 her kunal was perfect husband , so when kunal proposed her she immediately agreed.

why we blame kunal 4 stopping nandini  ??

nandini definately deserve 2 be happy but not on account of mauli , coz sabko sab kuch nhi mil sakta .

nandini never thought how hard mauli would had worked 2 get all these people luv.

i know rajdeep is mostly wrong i will say 90% rajdeep is wrong but 10% nandini is also wrong.

himmat is not a fruit which anyone can pluck it from a tree & have it , nor himmat can be taught  2 anyone . God had given himmat 2 everyone one but uska use kaise karna ye hum pe chor diya hai , rajdeep se jaise log usse galat tarike mai use karte hai aur mauli jaise log sahi tarike mai 

i dont know what great deed nandini did in her marriage 2 make it work .

rajdeep use 2 torture her coz nandini was allowing her & silently accepting bearing it. 

wife ka kaam ghar mai dusting karna , khana pana , to be dressed up bas yahi hota hai  kya

id nandini had taken stand against rajdeep , then her life woud had been different today  .

we blame rajdeep , yes he is a horrible creature or a demon but nandini 2 lack quality of a gud wife 

i m sure she luvs 2 portray herself bechari & abla naari 

infact she is only d taker in every relationship 
be it rajdeep , be mauli , be kunal all these r giver & nandini is only d taker .

agar aaj kunal usse 2 thappad mar de , i m  sure she will silently tolerate it aur kaun jane kunal k liye ye deewana pyar uss thappad ke saaath khatam ho jaye 

hum tum dono ke bina nhi reh payenge 
i mean what was nandini thinking that after getting 2 know about kunan's relationship  ,mauli will accept her as she lack back bone ,so she thought maybe mauli 2 dont have backbone like her 

4 me nandini is d most shallow character.

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Posted: 2018-09-14T00:28:56Z
Originally posted by deepikagupta9

hum tum dono ke bina nhi reh payenge 


She said this? 

You snatched her husband and you expect her to pamper you? What on earth what she thinking about herself? Kaunnn haiii yehh rajjjrani that everyone would pamper her even after she murders Mauli's life? 

I hope Mauli's mom do thappad marathon on her. Disgusting woman!! 
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Posted: 2018-09-14T01:18:56Z
There is a line in the title track
"Haaq mujhe bhi toh hai pyaar main bhi karoon"

Yes she definitely has the right but who gave her the right to destroy someone else's happiness???? She didn't just "fall" for Kunal she always wanted Kunal! Her whimpering and shivering doesn't make her a naive innocent character...I don't know what the CVS wanted to show her as but she definitely didn't gain any pinch of sympathy from anyone instead she emerged as one of the most selfish girls I have ever seen.

And what was that "humne koshsish ki thi?""" 
Kunal didn't force her to lay down on bed instead she herself laid down for him... selfish woman!
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Posted: 2018-09-14T01:24:50Z
When did Nandini have such a strong emotional connect with Kunal ? I never saw. Does she really love Kunal? I am not sure. Gratitude is there but anything else ? Does she really love Mauli ? I am not sure.
Does she love herself ? I am not sure , Cox she has little self respect.
Who exactly does she love ?
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