yeh koi aam dhoka nhi kunal !!

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Posted: 2018-09-13T14:11:50Z
And this title says it all..
yeh koi aam dhoka nhi!! 
todays episode was so damn good.. aditi !! my god this girl is awesome.. i have said this before and again i am saying that this girl is beyond my imagination of an indian tv serial wife/bahu.. She is a class apart. She is no regular tv soap girl.. she is different..
she is so natural and so convincing as mauli.. its all about mauli in last two episodes.. and she rocked it totally.. ClapClap  

coming back to the title "yeh koi aam dhoka nhi kunal" 
EMAs do happen in the society.. but this is no aam dhoka.. kunal has no reasons for ditching mauli.. and she knows it already..! and hence the questions.. she knows she is perfect wife, perfect bahu, their marriage was perfect, kunal loved her the way she was; she knows that EMAs happen but this is no aam dhoka.. she knows she has no KAMI.. she is taunting kunal for being such a jerk.. if they had issues then she might have understood the reasons or might have taken blame for this dhoka. but no she knows he fell for nandini's outer beauty, her sajna sawarna and her docile nature.. 
she herself is a giving women but not sub ordinate to her husband.. they are equal! but he fell for a girl who is weak and can bear his tantrums. mauli admits bearing all this tantrums. she asks him "kaunsa nakhra nahi uthaya maine tumhara?" she did everything to make their marriage a successful one, she did everything that an ideal bahu and wife is supposed to do.. she has all those qualities and she knows that.. 

she taunts him and demands answers to her questions because she knows that he has NO ANSWERS.. "koi kami nhi hai mauli" he replies..

many people come in our life, we may get attracted to someone but its not necessary to name every feeling and every emotion.. feelings change with time.. kunal's biggest mistake is to name his feelings after acknowledging his feelings for nandini without giving enough time to himself for some realisation. as i said people come and go ! if a person has a certain set of qualities, some other would have some other set of qualities.. one cannot fall for every second person who comes in one's life.. despite being a happily married man he chose to fall for his wife's best friend.. best friend who was trusted by his wife the most.. this is not an aam dhoka.. i second her.. 
 She also tells him that he not only failed as a husband but also as a human.. insaaniyat pe kaise kre koi ab vishwas?? 
she brought her friend home, she stood by her side, encouraged her, supported her emotionally, financially and treated her like a sister.. she always acknowledged nandini's qualities ; be it preparing good food, her dance, her beauty, she acknowledged the trust she had on nandini and kunal too. despite knowing all this she was being wronged by these two people and that too without a solid reason.. hence shaking her trust in love and humanity and marriage..
waiting for the next episode in much anticipation..
shakti, abhinav, dhrashti and aditi all were so freaking awesome today. i feel creatives have confused dhrashti about portraying certain emotions.. i saw a clueless nandini when she was caught red handed.. the state should be being in shock or afraid of aftermaths of this relevation.. but writers have literally confused her. i feel bad for her. she is a damn good actress and she doesnt deserve this confusion..
her scene with rajdeep was so so good.. her monologues were again bogus (writers suck Sleepy ) but her expressions were too good. 

a super awesome episode i must say.. 

ps : guys i am a groupbie . allowed only few posts in a span of 24 hours so i couldnt reply to your posts . but i have read all your post about todays episode. and i really appreciate that you guys are taking out time from ur schedule to share things in the forum

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Posted: 2018-09-13T14:23:11Z
Beautiful post, reliving all of M's pain. 
Two things with struck me more:
This sentence
She also tells him that he not only failed as a husband but also as a human.. insaaniyat pe kaise kre koi ab vishwas

And also that was it wrong to bring home a friend, etc.

She cannot obviously get over the betrayal by the two
people closest to her: her hubby and her best friend.Ouch

Really sad.
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Posted: 2018-09-13T20:57:04Z
sweetneeta thanx for liking the post and replying.
i agree she cannot get over this betrayal. she is going all mad asking him WHY he did that.. this betrayal is unbelievable..
and i guess people also feel her pain intensely. there are so many posts in the forum . i was unable to find aditi's At . it has gone to page 6 from page 1 within 6 hours. Confused

i am really excited to know what is going to happen today..
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Posted: 2018-09-13T21:01:08Z
You penned down Mauli's pain  amazingly

My heart cries for her
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Posted: 2018-09-13T21:27:04Z
The best part was she didnt find any great quality in nandini and said that i am not likr her and i dont want to be like her . Clap

Whaaat do you want to eat?LOL moron kunal . 

I.fully agree , he was infactuated with nandini and never in love with her . If he was in love he would have given time to himself and nandini and not jump into the bed with her ..feelings change every minute but what about thr commitment ? What about mauli ? He was so crazy to forget her completely and couldnt fathom how she will.feel...
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Posted: 2018-09-14T02:42:02Z
I was numb when she mimic nandini and what i love is mauli is well aware that exactly for which quality kunal betrayed her. That Nakhre uthana word was bang on and perfectly used by her because we see everyday nandini kaise kunal ke har type ke nakhre uthati hai. 
I am glad that she doesn't loose her self confidence an ounce and proudly declared that she is not like her and also don't want be like her... Clap Go girl Go ...we were expecting exactly this reaction from you to understand you self worth that rondini is nothing infront of you. 

Rondini wants threesome but she is expecting it from wrong woman. Strong woman like mauli can stay all alone for entire life but will never agree for threesome and have enough guts to say NO to the perverts and can kick them too not like rondini who wants everything in khairat.

She said very true yeh koi aam dhoka nai hai . Now waiting for the day when she will throw divorce papers on kunal's face and will make herself free from this morons. 

Nandini's only worth is in bed and kitchen . Mauli is woman with substance who doesn't deserve hawas ka pujari and nitthala husband.

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Posted: 2018-09-14T04:05:19Z
Yeah this is no ordinary betrayal. The husband who betrayed her was someone who made big big lovesick words n promises to her even a month ago. Someone for whose dreams she has worked so hard at the hospital, someone who cheated on her without any reason .Kunal has no reason to fall out of love with Mauli , she's been nothing but the loveliest most supportive wife, she has trusted him blindly .it it like if someone promises to die for u then kills u next day cz his feelings evaporated in few hours.
On top of that  the mistress here is not any random stranger woman. Like in Bajirao Kashi told Bajirao she's hurt by Bajirao not mastani cz she's not her apna but he was. He betrayed her. But here It's her childhood best friend. In whose life she's been nothing short of an gurdian angel. Very few would forgive a Friend who chose their bf even after u said that bf tried to molest u. Mauli did n moved on with time. Mauli saved her life brought her in her home gave her shelter build her confidence gave her ways to earn for herself taught her to fight for herself. It's like pulling the same person in quicksand who saved u from it risking their life . 
She said Kunal n Nandini r her most fav people in the world,she gave them position above her parents. She called them her life,some som she could trust blindly. The betrayal she's facing is so cruel n unexpected that it's unimahiunima
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Posted: 2018-09-14T05:34:15Z
@sabhayta - thnx dear, my heart cried for her too..

@charu - yes! that was the best part. Mauli actually knows what kunal likes. he likes women dressed in sarees, always dolled up, he likes nandini's food and she knows apart from these qualities nandini has no other great quality that can make him fall for her. nandini was a nice human being in his eyes but so was mauli.. what made him fall for her is not a question. all this "what made you go and fell in love with nandini" is nothing but a mockery. she knows he has no answers. 

@sweet_tania -  agree! she did not lose her self confidence and mocked him. actually i did expect a lot of crying and "why kunal why" but trust me this mockery was something I have not even thought of.. and i totally loved her for this.. Mauli is a strong woman . there is no doubt to it. But this unique and unordinary betrayal will definitely haunt her for life, no matter how strong she is. If kunal were a bad husband , she wouldn't have shaken her to this level. But what is the most shocking thing to her is that both nandini and kunal were gems in her eyes ..."BHALE LOG"

@Charaiveti - ditto! i keep saying all this in this forum all the time. he has no reasons to fall out of love with mauli.. and the change in him is very abrupt.Confused he was not that kunal before nandini entered into picture. and u said it right nandini is no random girl. she is her best friend.. not only best friend but she considered nandini a sister. she did what blood relatives don't do for you.. i love your words "the betrayal she is facing is so cruel and unexpected"

thnx for your feedbacks on this post guys. Smile
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