I don't need you to fix me - Mauli

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Posted: 2018-09-13T12:51:40Z
I applaude Mauli for shoving Kunal away when he tried to touch her. Not once but repeatedly. When he said I can't leave you alone, like this, she still told him to leave.

She proved that she doesn't need him to hold her, mend her, fix her. She doesn't need a man to complete her. She just wanted love. Real, true , honest love.
She doesn't need a man to save her, she isn't a damsel in distress, she is a fighter, a queen. Sh doesn't need him to win wars for her. She has won everything on her own. She just needed respect, friendship, honesty, trust. And here she was, betrayed badly.

Even then she didn't let him come near her, to try and save her. She said she wants time to process and deal with it. ALONE!!! She doesn't need consolation, fake words, fake sympathies. She will win this herself.

At the end, she questions himClap She asks him and all the other men out there. Is fake beauty, bangles, saree , a getup and nakhre all that a man needs? A woman to satisfy his male ego? To cry for help and serve food? Why couldn't he stay happy with his wife who is different and strong? Who doesn't need his saving? Who saves herself.

Women like Nandini are forever dependent and cannot emerge. Its not their fault, I think its the upbringing, society and norms that make women so vulnerable like Nandini. 

I am glad this show is showing two sides of the coin, two shades of women and how it affects them. How Mauli, despite all she is been through, doesn't end up shaking and crying but confronts her husband, fights for herself. And how Nandini, cannot standup for herself ever, keeps suffering at the mercy of men.
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Posted: 2018-09-13T12:56:21Z
Really applaud Mauli for not giving K the privilege or honour of
lifting her, she is a determined woman, and though down at the
moment will rise up in glory without his help.
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Posted: 2018-09-13T12:59:49Z
Loved the writing.
I loved it when Mauli said, "I am not Nandini. I can't be her & I don't want to be her. This bangle, sajna, all that is not me."

Even in that situation, she is standing for herself, for what she believes, who what she has always believed, she doesn't want to be like any other woman, this is her, her individuality, her identity & she won't do anything to it.

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Posted: 2018-09-13T13:01:43Z
Mauli definitely deserves a standing ovation! She is still standing up for herself, for her self respect! She was so right in her questions that she asked Kunal!! What the hell did he need that he had to go somewhere else to get it? What is it that she didnt give him? What has she ever asked from him other than love, respect and loyalty! She was equal to him in every way possible and is that what he couldn't handle and fell for someone who is weaker to him? So that means he just needed someone to satisfy his manhole ego!
I hope the writers keep Mauli and shows her fighting for her respect and dignity. She definitely doesn't deserve someone like Kunal who cannot even give her loyalty. The only thing this girl ever wanted!
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Posted: 2018-09-13T13:17:20Z
The more she asked him what went wrong, the more slaps he recieved virtually.
Even at the end when he tocuhes her she jerks him awayClap
She isn;t looking for another person's arm to cry, she is tough on her own. 
She is so brilliant
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Posted: 2018-09-13T13:38:51Z
It shows sari mein lipat thi huyi chudail and open mind independant modern sanskari and better girl.

Never judge ppl from the cover!
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