Guys IF new article on this show future story

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Posted: 2018-09-13T06:33:12Z
Sorry i don't know how to include link here so just copy and pasting what i saw...
(On the other hand, Mauli finally walks home and goes back into the room without even taking a look at Kunal, who urges her to talk to him.

We hear that in the upcoming episodes, Mauli will confront Kunal and Nandini. She will berate Nandini for ruining her life and will blame herself for bringing Nandini into her happily married life.

And then, Mauli will throw Nandini out of her house and her life as well. And then, she will ask Kunal to make a choice between her and Nandini.

We also hear that all this will finally lead to Mauli cutting all ties with Kunal and Nandini. Not only that, Kunal's mother and Dida too will throw Kunal out of the house and disown him.

The will move on to take a (2 years we hear) leap post which Mauli will be seen residing with Kunal's mom and Dida and Kunal will be seen living with nandini. And both Kunal and Nandini will still be vying for Mauli's forgiveness. (P.S. These are speculated rumors and we could not get any confirmation until the time of filing the story).
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Posted: 2018-09-13T06:40:45Z
Aisa lag raha hai kisi teenage fanfictions se kahani churai hai
It's so funny
I remember seeing some post here in this forum itself about this whole jail fiasco
Like what would happen if rapdeep finds out
And then in jail kunal would start another affair
All this was in a funny manner. But seeing things going exactly at thay direction i feel pity for the makers. Kuch bhi? 
Rumors ho ya jo bhi ho this show has been a constant headache
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Posted: 2018-09-13T07:06:22Z
But why are the true soulmates destined by god begging for forgiveness from Mouli? She has given them wat they wanted!! Togetherness!! Toh kyun mouli se maafi maang rahein hai!? There was no guilt when they were doing nasty things behind her back...there was no remorse..they never gave a thought to this girl and were busy romancing and promising about their louuu on holy books? AB jab rasta clear hai toh kya problem hai in donon ki!

Will they be happy while living together atleast or will they bored of each other there also? They were craving to be this way for so long!

This kunal's family severing ties is again taking back to a cult show...i really do hope they stand as her pillar of support and give the girl the much needed strength and assurance tat good people do exist in the world...
On the other hand...I hope Rajdeep stays in the he is one big reason this show is entertaining !!

And what is the kheer couple gonna do for a living? Is kunal planning to work or is he sit and nurse his pure soul mistresses heart forever! Paise ke liye kisiko toh kamaana padega..mouli has made things easy for him there too hasnt she!!! The only thing mistress might do is feed him kheer and give him pleasure in the bed isnt she?
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Posted: 2018-09-13T07:09:53Z
Yup...rondini snatched everything from mauli...her sindoor her mangalsutra her love her hisband everything  ...kunal wl open new clinic for living i think...
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