Aditi : The powerhouse of talent

Posted: 2018-09-12T13:03:08Z
I wanted to make a post on her for over a week now, but tonight's episode was too good to let it go -

Aditi - She's such a doll, so pretty, I just love how she can portray multiple emotions in a single scene, she's so real in her expression, I don't generally get emotional but I laugh with her and I cried with her, she was upset in the car scene, they had an accident and I loved her expression change the moment Kunal showed concern for her, that's Mauli, Mauli who's worried that her love is leaving is happy in a moment with realization that no, her husband can't do this and you know what Mauli is thinking with her each smile and movements, then I love that she has different ways of portraying emotional scenes, when she got the clinic keys, she was emotional but she was happy and you know these are happy tears and in precap you can tell she's immensely upset, everything is broken. One more thing I loved about her is that she has some sort tear control mechanism, it just won't roll down her face, you can feel her eyes are wet like when she's trying to pacify people and hide her tears but the moment she wants to portray that Mauli is hurt, you see tears rolling down her face, like when she saw KuNan dancing, the woman is something else, she has experience from different regions, she has done theater too and its a treat to watch her on screen.
Writer of Silsila even praised her on Twitter saying that Aditi is her dream Mauli, now that's something, I am waiting for her realization scene, I know it will be as amazing, even more lets see

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Posted: 2018-09-12T13:45:27Z
Nice post.
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Posted: 2018-09-12T13:55:45Z
Yep She is! No one could play Mauli like Aditi. I never knew her before but now I know she really is the powerhouse of Talent! I hope they use her talent effectively and we get a Stronger Mauli post revelation!!
Lovely post dear :)
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Posted: 2018-09-12T14:01:38Z
Yes Aditi is amazing. I loved her in her previous show ganga and I am loving her more in silsila.
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Posted: 2018-09-12T14:05:52Z
I've only seen the last few minutes but your review has got me more excited to see the full episode!

She is absolutely brilliant! It's so nice when you get to see real actors on ITV!
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Posted: 2018-09-12T14:14:24Z
Originally posted by Dishoom

She is amazing. Ye rondu wale type role toh koi bhi karlega. Mouli is the girl of today's generations who doesn't strive on patriarchy, she doesn't need to dress up for attracting a man, her lovely actions and pure heart attracts people towards her. No one could have played Mauli better that Aditi Clap
Yes yes cannot praise someone without demeaning the other right? On the contrary roles that require enormous amount of venting and crying actually require very experienced and nuanced actors to pull them off the right way.Agar koi bhi kar pata role toh kaisi ko bhi le lete road se uthale.. Why go for a seasoned actress at all?

On topic I liked Aditi in the promo of mahasangam and I am sure this role will give her the opportunity to showcase her acting prowess. Waiting for the revelation now
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Posted: 2018-09-12T14:16:17Z
ayyye such a nice post.. 
even i was thinking to make a post on aditis acting skills , but i couldnt.. now i know why i couldnt, i guess today is the best day to share my thoughts about her. LOL
i have not followed much of her work but remember her scenes from the movie Ladies vs ricky behl.. she was really good there.
and in this show she is beyond awesome.. Smile 

i remember the initial episodes. man! this girl was on fire.. she was a flirt, she was sexy, she was hot and so so into the skin of this character.. she still is. but i was damn surprised to see her CASUALNESS around shakti aka kunal. i mean the way she created a casual atmosphere around kunal her husband was so damn eye catching.. i was wondering who this girl is... Big smile
so much ease and comfort around him as if she is a real wife not reel.. face making, casual attitude, comfort level and those romantic scenes were so fresh and i have never ever seen such scenes in indian television.. i have seen eye locking scenes, sharmana ghabrana Embarrassed  , extra cheesy scenes as if husband nhi boyfriend ho LOL . Shakti was good too but aditi was beyond my imagination of a wife in indian television show.. i just could never say these things as i used to visit forum very less but i think she deserves this post..

people often say nobody can play this character better than this actor but then i think in mind that some other could have played it similar if not better.. but this character is not easy to play.. after all its mauli THE WIFE.. no wife no EMA.. her character sketching is awesome and i think ADITI has a huge role in this.. if she were not playing mauli i would have not fallen for her to this level.. she is the jaan of this show . at least for me.. 
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