My POV on Mouli

Posted: 2018-09-12T01:03:23Z
Hi frnds,

 Now a days when we come to forum we can see only two kinds of posts ( either K-N bashing or M supporting )or some posts against the show stating how people can trusts their frnds after this and so this 21st century we claim that we are educated this show also all the characters they shown are educated and living in this modern world. When we read daily newspaper we can see that every day in this educated well cultured century people do heinous crimes (hus/wife cheat each other, siblings fight,child abuse,father/close relatives rapes his own daughter/grand child/cousins,mother forcing her child for prostitution/kill them for her lover, frnds  betrayal,  looting people on their blind belief,children kills their own parents so on & on...)so we teach our kids to be on guard always in their younger age itself.we trust people and teach them to trust people but not blindly and don't allow other person to take advantage of us bcoz of our love and trust towards them.
so my confusion is being an educated person living in this modern world how mouli become an idiot like this?

loving her husband and trusting & living for him is good and its needed for a strong,healthy marriage but not pointing out his mistakes and encourage him to rectify it,not noticing his (not so subtle) changing behavior (especially u claim that u love and understand that person well) is her stupidity in my pov.

What K & N doing was wrong.Cheating is not acceptable. not to us or not to anyone but in this modern world people should aware of things that happened around the end people are selfish,every one think about their own happiness and peaceful life first. consequences of their action comes second.if some body says what they shows are not happening around us its a lie.Affairs are there some come out in public others not,some aware of their partners cheating but pretending they don't know and act as living peacefully, some regret their actions and seek forgiveness, that all depend upon people how they want to live their life. so trusting people blindly and believing nothing bad happen to me is not M's innocence its her utter stupidity.( in front of her examples are earlier episodes they show their frnd itself had cheated his wife and she too give him lecture)
what M did to her frnd in her difficult time is praiseworthy( people should help their frnds in the time of their need otherwise why we call frnds each other )both women wants different things in their life. one strong, career centric and other small happy is independent & the other dependent.(both N & M lived their life in entirely different situations. through out her life till now M lives a sheltered life receives support, care and love from her parents, in-laws, husband, frnd that make her strong and independent in the same time N is always alone and facing abuse. through out her life people try to destroy her confidence & self esteem and force her to develop a submissive behaviour. she become a dependent one is there for her to support or share her pain.)M should have consider her frnd is also a  separate individual & she has her own opinion and logic for her actions so trusting her blindly and not drawing her limits is an idiotic decision from M's side.

N supports M to be a dr.and encourages her relentlessly to pursue it but when time comes for M to show her support, love and faith for her frnd  she completely withdraw & denied her support and allow the other person to destroy her frnds life without even one try to save her frnds life as an excuse of N didn't believe her and support R instead of her. clearly she knows that R is not a good person & also knows N character and what she wants in her life.). what the use of crying and remembering all these yrs especially when we didn't try enough to give that person (who we claim our very dear ) timely help to save her claiming of M's character is only innocent & angelic is unbelievable.

What N & K did to M is wrong but creating situations for them to become close,allowing people to take advantage of her, not giving much importance to her own life and giving too much importance and attention to others ( even if it is her own bestie) in her life and ignoring its after effects,taking people love and trust for granted,then claim that M is innocent ( especially portrayal of her character as a smart, strong, independent this modern century)is it innocence or idiocy? do you also think that M too blameful for her present doom?  
Frnds this is purely and solely my opinion & I don't mean to hurt anyone.

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Posted: 2018-09-12T01:11:54Z
If modernism is being aware of ones surrounding , that anyone can cheat , blind trust or rather trusting somebody is a.mistakr , then by that logic , mauli shouldn't have helped nandini ..because of the reasons you mentioned .  Yes in today's world , goodness is stupidity only . 

But I don't agree that all this happened due to her goodness or.stupidity . It happened because her husband is a lose charactered man ..friends can backstab anytime because friendship hi toh hai..friends don't have blood relations, they never owe anything to their friends . So they get a free pass anyway.. I am not saying this ..this is modern thinking . So if mauli was this over possessive female like Maya, at least her husband wouldn't have fallen for the other woman? A woman can only stop a man from looking at the other woman ,meeting her but not thinking about her . So if he has to stray he will. He is a dog.
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Posted: 2018-09-12T01:21:03Z
Yeah..Mauli should've lock Kunal in room as she should've known that if wife doesn't lock her husband then husband may go after another women for physical needs. 

Mauli should've known that if she study whole night, her husband will not make coffee for her but her husband will go after another women for sex. (Normal people make coffee and waits until wife is free)

Maouli should've known that an unemployed persons behavior doesn't change but sex hunger may make a person change behavior.  (Normal peoples behavior changes according to official status) 

Mauli should've known clinic will not fulfill their dream but 24/7 sex will fulfill her cheater husband. 

A doctor who will stay with cry freak even after she doesn't trust her, huh doctor doesn't have life, cry freak have. 

Everything is Mauli's fault ...why Mauli why!!LOL
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Posted: 2018-09-12T01:32:19Z
I don't get it,you are blaming mauli for all the good things she did for kunan but also questioning her for all the things she didn't do.
Mauli hasn't led a sheltered life,she has led a normal life,not too sheltered not too abused.She lived in hostel,studied and worked hard just like many others do.There is nothing too sheltered about this.Just because she wasn't abused does not mean her life has been all hunky dory.
I too think mauli should not have left nandini with rajdeep afterall she had got to know that he was a bit of a creep,but she must not have realized just how abusive he can be.Mauli did tell Nandini about rajdeep creeping up on her but nandini didn't show the unshakeable trust mauli shows for nandini.
When she got to know just how abusive rajdeep is she did so much to take nandini out of that environment and consequently supported her at every step.
Nandini encouraged mauli to study and took care of her food along with it and mauli too supports nandini at so many things.Should we really keep count between friends?Because if we are keeping count then nandini isn't going to be the "winner" at all.
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Posted: 2018-09-12T01:42:12Z
Also mauli's mother hasn't been completely supportive of her and her life decisions.She is expected to bear the responsibility of her brother's career too as if there is such dearth of responsibilities in her life.Her husband quit his job with the excuse of assisting the poor without exploiting them but isn't shown to make efforts to set up his clinic even after knowing that mauli works more now to make up for the lost income.
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Posted: 2018-09-12T01:42:57Z
Yeah you are right!! Mauli is plain stupid...
The clever ones with IQ that could rival Einstein's are Kunal and else could they have fooled her in this way and for so long?..

The main person at fault in this EMA is Mauli...I agree..
And just wanted to point out one thing...
A career oriented woman could also desire for a small happy family...they dont have to be mutually exclusive to one another...

Relentless pursuit of trying to help in every way in this friendship has only been from Mauli's side... 
I didn't see a relentless pursuit of Nandini or her invaluable contribution to M becoming a doctor...
Its true she trusts them blindly, but if there wasnt an EMA and she distrusted them, the same people would say she was being unfair to N after N has suffered so much abuse...
We can see what absolute scumbags K AND N are...she doesn't...
So its a little preposterous for her to even think that her best friend and husband are humping each other behind her back...she is not sick to think in those lines out of the blue...a sister doesn't do that to you...
What KUNAN are doing is Sick...and its rampant yes...but it doesnt make it any less sick...

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Posted: 2018-09-12T01:48:33Z
^^Yes exactly!Mauli does desire a family and not a small immediate one.She values,loves radhika and deeda and takes such care of them and now wants children of her own too.
It doesn't have to be mutually exclusive at all.

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Posted: 2018-09-12T02:01:30Z
Originally posted by Saazhumsafars

^^Yes exactly!Mauli does desire a family and not a small immediate one.She values,loves radhika and deeda and takes such care of them and now wants children of her own too.
It doesn't have to be mutually exclusive at all.

Exactly M values and loves people a lot more than N could ever be capable of...
She couldn't even remain fathful to the one person who is responsible for her being alive today...
What an absolutely off putting character...and she had the galls to tell kunaal that noone has ever done anything for her LOL

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