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Happy Birthday to the most wonderful person on earth. We wish you abundant happiness and love. May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love, and the sharing of good cheer. May all your dreams turn into reality. You are a wonderful source of joy to millions. We pray that your special day bring you an extra share of everything. We can never let you know how much you mean to us. You are an eternal part of our lives and we feel blessed when we define ourselves as your fans. 


It is pleasure to have such a talented, flexible, dedicated, passionate, and confident actress in television industry. You are blessed with a natural talent of performing and entertaining. You have a perfect technique for your acting and you are always able to successfully bring believable characters to life. Let it be Nandini, Prathna, Nupur, Indira, Zara, Lahorewaali, Husna, Komal, or Anusuya; you have played each one very convincingly.

Your continuous hard work and the way you strive to beat yourself always have encouraged others to do good in their life as well.You have been an inspiration to girls across the globe. We feel you are one of those few actresses on television who never thought of beating anyone in the industry...and never cared about the competition, the only target you have is beating yourself and performing better than what you did and that's seriously an amazing quality. Your professionalism (high degree) is the reason that all producers/ directors with whom you worked hold good amount of appreciation in their hearts for you. You are a perfectionist and you can effectively convey the emotions that influences one's actions. You are an amazing person with a heart of gold and you have always made us proud of the fact that we are your fans and we just know that you will  always keep on making us feel proud about it. Stay blessed Angel. Love You Loads. 

Keep Smiling , Keep Shining , and Keep Rocking

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HeartShyamala CowsikHeart  

My Dear Rati,
I am sure you will not mind this familiarity from someone who is a 70 year old admirer of yours.

Birthdays are not just for  marking a year gone by, but also to look forward to the year, or the years ahead. On your birthday on September 11, I send you my affectionate blessings and my warmest good wishes for the future to be even  brighter  for you than the years gone by have been. 

Now there is a lot of  selfishness in thisWink, for I want to watch much more of you,  in as many different  avatars as possible. I am sure that each of them will be better than the last one. 

See, I discovered you only in   Porus,  and the outer  and inner beauty of  your Anusuya captivated me from the opening scene, when you snatched that kid from the path of certain  destruction, with an elegant sweep of   your arm and total control over your mount. 

I  admire  your mastery over heavy duty emotion - your punarmilan with your son when he materialises during Shivdutt's reign of terror was a class act that I shall remember for a long, long time, as also the tenderness of your scenes with little Malay. You tackle these scenes without ever overdoing things,   and your Anusuya has here a transparent goodness and an unshakeable courage in  supporting the good and standing  up to evil that is enormously appealing. 

Still, I must confess that I love your action scenes the most.  You are far and away the best sword fighter of the whole lot in  Porus,  the most skilled and the most elegant. It is a treat to watch  your  classic fencing moves as you twirl and twist and lunge with the unerring skill of an Italian duellist.

So, as I wish you a wonderful birthday now and many, many more of them to come, I add a hope for myself, that you get the opportunity to put your  manifold talents to the best possible use as an actress,  so that, even as I rejoice in the resurrection of your Anusuya,  I can, after Porus   is over, delight in your  new roles and your  scenes.

May God bless you with all you want for yourself, my dear Rati,  and keep you safe and happy.


Shyamala Cowsik

HeartSurbhi TyagiHeart

Happy Birthday Angel ! Wishing you a cheerful and delightful birthday. May every passing year bring you all the joy youre looking for. May your days be filled with sunshine and beautiful colors and may your nights be filled with comforting dreams .May all your wishes and dreams come true - today and always. Love you Angel...You are simply an all rounder , a role model , an inspiration . Your utmost dedication to work , your being Meticulous, Reliable, Diligent, Practical, Intelligent, Analytical inspires me a lot . You are genuinely inventive, display considerable charm and dignity, quietly reserved, outwardly cheerful,  sensible yet sensitive, well spoken, wise and witty.I cant actually define in words that how much I appreciate you for being what you are. Stay Blessed and stay as you are. Love you loads <3


Wish u a very Happy Birthday Rati diClap
May all ur wishes and dreams come true.
U r a very versatile and amazing actress on television I have ever seen 
Ur beautiful as well  as talented.The first time I  saw u as Nupur Bhushan in Miley jab hum tum
 and became a huge fan of yours.Even I have watched all the repeats of Mjht just to watch ur 
performance onscreen. Since then I am following your every show Wink U have always chosen strong roles be it Indira Sharma as Hitler didi or Zara Malik khan or Komal  Thakur and now ur playing
Maharani Anusuiya in Porus. Ur looking gorgeous in queen's costume Rati di.Main dil se wish karti thi ki aapko Maharani ka role mile kisi show me.
But u were not very keen on doing Queen's role due to heavy costume and jewellery that u have to wear everyday. But finally u got to potray  the character of Maharani Anusuiya
Mother of Porus who is brave, beautiful intelligent determined to unite Bharat
Ur an inspiration for many girls including me
I love u so much Rati di for the wonderful person that u are.
Keep smiling Di as u have got a very  charming smile.
I wish u a lot of success in ur future endeavours.



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[img]https://i.imgur.com/DKGtEss.jpg" />


Wishing you a very happy birthday Rati di  God bless you with happiness, luck, success, prosperity and everything you wish for on this birthday. You are one of the most talented and versatile actress I have ever seen...me and my family are ardent viewers of all your shows. Be it any character or scene, you always impress us with your acting prowess. Hope you keep entertaining us on small screen as well as big screen in future. Stay the way you are...always happy and spreading happiness to others  

Stay blessed! 
From Anjali (Ahmedabad)


"A wish for you on your birthday dear rati is, whatever you ask may you receive, whatever you seek may you find, whatever you wish may it be fulfilled on your birthday and always. Happy birthday!God Bless u dear

Aapki Ruhiii 


Best wishes on your birthday!


Happy birthday to Rati the wonderful lady.


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and to all my fellow Ratians for sending their messages and siggies. HugHeart
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My dear Surbhi,

Congratulations on this gorgeous thread, which I am sure will delight Rati when she sees it. That you managed to get it out despite the crippling net breakdown is really commendable. ClapClapClap

I had absolutely no idea that Rati has done so many, and very different roles. I don't watch social serials in general, otherwise I would never have missed her. 

She is really a remarkable individual, and a gifted performer, who radiates the inner serenity that is part of her being, and has a smile that would light up any surroundings.

I cannot, of course, catch up with all her earlier roles, but if you were to recommend one show for me, and tell me where best I could watch it, I would appreciate that very much.

Shyamala Di
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Happpyyy Birthdayyy Angelll Heart May god bless you with all the happiness in the world HeartEdited by EtherealRati - 2018-09-11T08:11:23Z
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Very happy birthday to Rati the wonderful beautiful lady...
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