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Posted: 2018-09-08T04:58:32Z
Invites only CC for sanaya's bday thread .

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Billy jean
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will be back asap
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You deserve happiness, love and, most of all, fun on your special day.  Smile Have a great birthday with all the love, laughter and joy you deserve.happy birthday sanaya my sunshine. may all your wishes come true because you deserve all the happiness in the world . 

Happy birthday Sanaya Heart It's been a privilege watching you onscreen through the years and become your fan simply for the person that you are and for the passion that you bring to your craft. Really wish and hope to see more of you onscreen be it through whichever medium in the coming years. 
Loads of love,
Abhinaya ( hey Devi maiyya ) 

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Posted: 2018-09-15T09:08:59Z
Post 3 of the bday thread . 

1.      Because she's honest and straight forward, what u see is what u get with her because she is what she is ... no hidden agendas, no false words!

2.      Because she has a completely optimistic  and positive outlook towards life, she knows how to find the silver line in any dark cloud and make life happy for herself and for everyone around her as she takes the positives out of every negative

3.      Because she gave us Khushi who was like a ray of sunshine in so many of our lives.

4.      Because She is very friendly ... makes the atmosphere on the set friendly and positive for everyone and even if someone doesn't talk to her she has no starry airs and would happily talk and break the ice!

5.      Because she's a fabulous actress who doesn't just act her characters but projects the character she plays and makes you feel and live her characters with her

6.      Because she is adorably crazy and remains to be so!

7.      Because she became our Paro and taught us that 'being gentle and soft doesn't mean you are weak, but that it takes courage to be gentle in a world so cruel.'

8.      Because she takes life seriously under that laughing exterior, her work seriously, but not her stardom

9.      Because she is so hardworking and dedicated, she loves her work and gives it her all

10.  Because she does not take any role for granted and gives her 100% to the role

11.  Because she works on her weaknesses so that we finally see the flawless final product on screen

12.  Because she feels for the weak and less fortunate ... be they her staff, the crew, the daily wagers whose livelihoods depend on the shows, and even for the stray animals on the sets. And she fights for people who are weaker than her and sticks to her convictions no matter what!

13.  Because she treats everyone alike be it a spot boy or a movie star, and is who she is no matter what!

14.  Because she's an intelligent and thinking actress - she thinks about her characters, and works on her portrayal ... she delves into the psyche of her characters and virtually lives them on screen

15.  Because she truly cares! If someone is sick she would be the first person to care, to feed them, give medicine or that sunny smile and a warm hug!

16.  Because she knows how to be brutally honest but yet be impeccably polite and classy!

17.  Because she is so unaffected by her fame and remains down to earth and the real beautiful human being she is even after all these years!

18.  Because she has her priorities straight

19.  Because she is a sheer professional towards her work and has the best work ethics we have ever seen in a young lady!

20.  Because she is incredibly supportive to her co-stars! And because she is generous with her praise and stingy with criticism, except when she is criticizing herself! And because she praises all her co stars regardless of whether the show is a hit or miss and acknowledges their contribution

21.  Because she finds happiness with little things in life

22.  Because she is a very responsible person who understands the gravity of what she has taken up and every single time lives up to all the expectations her team has of her

23.  Because she has a heart that is even more beautiful than her angelic face because her beauty is not skin deep, it comes from the heart.

24.  Because be it a success or failure in life - she sees it through to the bitter end, with admirable courage and perseverance!

25.  Because she loves to laugh and to make others laugh!

26.  Because she doesn't take shortcuts in life, she has worked hard for everything she has achieved!

27.  Because she keeps spirits up, even when everyone around her is feeling down ... 

28.  Because she acknowledges each and every show and character she has played, regardless of hit or flop

29.  Because she doesn't go back on her words and has always been truthful to her fans!

30. Because she would never complain if she is injured, she would take it as a part and parcel of her work and work harder. In fact she would go out of her way to ensure no concession is given to her using that as an excuse!

31. Because every single time she speaks she makes us proud at how sorted and dignified and genuine she is!

32. Because she even today is endearingly unaware how beautiful she is and is unaffected by everything that would turn the head of any normal person!

33. Because she makes Married life seem like a hoot for us unmarried ones

34. Because amidst all the laughs and teasing she showed us how deep and real her personal life is in a fickle industry where relationships are more often than not used to further careers & gain fame! The way she supported each other during Nach Baliye was truly amazing!

35. Because with Zindabad and playing Sara Syed she showed us the subtlety she has bought to her acting for web . And for all the wonderful experiments she has done this year - dumroo , pihu , main jaandiyan and of course Zindabad . 
Posted: 2018-09-15T09:17:53Z
Post 4 
1.    Aapko MJHT mein sab kuch milega, youth show, saas bahu show, sab kuch milega, just keep watching for the next 5 years n u will get everything u want in the show!

2.    When Arjun & Mohit tease her about having to learn to cook as she cannot expect to have her saas to cook for her after marriage she happily quips, haan sach mein I would love to marry a chef! So all u chefs out there, I am waiting!'

3.    To Mohit & Arjun backstage of the college play, maine kaha in dono ko Vegas jaana chahiye, waha bohot badi badi shows hoti hai, pata hai' and the whole lot of others try to shush her up telling u r on camera!, control urself!' n she goes, haan dono aise...' n again everyone protest trying to stop her n she giggling finishes with theek hai theek hai math jao yaar Bombay mein bhi hota hai!'

4.   Arjun talks about his friendships on the MJHT sets and says Sanaya is obviously on top of the list, I know her from since before, Left Right Left mein bhi hum ne saath mein kaam kiya tha.. aur..' & Sanaya goes, jab hamara affair chal raha tha!'

5.    Digging in to a full on yummy chocolate cake she goes, Actually aaj kal mein diet kar rahi hu!' n when she is teased pointing at the cake in her hands, she goes, diet karne ke koshish kara rahi hu!'

6.    On her b'day in 2010, when asked about MoNaya being just friends, n she goes, agli saal tak koi setting ho jayenge, tension mat ho, sab bata denge!'

7.    On her b'day in 2010, at the end she says I would like to thank Saas Bahu aur Saazish kyunki har saal meri b'day pe who log, even though mein bolt hi hu Chocolate cake lekar aao phir bhi hamesha Black Forest cake leke aathe hai!' n goes on to thank further! (For the record - never again did SBS forget her chocolate cake! LOL)

8.    When we went to Lucknow, in whatever vehicle we sat driver used to ask us chickn ki yaha le jao' aur mein soch rahi thi kya Laknow mein achcha chicken khaane ko milta hai!' LOL

9.    In the episode shoot after guest house one, when she is given the stethoscope she keeps it on Barun's chest, listens for a while with a confused look and goes Pathar ka dil hai, pathar! Kuch sunai nahi de raha hai!'

10.    The resignation letter she writes off screen which is all of Sanaya's creation! AR Group of companies subject resignation to whom so ever it may concern. This is to bring to your kind notice that I hate you, you loser, piece of beep you deserve the worst, ******'

11.    In the Teej episode shoot when asked what they were doing after saying they were accidently getting married she asks the reporters for wedding gifts! dahej nahi maang rahi hu, gift maang rahi hu, shaadi mein ayi hu paise do!' n actually goes, arre paise do mike lo!'

12.    Her message to her brother for Rakshabandhan, Mein apne bhai ko ek message bhejne wali hu, This is for uNauj, I loveee uuu and happy Rakshabandhan & now that u make sooo much money send me some!'

On what kind of daily shows you will be taking up?
We are ready to offer some steamy scenes ek do scenes bonus bhi mil jayenge, ab jo hamari shaadi ho gayi hai!

14.    The production house decided to set Khushi on fire! They were like let's light something up. So they were like light up Khushi!'

15.    Waise bhi Khushi jeens aur T-shirts pehenni waali thi. Lekin jaise hamare director ne entry mara, usne bola, NAHIII!! Meri heroine dupatta pehenengi!' in a bit as an afterthought, 'along with the suit obviously!'

16.    When a speculation on one Khushi having 3 suitors after her at once she says, mere pati ko na massage karna... he should know how to massage well & he should know how to cook well! Bas yeh do choti choti cheeze.. saath saath mein good looking ho, rich ho, aise waise...'

17.    To Barun after the mango juice scene, Tere bachpan mein tune kabhie susu nahi kiya?'

18.    Khushi slapping Arnav in the guise of killing a mosquito and afterwards, Mein bohot kush hu! Aajmeri sari kwaishein puri ho gayi hai! Meine Barun Sobtiko tappar mara! Yeh scene, matlab meri itne mahinoki hard work ka phal hai!' and proceeds to give a thank u speech I would like to thank my mom & dad, I would like to thank the writers, the screenplay writer, the dialogue writers, aap logone sachmein... thank you very very much! Aaplogoneke bina yeh kabhi nahi ho pata'

19.    She gets this set of gifts from a fan, most of it is for her & after thanking for her personal gifts n her own box of chocolates she lands her hands on the box of chocolate meant for the whole team & seeing it's also chocolate she goes, This is also chocolate!! OHHH Nobody is getting this!! Mistake, u all shouldn't have given it to me! Anyway I just want to clarify things, Anjali doesn't like chocolates' looking shocked, cz its too sweet according to her! Barun doesn't like chocolates' looking a little worried, mami likes it.. and so does nani..' n then with a conspiratory look goes, but they don't know!sooo..' n finally says happily, 'ok no I am gonna give this to them, cz u gave me a separate box!'

20.    Jaya Parvati joh wrat hai na, obviously its something to do with the husband' n giving Anuj a scowling look continues, kash mein yeh wrat nahi rakti aur yeh..' gesturing him breaking neck n dying n going to heaven, 'aur phir aata meri teesra Manav!'

21.   After stuffing herself with samosa on CC sets patting her tummy lovingly she says, 'yeh jo meri pet mein paap pal rahi hai na' and when Anuj tease about it being a samosa, she agrees to it saying 'isiliye samosawala ne baap ban gaya!'

22. As ur role Paro, what kind of message would u like to convey to your fans?
Sanaya :  *very seriously and solemnly*  I would like to say, Don't be like Paro!  *Suneri, Maitili giggle*
Ananya exclaims : WHATT?? Shocked i would say the opposite!!
San : what rubbish! Don't be like Paro! Some man is like is treating her like this and he has taken her hostage! NO!!  Kick his ASS!! ok? If u are in my place, *turns to Ananaya and says seeing her saying NO* : what rubbish! If u r in Paro's place Kick Rudra's ASS!! And kick *she is about to point at Mohini and says to 'kick her ass too!'* 

23.   'You know how rats are, they nibble away and you can't feel them.. toh subha jab mein uti toh, chuha ne mujhe kaata pair par' concocting a cock and bull story for us instead of telling what really happened!! LOL

24. Interviewer asks, "something that u remember that someone had done really special for u, even if u don't wanna name that person. On a valentines day or in love."
Sanaya goes, " no no I have had a very sad life ROFL (continuing pretty sadlyLOL) see no matter, I mean even though people probably think like find it hard to believe, like 'oohh she must have been wooed by a lot of guys' NO! Never! *Emphasizing* NEVER!! Like i remember valentines day that used to go by in college and people used to be like planning their days, and i used to be like, EVEN MY FRIENDS Don't ask me!! I don't need like a 'date' to ask me, somebody! And then my father would be like 'baby u come with me, we will do dinner on valentines day' LOL  'So ya no, I have not really been wooed' LOL 

25. I can't believe this!! I really can't believe this! I never thought I will get a forty on this show! I never thought! Thank you, agar aap aur achche performances, OMGGG I am so excited! I can't believe this! Mommm daddd I love youu!!ROFL

26.  Jai claimed he was a very serious choreographer and all, and then I think he met me! LOL

27. Kya friendship? Kaha hai hum friends? This is strictly professional!! (to a flummoxed JaiLOL

28. Oh are u serious, this is my gift? ooohh so sweet! Kitne kameene dosth hai mere!! LOL

29 . During ITA 2015, when asked about being nervous for stage performances - We have been judged so much in our life that there is no more nervousness, I know if I make a mistake they will put a clapping shot or close up dikha denge!

30. On being asked if the ITA trophy is in your hand what would you say to it-I do not talk to trophies, I am not demented!ROFL

31. What is happening in your current life?
(during Ariel campaign)Abhi kuch nahin, ab hum gharpe ariel ke saath kapde dho rahe hain

32. How has life changed after marriage?
We do jhadu-pocha together, dusting together, kapde saath mein sukhate hain, its very romantic, very very romantic

33. On their house help leaving for vacation
As soon as we were married our house help left on vacation "main ja raha hoon, ab ye ghar sambhalna, ab main is ladki lo sikhata hoon, house wife hona kya hai"

34. Sargun's party  "Main to Jaani dushman hoon, I am the vamp in this party"

35. Her crazy post on Instagram on being jealous of ashish's glorious mane ." When your male costar has longer and better hair than yours . Also in the Zindabad press meet when asked about vikram bhatt's acting prowess she said " he is very good , aur Kuch Kehane ki choice Bhi Nahin hai , he is the producer "
Posted: 2018-09-16T00:34:38Z

There is something very special about Sanaya Irani - something that merely words can't express.-Her eyes ... hazel in some light, green in others. They light up her face and express her emotions more than any words can do. If eyes are the window to the soul, then Sanaya has a beautiful soul, as clear and transparent as her eyes. When her eyes light up with laughter, everyone around laughs with her. When they cloud with tears, they wrench viewers' guts and make one want to kill whoever hurt her. And when they sparkle with mischief, they make everyone feel that all's right with the world. She conveys a myriad of emotions through her eyes, they change with her every mood, every expression. No words are needed when Sanaya's eyes speak, for her eyes say it all.

Her smile ... lights up the surroundings. Effervescent and sparkling, it draws the world in and invites all to smile with her. 'The world is beautiful,' it seems to say, so enjoy life, be happy and keep smiling.' Her smile is infectious and all-encompassing. Smile and the world smiles with you' seems to have been written for Sanaya.
Her nature ... Sanaya's true beauty and her most compelling draw is in her nature. At first look, she seems loud and ebullient and simply bindaas. Then one looks deeper, and sees the person beneath - a girl who is simple, honest to the core, deeply committed and faithful both to herself and to her loved ones, talented, dedicated, extremely hard working and completely professional, a girl who gives whatever she does, her 100 percent, and is fiercely loyal to her friends and loved ones. A girl who makes friends and gets along with everyone, from the spot boys on the sets to the backstage crew, to even the dogs and homeless kittens on the sets ... and of course, with all her co-actors and co-workers. A girl who is bold, beautiful, brash, outspoken, honest ... a girl who says what she feels, and doesn't worry what anyone will think of her. Take her or leave her - but don't try to change her. She is what she is, and unless she feels the need to change, she will not. And what you see is pretty much what you get, no hidden messages or playing games for Sanaya.

Her face ... Sanaya doesn't have the most perfect features, nor the most beautiful face in the world. But when you see her, it's difficult to remember that. She's a natural screen stealer - when she's on screen, it's difficult to look at anyone else. Her beauty lies in the perfection with which she portrays emotions, the way she draws in her audience to share every single feeling she expresses on screen. Her flawless skin and porcelain complexion, a heritage of her Iranian ancestry, makes her face glow on screen, and add to her natural beauty. And off screen or in real life, with no makeup, she looks gorgeous, young and simply beautiful, her straightforward nature and sparkling effervescence is far more attractive than any simple criterion for beauty.

Confident in herself and in her own skin, Sanaya is truly a new age woman. No wonder Sanaya is so loved and admired in her field, by all those close to her, those she has worked with, and by her legions of fans, the ones who watch her on screen, and simply admire her as an actress, and even more by those who follow her off screen and love her for the person she is.

So here's wishing our golden Sunshine girl Sanaya A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY. We wish you a day as wonderful as you are, surrounded by all the happiness that you have given to millions of fans, and blessed with the love of your loved ones, and the ones all over the world, who love you very much. May you always be surrounded by all the love, happiness and success in the world.

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