Seriously just relax people abt yesterday episode

Posted: 2018-09-07T04:44:59Z
I cant  understand y so much negativity  Its just a fiction show and what they show happens in real. Everyone in this forum knows what silsilsa is about till u people signed in to watch it. There should be no problem in regards to intimacy between kunan. If people have so much problem y watch it u can just not watch it. This show is not for all ages like other people and also a sensitive topic to deal with. May be the makers just want to portray what happens in Society. Even though EMA can't be justified but that's the truth in today world. Everyone are grey no one is black or white..sorry if any one got offended sharing my opinion. 
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Posted: 2018-09-07T05:09:27Z
  Lol, everyone knows that Silsila is about EMAs, but they signed up to watch a show that sensitively portrays it not shamelessly promotes it. Kunal and Nandini's intimacy would have been tolerated if the characterisations and framework were properly developed but it wasn't, so it's expected that the scene will disgust most people. Also, did the CVs get the memo about the characters being grey? As far as most people can see, Kunal and Nandinu are being whitewashed. If the characters are actually portrayed as grey, no one will be having a problem. And please don't call this serial a realistic portrayal of society. In reality, there will be no divine source and symbolisms that apparently promote and are the cause of Kunal and Nandini's actions. Additionally, most people will have a sense of guilt about their actions and would have admitted that a component of their affair is lust. They wouldn't be calling it a divine pure love. They would be taking responsibility for their actions, instead of blaming Juzzbaat or God. Edited by LiveLifeHonest - 2018-09-07T05:13:55Z
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Posted: 2018-09-07T05:13:23Z
ema is common thing in today's world , then why 2 bring god or destiny in it , which god tells 2 cheat 
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Posted: 2018-09-07T05:16:19Z
Everyone knows show is about EMA.  There is no problem with intimacy either.  It's about execution of the script and storyline to make it believable.   There is no  build up and context to what is being shown .It's as if writers were told finish the story in 10 days and they are mechanically showing the incidents as per a schedule.
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Posted: 2018-09-08T04:30:01Z
@livelifehonest I agree the dialogues should have been moreew better  instead of pavitra rista and other things which kunal said to nandini wen she was about to leave. Wat I meant was abt the concept and they way they are trying to portray as in a way it might not be entirely wrong for then kunan or the situation at that time. each one might have different opinions. Kunal could have stopped himself as said by someone easier that nandini just stopped him kunal was one who initiated it. 
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Posted: 2018-09-08T04:52:48Z
This is what people are getting wrong? It's not about the fact that show is about EMA, It's not even the fact that EMA is being shown, or that there was intimacy/sex between the characters having an illicit affair. It's this whole "whitewashing" and trying to make them look like star-crossed lovers that people are not accepting.

All this Ruhani Arazoo and all this nonsense! It's intolerable to hear Sufi music and Mantra chanting in the interaction of two people indulging in an illicit affair. It makes a mockery of so-called "Pure Love!" If the makers were convinced with their product they would not have to make it look like Kunal and Nandani are two victims of their Juzbaat and they have no control. This is their Ruhani Ishq and all that BS! 

Let's break this down...All that they have show is that Kunal is a weak man who started lusting after a hot woman in a Wet sari. Nothing Ruhani about it at all. The woman is weak and it appealed to his male ego that she was relying on him. The woman is an Abala Nari type who is used to getting attention from men and also dependent on men. So she just dresses to kill and keeps making mooney eyes at Kunal. THIS is their build-up to Ruhani Arazoo? LOL, No wonder people think it's cheap and they can't accept this pairing. Lines like Lit chemistry and all is usually said by blind fans of the actors on SNS who can't seem to separate Real and Reel! No matter how Lit it is, it's still not some soulful love. It's just lust. Call it what it is. If not, Kunal would not have cheated his wife so easily after seemingly being in love with her and the best friend would not cheat her friend either. Love elevates, lust degrades. We can see which one is happening here!
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Posted: 2018-09-08T04:59:09Z
Then what's the point of this forum and discussing things if we can't even write our thoughts and feelings about what we are seeing, just because someone comes along and says why are you watching if you have a problem with the story. Why do you not understand this forum is to discuss the show and what we feel about the tracks, whether that is to bash/ praise characters or show disgust/ happiness at the track. If we can't complain/ show disgust at the characters negative actions, then what are we going to be using this forum for... to just merely praise the actors for their acting? I'm sorry but I'm getting sick of people who aren't even moderators coming along and telling people commenting on discussions to show their disgust over the character's actions to not watch the show if they don't like it, or telling us not to complain about the characters/ track. 

It's a show, and this is a forum made to discuss the contents of the show, whether that is discussing the positives and negatives of the show or characters, and because the EMA and Kunan's actions are a strong reason for people to have an opinion on, so people are going to discuss how they feel about it on this forum. No point in telling people that we all knew there would be EMA so why are people complaining, don't watch it if you don't like it etc. 
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