Kunal falling for Nandini

Posted: 2018-09-06T22:08:47Z
Kunal Malhotra Falling for Nandini was a Gradual Process...

The way kunal fell for nandini was shown wrongly... it was actually a gradual process but it din make enough impact through the scenes shown...Though there were many instances Mauli Kept telling Kunal how he and nandini matched well with each other .. Kunal never bothered much about it... he wasn't even shaken by the thoughts..

but in reality he was disturbed since day 1 by an unknown woman whom he met accidentally (he never knew it was nandini or that she was his wife's best friend )...he saw this faceless woman being manhandled by her own husband in the beach party...
and the second meet... the faceless woman had a face now...he saw her falling in front of his car.. but couldn't help her ...as she ran away...
in the third meet he witnessed an wife being abused. this woman was the same who fell in front of his car...  he actually saw who she was.. and who her husband was... here is where Nandini sees an unknown man passing by who had witnessed her being abused.she was too embarrassed that she runs away from him again...

the Fourth meet ... Kunal- Nandini and their talks after he saved her from an accident was another potential sceneStar... they both get to know a bit of each other ... but don't have the slightest idea that they will once again meet ...
The pool saving scene is when Kunal realizes that the woman he saved was Nandini, his wife's best friend... and Nandini too realizes that the good man was indeed her friend's husband...
so even before knowing how they will be connected in a relationship in the future , he became her savior time and again... and he too saved her n gave her the strength needed even before knowing who she was..
you can ask "how can they cheat after knowing who they are now? " the answer is the show itself is about EMAWink... so even if nandini was totally an unknown person to him ...this was bound to happen...  

Kunal's feelings for nandini overtook when he actually overheard nandini talking to mauli about the death of her unborn child...Kunal already knows that her husband Rajdeep was abusive.. but to which extent he was unaware.. sending ones wife for sale to another man for his business sakeDead... and killing his own child...was beyond Kunal's imagination.. 

we can see the way he reacted hearing the story .. Kunal had tears in the eyes and also was in frustration that he couldn't do anything about it at that moment.. in spite of knowing it was Rajdeep...this was THE potential scene where the relationship dynamics actually changedStarStar... but the direction was mehSleepy...   and the makers forgot to stress on Kunal's feelings at that moment..

Kunal dint fall for nandini seeing her dancing in the rain... He Loved the Freedom she opted for... he was attracted when she broke through the chains on her own ( the breaking of mangalsutra) the chains that kept her imprisoned for so long...  even this particular scene was shown totally in a wrong waySleepy ... which made the viewers including me to think that he fell for her...but for a wrong reason... i wish these kind of situations had better direction to actually voice out the real idea the creatives might have actually had...

good luck team silsilaClap... pls do take a note of how you guys show us the scenes from hereon... not everybody can make out your actual ideas though the bad directionsLOL...

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Posted: 2018-09-08T03:34:21Z
Wow nice post. I wish Cvs did show it the way you said. It would've made much more sense and also many Kunan scenes after they realize their so called love for each other were beautiful when they were still trying to control themselves as they knew it was wrong and still had guilt especially Nandini. Those scenes should've been shown earlier their realization to make emotional bond between them for us to feel for them and connect why they fell for one another. But Cvs did a huge blunder with the way they directed that rain dance and barely even showing any Kunan scenes and their emotional bond before their realization. That's why almost no one relates to them and their feeling for another. It just looks so fake and lust. How can Cvs do such a poor job on the most important parts which they should've been the most focused and done the best? And now the result is for all to see.
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Posted: 2018-09-08T03:48:41Z
Even then it is lust and not love 
Love is pure and u won't hide it ..

EMA is all about lust  and nothing divine and love in it as cv r showing 

We had many ema movies and stories ..no where they said it is divine and here they show it as .divine that's why backlash 

It's not bcos nandhini met kunal before or after 
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Posted: 2018-09-08T03:51:13Z
if it had been dealt with care,then KuNan would have no holy mantras.
Still they will remain backstabber ,cheater.
Ema with lust
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Posted: 2018-09-08T03:59:00Z
Liked the way u elaborated the scene. It makes  a lot of sense but in the end EMA is bad only. The person who cheats has different reason for cheating but the person who gets cheated is the one who suffers. So we try to understand why rajdeep likes to torture. What s the defect in his brain that made him what he is today. 
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Posted: 2018-09-08T06:09:03Z
Nice post. In reality if this concept was handled well by the makers and presented properly I do not think it would have got the backlash it is getting. They messed with the presentation of the show royally. It seems like they want to rush with the EMA angle and finish it off now because of the backlash. Cannot think of any other reason why the revelation is coming up so fast in the show.
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Posted: 2018-09-09T03:08:54Z
Once again another good post from you Bella...Thumbs Up
Cant agree more to the fact that CVs kind of failed to show the flow of falling for eachother... they shiwed enough reason to make kunal-nandini to know each other  but couldnt carry on it properly...

Kunal dint fall for nandini seeing her dancing in the rain... He Loved the Freedom she opted for... 
Wow what a line Bella...Clap me too felt Kunal is not fallen for Rain-dancing Nandini in Saree... its free Nandini he liked more who lived her heart out... they should have shown kunal getting attracted to nandini slowly seeing the true nature of her even though it happened like that they portrayed inbwrong way...

Just like how CVs ignored/rushed/avoided kunal's falling part,  they are doing same mistake on Nandini now by making her act as if she dont care about her only best friend Mouli, which is not true bcos we have seen how Nandini called herself disgusting for having thoughts about Kunal and decided to leave.. 

I too hope CVs notice these loose ends ( they are leaving on these Characters) and pull everything together on time... 
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Posted: 2018-09-09T04:00:43Z
Very good observation n lovely analysis!! Keep posting dear!!
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