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Chapter 1: Qabool hai


"What are you going to do now?" Reema questioned Zara who'd paced the bedroom floor seemingly frustrated.

"What can I do?" Zara sighed brushing her fingers through her hair.

"Why did you even say yes?" Reema looked confused.

"Reema, I couldn't do that to my parents. I couldn't see my amma and abba insulted by everyone, but that Kabeer should have at least said no" she huffed crossing her arms.

Reema stood hearing Alina giggling with her friends and asking for their haq, "Looks like he's here, I'll go get my haq and I'll see you tomorrow" she said hugging her friend.

"Tu yahan ruk ja" Zara pleaded.

"Pagal hain kya?" Reema laughed shaking her head and squeezed Zara's hand in assurance then stepped outside joining Alina's side.

"Hayye Allah, main yahan kaise agayi" Zara murmured looking at her reflection in the mirror, she had woven dreams of being dressed in a beautiful lehenga that her husband will have bought for her and she'd be decked up for him and await for his presence.

She imagined sitting in the middle of the bed and waiting, just as she'd watched a thousand Bollywood movies. She had not imagined this. Stood in front of the mirror and feeling anger.

Zara's attention drew to Kabeer who'd stepped inside closing the door and placed the glass of milk down on the table, he looked at her for a moment then turned his head away.

"I pity the girl who's going to be your wife" Kabeer smirked sitting down on the sofa and looked in the mirror at her reflection. "Do you remember those words?"

Zara clenched her jaw and slipped off her bangles angrily.

"Na ka vaada karke, qabool bol diya" he stated.

Zara turned around and stalked over to where he sat, she stopped a few feet away scowling, "I didn't say it because I was dying to marry you, I said it for my parents. But what about you? You could have said no" she snapped. "What was your helplessness?"

"Just like you did it for your parents, I done the same" Kabeer answered. "Or else, I wouldn't have married a woman like you even if you were the last woman left on this Earth".

"As if I was interested in marrying you" Zara scoffed, she turned away grabbing her suitcase and grabbed a change of clothes. "I'm not sleeping on the same bed as you, so you can sleep on the sofa" she stated and went into the bathroom before Kabeer could even say anything.


Zara had just finished offering her morning prayer when Kabeer stepped out of the bathroom, she was stood folding her prayer mat when she dropped it with a yelp. Kabeer closed his eyes and turned his back to her. He'd only slipped on his white pants after his shower and was rubbing his hair dry.

"Don't you have any shame?" Zara complained crouching down and grabbed her prayer mat. "Don't forget you have someone else in the room" she muttered.

Kabeer straightened and turned around, he smirked seeing her back to him muttering away inaudibly, "Why should I be ashamed? This is my room and you're in it. If you don't like the view, the door is there" he pointed walking over to the wardrobe and pulled out his sherwani.

"Tumhe toh main..." Zara wanted to wrap her fingers around his neck and squeeze it hard.

She couldn't get too far in her imagination as someone started knocking, she walked over and pulled open the door.

Rukhsar she frowned.

"I've brought breakfast for you both" Rukhsar stated, her eyes drawing to the bed. She smiled inwardly pleased that it was evident that Zara nor Kabeer had shared the bed together.

"Rukhsar, this morning breakfast is coming from my parents house" Zara said stepping in front of her before she could enter. "Why don't you take your breakfast back?" she suggested.

"Bhabhi" Alina skipped into the room excitedly. "Your ammi has come, she's brought so much with her for you" she grinned widely. "Bhai, come" she grabbed onto Kabeer's arm.

"Ammi ko kaho ke mera khana bedroom main bejde" Kabeer replied sliding his arm out from his sister's grip.

"Kabeer, aap yeh kha lijiye" Rukhsar suggested stepping forward once again with the tray.

"Rukhsar, come with me for a second" Zara turned her away and walked out of the room. "When you know breakfast is coming from our house, why are you doing this?" she questioned tightly.

"I was just trying to be helpful" Rukhsar answered seemingly innocently.

"I don't need you to be helpful anymore, you've done more than enough" Zara narrowed her eyes. Because of you, I'm now married! She thought inwardly.


"What are you thinking, Kabeer saab?" Imran questioned walking over and settling down on the chair.

"Nothing" Kabeer shook his head and leaned back comfortably crossing his arms, his eyes focused on the white skies blankly.

"So, how is your first day as a married guy?" Imran teased.

"What do you think?" Kabeer responded.

"What are you going to do now?" Imran asked. "I don't know what your parents were thinking to getting you both married. You're both opposites" he laughed.

Kabeer knew the reason behind his own's father's insistence, he kept quiet.


"Stop stressing so much" Reema said watching Zara murmuring mostly to herself.

"What else should I do?" Zara questioned standing up, she paced the floor and turned to her friend. "Reema, what am I going to do? I'm married to this guy, who I don't even like. I hate him to the core, how does this work?"

"Listen to me first" Reema pulled her down and made her sit, "First, calm down" she rubbed Zara's back in assurance. "Secondly, you have to make this work somehow. You're both married now, you're Mrs Zara Kabeer Ahmad".

"Don't call me that" Zara huffed in annoyance.

"You can't run away from the truth, listen... you're both married, there isn't anything you can do to change that and you are going to work this out. Both of you can start somewhere".

Zara pondered over her friend's words, she didn't want to listen to Reema but she was right. They were married now, she couldn't change the truth though she wished desperately this was all a nightmare and she'd snap awake. She blinked twice just to confirm it was indeed her reality.

"What are you doing?" Reema chuckled.

"I was blinking to see if I'll wake up in my own bedroom" Zara replied.




Zara watched Rukhsar closely as she shifted uncomfortably on the sofa, she noted the fallen facial expression as Ayesha mentioned sending both herself and Kabeer on a honeymoon to Kashmir.

She cut her wrist, got me married and now she's looking like as if someone stole her favourite toy she thought inwardly.

"What do you think?" Ayesha looked between Zara and Kabeer for an answer.

Zara subtly shook her head at Kabeer suggesting he come up with some excuse, but he seemed to be at a loss for words as well to the sudden announcement.

"Ammi, I've got a few cases at the Shariah board that needs my attention" Kabeer recalled the new files that had been placed on his desk.

"Your father in law has assured to take care of those in your absence" Shahbaz informed.

Great he thought wondering what else he could come up with. A full week with Zara Siddiqui, he wouldn't be able to handle her for a week.

"Kabeer" Ayesha prompted.

Seeing the smile on his mother's face, he nodded.

Zara looked at him annoyed and plastered a smile for her mother in law who'd looked at her filled with hopefulness.


Ayesha told her to start packing and Zara found herself walking to her bedroom dejectedly, she had just entered when she heard footsteps behind her.

"What are you doing here, Rukhsar?" Zara questioned grabbing the suitcase and started packing her clothes.

"How are you agreeing to going to the honeymoon, Zara?" Rukhsar asked walking the room. "From what I've seen, you and Kabeer aren't exactly even on friendly terms" she taunted.

Zara's ears perked, she turned around and lifted her brows, "Rukhsar, what makes you think what we've shown you is the truth?" she teasingly asked. "You always come in when our door is open, you don't know what happens behind our closed doors" she stated. "Anyway, why does it matter how Kabeer and I are, we're both married".

Rukhsar smirked, "It doesn't matter, nothing is going to happen. I was thinking of you as a friend, do you think it's wise to be going all the way out to Kashmir with Kabeer? You said so yourself the other day, you're married to a man who you wouldn't even consider an enemy".

"You can keep your friendship, I've got enough friends" Zara replied. "And where Kabeer is concerned, we're now husband and wife. Nothing can change that, but we can make it better. When I come back, I might have some good news for you" she finished cheerily unaware of the stunned man standing by the door.

Rukhsar swallowed thickly, her heart pounding at Zara's teasing suggestion. She looked away and noted Kabeer stood at the door, she dipped her eyes down and walked past him.

"Arre Rukhsar, aren't you going to hear more?" Zara laughed turning around, her laughter stopped when she saw Kabeer staring with widened eyes.

Where the hell did he come from? She thought. "You didn't happen to hear anything did you?" she questioned.

Kabeer frowned wondering what was going on in Zara's head. Had she really said that? Did she think... His confused and stunned expression confirmed Zara's suspicion.

"Whatever you heard wasn't meant for you" she stated. "I was just teasing Rukhsar".

Zara frowned when Kabeer lifted his hands shooting a quick prayer of relief and grinned widely. "What was that?"

"I'm just really thankful. I got scared for a moment that you were having such expectations..." he waved nonchalantly.

"Kabeer Ahmad, you're the last person I would have expectations for" Zara stated.

I hope you've enjoyed the prologue and chapter 1. It's similar to story but a different take on how story goes for me Wink LOL 

Please do hit the like and leave me your views, I'd very much appreciate it. Embarrassed 


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Wow superb amazing
Do write more
Eagerly waiting for the next update
Update soon
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Chapter 2: Kashmir

"What?" Kabeer arched his brows seeing his wife stood on the other side staring.

Zara pondered on what she should say, she couldn't say she was exactly drooling as he slipped into sherwani. She smiled noting his palm, "It must really hurt na to see my name on your palm?" she pointed.

Kabeer looked at his palm, his wife's name painted neatly in the heart that Reema had designed without his knowledge. "It's only four meaningless letters. It's going to fade" he shrugged nonchalantly.

Meaningless ke bacche Zara frowned and pushed past him heading into the bathroom to shower and get ready.


Kabeer smirked and ordered breakfast to be sent to their bedroom, he set their breakfast on the floor as usual. He glanced over his shoulder hearing the door open, out stepped his wife changed into an orange salwar suit, her long hair damp and draped over one shoulder as she rubbed it dry with her towel. He looked away realising he was staring for a second too long reminding himself she was 18years old and he disliked her thoughts.

"You've got breakfast here?" Zara questioned sliding on her dupatta over one shoulder and sat down. "We could have gone outside and eaten".

"I don't eat out" Kabeer replied.

Zara recalled the day they'd all gone out and Imran informed her of Kabeer's principle of not eating outside. "You know eating on the floor is Sunnat, it isn't farz" she said.

"And I am trying to follow all the Sunnat to the best of my ability" he answered.  

Zara shrugged, she grabbed herself a plate then moved to the chair and ate. Kabeer shook his head and continued eating his breakfast.


"What are you studying?" Kabeer questioned as they waited outside for Bashir their tour guide to bring the car around.

"Islamic Theology, I've just completed my second year" Zara exclaimed excitedly.

"Why do you have such different views as me then?" he frowned. "They teach the same materials in Madrasahs though mine was a longer course. We all start with Islamic Theology" he informed.

"Imagine this, you and I find this marriage shouldn't have happened" she pointed to the space between them, "then there are our parents who think it should have happened. Some disagree and some agree with one another, just like that my views are different from you. You don't believe in women's rights"

"I never said that" Kabeer narrowed his eyes. "Women are given a high status in our religion. Your views are that..."

"Didn't you make us promise we're not going to fight?" Zara interrupted.

"We're debating" Kabeer corrected.

"Which will turn into a fight, we'll just agree to disagree here. I don't want to ruin this holiday by debating" she said doing air quotes when she said 'debating'.

Just then Bashir turned up with the car and they both climbed inside.


Kabeer watched from afar as Zara skipped around freely clicking numerous pictures, he smiled when she'd start giggling whilst taking her pictures. She skipped towards him and attempted to take a picture but he'd stepped away shaking his head.

"You're so boring" she complained. "Look how beautiful this place is" she waved. "When my friends ask me to show the pictures of the honeymoon, I'll only have my pictures to show. Do you realise how lame that will seem?"

"Zara, I don't take pictures" he replied and turned away, he looked over the horizon smiling at the serenity of the place.

Zara smiled lifting her phone and clicked her first photo of her husband, he looked so at peace staring ahead and a small smile playing on his lips. She nearly dropped her phone when Kabeer turned around and his eyes narrowed on her phone.

"Zara, give me your phone" he held out his phone.

"I didn't do anything" she lied shaking her hand and clutched her phone tighter.

"I heard the click" Kabeer scowled stepping forward. "Give me your phone! Delete that picture" he moved forward whilst she continued to take steps back.

Kabeer leaped forward as she turned to run, he grabbed a hold of his wife pulling her into his arms as they fought for the phone. Zara struggled in his embrace trying to keep his hands away from her phone.

"Kabeer chodho mujhe" she attempted pulling away.

Kabeer swiftly turned her around and caught her phone, Zara losing her foot grabbed a hold of his sherwani pulling him down. Kabeer dropped her phone placing his palm behind her head keeping it from hitting the cold ground, Zara clutched on his shoulder breathing heavily. Their eyes met, aware of how close they were. Their chests pressed together, their bodies almost aligned.

Kabeer was first to look away swallowing hard, he grabbed the phone and grabbed Zara's hand helping her up to her feet.

He swiped through the photos and deleted his photo she'd taken.

"Don't take my picture again" he said handing her phone.

Don't take my picture again she mimicked silently.




Zara sat cross legged on the bed facing Kabeer's side of the bed, her elbow rested on her knee and her chin resting on her palm, he was comfortably stretched out with a book in his hand. Kabeer was aware of his wife staring blankly at him.

"What?" he looked up from his book failing to ignore her.

"I'm bored".

"Zara, it's 11pm. What do you want to do now?" he turned his attention to his book again. "We've been out all day, why don't you go to sleep" he suggested.

"I'm not tired though" she replied climbing out of their bed.

He shook his head and focused on his book, his ears perked up however hearing a melodious hum. He lifted his head and curiously watched as Zara hummed and smoothly danced around in their room. Her movements fluid, she twirled around seemingly imagining someone holding her hand and waltzing with her.

He smiled inwardly and shifted onto his side returning his attention to his book, he jerked moments later when there was a thumping sound. He sat upright and looked at Zara crouched down holding her foot hissing.

Zara cursed the stupid mat where her toe had gotten stuck and she'd fallen down, she looked up and narrowed her eyes seeing Kabeer laughing.

"Glad you're finding this funny" Zara snapped standing up with a hiss.

"Okay, sorry I won't laugh" he cleared his throat. "Are you okay?" he asked as she climbed back into bed holding her foot. "Dikhao" he grabbed her foot and noted the redness on her toes. He rubbed her foot with both palms. He whispered something inaudibly and blew on her foot. "It'd be fine" he assured releasing her foot and shifted back to his side.

Zara had watched him the entire time, she pondered on who she'd married. Kabeer Ahmad was an enigma and he was difficult to understands. At times he acts so indifferent then he'd do random acts that makes her think just maybe he is interested in working on their marriage.




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Superb waiting for the next
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From so many days i have been looking for Zabeer Ss to read . Thank u so much for writting such a beautifull ss . Please update soon. Can't wait for the next chapter 
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Originally posted by asya04

From so many days i have been looking for Zabeer Ss to read . Thank u so much for writting such a beautifull ss . Please update soon. Can't wait for the next chapter

Thank you, I myself had been searching for stories of ZK but unsuccessfully could not find any that was ongoing or complete.

I hope there will be a baarish of stories soon on ZK LOL

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