||Guddan Rules & Guidelines||All members read March 13th

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Posted: 4 years ago


Rules & Guidelines

I know Rules are mostly boring LOL  but just to make sure our forum remains united and peaceful ,itsimportant we all follow these simple Rules and Regulations ...

Will keep updating the thread ...

Guddan Dev. Team :
Channel Moderator:  jyoti06

General IF Rules and Guidelines : Please gothrough the India-Forums.com- Participation Guidelines & Rules to get a better idea onvarious warning level restrictions and things that are not allowed on IF..

Introducing Yourself:
All newbies and other general Members of this forum ,introduce yourselves in this one common thread||Guddan Introduction Corner|| instead of opening separate intro topics Please gothrough the general IF rules and guidelines to get a better idea onvarious warning level restrictions and things that are not allowed on IF



Guddan Forum informations: You can check for all important links and info in||Guddan Archive Mansion||..All Imp links and forum Activities will be kept in this thread  



Use the help desk: Any queries or doubts regarding the show or the forum or actors/characters or any other issues , use this||Guddan Help & Suggestions Corner||thread .Every member of the forum can co-operate their bits in this thread and help the members having doubts 



Regarding Regular Updates & Videos:Pleasebepatient and avoid opening topics asking for Written  updatessince our updaters(who hv volunteered)  will be postingthe update within few hours after the episode is aired . No Videos willbe provided on this forum due to copyright issues ..So wait for theofficial Zee TV website to upload the original video online ..No piratedvideos will be allowed here



Posting articles from other sites: India-Forumsdoes not allow articles from rival sites like TellyChakkar.com or othercompetitive websites ,so please DO NOT COPY/PASTE articles from these sites (However u can just post the link to these articles without pasting the whole content). Copy/Pasting articles from supported sites like  TOI , DNA ,Hindustan times , Mid-day or from our veryown TellyBuzz are permitted. In case you have any doubt regardingwhether this article from a particular website can be posted or not,youcan just pm the Dev team thats me and ask your query before posting thearticle ..



No posting of videos carrying other Website/Forum tags:  In case amember wants to post a video of SBS/SBB segment or new promo,then please make sure the video is uploaded by official Zee tv channelor official star(ABP)/Aaj Tak news channels without any website tags or else the post will b edited and thevideo carrying any other website tag will bedeleted by the Dev team...



No Creating repetitive topics: Manytimes it has come to the attention of the DT that members createtopics, that have already been discussed. For example, if you see thatsomeone has already opened a post on today's SBS or SBB segment, thereis absolutely no need to create a separate topic for them as anythingrelated to the segment can be all discussed in one thread only whichwill also keep the forum clean ... Sobefore posting any article or new topic or segment updates ,check thefirst 2-3 pages and only if there are no similar topics onthat article or segment ,then open a separate thread to post it  ..Any topics which are found repitative or just have a oneliner content will be moved to a common Episode discussion thread ..



No Spamming/Chatting:Manytimes Posts go till 20-25 pages of discussion but when one goes throughthe posts ,half of the pages are filled with Chit-chatting among themembers using only emoticons which are not really related to the show.These are considered as spamming and is against IF rules .So plss makesure such type of spamming is avoided .Chatting is allowed only inAppreciation threads or Chat club post but not elsewhere but even in Appreciation threadsmake sure there are no sarcastic comments made on other show couples...Ifthe discussion is really interesting then we won't mind it going foreven 50 pages,but if we find that a post has turned into a personalchit-chat thread after a certain point , then we will close it with anote.



No Comparison Topics/Polls:Pleasedont create topics or open polls comparing two actors or couples basedon their looks or physical features as such topics or polls often leadto fights betweendifferent fan groups thus disrupting the peace and unity of the forum .If a particular track in the show is shown having competition betweentwo characters then a comparison topic or poll on who isbetter can be opened in the forum as such comparisons are mostly relatedto fictional characters in same show but no comparison topics should beopened on actors or couples or other shows .



No Typing in caps: Typingentire post in capital letters is NOT permitted on India-Forums as itsconsidered shouting. So plss dont open posts writing everything incapital or huge fonts 



DONT Make MIDs to bash the Actors,Creatives and Characters or Advertise other Websites: Thisparticular issue is not new to  IF...There aremany members who are creating Multiple IDs or using proxy servers justto bash the actors,creatives and the characters or open instigatingtopics to deliberately  create fights... Dev Team can very wellfind out the members who are having more than one ID and if someone isfound guilty then that MID will immediately face a straight ban oran IP block and a 20% Warning level  will be given to that member'soriginal ID as well as per the new IF rules and guidelines ...So its arequest that if any member is having doubts onanyparticular Member ID kindly report it or pm  the Dev team .



No Personal Attacks/Bullying/Name Calling/Sarcastic Comments/Instigating or Provoking posts :Personalattacks with sarcastic comments or making deliberateinstigating/provoking posts is another common issue and this is whatinstigate fights between different fan grps .If a member does not agreewith another member's POV,try to ignore the post or simply state yourown POV saying "I disagree with you for so and so reason" instead ofsaying "Just stop your nonsense" ; India-Forumsgives us the freedom of expression and so everyone has the right tospeak out what they feel is correct as long as we say it in a propercivilised tone .. .So these are the conditions we are putting on thisissue hoping that the members will follow it.


  • Ifany member finds anything offensive in a particularcomment or post of another member,instead of quoting the memberback or moral policing ,just report the comment/post immediately by pressing the reportbutton or pm the Dev team and then step out of that threadimmediately .Then Wait at least 24 hours for us to take action as itsnot always possible for us to be online 24/7. But we assure youthat action will be taken within 24 hours. 
  • Sarcastic comments or bullying a member will also not be tolerated  becauseeven they come under personal attacks..for eg :"Oh she is Miss Mahaan'sfangal " ..This is a sarcastic comment where another member is directlygetting targetted..If we find anybody involved in such type of sarcasticcomment,we will be editing that member's post immediately and will bedeleting the comment with a official warning note for the member and even if he/she continues with it, furtheraction will be taken as per the new IF rules and guidelines . 

  • NameCalling of the actors , characters and members have become a very bigissue on IF these days where often terms likefanbots/fanimals/fangals/Haters/Bashers etc etc are used to target acertain grp of members and at times various offensive/abusive languagesare used against the actors/characters too just to provoke a particularfan group ..  No such name calling will be tolerated and action will btaken against any such name calling according to the new IF rules andguidelines set  .


Constructive Criticism is allowed but strictly NO Bashing :Manytimes members have put forward these queires like which words comeunder constructive criticism and what comes under bashing..let me giveyou some examples...

  • Personal attacks/Name calling, using  foul languageand making derogatory comments against any particular member orcharacter or actor comes under Bashing which is not allowed butdisagreeing with someone's POV and stating your own POV with a properjustification and decent language comes under constructive criticismwhich is allowed.
  • Usageof extreme foul or filthy languages or curse words (like the Bor F word) will not be tolerated and whoever breaks this rule will face asevere action. But usage of words like "what the hell","Mahaan",  Kababmeinhaddi","Selfish" "Idiot , "Jerk" , Spineless" ,"dumb" , "stupid","moron"  can be allowed for characters (not actors) depending on the context in which we areusing these words...Such words can be used for constructive criticismprovided we know howto use it without hurting the sentiments of any fan group..There is athinline between constructive criticism of a character and direct characterbashing...try to maintain that thin line in your discussions. 
  • If a member is bashing a particular character by using repitative monologue just to instigate a particular fan grp ,don'tfollow the member and do the same.Instead report the post immediatelyand try not to comment in that post anymore because the more memberscomment on such post ,more instigating the topic becomes and this is howfights and rivalries between two fan groups keep extending.So the bestway to maintain peace is to ignore any sort of instigating posts as Modswill be there to deal with such posts and members .


No Bashing Other shows in TRP Or IF Ranking Related posts:Thisis another problem which have recently come to our notice..whenever thetrps of the serials or weekly IF Actor/CM rankings are posted,we havenoticed that if  our favourite show or actor is not there in top 10shows or rankings,then out of anger and frustation,members start bashingother shows or actors without thinking that it might hurt thesentiments of that particular show or actor's fans since every forum hascommon set of fans as well ;How will you feel if your show or actor isgetting bashed in some other forum??;I know sometimes if our favouriteshow is not doing good we do feel frustrated wondering how XYZ show isgetting more trps but that doesn't mean we will start bashing that XYZshow. Have constructive discussions in trp and ranking posts regarding ashow's rise or fall in trps/Chaskameter or regarding an actor'sranking but no bashing ..U are free to compare the rival show's trps but do itin constructive manner and such comparisons should be limited only totrp and ranking threads ..



No Discussion about an Actor's personal life without any valid source/article:Youall are very much aware that Actors visit IF and so its notreally right to discuss about their private life affairs in publicwithout any valid source and lets not forget that this is a Serial forumwhere we are suppose to discuss about the show and its differentcharacters and NOT about the actors or their private lives..So avoiddiscussing about an Actor's private life without any valid source orarticle.If any member is seen spreading false rumours about any actor'sprivate life ,simply report such posts and then Mods will take furtheraction .



Regarding carrying Signatures in your profile:Plss dont carry any signatures which are provoking or instigating anyfan grp or indirectly making fun of any actor or character .If Dev teamfinds any member carrying such siggy in their profile ,then the profileof the member will be edited asap and the siggy will be deleted fromhis/her profile and the member will be sent an official warning PM forit . Rest all the rules regarding no. of siggies and size of siggies canbe found in this ATTN: Signature/Avatar Size - Guidelines Thread .

No talks on Actor's previous shows or their jodi with previous co-stars :Avoid discussing any actor's  previous show or their past show's co-star in this new forum at all since itbrings unwanted fan grp fights which has nothing to do with this showand so we will like to see discussions only limited to this show and itsactors ,... If any post is seen discussing their previous shows orco-actors , then such topics will b closed immediately without anyexplanation ...

Topics related to Twitter/Facebook or other Social Networking sites :No discussion related to any fights happening on twitter or facebook orother such social networking sites will be allowed in the forum as IFhas nothing to do with those fights .. So any such topic opened will bclosed or trashed directly .. Members can only post  the official tweetsor facebook updates of Actors or Show Creatives or Channel related tothe show ...Fake Tweets/FB updates wont b allowed and Dev team willcheck if the tweets or FB updates r from authentic source or not ..



Regarding Warnings and Moderation:Manytimes queries on warnings and moderation are raised in the forum .Justto be clear ,we are not suppose to openly declare to everyone regardingwarnings  .Ifa member breaks any rules mentioned above ,then the member is givenverbal and PM warnings initially but if still a member repeats the sameoffence then he/she is given a raise in warning level and in case thefirst offense of the member is severe like usage of slang/offensivewords or the member is a MID case then in such case we directly raisewarning levels or go for direct ban but we are not suppose to declarethe warnings of any member in open . So in case if anyone has any doubtsregarding moderations and their warnings ,feel free to PM the Dev teamrather than opening topics in the forum ...


Warning Levels (WL) and User Restrictions:

Any member who are found to be in violation of our Forum Rules and Code Of Conduct may be given a Warning Level increase as accessed by the Dev Team. Please note with each Warning Levels increase it will also restrict/limit the access to the forum features as given below:

  • 20% - First warning, so members are given a chance, without any other restrictions
  • 40% - Only 15 posts (replies in topics) can be made in a day
  • 60% - No new topics can be created in addition to restrictions of 40% warning level
  • 80% - Restricted PM access whereby PMs can ONLY be sent to Dev Team to resolve issues, in addition to restrictions of 60% warning level
  • 100% - Automatically bans the member

Warning levels can only be reduced after 3 months if the member has been active with no new warning increase and has not violated any of our forum rules. Its not an automated feature and requires the member to send a request PM to lower the Warning Level to the Dev Team member who raised their warning level and in the event the PM goes unanswered for more then a week please contact the Channel Moderator or Global Moderator.


For now these many rules are enough to make sure we have a peaceful united forum ...Willadd any other rules later if needed ...but I hope we all co-operatejointly towards keeping this forum healthy and peacefully active ...



Pleasego through all these rules and ifanyone has any doubts or suggestions regarding these rules then feelfree to PM me about it ..Dev team will solve all your queries ...


Zee TV Dev team

Edited by Piku_S - 2 years ago
Posted: 4 years ago
Rules and Regulations for All Appreciation Threads Across Zee TV Forums

Dedicated Appreciation threads (ATs) for celebrities across all Zee TV sub-forums will be subject to specific rules here onwards.

  • The word "Appreciate" it self means to have a highly favorable opinion of someone or something. You are supposed to appraise the value of the work of the actors and express them in positive light. A thread where all the fans of the Actor/Character/Couple gather to discuss what they liked.

  • In an essence Constructive criticism/Positive Outlook towards Actors/Characters/Jodi must prevail in these threads.

  • Members must understand discussions are restricted in ATs.  ATs are safe zones for the Actor/Jodi fans to exchange information without being subject to negativity. You have the main forum to present opinions negatively and debate...So Discussion of actors/ characters/ performances and story tracks that do not directly relate to the show or whom the AT is dedicated to should be kept to a minimum, in particular when they imply stating negative opinions. However we are allowing harmless Chit-chat in ATs but the chit-chat should be only limited to ATs only

  • Bashing of other Jodi/Actors/Characters in ATs is NOT permitted at all..If members of an AT are caught discussing other actors/couples negatively, then AT will be held liable for it and may be subject to warnings & eventual closure/Ban as follows ...

    If the DT see more than 3  people breaking the AT rules constantly for a week , then the DT is allowed to punish the whole AT by closing it for 24 hours [during which another AT cannot be made in CFC or CC] and then if it happens again then it will be locked for 48 hours after which it will be shifted to CFC/CC?

     This rule is applied so that members and Admins of a AT can  tell their own friends not to  break rules as the entire AT is effected due to the misdoings of   2-3 members
    This may sound strict and very harsh, but unfortunately we are forced to take these measures to maintain peace... So remember guys, if you see a friend breaking a rule in an AT, make sure you tell them to stop or else you can say  goodbye to your AT for a certain period of time which the DT finds liable. So in easy steps: Don't break rules/bash and don't allow your friends to either!

  • Admins/Monitors of the AT (Those who are opening the AT will be called the Admins/Monitors) will report who the troublemakers are to the Dev team in a timely manner, so that the AT/other genuine fans are not penalized...Here the Admins have a big responsibility and so we believe them to be totally unbiased as the whole responsibility of a AT is on you ..

  • Constant negativity or repeated discussions/bashing of actors unrelated to the AT in spite of repeated warnings from DT, will result in AT closure and moved to CFC...But dont assume that every report submitted by opposite fangroup will be entertained .. We will go through the reports and only if we find the report valid based on above rules , then we will speak to the Admins of the AT and action will be taken accordingly as state above ...

Credit for penning down the Rules : -Deepzz-

Edited By :jyoti06 and *Shifali*

Zee TV Dev Team

Posted: 3 years ago

Heylos People

I thought is chote se forum mein kabhi aise note ko zaroorat nahi padegi but then never say never..so here I go .. a couple of points for you guys to understand and adhere with:

1) Forum has two sets of people ones who are always positive about the show and the other section that likes to critique every now and then to both sections i say please avoid each others post and be happy in your own type of threads without taking digs mocking or ref to the other side in your discussions. This is a free forum for both sides and both sides are essential to the forum so please give each other the space and stay clear of each others post.

2) You dont like someones views or attitude wrt the show please learn to ignore accept n move on not. Please dont question peoples choices,likes, dislikes wrt to the show

Lastly i recommend both sides stick to their kind of threads without refering to mocking or taking digs at the other side, if a healthy debate is not possible on this forum.



Posted: 3 years ago

Thank you for this.  smiley1

I hope for mutual respect and exchange of thoughts.smiley4  Nothing more, nothing less.smiley20

Posted: 3 years ago

Thank you for the post smiley31

I hope for no blame on a certain "type" of fans for the story line 

I hope for no accusation on anyone as "trying to change someone's views" when anyone is unable to give a comeback or move on with just a "I disagree" 

I hope for no terming anyone as "weird" 

I hope for no indirect implication as a positive view is "dishonest" or "fake"

Posted: 3 years ago

thank u forum needs it smiley31

hoping few  stop calling names like "mukhiya"

hoping few stop pointing out words used by others and make topics out of that  

Edited by rs-shailu29 - 3 years ago
Posted: 3 years ago

I hope that this thing will be followedsmiley20. Baaki kuch keh nahi sakte smiley14

Posted: 3 years ago

She calls again as she has done all these days.  smiley21

So I do not see the very purpose of this post.  

It seems that here on this forum MODS and their words are not taken seriously.

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