a good time to break a heart?

Posted: 2018-09-03T05:58:05Z
disclaimer: am only watching this show for the train wreck factor and am not on any team -- mouli, nandini or even kunal (doubt there is a team for him but hey there might be! LOL ) ... yes, ema is hurtful and wrong.

so this is simply my curiousity as I read posts where viewers feel that he should tell mouli before commencing on a relationship with nandini --  but when is a good time to break someone's heart? would it be really better for mouli if kunal confesses now? or would it be better after kunal has figured out what he is going to do and then break her heart -- so less confusion for mouli who is not going to be sitting around thinking "maybe he will come back???"...

if you were in such a situation, would it be better if it is cut and dry or when it is at the beginning where no one knows how it will turn out? is there a good/better time/way to break a heart?

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Posted: 2018-09-03T07:37:24Z
Since God has given the signal ,and greh pravesh bhi ho gaya and it's final that he knows all the rights and wrongs and loves nandini, he must inform mauli and let mauli decide . In maulis case he couldn't understand what he feels for her for like 5 years..ab time.frame is irrelevant 
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Posted: 2018-09-03T07:48:39Z
If he needs time to figure out what he wants to do, I would want him to go away from Nandini and figure it out or at least use the time to have a mature conversation with her as to what their next step is going to be. And he needs to do this asap. What he is doing now is basically coochicooing with Nandini,  which requires him to engage in more deception with Mauli. He has already cheated on his wife, the least he can do now is NOT TO FOOL her.  
Personally also, this is what I would want for myself and something that I have told my partner as well.  I do not want to be that woman who you want to come back to ,  when you realize things are not going to work out with your cheating partner.  I have also observed that some people like to carry on with their cheating in secret, simply because they do not want to lose face in front of their family. They do no want to face the consequences and back lash. I absolutely detest those kind of people. I feel that more than the act of cheating, it is this deception that is utterly disgusting, humiliating and insulting when it comes to EMA.

In certain cases though, it is difficult to find that right time, especially when it is more of an emotional attachment. By the time you have realized what you are doing, you have crossed that line and gone way beyond it. But if you find yourself deliberately lying,  in order to spend some time with your other partner or lying to avoid spending time with your legitimate partner, then it is a good time to stop and think about the shit that your are doing.  

Just to add, I dont think many people, especially those who are already cheating look at it as a "when to break his/her heart" situation. They only look at their own convenince. How prepared are they themselves to face the consequences and backlash. Or when your partner breaks down in front of you, how prepared are you to deal with the guilt?  
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Posted: 2018-09-03T08:03:53Z
Realistically he should let Mauli now before doing whatever he wants. Mauli deserves to know but i reckon thats not gonna happen

Anyway according to facts and figures (UK based), most cheating and one-night stand happen during Christmas and New Years so maybe then Kunal can actually come clean when half the western world come clean lol (sorry stupid i know lol, i have a very lame sense of humour)
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Posted: 2018-09-03T09:28:29Z
kekeke.. @charu -- found that whole baba angle quite amusing as in lapse of logic. perhaps, if CVs hadn't done that track, some viewers would have not got so annoyed.

@summerrain7 ~ you are right, the timing has probably to do with the cheater trying to figure out how to deal with the guilt and more about when they are ready to confess.

kekeke.. @twenty1st -- thats interesting that it happens on holidays. what a way to make a good day miserable. then kunan should pick another festival to break the news.
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Posted: 2018-09-03T09:30:56Z
Since when things started happening in Indian Serials this easily ROFL
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Posted: 2018-09-03T09:35:33Z
Originally posted by mango_pudding1

kekeke.. @twenty1st -- thats interesting that it happens on holidays. what a way to make a good day miserable. then kunan should pick another festival to break the news.

I'd sure hope, he reveals it immediately after the hang-over since most people are immediately caught anyway lol but i really don't have any hopes from this Kunal, nopefully Nadnini will grow her conscious again but until then i'd proabaly not watch the show lol

can't handle how wrong it feels!
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Posted: 2018-09-03T09:40:05Z
Originally posted by Arnav90

Since when things started happening in Indian Serials this easily ROFL

LOL ROFL you are right...
only person who knows is the watchman in nandini's building who was shocked to see them coming back holding hands. watchman would have put two and two together. if he didn't, he will soon if kunal keeps popping over. LOL.. at this rate, we can expect the bubble to break maybe after another 50 episodes?
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