Dear Drashti 4- when your performance overshadowed your beauty

Posted: 2018-09-02T22:00:21Z
You are beautiful... very very beautiful! Awayehi nehi you have been listed in a number of beauty lists over the years for the meantime you are in this industry and I know that you know it very well! The beautiful hazel colored doe eyes, the cute but sharp nose and cute lips that, when creates a smile steal the heart of all the people around! You simply compliment anything you wear! From the simplest indian attires to sexy western wears! You just look wow! And oh I am so dreamy! Ohk! I gotta get out of the trance now! I am not here to praise the physical beauty of a person, who is already appreciated a lot for that! 
You are in the industry for last ten years! And doing consistently well as a main lead is not a joke! And neither only the beauty of a person can keep him/her so consistently well in this industry for this long!! You have proved that with time, how fabulous you are as an actress! From the first show as a side character to all the 5 leads! You have always given superb performances! But honestly in this show, you are something else! You look like a million bucks no doubt! But your performance is something; I can't just stop thinking about! From the first episode itself! In each and every episode, you have given mind blowing performances! Some gave us Goosebumps, some made us numb, and some brought a smile on our face! Already wrote about the shades of Nandini you are portraying so perfectly in this show! and even after writing them, I feel like I have missed something maybe! I just couldn't put my finger in exactly what was I missing and then the scenes last week and I knew what I missed! A drunken nandini receiving the gift from Kunal and standing at the door leaning! The doll, a girl ready to fly! Nandini was drunk; still she was sober enough to stand by herself, to speak, but the control of her emotions was gone! Nandini spoke out about her loneliness, and Drashti showed us what great acting means! The scene needed the subtlety, and you gave it! And the scene became one of the best scenes of this show! The nasha in the eyes and voice along with the pain! And body language! The dialogues and the camera was on point and you were there taking the scene to another level! The loneliness of Nandini, made us feel, nobody deserves to feel lonely! And then again Rajdeep came and terrified the girl who was ready to fly, even though alone and the girl fall! Just fall! She thought about taking help from the ones she love and those who love her! But then she decided against it and wanted to do it all by herself!The determination of the soft girl was visible! And then came the scene that made me go... Nandini talking to her alter ego! Have seen you doing badass girl before but this scene stands out! The evil Nandini alter ego was SO DAMN THING! It is just too hard to believe that this one was your first alter ego scene! And it was just on point! The way evil Nandini spoke, the way she expressed and the way it looked, especially at the positive one with a snap! I can't get over that look! I really can't get over that performance! Honestly speaking, I would have loved to see you as a real darkish grey character! You will actually slay in such a role like you just did here! Though even in this show, I am waiting to see more such breathtaking performances by you ahead!
 These two performances are completely opposite of each other and yet with these two, I can say that your performance as an actor has become so fine that it has, in a lot of places overshadowed the ANGELIC BEAUTY you possess! I was just looking at you, and for moments, several times in this show, have forgotten to admire your beauty and ogled the beautiful performance like anything! You are beautiful; your acting skill is fabulous! But with this show,you are reaching a different level! Keep going!
                                             Your der aaye first aaye fan                                                             Moumita
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Posted: 2018-09-02T22:32:38Z
Beautiful post and so wonderfully expressed in the most heartfelt way! She's a great performer. The variety in her portrayal of characters and the nuances and varied shades she brings in are brilliant! 
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Posted: 2018-09-02T22:37:06Z
feel so good to read your post
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Posted: 2018-09-02T22:42:32Z
Beautiful post dearClapClap
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Posted: 2018-09-02T22:43:45Z
Amazingly penned down Mou like always  Clap

Drashti is awesome as Nandini..She is portraying the character of Nandini quintessentially..Loving the different shades of Nandini which she is nailing with utmost perfection..
Hats off to her dedication for playing the different characters in all her shows so sincerely for the last 10 yrs & making each of them so popular...She is not only a beauty but a 'beauty with brains' She is indeed the Queen of the tellyworld.
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Posted: 2018-09-02T23:19:09Z
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Posted: 2018-09-02T23:36:27Z
Such a beautiful post Mou!! I can read it again and again.. Drashti has been a charm when it comes to acting. She is the queen of expressions. It is difficult to take eyes off her, when she is on screen. The alter ego scene was BANG ON!!! How perfectly she did both the shades. Her smile to her blush to her tears of happiness to breaking down. Tell me one emotion which she is not perfect at? There are none. Give her anything and she will slay. Perfection defines Drashti
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Posted: 2018-09-03T00:07:19Z
beautiful post Hug
drashti is amazing as nandini .
her acting mindblowingHeartBlushing
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