its easy to cheat

Posted: 2018-09-02T17:13:56Z
I dnt watch the show BT I have watched bits and pieces of a few scenes of the show from the colors Fb page.

2 of the reasons for not watching the show for me is 1 dd. no offense to dd's fans BT the girl really needs to do something coz all she does is cry in all her shows.

I actually watched a few of her shows be4 and really like her BT feel she needs to do something different.

and I dnt need to be explained that she is a wonderful beautiful actress and is doing well in the show coz I know she is. all I am saying is the whole crying nonsense is not for me.

2. Kunal looks so blank in the scenes that I have seen of him and Nandini is unappealing. so I dnt watch.

BT strangely this show interested me and I feel like if I would watch I would obviously like mauli from wat I have read on the forum. so I am planning to watch when a new guys is paired opposite her.

its going to be interested to see whether she can live her life and find someone new and love again.

but coming to the title of my post. I have been reading comments like fans CNT believe the stolen moments BTW kunun and how they can not think of mauli and it seems unrealistic to them.

however even though it seems unrealistic its really easy to cheat and not think about the other person when u have your moments with their partner.

I will be very honest I was the other lady once. he was a really nice guy. I hooked up with him coz he made himself available(even though he was not available. and I was bored and wanted to experiment. I never thought beyond the moments we had and I was enjoying myself.

wat makes this worse is that he had a child with this lady. and I know it sounds really terrible and bad. BT I CNT say I regret it coz even though it was bad it felt nice being made to feel desirable and that was something I needed at that time. I knew I was terribly selfish at the time and I did feel bad about it. and truly never imagined that I would be with someone elses man.

but one of the reasons that it happened BTW us was coz we worked near each another. and it was easy to hook up. BT I remember when I saw his Gf I would feel so ashamed that I would want to ran and hide.

at the time the only thing that made me feel a little better was:

1. that he didn't act as if wat we were doing was bad.

2. I didn't want him permanent coz it was just lust and nothing more BTW us. I didn't want to steal him or break up his home.

3. beyond the stolen moments I really did not have anything in common with him.

4. one of the major reasons I don't regret it is coz we were never caught. it would have been so bad for me if ppl found out wat I was doing.

5. but even if we were caught I dnt know if I would have regretted it. he was abit of an airhead and I never had a proper conversation with him. but besides that he was very sweet and I think that maybe if he had been single I might have had something more with with. but coz he had someone else I could never totally give myself to wanting to feel more.

for me I think I saw abit of the recent SBB interview of when the 2 lovely ladies where wearing red and just the whole aarti scene made me uneasy. that nandini looks so comfortable. I didn't even know the other woman well and I felt ashamed of myself and would ran away from her when I saw her. even though I did things behind her back i didn't want to look at her face or in her eyes coz I thought she would knew immediately that I was messing with her guy and throw me down the staircase when she found out. the fear of ppl know want I was doing made me scared as shit.

so for me i dnt get how nandini can even be near mauli without wanting to die of shame. I didn't even want her guy permanently and I felt bad for my behavior and his.

I dnt get how she is not getting scared of the repercussions if ppl fund out wat she is doing.

I eventually moved to another office and saw him once at my new place but after that never again and I dnt even think about him.

the other thing that I find weird is yes a guy can be our savior and make us feel wanted BT at the back of our minds be it male or female it is difficult to invest with someone who is in a relationship with someone else.

I think 70% of the time I am a nice person by no account would ppl think I am a bad girl if they met me. I might actually might be a nandini too.
but I am also a mauli as well.

I actually am bad/ grey and I do hope that they show the same with nandini. the B needs to admit she is one.

oh and did I mention that whilst I was with this guy I was also with someone else too lol. so please rest assured I am sure that nandini also has someone else besides kunal in her life. and dnt worry I just made out with these guys and nothing more.

so all I am saying it's really easy to cheat. if u are not happy u kind of need more than one person to get yourself off and happy.

and yes I believe in karma and worse I am in a stable relationship with my guy. I dnt like him talking to other girls coz I know that its easy to cheat and I am scared karma is going to bite me in the ass.

I think I literally come to this forum for a reality check coz I think that the scenario is so common.

in this day and age there are not a lot of good guys around who have the whole package. sensitive, intelligent, kind this is lacking in a lot of men.

I blame mauli for wat has happened coz why would she leave her man alone with another.

if u have a diamond u should protect it coz if it went to the wrong person they will steal it.

I know I ain't going to be leaving my man with any woman to help and get to know or tell him to go to the woman and speak to her alone. u should do everything as a team.

BT even worse reading about nandini's cooking skills scares me. I tell my guy he is going to dump me coz I CNT cook. but there is a fear that i could lose him coz I am a mauli as well. I work, I am independent, I dnt need my man to rush to my rescue. I also am very headstrong and dominant and have to be told by him to remember who is the man in the relationships . a man needs to feel like a man and treated like a man always. it makes them feel good.

men are the weaker sex and so its logical that they would fall for someone who needs them and makes them feel like a hero.

relationships are a never ending work and whether u a man or a woman u should watch whats yours. coz someone will always be a rogue.

I dnt think this show is my cup of tea with all the God signals and wanting to make bad seem good. I never liked kank coz I felt like they wanted to glossy this issue and the acting seriously sucked by rani and srk. rani especially y could see wanted to make her character seem like a saint. BT I loved the maya Rekha AB. coz it was bold and it was in your face and it didn't try to camoflogue the wrongfulness of the concept. it was just a very human movie and u couldn't hate any1 in it. Edited by Metis - 2018-09-03T06:49:22Z
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Posted: 2018-09-02T17:31:47Z
There you explained every reason of what's wrong with this show at this point,  it's not EMA, it's the way it is being shown.
It's not any God's desire, pure love thing in EMAs, it's all about human emotions & desires which overshadow the conscience, as you called it LUST.

And then there is guilt, which is clearly missing here & it's all the more terrible for Nandini to do because it's her BF's husband who fought for her when she needed it the most & went against the world for her. 

Makers want to show/glorify it as true destined love which it isn't, it's more about LUST.

Your personal confession isn't mine to comment on, but it's good  to have a perspective here. Smile Smile
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Posted: 2018-09-02T21:41:17Z

You are right in your views
Nandini looked very comfortable in that video
Daring without guilt

Two lovely ladies and he was flirting with both !
Episode will be telecasted today .

Believe me , all men are not looking for " chef"
Healthy home food is fine
Cooking skill snd appearence is nothing
"True love " is a connection of two souls
Physial attraction will be there but not "pure lust " like serials
...this serial is a "comedy serial"

Don't compare with real life
Don't hesitate to help any lady going through domestic violence
Don't abandon good friends , all what CVs showing is a joke
No abuse victims move on in life very fast
Even after yrs they will be vary of men
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Posted: 2018-09-02T22:24:47Z
Firstly, I want to applaud you for your honesty. You didn't sugarcoat it and said it as it is. That takes guts and you have it girl!!!!!

You knew what you were doing was not right but you also knew it's not permanent- that is not the same here. Nandini acts like lady of the house.

I am lucky that I have never been cheated and have never cheated because my nature is very obvious to my near and dear ones. My ex and I ended our relationship because we both wanted different things. We are still very good friends and our respective spouses know that. When I met my husband he was in a relationship and I wanted to be single. His ex didn't wanted to move to Toronto so they broke up - no cheating.

We started dating 3 months after that and found we liked what the other is bringing and rest us history- been married for over 10 years. He and I are very practical people and we can talk about anything plus he knows if he cheats I will be the one driving him to the girl he cheats me with and say - good riddance.

Here Nandini is becoming a willing participant and that is cringeworthy.
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Posted: 2018-09-02T23:46:30Z
Is cheating easy? I don't know. If you love someone, how can you hurt them?
Just a general ques. I do not want to comment on your personal life, but thanks for being honest
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Posted: 2018-09-02T23:59:30Z
Speechless, really Confused. I won't comment on what u did. Its ur personal life. First of all Kunal is not a gem, he is weak. What is there to preserve.
It's not a women responsibility to keep her husband in check . Aisa to every cheating men will get an excuse, my wife didn't keep me in check.. Kunal is a disgusting man ruining both lives of girls esp Mauli. 

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Posted: 2018-09-03T00:00:00Z
Originally posted by Y12345

Is cheating easy? I don't know. If you love someone, how can you hurt them?
Just a general ques. I do not want to comment on your personal life, but thanks for being honest

I feel all it takes to cheat is a moment of weakness or vulnerability. It takes everything to fight those desires and then one is left to face consequences of the actions they took in those moments. 
But guilt is a very strong emotion in my opinion. It literally takes you to certain level of insanity. Nandini not feeling that makes it very disturbing. 
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Posted: 2018-09-03T00:02:26Z
Thank you for sharing your personal story. And thank you for keeping it raw and not glossing over it. The tag line of the show,  "Juzzbaat sahi ya galat nahin hote" fits your story more than the show. Kyun ki wahan toh juzzbaat divine hota jaa raha hai.
While I understand that Indian TV has some restrictions on presenting content in such a raw manner, the extreme glossing over is also not needed.  There are glaring inconsistencies in Kunal and Nandini's characters and a lot of gaps in the story.  Kunal's motivation to cheat is still very unclear. Nandini's is a lot more obvious - wanting to be desired (same sentiment that reflects in your story) and accepted, something that she has wanted all her life. A lot of people would not be able to resist that temptation, when its staring them right in their faces. I may not morally agree with Kunal and Nandini's motivation to cheat, but if presented well, I may be able to understand where they are coming from. And that is grossly missing in the show.  

And the shock that even I have expressed on Nandini and Kunal's clandestine meetings is because of the missing guilt factor, especially when Mauli is around them constantly. And here, Mauli is Nandini's best friend who has done things for Nandini that not even families would do. So Nandini's character sketch comes across as inconsistent.  

I am only hoping that  they are still in a trance of sorts and once they snap out of it, we will get some clarity on their thought process.  
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