What exactly do Kunal Nandini want ?

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Posted: 2018-09-02T12:11:57Z
Before I begin with the post I would make one thing clear. This is just my opinion on the characters and I am not bashing anyone, neither fans nor actors. I stopped watching the show about a month back. As I was home for the weekend I came acrodd some scenes and can't help rant. 
I am quite sad to see Kunal's character shaping up like this. Kunal and Nandini are behaving like lovestruck teenagers. This is so not what I expected. Yes I know the show is about love outside of marriage. N yes it does happen. But I expected the cvs to handle it more maturely considering the initial episodes of the show. 

I had my resevations about the show before it started. If not for Shakti and Drashti I wouldn't have watched it at all. But the beauty of Nandini's journey to freedom and Mauli and Kunal's balanced life is what kept me going. I wanted to see how Kunal who fights with his friend who is cheating and tells his wife that he can never hold another woman's hand with the hand that has her name on it falls in love with her best friend. I wanted to see hoe Nandini after going through hell recovers to fall in love again and how she with it. I loved Nandini's journey. Her baby steps to freefom. But I really couldn't understand Kunal fallomg for her overnight. One day she is just his wife's best friend who needs saving and then he is in love with her. Well sorry I can't process that. Atleast Nandini's feelings are more convincing. Nevertheless that's mot what the post is about.

What I want to know is exactly what KuNan, especially Kunal is thinking. So Kunal is in love with Nandimi. He loves her enough that he can't lobe without her. He can't let her go. He confessed his love to her. Now what ? What about the eomwo who gave him 3 years of her life ? He has no feelings for her ? She is just a purana Farz. But is he even doing his Farz properly. No. He fights with her and pushes her away. He is bold enough to tell Nandini he loves her but not enough to tell Mauli the same. Yes she will break. But isn't that better than the pain he is giving her slowly. If not as a friend or husband doesn't he as a good human being need to think about her. And what about Nandini whom he loves ? After all she had been through is this what she needs ? Doesnt she deserve a normal life as a wife ? 

And Nandini. Once again she has chosen love over friebdship. Nandini hiding Kunal from being seen by Mauli was painful to watch. So it is always love that wins ha. How long will Nandini do this ? How long will she keep convincing Mauli that Kunal loves her knowing it is she he wants ? How long will she bear seeomh her love with her best friend and knowing that she has no right on him ? 

Yet there is no mature discussion about this. Neither Kunal or Nandini seemed concerned about future. The man who cannot bear to see people wronged is hiding the biggest truth from his wife. And the one who claims to lobe her friend more than anything too isn't helping .I ecpeexpe atleada Nandini to question Kunal on his feelings and their future. But no.

Thus ends my ranting.

All this said Shakti and Drashti have a great chemistry. I just widh they do more shows togetget.

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Posted: 2018-09-02T12:55:34Z
Right buddy
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