Kunal will choose mauli only

Posted: 2018-09-02T07:37:36Z
I dont know why i felt this but as i missed initial episodes so i was watching from d start in first episode only mauli when she was describing nandini 2 kunal she herself said kunan r similar & if kunal would had met nandini before her he would had fallen in luv with her which did come true somewhere at last kunal did fell 4 nandini thou situation was different as kunal is already married.
In return kunal said yes i may fall 4 nandini but then i will break her heart as when i would had met u , then i would had fallen 4 u

Even one of kunal's friend was having ema { hope i m right } when kunal scolded him , he said something like this that kunal will realise how lonely he is as mauli is always busy in her job & home & history will repeat , he indirectly hinted towards kunan ema

Even after coming back from mandir trip where kunan got seperated from d family, kunal did ask mauli as u know everything , what if i get lost , so u will find me na ??

Some dialogues do give hint of d future

I feel real story will start when mauli will come 2 know about kunan's ema how these 2 made fun of her trust.

Then time will come when he has 2 choose b/w nandini & mauli , kunal will choose mauli which definately break nandini's heart again this is where karma will bite back nandini , & mauli will reject kunal , kunal will get fruit of his karma.

It was always mauli who supported kunal even in his bad times , when Kunal decided 2 quit his job mauli suported him, so definately mauli do have some importance in kunal's life , somewhere it will get played 

If u had seen dil kya kare film 4 a short period of time ajay devgsn 2 got attracted 2 kajol but when he realised he will loose mahima as she headed 4 divorce  , he realised his mistake , in that film ajay kajol dint had EMA but he had an one night stand with kajol in a train before meeting mahima with kaj he had a child also , 

I hope this dialogues do have some meaning.

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Posted: 2018-09-02T08:23:36Z
 thanks  for  info .
i  know  ku  will  dump   mrs.   thakur  in the end.
Question  is  what  will mauli  do.

There are enough sybolism.
Makers  sometimes  do  that  even  to confuse  audience
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Posted: 2018-09-02T08:35:26Z

No... Please
    Let him settle down with Nandini
    Mauli must walk out of that betrayal
    Kunal has lost all respect in my eyes !
     May be because Nandini has been tortured byThakur
     still she can be vulnerable to these kind of fellows
     Pink Kunal , brain washing her for his use
     What all he gets
     A beauty with a frozen brain
     A chef of far exception
     24 hrs kheer, gulab jamun abd dum biriyani
     Every day she will think " kunal keliye mein aaj kya banaao"
     Her whole life will be dedicated to cooking

     Kunal baba is specimen
     Let Nandini cherish it Edited by Metis - 2018-09-02T20:12:41Z
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Posted: 2018-09-02T08:41:52Z

Kunal and Nandini deserve each other
Heavenly made couple Pure and pavitra prem pujari
I want to see Mauli will never allow Kunal or Nandini back in her life
At the end--it's all depends on makersConfused

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Posted: 2018-09-02T08:44:52Z
Bhai kuch bhi ho sakta hai show mey...Kya pata kabhi alvida na kehna ki tarha ...hey what I was wondering mauli character is more similar to preity zinta of kabhi alvida na kehna (riya saran) she was a carer oriented women ...loving wife...caring mother...however kunal is just a part of srk when he fall for maya (rani)..I guess mauli will leave kunal for nandini Bec what matter for her is kunal happiness and one fact 
"A women can bear anything but not betrayal of that person to whom she love"

Definitely she gonna divorce him...concentrate on her career as she s a successful doctor ...
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Posted: 2018-09-02T10:19:40Z
This Kunnu bhaiya will bend backwards when he realises how difficult it is to manage household expenses.. He had said to his friend, how can you forget you are able to maintain status in society due to your wife's contribution.. 

Currently he is behaving like a lord of some 18th century drama where the wife stays at home with his family and the lord visits his mistress and orders her to dress up and cook according to his whims.. But raincheck.. Niether Kunal is some 18th century lord where his wife is financially dependant on him and he holds the purses to maintain multiple women... Nor it is 18th century where laws and society were heavily patriarchal.. 

I would prefer Mauli to take Kunal to take the courts and demand hefty alimony.. Even it would be satisfying to see him behind bars for sometime to control his roving eyes..

As for Nandini, she has choosen lifetime of sadness for her.. Anything she does henceforth will be detrimental for her future.. If she hides this relationship, she will remain as a dirty secret forever.. If she demands acknowledgement from Kunal, she will face societal scorn and slander which she deserves as well for agreeing to be the OTHER WOMAN..
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Posted: 2018-09-02T10:32:56Z
my guess when mauli come to know about   Kunal and Nandini feelings
then mauli will not say anything to Kunal and Nandini but mauli will keep distance away Nandini and will not forgive Nandini but she will forgive Kunal because mauli afraid to loose Kunal and she will keep Kunal away from Nandini

mauli will forgive Kunal but not Nandini .
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