Is Being Critical A Crime ?

Posted: 2018-09-01T13:37:31Z

I don't normally comment on the forum, however, seeing how certain people have made it a point to criticize "modern-feminism under the pretext of "defending a certain actress, I couldn't help myself.


First of all, let's get one thing really clear. Being critical of a character doesn't equate to being critical of the actor portraying it. Television shows are made for public consumption. If we as viewers feel that the execution of a show has been carried out shabbily and the characterization is weak, we have a right to express it on a public forum. A lot of people are calling a certain section of the audience regressive for being critical of the show. The point of contention, ladies, and gents, isn't the EMA, but rather the male protagonist's illogical reasons for indulging in it. EMA in itself isn't an ideal, however, in certain marriages, where let's assume the spouse is emotionally abusive and unsupportive, one can feel the need to look for that emotional support elsewhere. The husband, in this case, has had a spouse who has been very emotionally supportive, who not only works tirelessly but simultaneously looks after the house and his family members and who he himself, was extremely attracted to. 

This is the same female that the male protagonist was very attracted to before a conventionally more attractive female came along. And that's honestly bonkers. If tomorrow my spouse has all the qualities that Mauli has and I simply fall for his best friend because his best friend is more attractive, then my affections are clearly driven by lust, not love. If let's say, Kunal would have fallen for Nandini after she helped him through an emotional crisis, it would have been much more understandable. Secondly, no one is hating on Nandini because she cooks or wears Saris. And please don't use the term s**t-shaming so casually without realizing its implications. Modern feminism doesn't tell women to stop cooking. For God's sake, cooking is a means for humans to sustain themselves. However, the fact that the CV's are showing that Nandini's good cooking is one of the main reasons for Kunal to cheat on his wife, is ridiculous. 

We are in the 21stcentury, people! Women are financially independent, successful beings with a mind of their own! They are still nurturing and emotionally supportive, much like Mauli's character. However, if the sole reason for men to cheat on their spouse is stumbling across a more attractive female who is an excellent cook, mankind is doomed!


Sorry for the long post and apologies if I offended anyone.

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Posted: 2018-09-01T17:14:25Z
Top post
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Posted: 2018-09-01T19:44:26Z
Thank you for the post . Fully agree. Here they are only trying to show that men can fall for a more attractive female and a better homemaker compared to his current wife..and strong independent women who don't feed on their ego and masculinity have more chances of being betrayed. ..reason for this is , it happened so quickly and sorry I cannot read aankhon ki bhasha..They may be having conversations like that but no genuine emotional bonding was ever shown . And when the husband is betraying his wife there ought to be a reason , whether it exists or No,everyone will ask , including mauli . Now  the writer of the show defends the ema ,her thinking reflects In the serial also . So aren't they trying to justify ema in the name of juzzbat? why shouldn't we criticize 
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Posted: 2018-09-01T20:05:06Z
Well put.
No one are bashing the actors. It is the characters being criticised and rightly so. Nandini is not criticised for wearing backless blouses and cooking but because mouli doesnt let Kunal have the food he wants and Nandini gives him that he started to fall for her. It is shown like that. It all came down to good cooking and beauty. A man appreciates beauty in his partner is good but if that is the only thing he sees in her then she is not going to look good forever. She will be aged so he must start looking for a young girl? I know it will hurt but people are trying to be funny here. But it is the characters that are made fun of.
What a women wears is her business and not be commented upon but here in this case Nandini is a victim of abused marriage. She just lost her unborn child. The way cvs or producers dressing her up in a situation like this is not making sense. No where she felt like being a traumatised victim. Hence this bashing.
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Posted: 2018-09-01T20:53:35Z

Such a good post

Cooknig is a basic need now a days
Every one boy or girl every one must cook same time they must be financially independant also .
This show makes mockery of it
Kunal falling for Nandini is lust and her cooking
She is a cheat and easily betrayed her friend ...

   That is where the whole thing is hilarious
    Last year there was an article on BBC in India half of the work force is missing because most of the time females are end up in house doing nothing other than house work.
    Even educated ladies are expected to do the same .
     Being the rape cases & abuse being reported every day what ladies need is to liberate them selves
   then comes this kind of shows which is making mockery of working woman as if husbands will look for a better choice .

     Beauty is beholders eyes
      It is not necessary for success
     But brain is needed( need to use it)
     Beauty without brain is more dangerous like the main character nandini of this show
     They are continously showing adultery and lust
      EMA happens but not this way
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Posted: 2018-09-01T21:06:05Z
Agree but few members crossing the limit and bashing characters with such a horrendous words that's the problem criticism is always welcome but here we can get to see lot of bashing posts ...
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Posted: 2018-09-01T21:25:34Z
Being critical is definitely not a crime. But s**t shaming has happened here in this forum! The way she danced in the rain,her blouse length and being compared to a p**n character... These are s**t shaming! And the maker have not really shown why Kunal fall for Nandini, but they didnt even show that Kunal is falling for her because of her traditional lifestyle either! I think the traditional lifestyle was shown for some completely different reason. The makers might have chosen a controversial subject, but they are definitely not that regressive!
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Posted: 2018-09-01T21:29:24Z
No one is talking about actress, it is character which get bashed, rightfully so. 

But it is normal to get offended, fans get offended. Best option is not to argue with fans and ignore post because fans will bring anything everything or twist word to defend their favs character. Sometimes fans favoritism right or wrong nahi hota, sirf favoritism hota hai. Big smile
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