Question that needs to be asked????

Posted: 2018-09-01T13:29:16Z
Disclaimer- Please refrain from making comments like "Because Kunal/Nandini is a _______". Keep it strictly to the character & yes, no shaming at all. I want to talk about future possible prospects.

Dear Nandini,

I just want you to ask one question from Kunal- "Why do you love me? Why me?"

And then the following questions- "Why not Mauli anymore?" 
"If you still love her, then what are you doing with me?" 
"If you love me & we aren't doing anything wrong, then why are we hiding this from her?" 
"If you love her & I both, then where do I stand & where does she stand as an individual in your life?"

This should get some things out from his mouth on this madness he is on. As said so many times, Kunal is the driver of this whole silsila with Nandini being on the front seat along side with him right now.

Nandini should be the one to hit Kunal with the reality, not Rajdeep nor any one else but Nandini herself in all her rationality of this relationship.

I think, we all want to know why exactly our partner likes us & it becomes all the more important question when the relationship is this complicated. And she asking these questions to Kunal actually puts up well with her original character sketch that was developing better until makers shoved the confession down our throats. Even though these questions are little tricky & often impossible to answer but makers can show them to atleast put up these questions.

Till then, I guess we'll have to wait a lot. I hope makers wake Nandini up from her dreamland & reality quickly seeps deep in her mind. I so want her to give chance at friendship with Mauli who clearly adores her, just for once.

And makers better come up with good answers from Kunal rather than irritating ones where he keeps on making false promises & bring all Gods & holy books again. This character has already gone past repair but still make him a little redeemable.

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Posted: 2018-09-01T14:13:16Z
I too hoped that Nandini would ask these qs .
May be once he is out of her temp dreamland, shayad sochegi.
Cvs have totally messed up. They have hurried up everything. Itnaa jaldi confession ho gaya.
The signs from god etc have all added up to the mess. 
Kunal se I have no hopes now
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Posted: 2018-09-01T14:25:12Z
There were so many moments in the last two episodes when I thought Nandini would snap out of it and ask Kunal "Par Mauli ka kya?" Just those 3 words!
Needless to say,  my disappoitment was acute when that didn't happen. At this point, Nandini baffles me. I don't understand this 360 degree change in her character. 
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Posted: 2018-09-01T15:36:03Z
Nice post -TM

I feel  it applies on both-Kunal and Nandini
All this time
I thought both will think about it what they are doing
In last epi--saw kunal was awake at night got up from bed,
I thought  might be guilty some where or thinking ,may be that's y not able to sleep
Guess what- I was totally wrong
He is eating kheer n at that moment he text-Nandini n praised her kheer and she  replied,aur both were smiling  ,blushing  enjoying those moments
No where it's  shown  this so called Husband  & BF thinking about Mauli or worried what they are doing--is that right or wrong?
For me both are wrong
What i see  both are enjoying  it.. they have no time to think about Mauli

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Posted: 2018-09-01T17:30:24Z
This Kunal character has totally gone down in my view.
I will not at all be surprised to hear hm say "I swear in the name of Holy Granths, I don't know "
to all the questions raised by N, Mouli, his mom & Dadi. Embarrassed
Because he does not seem like someone responsible & truthful anymore.
He has lost all respect by engaging in this Jazbaat while married &
without even a bit of remorse.Ouch
I have my doubts if even N would think along these lines, let alone ask.
She is in it as much as he is & the two in their own Lala land Confused

But I agree, these need to be asked 
Good post Big smile
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Posted: 2018-09-01T22:01:15Z
Good post. I hope they show her asking these questions. She is in her own dream land that not once did she nor Kunal think about Mauli at all. She didn't think of the consequences she has to face after the truth comes out. There is no guarantee that once Kunal broke the promises he made with Mauli, he may not break the promises he made with her as well. God has nothing to do with the decisions with what both Nandini and Kunal made,there are all excuses to make themselves feel better, in reality its their choice alone. There's nothing much to expect from Kunal at this stage at all, he is all known for giving moral lectures to others but when it applies to him it just vanishes in to thin air. 
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Posted: 2018-09-01T22:16:06Z
Definetly .  These questions must be asked . 

Keeping in view of the writer of the show , if they do try to glorify ema and pass it on as something pure and divine ,and mauli doesn't get poetic justice  , I will quit watching ..Abhi pata chal jaata tog Abhi quit kar deti LOL
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Posted: 2018-09-01T22:19:17Z

Still it is not Nandini who disgust me more
It is that Kunal
He is playing with both ladies ...
Mauli is dumb in trust
Nandini is blinded by Kunal's words and lust .

Nandini should come to realize that a man who can cheat Mauli and cheat her too
Wanted that character to be strong , CVs want her only to cook ( cooking is fine but not always )
Do some thing else also in life !

Kunal must tell truth to Mauli and move on with the other woman
Not hiding from his legal wife in his mistress wah room.
Mauli shows how blind trust can spoil relatioship

If Kunal is like that it is better for him to leave Mauli
He wants some one who is below his level , there are many men out there like that
But he must tell Mauli or Nandini must tell

All the questions must be raised
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