The morality of Nandini and Kunal

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Hi guys! This is my first topic on the forum; have been a silent reader for a while, but now, I think some of my comments have irritated some of the readers here. I just wanted to explain myself, and hopefully clarify my thoughts about this I write. Idk how many people will read this, since this topic has been discussed to death, but I just want to add my two cents on what is happening in the show and on the forum. 
Firstly, extra marital affairs are wrong under almost all circumstances. It is very hard to justify an EMA. And I think it is very brave of the producers to try to do a show on this topic. I was looking forward to this, because I think stories of EMAs are very tragically beautiful if they are portrayed in the correct way. Take for example, KANK. I thought the actions of Maya and Dev were very wrong. Dev was essentially a misogynist, and Maya didn't try hard enough. However, I thought there was something very poignant about the story. It was about two characters coming together and falling in love despite the circumstances they were in, and how the pain of two very incomplete people was mitigated to some extent when they were together. There is something beautiful about that. I hoped to find that beauty in Silsila, but was disappointed when I could not, because the execution was wrong.The messiness, the pain, the emotions that lent KANK beauty were not found in this immature handling of the topic.n 

Firstly, by trying to pass of this illicit relationship as something that is sanctified by God, they are glossing over the issue, removing the rawness that was supposed to make this story beautiful. All these omens and shiz are so regressive and should not be in this show. Don't try to justify by saying God wills it! 

Nandini is a weak person. She has just come out of an abusive relationship, and she has no hesitation about jumping into another relationship? I am not blaming the character; I am blaming the writing because this is not how real relationships work. I wanted to share that I was cheated on in the recent past, and I have not moved on yet, because I am not emotionally ready, and I was in that relationship for a year. Imagine a marriage that lasted so many years. I don't think it is possible for a human being to react the way Nandini is reacting. 

Kunal was happy in his relationship. He loved Mauli. So why did he fall in love with Nandini? What is the CVs trying to portray here? That you can love two people at the same time? That love is completely random and irrational? And is Kunal more attracted to Nandini because she fits the stereotype of a good sanskari Indian bahu and Mauli doesn't? I don't get it. 

This is what that triggers me the most. Both of them do not feel any guilt about what they are doing! They did in the beginning, but not anymore. If you look at KANK, Dev and Maya were very happy together, but whenever they met their spouses, they could not make eye contact with them because of how bad they were feeling! Here, the two lovebirds are romancing as if they are some college kids being in love for the first time. Don't they realise that they are betraying the most important person in their lives? A person who has sacrificed a lot for both of them? What is going on in their heads? If they are feeling remorse free to this extent, they are not good people, period. 

I want to end off by saying that don't s**t shame Nandini on the basis of what she is wearing. If you think she is being promiscuous (on the basis of her actions) I think you are entitled to your opinion. But I think the clothes shaming and calling her a po*nstar, these things are going a bit too far. And fans of Drashti, don't take the criticism of the character as the criticism of the actress. And also, we are allowed to criticise the actress as well. I don't find Drashti's acting very organic, but she is pretty so there is that. And whatever opinions we do have, let's express them in a polite manner. 

That is all. Sorry if it is too long. I am really sleepy and I think I am rambling a bit haha. 
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A very very sensible post!!! Smile
Loved it...
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Posted: 2018-09-01T12:57:22Z
You rambled quite sensibly.Smile
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Posted: 2018-09-01T12:57:22Z
For your first post in the forum, it covers everything perfectly especially the part about what went wrong with the writing. I would have preferred steady development of each & every character before makers had jumped on this track. This track just disassociates me with the characters they had earlier shown.
As far as Nandini, even though I hate her for what she is doing, I feel acting is good as required. It was fabulous in the beginning episodes when she was playing the abuse victim, it came off effortlessly from her & that did justice to that track.
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Posted: 2018-09-01T13:31:31Z
Beautiful post.
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Posted: 2018-09-02T02:00:36Z
Thanks guys. I just don't understand why some people on this forum are not mature enough to understand that criticising the character is not the same as criticising the actress. And the word s**t shaming is being thrown around so loosely now, even the circumstances in which it is not happening!
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Posted: 2018-09-02T02:09:38Z
Originally posted by Twisterfry

Thanks guys. I just don't understand why some people on this forum are not mature enough to understand that criticising the character is not the same as criticising the actress. And the word s**t shaming is being thrown around so loosely now, even the circumstances in which it is not happening!

When some one liking a star is different from being a die hard fan
Fans are like that!
Reel and real there is difference.

I dislike that Kunal totally so disgusting can't stand him
Still can look at Nandini , i still hope she will wake about the cheating , his brainwashing of her head.
   He lured her in to it !
   Just can't that man ...
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Posted: 2018-09-02T08:51:18Z
sensitive post! 
A show on EMA! very realistic i thought and i was keen to watch as it had big names! But i also wondered how will it be handled as it is a very sensitive area. i do agree this is what is happening in real! But when u show something in a show, we need logic and good plot. 

As u said, the cvs have failed in establishing the relationship growth between kunal and nandini. the way he suddenly falls for her and her divine intervention as a reason to suddenly see him as Pati no. 2 was ridiculous. 

One other thing was the way cvs portrayed mouli and kunal's relationship! they showed it sooo perfect, that we are not able to accept him falling for nandini! but again may be makers are trying to say, you dont need to have a bad marriage to fall for another woman! but then that fall should be convincing enough. even in KANK, SRK n preity relationship was tumultous thanks to SRK"s ever angry chr. But Rani and Abhishek had no such issues. the simple thing was that she was not in love with him. She hesitates to marry him but ends marrying ironically listening to stranger who is SRK then. So when she falls for him later, and that happens gradually not suddenly, it was believable. 

One slight issue i observed between mouli and kunal was that, mouli has the habit of managing everything in their life - both personally and professionally. the way she goes abt arranging for his clinic also is also too dominating. she is more a man in the relationship. she doesnt need kunal for anything else. she can manage everything. they shd have shown kunal feelign useless. 

On the other hand we have nandini, all abused and timid, and who right from first meeting sees kunal as a hero who resuces the damsel in distress. not once or twice, but more times. she sees him as her hero, and he also feels very strong and hero like. the cvs shd have worked on this difference to justify their coming closer. 

Even i am finding their teenage kind of romance, and lack of remorse difficult to digest. they shd be feelign torn apart and full of angst. but no, we find them smsing and lying. i hated seeing kunal run like a thief. it didnt suit a hero. i wish they confess to mouli on their own, instead of her finding it. 

i also felt that nandini and kunal, have nothing common to talk when they are together. there seemed to be awkward silence. or was i the only one to find that!

with mouli managing office, and house, it is typical of kunal to fall for pretty, homebound, cooking and caring nandini! 

Nandini's dressing and body language, doesnt suit a girl who has come out of abusive relationship. they did show a scene where rajdeep forces her to wear such glamorous dresses. though as dd fan i am happy to see her so beautifully dressed, still it looks odd! and a girl just out of (and not even out fully) will not fall into another relationship this soon! i have heard of rebound but this is even too fast, and that too, her friend's husband! 

all my angst is against the writers and chrs and not against any actors! i want convincing plot for me to enjoy the show! 
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