There is a beauty and humility in IMPERFECTION!

Posted: 2018-09-01T09:16:50Z
While surfing stuffs about Silsila, I came across this tweet by Gajra Kottary:

This one analysis makes all the struggle worth It, thanks, humbly

Credits to Mehak Sharma for this beautiful post.

At present, I am relentlessly watching an Indian TV series "Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka and loving every minute of it. The reason, do I believe in extra marital affair, do i have one, do i like to have one, do i think its justified. Well the answer is NO! The serial has a strong story-line, brilliant cast, typically dramatic,  lots of goof ups and last but not the least it portrays imperfection in humans and relationships as there should be.  And that's why, I am completely hooked to it. I really like to appreciate the people behind such a contemporary story and series. Everyone who dared to bring this story live, in today's scenario when we Indians are currently bashing everything and anything which is not conforming to the so called societal norms, indian culture, our sanskars or whatnot. Kudos to the whole team!

It showcased a perfect couple and a perfect marriage as well as a failed couple, a perfect wife, villainous husband and a broken marriage. So what goes where, how and when, that is not the story. The stronghold of this series lies in the fact that it showed flawed protagonists and their flawed relationships, which no Indian channel, producer, writer or cast dared to do, for so long. When Indian television was in a nascent stage, there were such amazing serials to watch, which always did not have ideal and perfect main leads. I am not going to name any of them right now, because lets not draw any comparisons to this particular show. There are literally no parallels to produce.

Today I am writing this piece to give my two cent about the show, the story and also my title. Why I am writing about it? Firstly because as i already said that I loved the series' theme, the actors, their acting and of course the story. It is completely different from what we actually  watch these days on Indian television. Secondly, the story-line is very realistic. The foundation of healthy marriages are so weak today, the relationships are crumbling like deck of cards. This show actually portrays the current scenario of such failed and flawed relationships, artistically. Thirdly, the actors are just marvelous, their acting, timing, expressions and adaptability to their characters is divergent and  unprecedented.

I have loved this show because I simply believe that it is impossible to achieve perfection in anything and yet we try to pursue this unreasonable trait in all the things we do.  We try to be perfect child, student, lover, professional, spouse, parent or human. We are enthroned to always be in pursuit of un-achievable flawlessness. We start trying since we come down on earth and we die trying. But we never achieve it. Not a single man or woman has been deemed perfect ever on this planet. Then, why such race and competition to better ourselves, to perfect our imperfections. Why not to accept our flaws, our failures and our imperfections. Why not to become perfect in those imperfections. There is such a beauty in acceptance of our defects and deficiencies, inadequacies and inefficiencies.

I am neither promoting or encouraging people to have extra marital affairs, nor betray their spouses in any possible way. It is wrong and unjustifiable. My only belief is to not to expect the unexpected out of anyone, not to force or farce a relationship, not to betray or carry on a trait or even a relation if it is toxic for you or others. Accept your flaws and mistakes. Learn and accept, if your feelings, or love has a reached a dead end, even in a marriage. Don't drag your spouse, along with yourself, don't shatter their trust, don't be disloyal to them or yourself.  It is not a crime to fall in and out of love or marriage, but it certainly is a crime to betray your feelings or to betray your partner, out of it. Have the courage and indomitable spirit to accept your failures and flaws.  Do not reach out for perfection. There is no  fun in that. Be perfect in imperfection.

Signing off with a warm thank you to the channel and whole team of this TV series. I felt encouraged to write and review about such an unnerving, contradictory, controversial yet a superb plot.

We were born to be real, not to be perfect.

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Posted: 2018-09-01T09:21:33Z
Thank u for posting this it was a very well written view
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Posted: 2018-09-01T09:22:32Z
Gajra ma'am RTed this na??!! Lovely writing!! Very beautifully explained!
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Posted: 2018-09-01T09:23:58Z
well written post
thanks for sharing dear
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Posted: 2018-09-01T09:36:33Z
@Moumita Gajra ne reply diya blogger ko
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Posted: 2018-09-01T09:43:55Z
Originally posted by resha163

Thank u for posting this it was a very well written view
checking sonething finally ho gya thank u re
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Posted: 2018-09-01T10:00:36Z
So true imperfection is beautiful...I m happy gajra maam chooses two flawed character as main leads of our show and showing us their journey and I  m enjoying every bit of it 
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Posted: 2018-09-01T10:13:57Z
wow is it recent review ???
so good
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