We always knew that show was about EMA so y the furore

Posted: 2018-09-01T01:33:35Z
Some fans are confused. The plot or premise of the show was always known. We all knew it was about EMA. We all knew that Kunal & Nandini r the leads & will eventually fall for each other. The title itself is copied frm the AB-Jaya-Rekha classic of the 80s. So then y so much uproar in the forum. Why viewers are furious & making posts aft posts venting out their anger & frustration.

The simple answer EXECUTION...

Every story deserves an audience as long as it is executed & presented well. Personally I welcomed this show. It was a refreshing change from the Saas-Bahu & Naagin-Makki-Chudail crap on Indian TV. I was intrigued. I was interested to see how the CVs handle such a sensitive topic. Silsila was 1 of my fav movies. I liked Arth as well. And though I was unimpressed by KANK it was more to do with the dragging screenplay than the actual plot of EMA. In fact i actually liked Karan Johar for having the courage to have 2 extremely unlikeable characters as leads. Ppl hated the characters of Sharukh & Rani but the director never tried justifying it. He mentioned in all his interviews that it was his intention to show 2 unlikeable characters. It basically means even unlikeable characters do fall in love LOL In the end despite the betrayal, heart break & emotional upheaval its the characters of Abhishek & Preity who have the last laugh. They both move on & r in a happier place without their whiny, annoying spouses. Abhishek even finds love again.

Coming to the show, the CVs made a major blunder by showing Mauli & Nandini 2 b best friends. There r some boundaries that u never ever cross. Desiring your BFF or brother or sister's BEA is top in that list. Even if they had shown them as friends they went overboard by showing Mauli repeatedly helping Nandini & fighting her battles on behalf of her. This makes Nandini appear absolutely loathsome & obnoxious. Here is a friend who has moved mountains for u & u r actually romancing her husband. How do the CVs expect the viewers to digest this? Are the CVs that dense & stupid.

The show is absolutely cringeworthy only & only due to Nandini. Even Kunal they showed him dilly dallying for days, trying to give himself a pep talk. They showed him at least trying 2 fight his attraction albeit half hearted. But in Nandini's case its absolutely nauseating that she dint even put up a fight. She dint even try. That's where I ve a prob. In almost ALL stories on EMA they show the characters panic, ve second thoughts, fear the consequences. The characters r usually stressed out due to the constant lies & they try to fight their wayward thoughts. The other stories show their inner struggle, the reason y they embarked on this path. Here its almost like Nandini was literally waiting to grab Kunal from Mauli. So it makes all her previous actions suspect. Was Mauli really her friend. Does Nandini ever truly love anyone or is she just plain selfish. Again its k 2 show a selfish, unlikeable character. But the CVs ve made their bed & now they ve lie in it. They made Nandini a betraying, unfaithful, backstabbing cheater, a husband thief. Now they ve to accept the back lash. No point in fans whining about ppl hating Nandini & making angry posts criticizing this character. She is an abominable character & fans must accept that fact. The CVs knew what they were gng to show. The actors knew what they signed up for. Now they must be sportive & accept the criticism which is justified.
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Posted: 2018-09-01T01:54:56Z
I agree with the most. 
But I think problem is in both Kunal & Nandini. Neither of them put up a good fight & that's the makers fault as they didn't show any of them  putting up a good fight with their feelings.

The moment Nandini steps out of house, Kunal runs behind her to confess & Nandini accepts. That was the hasty track. The realization of feelings of both of them was too hasty. They should have atleast built a friendship between the two & let Kunal discover more of Nandini as a person.

If Nandini-Kunal were shown to put up a fight why did Kunal run behind her at all. He should have lived few days without her. Then comes Nandini who suddenly forgot certain things, if she decided to leave, then why exactly the moment of weakness especially when the situation is very complicated.

So, saying again, it's not only Nandini. It's both & moreover, it's the makers who have miserably failed at the execution of this. 

I honestly don't understand why makers are in so much haste about starting a full-fledged EMA anyway. This has caused abrupt discord with the show which was going so well in the beginning.

As you already highlighted- Execution, that's  the dept. of makers.
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Posted: 2018-09-01T02:00:19Z
Well made post. Very objective with a lot of analysis. Good job. Thumbs Up
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Posted: 2018-09-01T02:16:00Z
I agree with majority and specifically with execution failure.

I don't think only Nandini is to be blamed here for this disastrous affair. Kunal has pushed and pushed her and when she finally decides to leave he comes running and she gives in - that was horrible but then to actually help that guy to hide and feed your friend whilst poisoning her life is just not done.

I think a build up was needed. I knew this was going to be an affair story and that's cool but do it with sensitivity. Had they shown either to be implulsive, hasty and not someone who always thinks of others then this track would make sense. Two good people committing adultery needs better substance.

Rain dance and love, that is almost a joke.
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Posted: 2018-09-01T02:17:59Z
I was thinking the same and fail to understand how the people calling it True LOVE and trying to justifying it even now.They  are behaving like there is no one other than K and N in the show and they selectively ignoring other character's feelings or if should say clearly rather ignoring their existence of other characters in the show at all LOL. Its ok do whatever you want assume yourself whatever you want but how can they even expect the same from the other people and questioning their POVConfused.She have no guilt or remorse anymore after she agreed his proposalConfused.Even an absolutely black character feel guilty if they betray their friend who had gone beyond her limits to help the friend.But here she is blushing and going with the flow without a iota of thought about MauliConfused.I don't even feeling angry on her as the writing is so pathetic that i can't even relate or understand her character to feel any feeling or angry.I am just laughing at their writing and going w*f seeing Nandini's reaction and in a wierd way i am getting entertained seeing two lame charactersLOLIt is irony that we have to explain our POV to make them understandLOL when it is clear whats actually going with the characters in the show and in a way it is hilarious tooLOL
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Posted: 2018-09-01T02:37:23Z
absolutely agree with ur every word...
agree the show has become more cringe worthy due to nandini, till Kunal was feeling for her n trying to overcome it one can at least justify it that the show itself was promoted about extra-marital feelings n as the tagline says "juzbaat kabhi sahi aur galat nahi hosakte" but once Kunal proposed about his ghatiya feelings to nandini due to nandini already expressing her feelings indirectly n nandini shamelessly accepting Kunal's proposal forgetting there was someone called mouli in this world nandini's character has reached lowest of low and the show no more about juzbaat but ema aur ema kabhi sahi nahi hosakta so the viewers calling even a spade a spade has started sounding like bashing posts to some...

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Posted: 2018-09-01T02:40:09Z
Originally posted by arshi_asya

Originally posted by Migraine

I don't think so arguing with blind fans and telling them anything is necessary at all. They would never understand that. 
These people would have bashed every aspect of ema have the roles were reversed and their fvt had been in the shoes where she is the victim of ema. So really wasting time on telling them y so much outrage even when everyone knew this is ema concept. And many post i  saw people did try to calmly tell. But all in waste. So better ignore. 

Well, be careful, even this might be reported for using "blind fans" & bashing.  LOL LOL
if the actions are matching with blind fans then I can't help. I am utterly disgusted by those illogical behaviors
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Posted: 2018-09-01T02:44:00Z
nice  post.
i believe 
say what you want to say.
Sometimes agree to disagreee.
Give  royal ignore to what you dont like.

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