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WOOO! Page 141 on thread 4!!!! For old times sake, let's ditch the HC thread and whatsapp so we can finish this thread off!WinkI say 9 pages in 2 days, maybe 3 if we don't go hardcore!

You put this and then you're never on. What am I supposed to do?
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Too good.
You're really very talented. How do you think of these kind of stories I wonder Smile Wink

Thank you so much for the compliment! :)
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Previously On...

Hungover Riddhima.

Armaan & Samrat cuteness.

Sapna & Amit make an appearance.


Chapter 83

At night, after dinner that day, everybody from the gang, apart from Keerti & Shubhankar and their kids, gathered on the private beach outside the hotel for a bonfire. Armaan & Rahul had arranged for snacks to be roasted on skewers to eat through the night - mushrooms, marshmallows, potatoes and whatnot along with lots of beer.


All couples sat together, hugging and cuddling, talking to each other and just completely enjoying the quiteness of the night, when Naina said, "Okay! I'm curious. Aap sab itne time se Sanjeevani mein ek saath kaam kar rahe ho. Aur bus mein aapki baatein sunnke toh mujhe poora yakeen hai ki aap sabne yahaan bohot shararat ki hai."


"Toh point kya hai?" Armaan asked.


"Toh point yeh hai, Jeeju," Naina smirked and the girls hooted at Armaan's blush, as always, "ki, I think aap sabko, Sanjeevani se related apni sabse happy memory share karni chahiye! Humein bhi toh pata chale ki humaare seniors hain kaise."


"Yes!" Sid agreed. "Aap sabko batana hi padega. Lekin, please, koi boring cheez mat batana, jaise ki jab aapko Intern Of The Month ka award mila ya kisi senior doctor, especially Dr. Shashank ne aapki tareef ki. Aisi memories nahi chahiye."


"Aur woh disgusting couples ki tarah koi couple - y memory bhi nahi," Su added. "Aap sabki as friends, jo shaitaani aapne ki, jo masti ki, uski koi memory."


"Wow! Isme toh raat nikal jaayegi," Rahul laughed. "Humne toh yahaan itni kuch kiya hai ki ab kya kahun."


"Lekin ek memory, jo aapki sabse favourite hai, woh toh aap share kar sakte haina?" Yuvi asked.


"Please!" Naina, Yuvi, Sid, Su & JP begged. "Please, please, please!"


"Okay, okay. Fine!" Riddhima announced. "Sab bas ek memory share karenge. Only one. Okay?"


The interns nodded eagerly.


"So, kaun start kar raha hai?" Yuvi asked.


The gang looked at each other, none of them wanting to be the first. Then, as if a silent communication passed through them all, they collectively turned to look at Abhi who had been looking into the sea as if it held the answers to all the mysteries of the universe.


"Abhi!" They screamed in unison.


"Wha? What? What Abhi?" He asked, confused.


"Bhai! Memories? Sanjeevani? Kuch yaad aaya?" Sid asked.


"Oh... Woh?" Abhi questioned.


"Haan. Woh. Sabse pehli baari aapki," Su said.


"Who? Me? No, no," Abhi refused.


"Yes, yes," Armaan countered immediately.


Abhi gulped and looked at Armaan who gave him the stink eye.


"No, no," Abhi repeated.


"Yes, yes," Armaan replied.


"Yes, yes?" Abhi asked miserably.


"Yes, yes," Armaan confirmed.


Abhi sighed. "Okay! Fine! I'll go first!"


"Yay!" Everyone cheered.


"Favourite memory? Meri? Uh... Kaunsi ho sakti hai? Uh..." Abhi thought for a while.


"Um... Armaan, will it be too sadistic if I say that night? You know? With the ring?" Abhi asked, smirking wide.


Everyone immediately understood that Abhi was referring to the boxing match that Armaan had lost.


Armaan just gave him a dirty look that spoke volumes.


"Shut up, Abhi!" Nikki scolded, swatting his arm. "We're never talking about that again. Ever."


"Really?" Abhi pouted. "Not even to the kids?" He asked, rubbing a hand on her belly.


"Dr. Abhimanyu Modi, you better forget that night ever existed. Samjhe? Kabhi nahi matlab kabhi nahi. Aur agar mere bachchon ko yeh baat batane ki koshish bhi ki na... Toh bharta bana dungi. Tumhara. Got it?" Nikki asked.


Abhi gulped visibly. "Go - got it," he replied.


"Uh... Yeh toh bada interesting sound kar raha hai? Kya hua tha uss raat ko?" Yuvi asked.


Nikki started laughing when she heard that. "Haan, Abhi. Uss raat ko kya hua tha?" She asked, using the same joke she had after the Valentine's Day party when she'd gotten Abhi drunk and made him believe he'd tried to take advantage of her.


"That was seriously so wrong," Abhi cribbed. "Really Nikki! Tum aisa bhi kar sakti ho maine kabhi nahi socha tha."


"Guys! Topic at hand! Memory batani hai. Remember?" Anjali asked.


"Right. Memory," Abhi replied. "Sanjeevani se related best memory jo couple type nahi hai? Wow. This is so much more difficult than I thought."


"Uh..." Abhi thought for a while before replying, "Probably jab maine Dr. Keerti ko kaha tha she couldn't be a part of Sanjeevani anymore."


"WHAT?!?!" The gang thundered.


"Sheee, Abhi! So disgusting, yaar! I thought tu sudhar gaya hai. Dr. Keerti ko hospital se nikala aur... Woh teri favourite memory hai? Really?" Armaan asked.


"Yeh mua toh hai hi kamina," Muskaan said. "Fitteh munh. Beda gark ho jaaye tera, keede pade tujhe." She said, hitting Abhi.


"Stop it yaar! Ek baar sunn toh lo woh meri favourite memory kyu hai!" Abhi cried.


"Okay, what ghatiya justification do you have?" Rahul asked.


Abhi sighed. "Do you remember how you guys had reacted when I'd announced we were letting Dr. Keerti go? Tum sab ek minute mein mujhe ladne tayyar khade the. Aur jaise hi Dr. Keerti ne mana kiya, chup chap baith gaye, jabki sab jaante the ki tum kitne gussa the. Dr. Keerti... Woh tumhaari mentor hain, tum sabke liye, she's like an elder sister. Aur tum sab unki kitni respect karte ho yeh uss din saaf dikh raha tha. And, that moment, iss hospital mein sabki unity dekhke, yeh dekhke ki tum sab iss hospital se aur yahaan ke logon se kitna pyaar karte ho, kitni respect karte ho... I just... I knew ki yahaan kaam karna achcha lagega, ki Sanjeevani ko bachane tum sab mera saath doge, phir chaahe woh mere saath ho, ya mujhse ladke. And that... That is why it's my favourite memory. Kyuki uss ek moment ne mujhe yeh dikhaya tha ki tum kitne achche dost ho."


Everyone was looking at Abhi, absolutely stumped. The time when these people were thinking of ideas to drive him out of the hospital, he had been admiring their unity.


"Abhi!" Nikki blubbered, crying. She immediately hugged her husband tightly, feeling a surge of affection for him. Abhi laughed at his wife silently, she really was a ball of emotions these days, and hugged her back, running his arms up and down her back in a soothing motion.


The duo sat there for a while, and no one said anything as Abhi comforted Nikki, all of them trying to grasp the gravity of the words Abhi had just uttered. It made them so happy to be his friend.


"Wow," Rahul said a few minutes later, when Nikki was back to normal and had pulled away from Abhi. "You just had to share that memory!" He joked.


Abhi shrugged. "I know that it isn't a conventional happy memory, but, it's one memory that I cherish."


"Waise," Armaan said, trying to lighten the mood, "unity toh humne kaafi saari cheezon mein dikhayi thi, Dr. Modi. Woh saari cheezein bhi aap yaad karna chahenge? Uh... newspaper articles, medicines, camps, tents, costumes, singing, dancing. Woh sab... Woh bhi yaad haina?"


Abhi snickered. "Tum bina bole nahi reh sakte na? Matlab... Yeh saari cheezein mention karna zaroori tha?" He asked.


"Of course! Ab, humaari unity ki baat hai, toh in sab cheezon mein toh humaari unity kahi zyada hai," Armaan replied, chuckling.


"Shut up, Armaan!" Riddhima scolded. "Abhi kya keh raha aur tum kya keh rahe ho? Kabhi chup chap nahi baith sakte?"


"Kli," Armaan replied, sniggering.


"Arre, but Armaan ki baat mein point hai, Ridzy," Muskaan said. "Un sab cheezon mein bhi toh hum ek saath united the. Toh usne woh sab mention kyu nahi kiya?"


"Guys!! Don't you think hum sidetrack ho rahe hain?" Anjali interrupted. "Sabko memories share karni hain."


"Right," the gang chorussed.


"So, who's next?" Anjali asked.


"Uhhh... I'll go," Nikki announced.


"Ooohhh," the boys hooted. "Let's go!"


"My favourite memory has to be..." Nikki thought for a while, before singing, "Chanda chamke cham cham."


Atul followed with, "Cheekhe chaukanna chor."


And then, Muskaan, "Cheeti chaatein cheeni."


Finally, Armaan, "Chatori cheeni khor."


The four of them looked at each other with a soft smile on their faces, remembering that night with the kids at the hospital, when Dhruv had spoken for the first time in months.


"Ummm, excuse me. Please, aise shabdon mein explain karenge jo sabki samajh aaye?" Sid requested.


Nikki laughed. "Okay, okay." And then, she launched into an explanation about how Dhruv had been admitted to the hospital, how didn't say anything, didn't react to anything. How Armaan had come up with the idea of using music to get him to talk because Dhruv seemed to enjoy it and how the four of them - her, Armaan, Atul & Muskaan - along with all the kids of the Children's Ward had sung that song for Dhruv to make him happy, and maybe to get him to talk. And then, how, after everything, he had.


Riddhima had tears in her eyes after listening to the entire story as she remembered just how mad she'd been at Armaan that night for not turning up for dinner like he'd promised. It made her feel really guilty.


"I'm sorry," she whispered to Armaan, resting her head on his shoulder.


Armaan smiled at her and shook his head fondly. "It's okay, baby," he said, kissing her head.


"Awww!" Naina cooed. "That's such a cute story!"


The gang smiled. "Yes, it is," Muskaan agreed. "Uss din... Wow... woh jo feeling thi jab Dhruv ne khudse kuch kaha, bina kisi ki prompting ke... I don't think main kabhi describe kar paungi."


Armaan, Nikki, Muskaan, and Atul looked at each other, a silent communication passing between them in agreement of Muskaan's words. That feeling was so indescribable. None of them thought they would ever be able to describe it. Ever.


"Okay, okay," Sapna said, wiping her tears. "Yeh Modis ne toh emotional kar diya, yaar. Happy fun memories share karni hai! Tum dono sabko rula rahe ho!"


"Right," Atul & Riddhima said in unison, agreeing with Sapna. Armaan and Anjali laughed at that.


"What?" Riddhima asked, looking at the duo.


"What?" Armaan & Anjali asked.


"Hasein kyu?" She asked.


Armaan chuckled. "Bas dekh raha tha ki 3 saalon baad bhi, tum teeno same to same ho. Ek kuch bolta nahi ki baaki dono aa jaate hain support karne. Right gorgeous?" He asked, turning to Anjy.


"Right!" Anjali agreed. "Ek second ke liye toh mujhe laga ki main 3 saal pehle time travel kar chuki hu."


"Haha, so funny!" Riddhima commented. "Sirf hum teeno ki baat kyu ho rahi hai? Aap dono badle ho kya? Abhi bhi Di, aap... Aap hamesha ki tarah Armaan ki side le rahe ho."


Armaan and Anjali laughed at that.


"Ridzy, main Armaan ki side hamesha isliye leti hu, cause I think he's smarter than you," Anjali replied jokingly.


"Diii!" Riddhima whined while Armaan just laughed, hi5ing Anjali.


Sapna looked at Atul and asked, "3 saalon mein kuch nahi badla na?"


Atul laughed and shook his head. "Kuch nahi badla. Sab waise ka waisa hai."


"Uhhh, guys? Getting off topic again," Abhi interrupted the talks around him.


"Yes!" Nikki agreed. "Ab kiski baari?"


"Ummm... Sappy!" Armaan & Anjali chorussed.


Sapna looked at them, surprised. "Main? She asked. "No, no. Main toh almost 3 saal pehle hi sab chod chad ke chali gayi thi!"


"Toh? Uske pehle 6 mahine toh thi na? Batana toh padega!" Armaan insisted.


"Sapna, yaar! Don't be a spoiltsport. Come on! Please!" Nikki pouted.


"Sapna... Yaar, aisa nahi chalega. Please! Tujhe batana padega!" Atul insisted.


"Please, Sapna! Batana. Sharma kyu rahi hai?" Riddhima asked.


"Fine, fine!" Sapna relented. "Batati hu. Favourite memory? Uh... Remember jab hum med camp ke liye gaye the? Internship ke thode dino baad?" She asked.


The gang turned to look at AR in unison, having heard all about the camp just a couple weeks ago and smirked. Riddhima just blushed and hid her face in Armaan's shoulder while the gang hooted.


"Guys?" Armaan said, when they didn't stop, "Sapna kuch keh rahi hai."


Nikki guffawed at that. "Haan, haan. Pata hai humein."


"Yaar, kya hua? Tum sab in dono ko kyu dekh rahe ho?" Sapna asked confused.


"Sapna, tu apni story suna. Baaki sab baad mein discuss karenge," Atul said.


Sapna looked a little skeptical but continued anyway. "Haan, toh... Wahaan... Woh... Yaad hai jab humne truth and dare khela tha? I guess... That's my favourite memory," she said.


There was no stopping the gang after that as hoots and whistles filled the air, making Armaan & Riddhima blush.


"Sapna, woh sirf teri nahi, aur logon ki bhi favourite memory hai!" Muskaan laughed. "Matlab... Kuch zyada hi favourite memory."


"Muski!!" Riddhima whined.


"Awww! Tu kitni cute hai, yaar, Ridzy!" Muskaan cooed, pulling her into a side hug as her and Rahul were sitting just beside Armaan & Riddhima.


"Ummm... Koi please explain karega kya ho raha hai?" Yuvi asked. "Matlab, itni hooting kis baat ki?"


"Arre... Yuvi... Yeh... Humaare hero aur heroine haina... Unki story bhi uss raat hi start hui thi," Atul explained.


"Awww! Really? Tabhi achanak yeh dono itna saath - saath dikhne lage the! Actually... Mujhe thoda shak toh hua tha... Par fir maine socha... Armaan aur Riddhima? No way!" Sapna commented.


Riddhima hid her face in her palms, and Armaan laughed along with the others, pulling her closer.


"Uhhh... Sidetracking. Again," he said a few minutes later as the gang got into a discussion about them yet again.


"Right!" Riddhima agreed immediately. "Memories share karo na!"


The gang looked at the couple and burst out laughing. "Okay, okay. Main bolta hu ab," Atul volunteered.


"Go Champ! Wooohooo!!" Armaan & Rahul cheered.


"Meri favourite memory toh Save Sanjeevani Concert hai. Yaad hai, hum sabne kitna mazaa kiya tha? Sab performances aur music. Itna mast mazaa aa gaya. Aur Sanjeevani ke liye almost 25 lakh ke funds bhi collect kare!" Atul said.


"Haan, yaar. Bohot achcha tha," Armaan agreed.


"Yaad hai, kaise woh ring jisse Dr. Shubhankar Dr. Keerti ko propose karne wale the, woh Muski ki ungli mein fans gayi thi?" Atul asked, laughing.


"Yaad mat dila woh!" Muskaan cribbed. "Kitni mushkil se nikli thi. Ek baar toh mujhe laga ki sir meri ungli tod denge!"


"Aur yeh... Moody! Kitna attitude diya, yaar!" Armaan moaned. "Matlab... Kitne mehenge ho, Abhi? Bohot pareshaan kiya tha!"


"Armaan!" Riddhima reprimanded. "It was my fault. Tum Abhi se kyu keh rahe ho?"


"Oh, please!" Armaan replied. "Tumhaari koi fault nahi thi. Waise bhi, uss waqt Abhi ko tum pasand thi."


"What rubbish!" Riddhima exclaimed. "Aisa kuch nahi tha!"


"Abhi?" Armaan turned to the man himself. Abhi just smiled sheepishly and shrugged, scratching the back of his neck.


"Sorry, Riddhima," he said.


"Ewww! Abhi! Really?" Riddhima asked.


Abhi nodded. "But... Woh... Woh pehle ki baat hai. Ab... You know I'm happily married."


Riddhima just shuddered. "Why? Why did you do this to me, Armaan?" She asked, hitting him. "I was happily oblivious! Mujhe nahi jaanna tha!"


Armaan just shrugged his shoulders.


"Guys! Hum har baar idhar udhar ki baatein kyu karne lag jaate hain?" Abhi asked, desperately wanting to change the topic.


"Okay, okay. Moving on," Armaan announced.


"Yes, please," Abhi agreed.


"Ab kaun memory share karega?" Su wondered out loud.


"Uhhh... Ab, Atul ne bola toh uske baad toh Anjy ko hi bolna padega," Muski commented.


"Right, Muski! Bilkul sahi bola tune!" Nikki agreed.


They all looked at Anjali expectantly and she sighed in resignation.


"Fine!" She said, throwing her hands up in the air in exasperation. "I'll go."


"Yay!" The gang cheered, clapping.


"Uhhh... My favourite memory has to be... Uhhh... Ooohhh, yes! Playing Cupid. Remember jab hum mom aur dad ki shadi karane ki koshish kar rahe the? Woh missions and walkie talkies, code names, secret plans... It was so much fun!" Anjali exclaimed.


"Yes!!" Armaan, Riddhima, Rahul, Muskaan & Atul chorussed.


"We were absolutely awesome," Armaan announced smugly. "Apni toh chodo, sasurjee ke liye bhi itne papad bele!"


"Armaan!" Riddhima scolded, swatting his arm.


"What Armaan? Sahi toh kaha maine! Kitni planning karni padi thi uss sabke liye," Armaan moaned.


"Haan, yaar," Rahul agreed, looking intently at both of them. "Bohot zyada mehnat karni padi thi."


"What? Why are you looking at us like that?" Riddhima asked, confused, while Armaan just shook his head.


"Nothing," Armaan said, before Rahul could say anything. "Yeh bas aise hi shaklein bana raha hai."


"Really, Dr. Armaan?" Rahul asked smugly. "Main bas aise hi shaklein bana raha hu? Really?"


"Baat kya hai koi batayega? Aap sab itna code mein kyu baat karte ho? Kuch samajh hi nahi aata!" Naina cried, exasperated.


"Haina? Mujhe bhi aisa hi lagta hai," Rahul answered. "Ek kaam karte hain. Bilkul bhi code mein baat nahi karte. Main ekdum khulke bol hi deta hu."


"Arre, Rahul! Woh sab kya baat kar raha hai? Sab apne memories share kar rahe hain! Yeh sab chod," Armaan said desperately.


"Toh yeh bhi toh meri memories haina!" Rahul answered.


"Guys, seriously! Kya ho raha hai? Rahul, tu saaf saaf baat kar," Atul said.


"Main toh kar hi raha hu. Shashank Uncle aur Padma Aunty ki shadi mein sach mein bohot mehnat lagi thi mujhe... Tum sab wahaan un dono ke liye cupid bane the... aur main yahaan inn dono ke liye," he said, gesturing towards Armaan & Riddhima.


"What?" Riddhima asked confused. "Kya bol raha hai?"


"Aur nahi toh kya," Rahul answered. "Tujhe kya lagta hai? It was co incidence ki har baar jab tu aur Armaan ek doosre ke aas paas hote the toh hawa chalne lagti thi? Aur tujhe seriously lagta hai ki Armaan ko teri har kaam mein itni zyada help chahiye hoti thi?" He asked.


"What?" Riddhima asked. "That was you?"


"Yes! Sab maine kiya. Tum dono itne stupid idiots. Hum bas achche dost hain.' Dost, my foot! Bas bohot zyada ziddi the jo ek doosre se kuch keh nahi rahe the. So, you know, being the awesome friend that I am, maine socha... Love story ko aage badhane kuch toh karna chahiye na? So bas... Jahaan mauka mila, har baar chauka maar diya! And bam! Uske kuch dino baad hi tum dono ne finally confess kiya tha, right?" Rahul asked.


Riddhima nodded, still surprised by this revelation.


"You're welcome," he replied.


"Wow!" Riddhima muttered. "I never even knew. Maine socha bhi nahi tha ki tu... wow!"


"Well, I played cupid for you, and then you played cupid for me, so it's all good," Rahul answered, chuckling.


Riddhima looked at him and started laughing. "I guess."


"Who's turn is it now?" Muskaan asked.


"Tu hi bata de," Nikki replied. "I'm sure teri memory toh bohot zyada funny hogi."


Muskaan started laughing. "Meri favourite memory toh... Sholay," Muskaan announced, making everyone bark out a laugh.


"Ahhh... Kitne gadhe the hum," Armaan recollected. "Uss don ke paas jaane ka idea kiska tha?" He wondered out loud.


"Champ ka tha, yaar. Aur kiska?" Rahul answered. "But, it was fun. Ek woh Sholay ki kahani thi, jisme Veeru, Basanti ke saath nahi, Gabbar ke saath flirt kar raha tha," he said, laughing loudly, which cause Riddhima to colour instantly.


"Shut up, Rahul!" She said, unable to look him in the eye.


"Ab yeh kaunsi story hai?" Naina asked.


"Let me tell you!" Armaan exclaimed immediately, lest Rahul try to embarrass them further by taking on the mantle of storyteller for this incident.


And so, he launched into telling them the entire story - how Sanjeevani had been facing financial crisis, Abhi's arrival, everything that followed, the need for money for keeping patients in the hospital and how they'd gone to see some underworld don to ask for a loan & then ended up staging a play for him, where everything went to shit.


"But, haan. Looking back, it was a lot of fun! Hum kitne zyada stupid the!" He finished.


"Sabko Basanti banna tha, remember?" Nikki recalled. "Aur tum sab, kamine ladke, apni - apni waali ko support kar rahe the, toh main akeli pad gayi thi!"


The boys laughed out loud.


"No, but seriously. Armaan! You were my boyfriend, lekin support toh poora Riddhima ko kar rahe the!" Nikki complained.


Her declaration was followed by startled coughs as many people, especially Armaan, choked on their drinks.


"Nikki! What rubbish! Main koi tera boyfriend nahi tha!" Armaan exclaimed.


"But, sabko lagta toh yehi tha na. That we're dating. Toh bhi, khullam khulla tu Ridzy ki side le raha tha. Agar kisi ko shak ho jaata toh?" She asked.


"Hua toh nahi na?" Armaan reverted. "Bas, rehne de. Waise bhi, tu Raheem Chacha ke role mein hi theek hai."


"Hawww! How rude!" She exclaimed.


"Abhi! Dekho isse!" She sobbed, turning to her husband. "Main... Main is idiot ko Raheem Chacha jaisi dikhti hu! Kya... Kya main sach mein waise hu?"


"Na... Nahi, Nikki! Tum... Tum toh bohot, bohot, bohot beautiful ho! Yeh Armaan hi paagal hai! Gadha kahin ka. Isse toh kuch samajh hi nahi aata," Abhi replied immediately, hugging her close to him. Over the top of her head, he glared at Armaan for doing this, despite knowing that Nikki's hormones and mood swings had been haywire since the past couple weeks. She'd started showing these symptoms at an extreme level for someone who was only 4 months pregnant. In fact, her baby bump was already quite visible. Abhi had started to suspect that maybe she was carrying multiples because of all this, but they would have to wait for a sonography to confirm.


"Uh... I... I'm sorry, Nik! Tu... Tu sach mein bohot, bohot, bohot beautiful hai! Tujhe pata haina, I'm so silly. Bina kuch soche hi bol deta hu!" Armaan said, trying to apologize and placate Nikki.


Nikki just continued to sob. "Nik! I'm... I'm sorry! Tu... Tu jo bolegi main karunga. Uh... Uh... Uh... Kal... Kal tujhe... tujhe shopping... shopping leke jaunga! Jo... Jo kharidna hai kharid lena. Aur... Aur dinner ke liye bhi. Promise," Armaan tried to bribe her into an apology.


"Promise?" Nikki asked.


"Pakka promise," Armaan confirmed.


"You're the best! I love you!" Nikki declared, pulling Armaan into a tight hug, a far cry from the crying she was doing earlier. Armaan suspected that maybe she was faking earlier but didn't dare say it out loud in case it brought out some other emotions out that were directed at him.


Instead, he chuckled softly and hugged her back, dropping a kiss to the top of her head.


"Oyye, Hero! Tu... tu sirf Nikki ko leke jaayega? Hum... Humne kya paap kiya hai? Humein bhi leke jaana!" Muskaan cribbed.


"Exactly!" Anjali and Sapna agreed.


"Humne kya kiya? Hum bhi chalenge!" Anjali continued.


Armaan made a face but nodded. He knew there was no way he was winning against these girls. He wanted to cry, knowing that if they were all accompanying him, his wallet was gonna bear the brunt of it badly, but was thankful that he'd had the foresight to extend the credit limit on his card before Goa.


Plus, Billy would most likely send money soon, so it wasn't like he'd be broke. At times Armaan felt like he should maybe feel embarrassed that even though he was a grown ass man with a stable and respectable job, his parents still sent him money every month like he was a teenager, but at the same time, he was thankful because it helped fund his extravagant lifestyle and also let him save money for a rainy day, as Riddhima called it.


He'd never said anything earlier, because he knew that sending money had been Billy's way of caring, to make up for the guilt he felt for not actually being there for Armaan whenever his son needed him. But, since his relationship with his parents had gotten better, he'd asked Billy to stop sending money out of obligation because he was more than capable of looking after himself. Billy had laughed it off and told Armaan that there was no way he was going to do that. Billy pointed out that he had more money than he knew what to do with, and that as his sole heir, the money was anyway going to go into Armaan's bank someday. Plus, Billy had said, he'd worked so hard and earned all that money so that he could provide a luxurious and happy life to his family, so, if he wasn't going to send the money to Armaan, so that Armaan could live his youth to the fullest without having to worry about having money for essentials like food and petrol, what even had been the point of working so hard? So, Armaan had relented and let Billy do his thing. He wasn't going to deny the fact that it made his life so very much easier to not have to worry about money.


"Yay! We're going shopping tomorrow!" The girls cheered, bringing Armaan back to the present.


"Ab kiski baari hai?" Riddhima wondered out loud. They'd all gotten so side tracked.


"Um..." Atul replied, thinking hard. "Uh, haan! Rahul ki!"


Everyone turned to look at Rahul, who sighed.


"Yeh sab zaroori hai kya?" He asked.


Everyone nodded frantically. "Come on, Rahul!! Don't be a spoiltsport!" Armaan cribbed.


"Fine!" Rahul replied, shrugging his shoulder and making a face.


"That's my boy!" Armaan cheered.


"Meri favourite memory..." Rahul thought for a while before grinning. "Landslide... Ek toota phoota bhootiya ghar... Aur... Bohot saare pranks," he said, grinning wide.


Armaan let out a chuckle at that and soon, Riddhima, Muskaan, Anjali, and Atul joined in. The six of them sat there, laughing and grinning like fools as they all remembered that one time when they'd been stuck in abandoned house when there had been a landslide on the way to Lonavala, and the pranks they'd played on each other. Pranks, that sadly, Dr. Shubhankar had been on the receiving end of. He must've showered at least 10 times that day.


"What? Iska kya matlab hai?" Nikki asked, confused.


Anjali was able to catch her breath enough to answer. "Nikki, yeh incident, tere Sanjeevani join karne se pehle hua tha. Isliye tujhe iske baare mein kuch pata nahi hai. Actually... Hum sab Lonavala jaa rahe the..." And launched into an explanation about what had transpired that fateful evening.


By the end of Anjali's narrative, everyone present was in splits, laughing and guffawing as they heard and relived every minute of that day.


The interns were surprised to see this side of their seniors, listening to all the mischief they got up to. It was a little difficult to imagine all of them like that - funny and playful and mischievous - because they were all so serious about their jobs, but with the few times they'd spent with them (the gang) outside of work had made them realize that these people were probably the craziest and most fun people to be around.


"Wow," Su commented lightly. "That's... matlab... Aap... Aap sab itni masti karte the?" She asked.


"The?" Armaan snarked. "No way! Hum toh ab bhi aise hi hain. Woh bas... Tum sabke saamne nahi karte. Kabhi Dr. Keerti se poochke dekho."


The gang laughed at that. It was true. While they didn't make merry as much as they used to, it was practically impossible for them to let any day pass by without getting up to something. And, like always, Dr. Keerti would catch them red handed, more often than not and then it would be a tedious process of them appeasing her and her putting up a show of being disappointed or mad at them when they all knew that she relished those few minutes of respite everyday.


"But... Woh... That was so much fun! Itna mazaa aaya tha!" Muskaan recalled.


"Bohot, bohot, bohot mazaa aaya tha!" Atul agreed.


There was a lull in conversation after that for a while as the interns asked the gang about the pranks they'd played. But, soon after, everyone wanted to know Armaan & Riddhima's favourite memories too.


"So, Riddhima Di, aapki sabse favourite memory kaunsi hai?" Naina asked.


Riddhima gave a small smile before answering. "Um... Meri favourite... Mumma aur Papa ki shaadi. Woh sab nahi jo humne unhe milane ke liye kiya tha, but woh waqt, jab hum sab farmhouse gaye the, unki shaadi ke liye. Hum sab ladkiyaan Papa ku taraf se aur saare ladke Mumma ki taraf se. Bohot, bohot, bohot mazaa aaya tha!"


The gang shared smiles as they reminisced about those few days at the Gupta Farmhouse where they'd all had so much fun. It was a really special time for Armaan & Riddhima, though, because the two had fallen in love all over again in that 3 day period and it was just so beautiful.


Armaan would never forget how he felt the first time he'd seen Riddhima dressed in that bridal lehenga. His breath had caught in his throat at the sheer beauty of the woman in front of him, the woman he was going to love forever. In that moment, all he's wished for, all he'd prayed for, had been that someday, she wear it for him, for their wedding. And now, his wish would come true and he couldn't have been happier.


He was the absolute luckiest man on the planet, no holds barred, because his fiancee (yes, she was his fiancee even if the official ceremony hadn't taken place yet. She'd been that since the night he'd proposed, but it had felt amazing to see her so eager to change his title from boyfriend to fiance last night. He still got the fuzzies thinking about it, not that he would ever admit it to someone out loud.) was the most understanding and sweet and caring and loving and charming woman he'd ever met all his life and he loved her with all his heart.


"Awww," Naina and Suvarna cooed as Riddhima and Anjali regaled the tales of the wedding and just how amazing it had been.


Their cooing brought Armaan out of dreamland and he remembered exactly where he was. Which, sadly wasn't his home with Riddhima, the two of them just enjoying being so close to each other. No, it was the middle of an almost deserted beach in Goa, late at night, surrounded by all of his friends.


"I'm sure Dr. Shashank aur Padma Aunty ki shaadi mein bohot mazaa aaya hoga," Sapna commented wistfully. "I wish main bhi wahaan hoti, lekin Mummy beemaar thi toh aana nahi hua," she lamented.


Sapna had definitely been surprised to receive the wedding invite because she'd never even thought of a possibility that Dr. Shashank and Sister Padma could be together, but then she realized, she shouldn't have been. She'd seen them interact in the corridors multiple times - both of them sharing glances and half smiles, and she'd seen how close Sister Padma was to the rest of the Guptas, how she cared about Riddhima and Anjali, and decided that it was a good match after all.


She'd wanted to attend the wedding so badly, even if just to see her old colleagues and friends once again - because no matter what anyone said, talking on the phone was not the same as seeing them in person and the monthly, sometimes bi - monthly, phone calls from Riddhima just weren't enough - but her mother - in - law had fallen ill around the same time and she'd had to stay back to look after her.


Sadly, the frequency of calls between her and Riddhima had dwindled since the wedding, both of them getting caught up in their own lives, going from almost bi monthly to three months to six months till one fine day, they didn't speak anymore. It hadn't been a conscious effort on either of their sides, it had just become too difficult to maintain conversation with how busy they were and how different their lives had become. It was the reason why Sapna didn't know about Armaan and Riddhima or Rahul and Muskaan being a couple. She really hadn't been in touch with anyone apart from Riddhima after she'd left Sanjeevani post the wedding and with Riddhima not being around to update her on the status of things back at the hospital, Sapna hadn't known anything about her former colleagues' lives for almost 2 years now.


But, she was happy that with this move to Mumbai, they'd finally get a chance to bridge the distance once again, because even though they'd not been in touch and been busy, Sapna had missed her friends so very much.


"Okay! So, finally. Ab bas Armaan bachaa hai," Abhi announced a few minutes later.


"Yes!! Armaan, teri favourite memory kaunsi hai?" Atul asked.


"Meri?" Armaan asked smirking slyly. "Hmmm, sochna padega," he pretended to think deeply with his chin resting on the back of his hand.


"Oh, yes!" He cried triumphantly. "My favourite has to be... Zara Zara Touch Me..." he said, looking at Riddhima with a wide grin on his face. Riddhima ducked, embarrassed.


She still couldn't believe that she'd let Armaan dare her into doing that. But, that was the thing about him. He could persuade her to do a lot of stuff she wouldn't have dreamt of doing otherwise.


"Armaan!" Anjali rebuffed. "No couple memories!"


Armaan chuckled. "That's not a couple memory. Agar mujhe theek se yaad hai, toh tum sab wahin canteen mein the."


Anjali glared at him. "Pick another."


"Nope!" Armaan replied.


"Armaan, faltu draame mat kar. Anjy sahi keh rahi hai. Koi aur incident bata," Muskaan added.


Armaan sighed and shrugged. "Fine!" He said. "Uh... How about Chaliya?"


"Armaan!" Riddhima, Anjali, Nikki, and Muskaan cried at the same time, all of them smacking him wherever they could reach.


"What?" Armaan asked annoyed. "Woh bilkul bhi kisi bhi angle se couple memory nahi hai!"


He thought it was best not to mention the little private performance in the guest room of the Gupta Mansion later that night.


"Pervert, Armaan! Sheee!" Nikki cried. "Actually, tujhse aur kuch expect bhi nahi karna chahiye tha!"


"Excuse me!" Armaan cried, scandalized. "Tum mein se kisiko karne mein sharam nahi aayi, lekin mujhe bolne mein aani chahiye? Maine kaha tha tum sab se Kareena Kapoor banke canteen mein dance karke mujhe seduce karne ki koshish karne?"


"Um... Um... Uh..." Nikki fumbled.


"Kyu? Kuch bolne ke liye nahi hai?" He asked triumphantly.

"Shut up, Armaan!" Anjali cried. "Tum sabko embarrass kar rahe ho!"


Armaan shrugged his shoulders. "Whatever."


"Armaan, kya tu normal logon ki tarah koi aisi memory bata sakta hai jisme koi bhi tujhe seduce karne ki koshish nahi kar raha tha?" Rahul asked, tired. Even though he hadn't been around when this particular incident happened, he knew all about Armaan and his Surinder Sahni days and how the girls had tried to seduce the good boy out of him. Really, all his friends were mad.


"Main kyu koi aur memory chose karu? Mujhe toh yeh waali hi pasand hai!" Armaan replied.


"Dekh, Armaan!" Muskaan started, catching hold of the neck of Armaan's tee and pulling him close. "Tu chup chap tameezdaar logon ki tarah behave kar warna achcha nahi hoga. Samjha?" She asked him in a menacing tone and smiled victoriously when Armaan gulped loudly before nodding.


"Good boy! Chal ab... apni favourite memory bata humein!" She said, pulling back and giving him a smile. Armaan still looked a little scared and managed to smile back at her weakly, but everyone saw that he was only pretending.


"So. Dr. Mallik! Favourite memory?" Riddhima asked cheekily.


Armaan sighed before answering, "Remember woh basketball match... Uh... we had one after I came back from Kasauli," he recollected. "Um... Us match mein... pehli baar maine Riddhima ko haraya tha. That exact moment... jab hum winners announce hue they? That is my favourite  memory," he said, smiling nostalgically.


"Let's not talk about what happened afterwards," he added as an afterthought, shuddering as he remembered just what Riddhima had done to him under the guise of being his servant'.


The gang all exchanged smirks as they remembered how Riddhima had made Armaan suffer but wisely kept their mouth shut, not wanting to bring all that up and ruin the moment.


The interns all looked awed as their seniors then went on to regale other tales from their time as interns at the hospital not so long ago. All in all, it was one amazing way to end their day and their entire group went to bed that night with wide smiles on their faces.


Just the gang being nostalgic and introspective of the time they spent together. Heart

I absolutely loved writing this one! Hope you guys do too.



Posted: 2 years ago
Wow awesome the part.gang are going nostalgic.thanks for pm.beautiful story.eagerly waiting for next partHeart
Posted: 2 years ago
Originally posted by NishitaRahman

Wow awesome the part.gang are going nostalgic.thanks for pm.beautiful story.eagerly waiting for next partHeart

Thank you Nish!! <333
Posted: 2 years ago

anyyywaysss it was so nostalgic. I cried. I miss my babies so so so much. I really want them to return. Maybe an epilogue or something. I mean it's been years, I think Karan and Jenny working together for 1 episode shouldn't be a problem. 

Anyyywayyys ss Nikki as pregnant is such fun. Bechare Armu ki memories ko side track kardete hai. ROFL Muskaan is such a mood smh. Rahul's one was awesome. Lol. For once i forgot about the seducing thing but well suddenly I remembered it and I have been laughing like a hyena since.

Loved the recent chapters.

NickYanka <333333 they were adorbs and the sangeet was such a dream like thing. I can't wait for more photographs to release. I am really hoping to have a video of Jonas Brothers singing. 
Posted: 2 years ago
PS : we'll have NickYanka like wedding here for AR too. Kay? I want Cole, Tessa and everyone to be present. It would be a blast and sangeet <3333333. I need an extravagant and lavish wedding here in ILYLTF.  Edited by sunsetnvine - 2 years ago

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