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Originally posted by RihooHaws

<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#ff0000">Res</font>
<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#ff0000">Unres
<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#ff0000">It was really cute and lovely part, not to forget the small potion of AR was much needed too ;)</font>
<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#ff0000">So finally sab GOA pochgaye aur hotel mein bhi acche se settle hogaye...</font>
<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#ff0000">Hahaha as usual, Moody koh problem hogaye apne biwi se dur rehne se lekin Nikki toh bohot acche mood mein hai...</font>
<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#ff0000">She was looking forward to spend more time with her girls gang...</font>
<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#ff0000">
<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#ff0000">Lolz, AR ho aur gang beech mein na aaye, aisa toh hona mumkin nehi hai...</font>
<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#ff0000">Yeh dono toh hi hello mein atke, ek dusre mein kho gaye... Uff yeh Armaan na, baar baar apne basket mein kho jaate hai...</font>
<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#ff0000">Uska bass chale toh woh kabhi Ridz koh apne nazron ke saamne jaane nehi denge, raani ke tarah saja kar bita denge :P</font>
<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#ff0000">
<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#ff0000">Just love their bickering and Ridz blushing for every word they shoot on her hehe...</font>
<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#ff0000">Jiju saali is so damn cute, I just love their bonding... Dono ke bonding toh shuru se sabse pehle bani thi and now its stronger than before being jiju and saali...</font>
<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#ff0000">Aur yeh dono milke ab Ridz koh blush karne ke liye jiju saali bolti hai ek dusre koh hahaa, thats super cute...</font>
<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#ff0000">
<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#ff0000">Hmmm gang ho aur bickering na ho, aisa toh ho hi nehi sakte...</font>
<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#ff0000">Muskaan knows how to handle the boys hahaha, uske ek baar bolne se Armaan dar gaye aur Rahul bhi...</font>
<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#ff0000">Girls love when boys get scared seeing their angry attire and they take full advantage of it sometimes...</font>
<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#ff0000">
<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#ff0000">Love Girls conversation hahaha, yeh log kabhi moka nehi chodte apne boys ke baare mein burai karne ka...</font>
<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#ff0000">Lekin ab toh Ridz ke paas Armaan ke burai karne ke liye kuch nehi bacha hehe...</font>
<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#ff0000">Usually she would be the first one but now she loves all his naughtiness that she didn't find any bad in her love...</font>
<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#ff0000">
<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#ff0000">Kiya baat hai, girls toh apne boys koh qatal karne ka plan bana liya apne attire se...</font>
<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#ff0000">Sacchi mein, sabse zyada toh Armaan koh mushkil hone wala hai kyunki Ridz toh aise kapde pehle pehenti nehi hai...</font>
<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#ff0000">Lekin jabse woh Rahul ke saath treatment ke liye rehkar waapas aaye hai, tabse she is more confident in herself while carrying shorts cloth...</font>
<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#ff0000">Armaan koh apne basket koh dekhte hi apna hosh khone wala hai hehehe...</font>
<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#ff0000">
<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#ff0000">Awesome, amazing and superb part...</font>
<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#ff0000">Love it and love u more...</font>
<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#ff0000">Continue after exam...</font>
<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#ff0000">All the best...</font>
<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#ff0000">Take care :D</font>

Yes, finally Goa pohonch gaye aur settle ho gaye. :p

Kabhi kabhi toh mujhe Modi pe bohot taras aata hai. Bechara. Kahaan phans gaya? :p

Gang + AR is best. Hamesha kabab mein haddi bann jaate hain yeh log. :p
Lekin mazaa bohot aata hai. LOLOL

Gang bonding is always A+
I adore all these people so much and it's so much fun to write about them and see them having fun without drama for once. :p
Ridz toh har cheez pe hi blush karti hai. Isliye mujhe aur mazaa aata hai. LOL

Muski ko apna kaam karana achche se aata hai. She's very smart in this stuff :p
Faayda toh yeh girls boys ka hamesha uthati hain, lekin yeh boys bhi toh kam nahi hain. Hamesha ladkiyon ko pareshan karte rehte hain.

Yes. Ab Ridz bohot confident ho gayi hai aise kapde pehenne mein, but she still prefers to wear salwar suits. But, on occasion aise tayyar hona bhi achcha lagta hai usse. :p
Lekin, bechara Armaan. Uska kya hoga ab? Hahahahah. Dekhne mein mazaa aayega. ROFL

Thank you so much Di! <333
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Waaah. Cry I miss this ff Edited by AbhiNikiLuver - 2 years ago
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Originally posted by AbhiNikiLuver

Waaah.Cry I miss this ff

I knowww. I do too!!
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Are ek update Karo na.. Diwali ka surprise hi dedo...
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Mene share k share ek Aur bar bhi padh liye... Asa hi lagaraha tha k paheli bar padh raha hu... Love it...
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Hey guys!! Sorry, but no updates. Super busy studying.
But, I'll definitely update ASAP once exams are over. :)

I hope you guys had a nice Diwali!
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Previously On...

Gang reaches Goa. Some teasing.

Girlies bonding.


Chapter 81

"Yaar, yeh ladkiyaan hamesha itna time kyu leti hain?" Rahul whined, leaning against a wall in the lobby.

The boys were all ready to go have fun at the hotel's beach party, but the girls were nowhere to be seen.









"Mujhe kya pata? Main ladki hu kya?" Armaan asked.


"Nahi. Lekin, ladki ghumaane mein tujhe bohot experience haina," Rahul replied.


Armaan made a face. "Chup reh!"


"Nahi, yaar, Armaan! Rahul sahi keh raha hai. 30 girlfriends thi yaar teri, Ridz se pehle! Maltab... Tujhe toh bohot experience hoga na," Atul backed Rahul up.


"What?" Dr. Shubhankar exclaimed. "30 girlfriends?"


Armaan shrugged.


"Wow, Dr. Armaan! Tab toh aap definitely bohot experienced honge in sab cheezon mein," Shubhankar agreed.


"Mujhe toh yeh soch kar hairaani ho rahi hai, ki aapki bas sirf 30 girlfriends thi!" Yuvi added. "Matlab, jaisi aapki personality hai, maine socha tha ki at least 50 toh hongi hi."


Armaan immediately shut Yuvi up by keeping his hand on his (Yuvi's) mouth. Then, he looked around to make sure Riddhima wasn't nearby.


Satisfied, he turned to Yuvi. "Abbe! Marwayega kya? Agar Riddhima ne sunn liya hota na, toh meri jaan hi le leti. Jab maine usse 30 kaha tha tab bhi woh kitna bhadki thi. Yeh sab sunnke toh pakka murder kar deti!"


The boys laughed.


"Kaise kamine dost mile hai! Meri problems se inhe hamesha kitni khushi milti hai!" Armaan muttered to himself.


He continued to mumble and grumble under his breath, cursing his friends out, when suddenly, his heart starting beating faster. He closed his eyes and felt it. Her. His Basket. She was near. Immediately, he turned around, anticipating her arrival, while the others just looked baffled at the sudden change in him.


"Rahul, lagta hai Armaan sach mein paagal ho gaya hai," Atul muttered. But, Rahul just smirked knowingly.


"Ab dekh, magic hoga," he told Atul.

"Kya magic?" Atul asked, confused.


"Tu dekh toh, yaar, Champ! Tu hamesha sawaal bohot poochta hai!" Rahul cribbed.


Atul pouted, but stood there, anticipating whatever magic was about to happen.


And, sure enough, a few seconds later, Riddhima came into view, looking absolutely sensational.


"Wow!" Atul muttered. "Armaan ko kaise pata chala?" He asked Rahul.


"Yahi toh magic hai, Champ!" Rahul answered, smiling fondly at his friend.


Armaan was absolutely stunned on seeing her. She was looking so gorgeously sexy. She'd never worn such a short dress before, and Armaan couldn't take his eyes off her legs. God, they were absolutely beautiful.


One by one, all the ladies walked out, each of them looking absolutely beautiful, rendering the boys speechless.


They all walked to their respective boys, smiling.


Armaan wasted no time in wrapping his arms around Riddhima's waist and pulling her closer.


"Basket, yeh kya pehena hai?" He asked.


Riddhima stopped smiling immediately and looked around, feeling conscious. "Achchi nahi dikh rahi kya? Pch. Maine bola tha Rahul ko, ki yeh dress itni achchi nahi hai, lekin usne zabardasti mujhe dilwa di. Main... Main change karke..." She stopped talking when Armaan placed a finger on his lips.


"Shhh!" He whispered softly. "Kitna bolti ho! Maine kab kaha ki tum achchi nahi lag rahi."


"Toh matlab... Achchi lag rahi hu?" Riddhima asked.


Armaan nodded. "Tum itni sexy lag rahi ho na... Ki kya batau main. Matlab, ekdum... What's the word? Haan... Kaatilana. Hayye. Baby, really. Kisne kaha hai tumse, itna sexy dikhne?"


Riddhima blushed deeply. Armaan grinned on seeing that.


"Ab aise sharmao mat. Mere liye toh problem ho gayi na!" Armaan whined.


"Kya... Kya problem?" Riddhima asked skeptically.


"Arre, ab wahaan saare ladke party mein tumhe ghoor - ghoorke dekhenge, toh main kya karunga? Phir agar kisi ke saath ladaai ho gayi toh?" He asked, pouting childishly.


Riddhima couldn't help but laugh at that. He was such a baby.


"Baby, don't worry. Aisa nahi hoga, okay. Maina, poora time tumhaare saath hi rahungi. Toh koi kuch nahi karega," Riddhima pacified him.


"Hmmm," Armaan replied, still unconvinced.


"Arre, really. Waise bhi, mujhe pata hai, ki agar koi meri taraf aankh uthaake bhi dekhega, toh tum aisi darawani look doge ki phir dekhne ki himmat hi nahi karega," Riddhima told him.


Armaan grinned. "Yeh baat toh sahi hai."


"Toh, tension kis baat ki? Aur waise bhi, baaki sab se humein kya lena dena? Hum wahaan enjoy karenge, bas. Kisi aur ke upar dhyaan kyu de?" Riddhima asked.


"Not bad, Basket. Aajkal bohot smart ho gayi ho!" Armaan joked.


"An... Anjali... Tum... Tum aaj bohot zyada pretty lag rahi ho," Atul fumbled, smiling cutely.


"Awww. Thanks, Atul! Tum bhi bohot handsome lag rahe ho," she replied, kissing his cheek, which caused Atul to blush.


"Kya baat hai, Muskaan? Aaj ekdum insaan lag rahi hai," Rahul teased.


"Oyye, kamine! Kamse kam tareef toh achche se karde!" Muskaan scolded.


Rahul smirked. "Badi soni lag rahi hai, jaan - e - mann. Keher dhaa rahi hai, he said. "Yeh theek hai?"


Muskaan smiled. "Itna bura bhi nahi hai."


Rahul chuckled. He stepped forward and kissed her cheek, making her blush.


"Nikki, sweetheart, aaj bohot cute lag rahi ho," Abhi told her, rubbing her small baby bump.


Nikki blushed. "Thank you, baby. Tum bhi bohot achche lag rahe ho," she replied.


"Agar aap sab kab couples ka aankhon mein aankhen daalkar ghoorna ho gaya ho, toh chalein?" Sid asked, bringing everyone out of their bubble.


All of them smiled sheepishly, but agreed. And so, everyone made their way to the party.


"Wow! This is so different than any other party I've been to," Riddhima said, as she looked around in awe.


"Woh isliye, madam, kyuki tum zyada parties mein jaati hi nahi ho!" Armaan replied, smirking.


Riddhima just made a face.


"By the way, Armaan," Nikki said, "Tum logon ne check kiya na? This a proper party, right? Agar rave hua na, jaan le lungi teri!"


Armaan chuckled. "Yaar, tujhe kya lagta hai? Bas aise hi aa gaye hum? Of course check kiya. This is definitely not a rave."


"Thank God!" The girls all murmured in unison.


"Chalo, yaar! Ab yahin khade rehne ka plan hai kya?" Muskaan cribbed. She pulled the girls to the dance floor with her as the boys made their way to the bar.


After downing a shot each, with lemonade for Atul & Abhi, the boys also joined the girls on the dance floor.


However, on finding the girls, they saw that a couple of boys were trying to misbehave with them, especially Anjali and Riddhima. A group of 4-5 boys had crowded them, and were trying to get a little too close.


Seeing the two of them get so uncomfortable made Armaan's blood boil. He immediately walked over to the girls and pushed the boys away.


"Dikh nahi raha kya? Yeh tum dono ke saath dance karne mein interested nahi hai?" He asked the boys.


"Oyye, tu beech mein kyu aa raha hai? Hero banne ka zyada shauk hai kya?" One of them asked.


"Haan," Rahul replied. "Sirf usse hi nahi, mujhe bhi."


"Oh, dost laaya hai saath mein? Tum 2 aur hum 5. Toh, kiska kya haal hoga, yeh toh samajh hi sakte ho," another said.


"Tumhaari general knowledge ke liye bata du, hum 2 nahi, 7 hain. Lekin tum sabke liye toh main akela hi kaafi hu," Armaan said smugly, gesturing behind them.


The boys turned around to see 5 men standing there, looking really pissed off.


"Uh... Uh... Hum... Hum bas jaa rahe hain. Bhadakte kyu ho?" Saying so, the boys all ran away.


Once they were out of sight, the boys turned to the girls, making sure they were okay.


Armaan immediately hugged Riddhima tightly, pulling her closer. "Basket, tum theek ho na?" He asked, concerned.


Riddhima nodded. "Haan, Armaan. Zyada kuch nahi hua. Woh ladke... Woh bas abhi hi aaye the. Aur Muskaan unhe handle kar rahi thi, lekin bas, tum sab aa gaye."


Armaan nodded against the top of her head, but didn't loosen his grip around her and kept her close.


Just then, the music changed to a soft, romantic number and Armaan grinned, pulling Riddhima flush against himself. He kissed the top of her head, and they swayed to the music, lost in a world of their own.

Riddhima looked around to see all their friends in positions similar to her and Armaan and smiled. They were all happy and together and that made her so ecstatic.


The shootout hadn't just changed hers and Armaan's life, it had changed the lives of all their friends. Now, seeing them all move on after facing so many problems was a big deal and she was proud of all of them for doing it.


When the DJ played a few peppy numbers, they all frolicked together, dancing merrily and having fun.


Yuvi & Riddhima went to the bar sometime later, to get everyone drinks, while the others stayed behind, as they both needed a break from all the dancing. When they didn't return for sometime, Armaan got worried.


"Yaar, yeh dono kabse gaye hain. Ab tak aaye kyu nahi?" Armaan wondered.

"Armaan, chill. Dekh toh, kitni bheed hai. Bar pe time lag raha hoga," Muskaan replied.


"Haan, Armaan," Nikki seconded. "Itni bhi tension mat le. Riddhima akeli thodi gayi hai. Yuvi hai uske saath. Kuch nahi hoga."


"Arre, but itna time thodi lagna chahiye! Main... Main jaake check karta hu," he insisted.


"Chod rehne de, Nikki. Yeh Romeo nahi manne wala. Chalo sab hi chalte hain," Muskaan said.


"Haan, chalo. Actually, mujhe bhi thodi tension ho rahi hai," Anjali admitted.


Everyone nodded and then went towards the bar. Nothing could have prepared them for the sight in front of them. Drinks forgotten, Yuvi was trying to support an obviously drunk Riddhima, who was having trouble standing straight.


"Arre! Yeh Riddhima Di ko kya hua?" Naina asked.


Armaan facepalmed himself. "Abhi kuch nahi hua hai. Par bohot kuch hone wala hai. Gaon walon, tayyar ho jao. Aaj sabki class lagegi."


"Yaar, mujhe na, darr lag raha hai! Pata nahi aaj Ridz kisko kya bol degi!" Atul moaned.


"Oho! Yes! She's drunk! Last time maine miss kar diya tha! Bada mazaa aayega!" Nikki exclaimed.


"Oyye, Nikki! Tu paagal hai kya? Koi mazaa nahi aayega! Main tujhe yaad dilau, kya hua tha pichli baar? Sabki pol kholke rakhdi thi isne! Kitna embarrassing tha!" Muskaan cribbed.


"Um, guys. Yeh sab chodo. Yuvi usse nahi sambhaal paa raha. Help karein?" Rahul, ever the voice of reason, suggested.


"Right," Armaan agreed immediately.


"Maine bilkul kuch nahi kiya hai," were the first words out of Yuvi's mouth when the others got there.


"Kya kuch nahi kiya? Tu dhyaan nahi de sakta tha? Usse drink karne kyu diya?" Armaan questioned, taking Riddhima into his arms.


"Mujhe kya pata tha ki woh waise behave karne lag jaayengi!" Yuvi defended himself.


"ARRE! Mere Junior Hulk! Tum kab aaye?" A drunk Riddhima slurred. "Maina... Main kabse... Kanse iss idiot Yu... Kya? Yu..." She tried to name Yuvi.


"Yuvi," Armaan supplied helpfully.


"Haan, Yuvi. Main kabse Yuvi ko bol rahi thi, ki Hulk ko sab pata hai! Uske paas... Uske paas le chalo, par... Par woh toh meri baat sunn hi nahi raha tha! Bad boy!" She declared.


The others chuckled while Yuvi looked offended.


"Baby, chalo. Hum... Hum upar chalte hain," Armaan suggested.


"NOOO! Mujhe... Mujhe nahi jaana! Mujhe yahaan rehna hai! Sabke paas!" She answered. "Tum... Tum bohot bure ho! Mujhe tumhaare saath nahi rehna!"


She pushed herself out of Armaan's arms and stumbled, but thankfully, Rahul caught her before she could fall.


"Hiii! Rahul!!" She exclaimed, hugging him. "Maina... Main... Main Rahul... Rahul ke shaath rahungi. Woh... Woh meri sab baat maanta hai," she told Armaan. "Tum... Tum gande ho. Tumne meri baat nahi maani."


"Sorry na, baby," Armaan pouted.


"Yeh... Yeh... Baby kyu bol rahe ho? Main... Main toh Basket hu na? Toh... Baby... Baby kab bann gayi?" She asked. "Tum... Tum Basket hi bolo. Mujhe na... Mujhe Basket bohot achcha lagta hai. Itna achcha, she said, spreading her arms out wide to show him just how much. "Pehle na... Pehle mujhe bilkul nahi achcha lagta tha. Tab... Tab toh tum jaanke bulaate the. Toh... Toh ab bhi wohi bulao."


"Okay, Basket," Armaan replied, grinning. "Main tumhe Basket hi bulaunga."


She looked so cute. All Armaan wanted was to hug her tight and never let her go. The last time she'd gotten so drunk, he hadn't remembered how much he loved her, and had actually not seen just how cute she could be. He was absolutely loving it now.


"Good boy," Riddhima said, nodding approvingly.


"Okay. Toh ab, aa jao," he said, opening his arms for her.


"No, no. Main nahi aaungi. Tum mujhe... Tum mujhe le jaaoge upar. Main yahin huna. Mera Badu hai, mera dhyaan rakhne," she told him. Rahul grinned. They hadn't referred to each other as Badu & Choti in ages.


"Badu?" Armaan asked, confused.


"Haan! Stupid. Tum toh pehle itne genius the. Ab... Ab aise dabbu kaise ho gaye? Badu matlab Rahul. Woh mera Badu hai aur maina... Main uski Choti hu," Riddhima explained.


"Ohhh," Armaan nodded. "Okay."


"Baduuu!" Riddhima turned to Rahul.


"Kya hua?" He asked her.


"Mujhe na... Mujhe tumhe ek secret batana hai," she told him.


"Achcha. Kya secret?" He asked.


"Shhh. Kisi ko mat batana. Par... Woh... Jab wahaan... Woh London mein... Yaad hai, woh jo uss din tumhaari sab files gum ho gayi thi? Aur... Aur fir... Tumhe... Tumhe Dr. Hick... Kya... Kya naam hai unka? Haan, Dr. Higgins ne daanta tha na? Yaad hai?" She asked.


Rahul nodded miserably. He'd gotten an earful that day.


"Woh na... Woh maine kiya tha! Maine! Me!" Riddhima told him, grinning.


"What?!" Rahul exclaimed.


"Haan!" She confirmed.


"Aur... Aur kya kiya tha tune?" Rahul asked, wanting to know if she was responsible for any other pranks/mishaps that happened in London.


"Rahul... Tu... Tu kya kar raha hai? Dekh... Abhi rehne de. Baad mein pooch lena," Armaan suggested.


"Baad mein yeh kuch nahi batayegi, hum dono ko pata hai. Tu 2 minute shanti rakh. Mujhe jaanna hai," Rahul replied.


"Tu bol, Riddhu. Aur kya kiya tune?" Rahul asked Riddhima.


Riddhima giggled. "Aur? Hmmm... Aur maine... Um... Haan, maine na... Shhh... Yeh bhi kisi ko mat batana. Secret hai."


"Okay. Nahi bataunga. Pakka," Rahul promised.


"Jab... Jab Simar Aunty ne... Jab unhone teri aur... Woh... Us idiot... Woh Ly... Lyla ki baat ki thi na... Tum... Tum dono ki shaadi ke liye... Toh... Maine na... Maine unse... Maine kaha tha ki... Maine unhe kaha ki woh tujh... Tujhse baat karein. Maine... Maine encourage kiya tha unhe... But... Shhh. Secret hai," she told him.


"Riddhu!" Rahul whispered, aghast. "Kyu?"


"Arre! Tu... Tu kitna stupid hai, Rahul. Ek dum... Ek dum... Woh kya... Kya bulaate ho isse Armaan?" She asked, turning to him.


"Daddu," Armaan answered.


"Haan," Riddhima turned to him. "Tu... Tu ekdum Daddu hai! Tu... Tu Muski ke paas jaa hi nahi raha tha! Maine... Maine kitni koshish ki... Ki tu usse baat kare... Par... Tu... Tu kitna ziddi hai. Toh... Toh maine socha... Agar... Agar Uncle aur Aunty... Agar teri shadi ki... Shadi ki baat karenge... Toh... Toh tu darr ke Muski ke paas... Uske paas waapas chala jaayega."


"Riddhima!" Rahul & Muskaan whispered in unison, not knowing what to say.


"Aur dekh... Main kitni smart hu! Tu... Tu chala gaya tha na? Haina? Lekin phir... Muski... Woh nahi maani. Maine... Maine kaha tha na tujhse... Woh tere liye wait nahi karegi. Par... Tu kabhi... Tu meri baat sunnta hi nahi hai," Riddhima slurred.


Muskaan looked down, not knowing what to do in this situation.


"But... Ab... Ab na... Ab tum dono saath ho. Toh main... Main bohot happy hu. Bohot, bohot, bohot!" She cried, spreading her arms wide. "Ab... Ab usse kabhi nahi chodna. Okay?"


Rahul smiled through his tears and nodded. "Nahi chodunga."


"Good boy!" Riddhima cheered. She stumbled a little and came out of his hold. She took his hand in one hand and Muskaan's in the other. Then, she joined their hands together.


"Saath mein achche lagte ho!" She told them.


Rahul pulled Muskaan closer, and she stumbled. She held him tight to keep herself from falling. Rahul grinned and kissed her head as she rested her head on his shoulder, his other hand holding Riddhima's hand tightly.


"Awww! Tum dono kitne cute ho!" Riddhima cheered, pulling their cheeks.


"Muski," she turned to Muskaan, "tu bhi ab kabhi Rahul se zyada time sad mat hona. Okay?"


Muskaan nodded her assent.


Riddhima was about to stumble, so Armaan caught her.


"Awww! Tumne mujhe girne se bachaya!" She told Armaan, hugging him tight. "Tum... Tum na... Bohot bohot bohot acche ho. Very good."


Armaan chuckled. "Abhi toh main bad tha na?" He asked her teasingly.


"Toh woh tab na," Riddhima replied. "Ab... Ab tum achche ho."


"Okay," Armaan grinned.


"Diii!" Riddhima shouted, stumbling out of Armaan's arms, into hers.


"I love you, Diii!" She slurred.


"I love you, too, Ridzy!" Anjali replied.


"Pata hai, aap na... Aap bohot bossy ho... Lekin world ki best di ho!" Riddhima declared.


"Tu bhi world ki best choti behen hai," Anjali replied, kissing her cheek.


"Awww! Thank you, Di!" She cheered. "Aapko pata hai... Main bohot khush hu kyuki... Kyuki ab aap aur Atul saath mein ho. Pata hai Di, Atul na... Woh... Woh aapse bohot pyaar karta hai. Aur woh na... Woh aapko hamesha ekdum happy rakhega!"


Atul blushed. "Thanks, Ridz!"


Riddhima grinned. "Tum na, sabse cute ho," she told him.


"Thanks!" He repeated.


"Aur... Aur..." Riddhima fumbled.


"Ab aur kya bacha hai?" Armaan wondered. "Sab toh bol diya tumne."


"Arre! Ruko toh! Mujhe bolne do na. Bolne hi nahi de rahe!" Riddhima pouted.


She turned to Yuvi. "Tum... Tum bohot achche ho. Mujhe... Mujhe pata hai... Tum... Tum Naina se bohot pyaar karte ho na?" She asked.


Yuvi nodded. "Good. Usse... Usse achche se rakhna. Aur... Aur agar... Agar woh... Mehta... Mehta Uncle nahi maane na... Toh... Toh Armaan se... Usse tips lena... Papa ko pataane. Woh... Woh iss kaam mein bohot achcha hai. Tumhe... Tumhe pata hai... Pehle... Pehle papa ko... Papa ko Armaan bilkul achcha nahi lagta tha... Ekdum... Wrong... Wrong, wrong, wrong. Par ab... Ab... Ab toh unhe... Unhe Armaan kitna... Kitna zyada pasand hai! Toh... Toh tum usse tips zaroor lena. Okay?" She asked.


Yuvi nodded. "Good!" Riddhima exclaimed.


"Ab... Abhi aur Nikki... Tum dono... Tum dono na... Tum bohot cute ho! Aur... Aur ab toh mummy papa banne waale hona? Toh... Toh bohot bohot congrats! Dekhna... Tum dono ka... Tum dono ka baby bohot cute hoga!" She exclaimed.


"Thank you, Ridzy!" Nikki smiled.


Riddhima hugged her. "Lekin... Tum dono na... Tum bohot ladte ho. Arre, ek doosre se... Ek doosre se itna pyaar karte ho... Toh... Toh achche se raho na! Nikki... Abhi na... Woh... Woh tujhse bohot pyaar karta hai... Teri bohot... Bohot care karta hai. Tu please... Tu usse gussa mat ho, okay? Aur... Aur Abhi! Tum... Tum Nikki ko itna mat roko. Mat roko. Woh... Woh bhi toh insaan hai... Usse bhi... Usse bhi toh mann karta hoga... Ki woh... Woh bed se uthe. Par tum karne hi nahi dete... Yeh... Yeh wrong hai. Okay?" Riddhima ranted.


Abhi and Nikki looked at each other and smiled. Then they looked at Riddhima and murmured in unison, "Okay."


Riddhima grinned.


"Okay! Ab... Ab main thak gayi! Itna sab bola na... Ab... Ab mujhe ghar jaana hai!" Riddhima pouted.


Armaan chuckled and gathered her in his arms. "Chalo. Le chalta hu tumhe."


Riddhima smiled wide and hugged him. "Thank you! Tum sach mein sabse best ho!" She said, kissing his cheek. Armaan grinned.


"Uh, guys, Armaan said, turning to everyone else, "main isse leke jaa raha hu."


"Armaan, hum sab bhi chalte hain," Atul said.


"Champ... Tum log aake kya karoge? Waise bhi... So jaayegi yeh room mein jaane ke baad. Tum yahaan enjoy karo," Armaan said.


"Arre... Par... Tu... Tu kaise manage karega?" Atul asked.


"Tu tension mat le. Yeh... Talli Basket ko kaise handle karte hain, mujhe achche se aata hai," Armaan replied. "You guys carry on. Main uska dhyaan rakh sakta hu. Itni tension mat lo."


"Haan, lekin..." Anjali protested.


"Anjy!" Rahul cut her off, "Armaan keh raha haina. Woh handle kar lega. Waise bhi, woh experienced hai."


Armaan chuckled. "Right."


Rahul smirked. "See. Woh handle kar lega. Aur, agar kuch problem hui toh bas ek phone ki toh deri hai. Hum turant chale jaayenge."


"Rahul is right. Tum log tension mat lo. Go! Have fun!" Armaan insisted.


"Arre! Sab kabse aise discussion kar rahe ho! Mujhe... Mujhe jaana hai! Chalo naaa!" Riddhima whined.


Armaan chuckled. "Haan, baba. Chalo. Hum jaa rahe hain. Sabko bye bolo."


"Byeee!!" Riddhima cried, waving maniacally.


"Bye, guys!" Armaan said. "Go on!"


Everyone sighed and left, leaving Armaan and Riddhima behind. Armaan smiled at his girl and lifted her in his arms effortlessly before turning back and walking towards the hotel.



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