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Previously On...

Some passionate AR romance.

Gang moments. Planning for Goa.


Chapter 79

"Yaar, yeh baaki sab kahaan reh gaye? Anjali bhi nahi aayi ab tak!" Atul whined to Armaan.


The two of them, along with Muskaan and Yuvi, were sitting in the cafeteria if the hospital.


"Kyuki woh sab humaari tarah idiots nahi hai, Champ!" Armaan replied, irritated. "Abhi sirf 4:30 hua hai aur sabko 5 baje pohonchna hai."


They were early because Atul had literally called the other 3 every 2 minutes since 3 in the morning till they'd all woken up and gotten ready. And then, he'd budged Armaan till the latter had agreed to pick them all up. So, here they were, extremely early, while it was still dark out. Muskaan and Yuvi had dozed off again. Armaan wanted to too, but Atul's insistent chatter had kept him awake.


"Pch," Atul cribbed, "mujhe kya pata tha ki koi bhi nahi aayega? Main toh itna excited tha, yaar! Itne time baad hum sab vacation pe jaa rahe hain. Toh mujhe laga baaki sab bhi excited honge aur aa jaayenge. Lekin koi aaya hi nahi!"


"Champ, mere bhai," Armaan replied, irritated, "excited sab hain. Lekin iska yeh matlab nahi hai ki woh log subah 4 baje hi pohonch jaayenge. Time se ek ghante pehle. Woh bhi itni subah!"


Atul pouted and went to get coffee. Armaan sighed. He kept his head on the table and closed his eyes, wanting to catch some sleep before the others got here, but his phone went off, causing everyone to jerk up surprised.


"Sorry!" He apologized to Muskaan and Yuvi who'd woken up from the noise.


Muskaan glared at him and then went back to sleep, followed by Yuvi. Armaan frowned, cursing the person who was calling him so early, but smiled widely when he saw Basket flashing on the screen.


He immediately answered and moved away from the table for some privacy.


"Good morning, sweetheart," he greeted her.


"Good morning, baby," Riddhima replied, causing him to grin widely. "Phone uthane mein itna time kyu lagaya?"


Armaan frowned. "Arre, woh so raha tha. Aur phir awaaz se Muski aur Yuvi bhi uth gaye the."


"Tum Muski aur Yuvi ke saath kya kar rahe ho? Aur ab tak so rahe ho? Armaan, baby, 5 baje hospital ke bahar milna hai! Utho! Abhi uthke tayyar hoge aur phir aaoge toh bhi ek ghanta lag jaayega!" Riddhima said.


"Ek ghanta kya, ek minute bhi nahi lagega. Already hospital pohonch gaya hu main. Isliye toh Muskaan, Yuvi yahaan hai. Champ bhi hai. Bas, coffee lene gaya hua hai," Armaan replied.


"Tum abhi se pohonch gaye?" Riddhima asked, surprised.


"Abhi se?" Armaan scoffed sarcastically. "Madam, main toh 15 minute pehle hi pohonch gaya tha."


"Armaan, baby, I know ki tum bohot excited ho, lekin itni jaldi kyu?" Riddhima questioned.


"Yaar, woh Atul! Subah subah 3 baje phone karke utha diya. Phir zabardasti le aaya," Armaan cribbed. Riddhima giggled.


"Haan, haan. Badi hansi aa rahi hai tumhein! Tumhaare saath hota na, toh main dekhta kaise react karti ho," Armaan whined.


This caused her to laugh more.


"Dekho, agar tum sirf hansna chaahti ho, toh mujhe tumse koi baat nahi karni. Bye!" Armaan said, hanging up.


Riddhima laughed as she heard the dial tone. Her baby was such a baby.


"Ridzy! Chal!" Anjali called. "Kabse tera wait kar rahe hain."


"Haan, Di," Riddhima said, getting out of the car. They'd just reached the hospital. Rahul wanted to make sure that everything was in place for the journey and that's why he'd insisted on arriving a little early.


"Uh, guys, driver se meri baat ho gayi hai. Woh abhi 10-15 minute mein aa jaayega. Toh tab tak hum canteen chalte hain," Rahul said. The three ladies murmured in agreement.


They were surprised at the sight that greeted them. Muskaan was fighting with Atul over coffee while Yuvi looked at them as if they were aliens. Armaan was looking at them exasperatedly, wanting to hit them for annoying him so much.


"Hey guys!" Anjali greeted.


"Hi, Anjali!" Atul exclaimed, forgetting his fight with Muskaan. "Aao, baitho na."


Anjali grinned. "Thank you, Atul," she said, taking a seat beside him. Rahul and Naina also took a seat beside their respective partners, talking in hushed tones.


Riddhima grinned knowingly at Armaan and went to take a seat beside him. But, before she could sit, Armaan got up and left.


"Issey kya hua?" Anjali asked, surprised.


"Kuch nahi, Di," Riddhima replied. "Aapko pata haina, woh kaisa hai. Faaltu ke draame kar raha hai. Main dekhti hu."


"Ridz, yaar," Atul said, "tum dono phir se lad rahe ho kya?"


"Nahi, Atul!" Riddhima told him. "Kuch nahi. Woh bas maine uska thoda mazaak udaya toh woh gussa ho gaya hai. Bas abhi lekar aati hu. Okay?"


Atul nodded.


Riddhima left the cafe and went the fire escape, knowing that's where Armaan would have gone. She opened the door, and sure enough, there he was, on the last step.


"Good morning," she greeted, taking a seat beside him and resting her head on his shoulder.


"Kya good morning? Ab koi hansi nahi aa rahi tumhe?" He asked, sulking.


Riddhima sighed. "Sorry, baby! Main toh bas mazaak kar rahi thi. Aur tum phone pe itne cute sound kar rahe the. Toh main kya karu?"


Armaan didn't budge. "Sorry na. Please!" Riddhima tried again.


When he didn't say anything, Riddhima sighed. She held his face in her hand and turned it around so that he could look at her. Then, she held both her ears and apologized. "Sorry! Please... Maaf kardo na."


She was looking so utterly adorable that Armaan couldn't help but smile. "Theek hai, theek hai. Ab zyada cute harkatein mat karo."


Riddhima grinned, immediately pulling him into a hug. "I love you."


"I love you," Armaan replied, pulling her closer and kissing her cheek.


They parted from the hug and smiled at each other. Armaan bent down and pressed a quick peck to Riddhima's lips. She smiled and resumed her previous position, snuggling into Armaan's side and resting her head on his shoulder. Armaan rested his own head on hers and held her hand, playing with her fingers.


"Pata hai, Armaan, main iss vacation ke liye bohot excited hu!" She said conversationally.


Armaan nodded. "Main bhi. Itne time baad, hum sab ek saath, enjoy karenge. Bohot mazaa aayega!"


Riddhima grinned.


"Aur," Armaan added. "Ab... Shayad humein bhi thoda time mil jaaye." As he said that, he pulled her closer and placed a lingering kiss on her head.


"Sudhroge nahi na tum?" Riddhima asked rhetorically.


"Basket, yeh tum bhi jaanti ho aur main bhi, ki iss maamle mein main kabhi nahi sudharne wala," Armaan answered. "Waise bhi... Tumhe sudhra hua Armaan pasand bhi nahi hai."


"Achcha?" Riddhima asked.


"Haan," Armaan replied. "Yaad hai, jab main father - in - law ko impress karne ke chakkar mein ekdum sweet sa Surinder Sahni type Armaan ban gaya tha? Tumhe bilkul nahi achcha laga tha."


Riddhima grinned as she remembered that.


"Hmmm. Baat toh tumhaari sahi hai," she acknowledged. "Waise, mujhe toh tum aise hi pasand ho. Matlab... Agar shararat thodi kam karoge toh bhi chalega, lekin baaki sab toh theek hi hai."


"Achcha? Theek hi hai?" Armaan asked, wrinkling his nose. "Bas theek?"


"Hmmm," Riddhima replied. "Haan."


"Really?" He confirmed.


"Really!" She replied.


Armaan started tickling her, causing her to shriek.


"Armaan!" She giggled. "Ch... Cho... Chodo!"


"Klik," Armaan answered, continuing his tickle attack.


"Puh... Puh... Pl... Ple... Please!" She panted.


"Pehle kaho ki main ekdum amazing hu," Armaan commanded.


"Us... Usme... Ke... Kehna k... Ky... Kya hai? Main... Main... H... Hu... Hu am... Amaz... Amazing!" Riddhima said, breathing heavily as Armaan let her go so she could say it.


The minute she finished, Armaan resumed tickling her. "Hahahaha. Very smart. Kaho ki, Dr. Armaan Mallik is amazing."


"Ma... Main... Ai... Waise jhooth... Na... Nahi bolti," Riddhima managed between giggles.


Armaan tickled her harder.


"Okay!" She burst. "Ch... Chodo. Bo... Bol rah... Rahi hu."


Armaan let her go. He looked at her expectantly.


Riddhima grinned and gestured for him to come closer. Armaan smiled and did so.


"Dr. Armaan Mallik..." She began slowly.


"Hmmm," Armaan encouraged her.


"Is..." She said.


"Aage bolo!" He instructed.


"An idiot!" She screeched in his ears, pressing a quick kiss and then running out.


By the time Armaan had understood what had happened, Riddhima was opening the door of the FE.


"Basket!" He shouted, running after her. He opened the door and collided straight into Rahul.


"Ouch!" They both mumbled, rubbing their foreheads.


"Kahaan ho, yaar, tum dono!" Rahul complained. "Kabse dhoond raha hu. Chal. Bus aa gayi."


"Haan. Chal," Armaan agreed.


They loaded their luggage in the bus with the help of the driver. By then, Abhi, Nikki, Sid, and Su arrived too.


Once, all the luggage was loaded, they waited for Dr. Keerti & Dr. Shubhankar to turn up.


"Armaan bhaiya!" Navneeta screamed, running towards him as soon as she got down from the car. Armaan grinned.


"Navu!!" He exclaimed, pulling her into a hug.


Once he let her go, she jumped into Riddhima's arms.


"Riddhima Didi!" She shouted. "Maine aapko kitna saara miss kiya! Aajkal aap ghar hi nahi aate. Mujhse milte bhi nahi!"


Riddhima held her ears in apology. "Sorry!" She said. "Aajkal kaam thoda zyada haina. Isliye time hi nahi milta. But, ab hum vacation pe jaa rahe haina! Khoob masti karenge!"


"Promise?" Navneeta asked.


"Pakka promise!" Riddhima replied.


Navneeta hugged Rahul, Muskaan, Atul, Anjali & Nikki too, making small talk with them all, laughing and giggling. The interns were a little surprised to see the bond she seemed to share with them all, given that she was the daughter of their senior doctors, but didn't say anything because in all these months, they'd understood that the previous intern gang was really close to both Dr. Keerti and Shubhankar.


"Morning doctors," Keerti greeted them, holding a sleeping Samrat in her arms.


"Morning, Dr. Keerti," they all chorussed.


"Boys!" Shubhankar called from behind. "Thodi toh madad kardo!"


Armaan, Rahul and Atul grinned at each other and then went to Shubhankar to help him with their luggage. It had been years, but he still referred to the trio as boys, even though they were now senior doctors themselves.


The first time they'd all been sitting together and he'd called them boys, as a habit, it had been Sid & Yuvi who'd responded too, thinking that Dr. Shubhankar might be referring to them. They'd all been surprised to see Armaan, Rahul & Atul respond in unison, as if it was a normal thing for them, which they later found out, it was. Abhi liked to tease them about the same, but they never paid him any mind, knowing that Dr. Shubhankar did it out of love.


All the noise woke Samrat up, and he looked around, awed to see so many new faces. But, when he saw Riddhima, he smiled widely and clapped his hands, yapping away in gibberish. Keerti and Riddhima smiled at each other when he did that. He absolutely adored Armaan and Riddhima and loved playing with them. When the couple used to go to Dr. Keerti's house to work on their presentation before the trip to Paris, a lot of time was actually spent playing with Samrat rather than working. Samrat had taken an immediate liking to both of them. Even Armaan & Riddhima loved the little boy, so they went to see him as much as their schedule allowed.


Riddhima walked to Keerti and put her arms out, wanting to take him and Samrat all but jumped out of Keerti's hold into hers.


"Awww," Nikki cooed. "He's so cute!"


"Haina?" Riddhima asked.


She lightly pulled his nose and kissed it. "Samrat is cho cho cute!" She said in babyish voice, making Samrat giggle and clap.


Riddhima cuddled him closer and listened to him gibber, occasionally saying something back as if she understood what he was talking about.


That was the sight that greeted Armaan when he came back after loading Dr. Keerti & Shubhankar's luggage in the bus.


For a second, he stopped short, and just stood there, admiring the beautiful sight in front of him. Riddhima was so busy with Samrat, she didn't even react to his intense gaze like she always did. Armaan chuckled to himself.


He couldn't wait for that day that it was their baby in Riddhima's arms. She would be the best mother.


Smiling to himself, he quickly clicked a picture of the two of them on his phone, wanting to capture this beautiful moment forever.


"Um, guys! Chalein?" Rahul asked, smirking at Armaan, bringing him out of his daze.


"Ha... Haan. Chalo," Armaan agreed. Rahul just shook his head.


Riddhima tried to pass Samrat back to Keerti, but he stubbornly refused, not leaving Riddhima.


"Samrat! Aa jao, beta!" Keerti pleaded, but he hid his head in Riddhima's neck, causing everyone to laugh.


"It's okay, Dr. Keerti. Main isse apne paas hi rakh leti hu," Riddhima suggested.


"Are you sure? Koi problem toh nahi haina?" Keerti confirmed.


"Ma'am! Isme kya problem? Aur waise bhi... Aap toh yahin hain. Kuch hua toh woh aapko bata degi. Haina?" Armaan intervened.


Riddhima smiled at him and nodded.


Samrat looked up when he heard Armaan's voice and immediately put his arms out, wanting Armaan.


Armaan grinned and pulled Samrat in his arms. "Sammy boy!" He cried, placing a kiss on his head. "I missed you!" He said, hugging Samrat close to his chest.


Riddhima swooned at the sight.


"Guys! Late ho raha hai. Chalo chalte hain," Atul said.


There were murmurs of agreement and everyone boarded the bus, excited to embark on the trip.


Armaan took the window seat, with Riddhima sitting beside him, resting her head on his shoulder. He was looking out of the window and pointing out stuff for Samrat to see, entertaining him.


Riddhima just looked at the duo, lost in their own world, and grinned. Armaan was so good with kids. It was always a treat to watch. Right from babies who were hours old to teenagers, he was great with them all.


She couldn't wait till they had kids of their own. He'd be the absolute best father in the world. Riddhima always prided in the fact that her dad was the best, but she knew that once they had kids, it wouldn't be her, but her kids who would have the best father.


She could already imagine it in her head. Armaan would be the cool parent, because of course, he wouldn't be able to scold them for anything, no matter what mischief they got upto. In fact, he'd be an accomplice in everything. He'd fulfill all their wishes even before they had a chance to voice them out loud, but he wouldn't let his spoiling nature turn them into brats. He'd be crazily overprotective, especially if they had a daughter. And, if she ever started dating, Riddhima didn't even want to think of what would happen to her prospective dates. She could picture it so easily, even now. Armaan, Rahul, and Atul would all interrogate this prospective date worse than FBI did to it's criminals.


"Oyye! Kya soch rahi ho?" Armaan asked, bringing her out of her dreams.


Riddhima looked at him and instantly blushed, unable to tell him what she was actually thinking of.


"Oyye hoyye!" Armaan mumbled dreamily, pressing a quick peck to her head. "Kitna sharmaati ho!"


Riddhima swatted his arm and then rested her head on his shoulder. Armaan smiled and then turned back to Samrat who'd been demanding his attention.


Because it was still early, soon, everyone dozed off.


Rahul was the first one to wake up a few hours later. They'd covered a lot of distance while everyone was asleep and the driver assured Rahul that they'd reach Goa in a couple more hours.


Rahul grinned and made his way back to his seat. Turning around, he saw Armaan sleeping with Samrat sprawled across his chest and Riddhima on his shoulder, both of them sleeping too. Armaan had one arm around Riddhima while the other was holding Samrat. Riddhima's hand was clasped tightly in Samrat's. Armaan was resting his head on Riddhima's. The three of them looked like one cute family and Rahul couldn't stop the grin that graced his face on seeking them like that. He quickly snapped a few pictures of the trio and then took his place beside Muskaan.


Muskaan woke up due to Rahul's movements. Irritated, she hit Rahul on his chest. "Kamine! Subah - subah shuru ho gaya! Sone toh de shaanti se!"


Rahul chuckled quietly and pulled Muskaan close to him, making her rest her head on his chest and patted her back to sleep.


He sat still for a while, but soon got bored with nothing to do, and so, he shook Riddhima awake.


"Kya?" Riddhima asked sleepily, rubbing her eyes. "Sone de na, Rahul!"


"Mujhe bohot bore ho raha hai," Rahul whined.


"Toh Muskaan ko utha na. Mujhe kyu pareshaan kar raha hai?" Riddhima asked.


"Paagal hai kya? Uski neend bigaadi toh murder kar degi mera!" Rahul replied.


Riddhima laughed. "Achcha? Toh tune meri neend bigaad di?"


Rahul shrugged. "Tu thodi mujhse gussa hogi? You're my best friend, yaar!"


Riddhima chuckled at his attempts to appease her and swatted his shoulder. (They were sitting on adjacent aisle seats so she was able to reach him easily.)


"Haan, haan. Bada aaya, best friend wala. Ab tere dono bhai so rahe hain toh main best friend?" She asked.


Rahul smiled sheepishly. "Riddhu... Mujhe nahi pata tha ki mujhe apni friendship iss tarah prove karni padegi," he said dramatically, punching his chest lightly.


"Nautanki," Riddhima replied. "Armaan ke saath rehke tu bhi uske jaisa ho raha hai. In fact, mujhe toh lagta hai ki kisi din tum teen se ek insaan ban jaoge."


Rahul chuckled.


Riddhima looked around and saw that everyone was asleep. This was the first time that her and Rahul had alone time after long. So, she thought she'd better use this opportunity to say what she had to, because she knew that once they got to Goa, they'd always be surrounded. And if not, they'd be busy with Armaan or Muskaan.


"Waise, Rahul... Ek baat bolu?" Riddhima asked.


Rahul nodded.


"Main... Main bohot time se kehna chaahti hu, but mauka hi nahi mila..." She began.


"Riddhu," Rahul cut her off. "Please ab yeh mat kehna ki tu mujhse pyaar karti hai. Main Muskaan ke saath hu, yaar! Aur tera bhi toh hai... Armaan."


"Rahul!" Riddhima whined.


"Achcha sorry. No mazaak. Bol," he said.


"I just... Main bohot khush hu. Tere aur Muskaan ke liye. Matlab... Mujhe pata hai ki tujhe pata hai, but still. I'm really, really, really happy! Itni mushkilon ke baad ab tum dono finally saath ho... Yeh jaanke main kitni khush hu... Main shayad words mein kabhi express nahi kar paungi. Tu aur Muskaan... Tum dono mere itne achche dost ho. Aur tujhe Muskaan ke liye tadapte dekha hai maine. Tu... Tu hamesha chupaane ki koshish karta tha... Yeh try karta tha ki mujhe samajh na aaye tu kitna bechain hai, par... Par mujhse kabhi kuch chupa nahi, Rahul. Tu kis daur se guzraa hai, sab samajhti hu main. Aur ab... Ab teri life mein waapas khushiyaan aa gayi hai. Iss baat se mujhe kitni tasalli hui hai... Main bayaan bhi nahi kar sakti. I'm... I'm really happy for you," Riddhima said. She was in tears by the time she finished her little speech.


It was true. She'd worried about Rahul a lot in the time he'd spent apart from Muskaan. Even after he came back to India and was surrounded by all his friends, he was lonely. And, Riddhima could see that loneliness take its toll on her friend. So now, seeing him so happy made Riddhima absolutely ecstatic.


Rahul looked at her, tears shining in his own eyes. "Jhalli hai tu ekdum! Har baat aisi senti baatein karna zaroori hai kya?" He asked her.


Riddhima just shrugged her shoulders.


"Come here," Rahul muttered.


She leant over the armrest as he did the same and took her into an awkward hug, kissing her forehead.


"Ohhh! Toh main aur Muskaan so rahe the... Iss baat ka faayda uthaya jaa raha hai?" Armaan's voice interrupted their little moment. Rahul and Riddhima pulled out of their hug and glared at him.


"Mujhe toh hamesha se hi pata tha, yeh Rahul tumhe jab dekho tab taadta rehta hai," Armaan added.


"Armaan!" Riddhima reprimanded, swatting his arm. "Bakwaas mat karo."


Armaan just chuckled and pulled her into his side, kissing her temple.


Sometime later, everyone woke up. On Atul & Muskaan's insistence, they all ate.


Riddhima's sandwiches were the first ones to disappear as Atul, who adored Riddhima's cooking, grabbed many of them in one go, wanting to eat as many as possible. The burgers and fries that Muskaan had bought went next followed soon by the biscuits and chips.


In all this, Riddhima didn't take so much as a bite, while everyone ate to their heart's content.


"Ridzy! Tu kha kyu nahi rahi hai?" Atul asked. "Dekh! Itna saara khana hai."


Riddhima smiled at him. "Main kha lungi, Atul. Tum... Tum khao na."


Atul just shrugged and went back to eating. Once all the food was over, he sighed. "Yaar, sab khana toh khatam bhi ho gaya! Mujhe toh abhi bhi bhook lagi hai."


"Mujhe bhi!" Muskaan seconded.


"Bhukkad ke bhukkad hi rahoge dono," Rahul commented.


"Abbe, Rahul!" Muskaan scolded, hitting him. "Tujhe kitni baar bola hai. Khaane pe nazar mat lagaya kar! Mujhe jitna khana hoga main khaungi. Samjha?"


"Muskaan, yaar. Woh chod. Yeh bata ab hum kya karein?" Atul asked.


"Champ!" Armaan interrupted. "Tu tension kyu le raha hai? Abhi tera bhai zinda hai. Tujhe bhooka thodi maarunga main!"


"Oyye, tu kya kar lega?" Muskaan asked.


"Yeh!" He said, producing a tiffin.


"Oh, haan!" Atul exclaimed. "Main toh bhool gaya tha! Tu noodles laaya haina?"


Armaan nodded.


Atul and Muskaan immediately snatched the box out of his hands and started eating. Riddhima, who had not eaten anything in anticipation of the noodles made a sad face and turned to look out the window.


Armaan sat on the aisle seat and looked at her, smirking. He patted her shoulder, trying to get her attention, but Riddhima just shrugged his hand off. He tried it three more times, to be met with the same fate each time. Finally, sighing, he placed the extra tiffin box he'd brought, just for her, in her line of vision.


Riddhima immediately grinned widely and took the box from his hands. She turned to him and gave him a brilliant smile, mouthing a thank you. Armaan forwarded his cheek to her, indicating his desire for a kiss. Riddhima shrugged and kissed his cheek, her lips lingering for a few seconds.


"I love you!" She murmured lowly against his skin, sending shivers down his spine.


"Awww!" Muskaan cooed. She'd witnessed their entire interaction and couldn't help but smile at these adorable dorks.


"Kya baat hai, Armaan? Ridzy ki badi khaatir ho rahi hai? Abhi se yeh haal hai toh shaadi ke baad kya hoga?" She teased.


Armaan grinned, while Riddhima blushed deeply and looked out of the window.


"Abbe, oyye!" Armaan replied. "Ab agar Rahul teri khaatir nahi karta toh main kya karu?"


"Kamine!" Rahul exclaimed. "Kyu aag laga raha hai?"


Muskaan frowned. "Iss bandar ki baat toh tu rehne hi de! Kuch hota nahi hai, bas badi - badi baatein karni aati hai."


Rahul sighed.


"Guys! Ladna band karo. Kabhi toh break le liya karo," Abhi told the group. "Bas jab dekho jhagadte rehte ho!"


"Oyye, Modi! Tum kyu beech mein bol rahe ho?" Nikki interrupted. "Itne time mein tumhe samajh nahi aaya kya? Yeh toh humaara roz ka hai."


On hearing those words, Atul started laughing loudly. "Nikki! Yaad hai, jab tu nayi - nayi aayi thi, toh yeh sab jhagde dekhke kaise darr jaati thi?" He asked.


Nikki grinned and nodded. "Yaad hai! Security bhi bulaayi thi maine starting main 1-2 baar."


Riddhima, Anjali, Rahul & Muskaan guffawed at that.


"Yaad hai, Atul aur Rahul kaise tumhaare saath flirt karte the?" Anjali asked.


"Of course! Woh kaise bhool sakti hu? Aur tum aur Muskaan kitna jealous hote the!" Nikki replied.


"Oh, yes!" Anjali agreed. "Petty! Woh toh tumhe aur Armaan ko dekhne ke baad..." She trailed off.


"Haan! Yaad hai? Kaise Armaan aur Nikki aise baahon mein baahein daalke ghoomte the?" Muskaan asked.


"Waise? Kiska idea tha woh?" Rahul asked. "I mean... Woh relationship and all pretend karna? Iss idiot Armaan ka ho hoga!"


"Oh no!" Riddhima said, as Nikki exclaimed, "No way!" At the same time. They both looked at each other and laughed.


"It was all my idea!" Nikki stated. "And it was genius," she added, glaring at Armaan. "No matter what some people seemed to think."


"Kya?" Atul asked confused.


"Yeh... Armaan! Itna zyada girlfriend vrata boyfriend niklega mujhe kya pata tha? Matlab... Ekdum se mana kar diya. Kitni minnaton se maine aur Riddhima ne manaya tha isse. Aur usme bhi... Aadhe se zyada time toh hum usse bataye bina woh sab karte the. Phir... Woh hamesha hum dono se gussa hoke chala jaata tha," Nikki narrated.


"Hmmm..." Riddhima agreed. "Bohot mehnat karwayi thi."


The gang all laughed while the others looked bewildered. No one knew about this phase where Nikki and Riddhima had tried to show that Nikki & Armaan were a couple, because all that had happened strictly among the interns. And then, the whole financial crisis of Sanjeevani had happened and that ploy had never seen the light of day.


"Tum log kya karte the? Matlab... Kaam karne aate the ya yeh sab?" Abhi wondered.


"Dr. Moodyyy," Armaan taunted. "Tumhe toh sabse achche se pata hona chahiye hum kya karte the! Kyu? Bhool gaye? Costume drama, singing and dancing. Tents. Glue?"


Abhi shuddered while the gang guffawed.


"Waise, Abhi..." Riddhima said, "uss sabke liye... We're really sorry!"


Abhi shook his head, as if saying she didn't have to apologize for that but Nikki said, "Oyye, Ridzy! Rehne de. Hum kyu sorry bole? Jo humne kiya tha woh sahi tha."


"Meri chair pe aise glue lagake mujhe chipkana sahi tha?" Abhi asked.


Nikki laughed. "Ab... Tumhe bhi toh samajh aana chahiye na, ki kisse paala pada hai."


"Bhabhi, aap kya bol rahe ho? Mujhe kuch samajh nahi aa raha," Sid whined, cutting the gang's trip down memory lane short.


"Sid... Tum samajhne ki koshish bhi mat karo. Nahi samajh paoge," Nikki answered.


"Samajhna chahiye bhi nahi," Abhi added, causing the gang to laugh.


"Kya hum kuch aisa kar sakte hain, jisme sab entertain ho?" Naina asked. "Yeh aap sabki baatein hain toh badi interesting, lekin kya haina... Aadhi se zyada cheezein toh humein samajh nahi aa rahi. Aur hum bore ho rahe hain."


"Uh... Guys, antakshari khelein?" Muskaan suggested.


"Yes!" Riddhima, Atul, Nikki and Naina cheered.


"Yaar, tumhara phir shuru ho gaya? Har baar antakshari khelte hain!" Armaan cribbed.


"Ab kya karein Armaan? Yahaan basketball toh nahi khel sakte na!" Riddhima replied.


"Haha. So funny!" Armaan said, smiling sarcastically.


"I know," Riddhima replied, smiling smugly.


"Aye, guys! Khelte haina! Mazaa aayega!" Atul pleaded, looking at Rahul and Armaan. The latter shared a look and then nodded with a defeated sigh.


"Fine! Khelte hain!" Armaan agreed.


They played for a while, singing and dancing and just having fun.


When they finally reached Goa, all of them beamed, exceptionally happy that they were there and now, their vacation would start.


So, here we are. In Goa! Wooohooo!

Lotsa excitement for the trip. So much to do. So much to show. It'll all be awesome! :D

Isliye, stay tuned! 

Posted: 2 years ago

Hahaha atul to kuch zyada hi excited tha... Bechara armaan,muski and yuvi... Muski ne atul ka murder nhi kkia yehi badi baat hai

Oyye hoyye armaan ridhima romance k liye waqt dhondh hai lete hai

Arrree dono toh kafi fast hai. .abhi se future kids k bare me soch rahe hai...

Itna sara khane k baad v atul and muski ka pet nhi bhara? ??tummy hai ya khai ????

Ab to masti hone wala hai
Edited by Prizi - 2 years ago
Posted: 2 years ago
Originally posted by Prizi


Kabhi bina res kiye seedhe comment bhi kar diya kar. :p
Posted: 2 years ago
Kya yaar tuune kisi ko raaste mai choda nhai ?! Goa direct pohcha diya.
Posted: 2 years ago
Originally posted by sunsetnvine

Kya yaar tuune kisi ko raaste mai choda nhai ?! Goa direct pohcha diya.

Nahi yaar. Maine socha itna bhi zaalim nahi banna chahiye. :p
Posted: 2 years ago
Have I ever told you how happy your update makes me? Cuz if I haven't yet you really need to know that it makes me sooo happy! Like legit I was smiling from the first line to the last was that good an updated!

The way Atul got all of them before time and the way armaan was cribbing and Ridz making fun of was so funny! And the way she says sorry and he melts...Awwie! And then the way he tickles her and she runs away...God I loved the whole scene!

Then seeing AR with samrat was such an addorbs moment and I loved how Ridz already imagined that if she had a daughter how armaan, Rahul and Atul would interrogate her future boyfriend, God even I laughed thinking of that!

And the cutest moment has to be how armaan Just pulled back her close and kissed her temple after she spoke to Rahul, like he knew what was on her mind and Just assured being there! And then of course the noodles can he get anymore perfect ? *armaan has all my heart*

I also loved how you showed the gang reliving Old days, bought back so many old memories of the show <3

Loved loved loved the update and as you know I am very eager to read the agey ka parts so pls pls pls update jaldi jaldi!
Posted: 2 years ago
It's too awesome.. I love it... Their journey to goa was amazing.. Love arman and ridhima spend time with samrat.. AR moment in FA... Thanks for this.. Now update soon.. 

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