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Love #2 by norbix9Write Up:Love #5 by norbix9

A superstar he is...Supremely talented...
with a zeal and passion for acting...A charmer...with an alluring smile..let's swing into spring by TanteTabata
A winner of hearts...i love you emoticon by Xercethwith most captivating looks and a gentle heart...
composed and poised in every situation... 
That's Ashish Sharma...
He makes heads turn...He makes cheeks burn...:hearts: by danigranger
He makes hearts skip many a beats...Spread More Love Emote - PLZ by a-kid-at-heart
He makes fans sink deep into their seats...
He makes fans screech and scream...Cheerleader by CookiemagiK
He walks into their dreams...
He never ceases to surprise you...
with his performances...with his choice of work...with his outlook towards life...
with his creative excellence.. ..and his wit and humour..
Whenever we hear him introspecting on different aspects of his work,
life and journey so far, we realize he never takes things for granted...
he is always striving to give his best...

He is a living testimony to the fact that if you have talent and
the wisdom to choose wisely,combined with the ability to give your best,
every character becomes a master piece in your hands.
He has all it takes to drive fans into a state of frenzy...:excited: by CookiemagiK
They react like crazy to the lethal combination of most handsome looks,
super acting skills and unpretentious attitude...
and continue loving him for ever and ever...
Graciously and whole heartedly he accepts the love of his fans ...
with utmost humility and gratitude
Though he IS a superstar yet  he doesn't think of himself as one. falling in sparkles by stickfigures123
Always excited about his work he feels thrilled when it is appreciated all over the world...
He has exhibited his versatility by playing characters in a variety of genres.
His roles in Gunahon Ka Devta,Chandra Gupta Maurya,RangRasiya,
Rab Se Sona Ishq,Siya Ke Ram,Prithvi Vallabh have earned him accolades and praise.
He has been a don,a psycho lover, a tough cop...
hardened and toughened by circumstances...
the intensity he brought on screen was rare and
the shades he displayed in his characters were noteworthyLove in the Air
He has received awards for his excellent work and lifelong loyalty of his fans for the same.
He doesn't just walk into or don a role with the help of make-up and acting;
he actually becomes it!
He ascribes his achievements to intense preparations that he does for every role.
He involves all into it...mind ,body and soul..
He applies himself to it, does workouts, and eats right. Pump it up by CookiemagiK
He fully focuses on the role in hand with grit and determination which  multiplies his efforts manifold.
Most of his fans are aware how he transformed physically for every role...Out for a jog by CookiemagiK
he worked in an akhada to acquire the body of a desi young goon and
then shed the extra kilos to play a young lover and then a suave richi rich...
and then again he metamorphosed to play a lean mean military officer...
next we saw him as Ram,his most challenging role,
for which he meditated for months to attain calmness and poise...
and then he took yet another role,of a transgender,in the film Khejdi,
which he must have played with utmost perfection,
if we go by the fantastic reviews shared by the people
who watched the film at Kashish Festival...
most of us have yet to witness  that  master piece...
what an achievement at this young age !!13 tuzki EMOticon by allsmileys
The commercial success is the last thing on his mind
when he is choosing a role.He thoroughly enjoys the process and the work.
His eagerness and excitement when he experiments with his roles is contagious..
And the viewers are treated to a layered character who breathes life into his performances.
With every role he has evolved ...he has learnt to look more and more inwards.
As fans we couldn't have asked for more.
He makes us walk with our noses uppp in the air...
he makes our grins wider...sillier...happierEmote Plz Sign :SoCuteBouncePlz: - UPDATED by Sleepy-Stardust
All the love that we hold in our hearts for him can't be put in words or expressed fully...
In a nutshell he is the epitome of happiness for us !!!Pink love III by Lucinhae
Hey AS !!! Wish you A Happy Happy Birthday !!Kao Emoji-16 (Happy Birthday) [V1] by Jerikuto
You make us the happiest and the proudest bunch of fans :love: by CookiemagiK
We love you loads and would continue to do so...
Have  a fabulous  birthday and a great life  ahead !!Joy by Web5teR
We wish you the tightest and warmest hugs,Wish in a Jar - Free Icon by Sleepy-Stardust
the happiest moments and the best of all that this world has to offer !!!Love Fly Away by Sleepy-Stardust

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Love #2 by norbix9Jokes:Love #5 by norbix9
Love #2 by norbix9Comic  Edits:Love #5 by norbix9

Once thuttyfore fangaalz found AS alone ...
Now would anny fangaal let go of such a sooper chance to meet the hottest yummiest cutest fellow alive on the earth????So after the tightest warmest squeeziest hugging session the fangaalz allowed AS to sit down for a few moments...on a condition that he would answer their questions...AS,reddened to the toes with such arduous display of fangaalz' undying love,fighting for breath,could just nod...and here is a gist of what followed...

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Love #2 by norbix9Write Up:& Love #5 by norbix9
Love #2 by norbix9Edits:Love #5 by norbix9

It was just like any other day in Vaikunth. The Divine Preserver Lord Vishnu was looking over at the universe with his beloved Lakshmi by his. It appeared as if the Lord was lost in some thought.All of a sudden he started smiling.This arose his wife's curiosity. 

Lakshmi Mata : May I know the reason behind this rather sudden smile my Lord? 

Lord Vishnu : Do you know what is the significance of today's date Priye? Today is Ashish Sharma's birthday. 

Lakshmi Mata : Ashish Sharma...okay the Ashish Sharma who portrayed you and your Ram avatar in a tv series called Siya Ke Ram.I remember that show. Humans are truly our best creations.The television series which they make are amusing. It  is interesting to see how our children interpret us. I rather enjoyed Siya Ke Ram a lot. Ashish's portrayal of you was praiseworthy. But why are you so interested in his birthday Swami? 

Lord Vishnu : One thing which I have observed about this child of ours is that he has portrayed a variety of characters in his career.Every character had his own story and differed from the previous characters.You already know how I feel about Ashish playing me But I was just wondering what if those characters actually existed.Have you ever thought how they would feel about Ashish portraying them? 

Lakshmi Mata (smiles): Swami,this is definitely one of your leelas.I am looking forward to see how it unfolds. Lord Vishnu : I thank you for this Priye.However I will need Chitragupt's help for this. 


Chitragupt is walking to and fro in the field which Narayan had directed him. It will happen anytime now. Chitragupt : I will never understand Narayan and his leela. How on Amaravati did I end up here? But I have been entrusted with a responsibility and I will fulfil it.Yes I will...

Chitragupt is startled. 

Chitragupt : Prabhu!!!! Why didn't you tell me that these characters will be coming with their background music?!!!!! 

An SUV drove into the field in super fast speed and before Chitragupt could say anything,a man lept out of it wearing aviators. The background music got louder. Chitragupt (checking his black Ipad) : Now let me see who this one is.Ah!! Avdesh Singh Thakur from Ashish's first show Gunahon Ka Devta. 

Avdesh: Jai Bajrangbali!! Can you tell me where am I? I was driving so fast to reach here.The last time I drove with such a speed was when I had to stop Arpita's wedding. Atleast there is no gate in this place. But who are you?

Chitragupt : Actually Avdesh you...

**Shaktishali avinaashi, haare naa jo, haan Main hi toh hun woh... 
Mann se khanjar, tann se pathar, Hoga ab ghayal, mujhse ladega jo... 
Jitna harao, utna vijayi hu, Main pralay hu, yudh kre koi to,
 Bheem hu main, arjun bhi hu, Akhada ho ya, ranbhumi ho, 
Jai hooo, jai hooo, jai hooo, jai hooo,** 

Avdesh : Hain?? What song is this? I am liking it. 

Chitragupt(frantically checking his Ipad) : Oh no!! Why is he here so early? 

A duststorm arose and a man was seen galloping through the storm on a horse. Chitragupt was bewildered. Avdesh was looking impressed. Slowly the man's became visible as he got off from the horse. 

Chitragupt : Behold!! Samrat Chandragupta Maurya. 

Avdesh : Who...are you? 

CGM : I should be asking the same to you!!!! 

Chitragupt : Boys!!!! I will explain everything.Just wait for the others.Oh no!!! They will be arriving with their BGMs too. 


Chitragupt : Wait!! Why is this song being played?? It's not even the title track of any of Ashish's shows. 

Avdesh(pointing towards something) : Who are they now?!!! 
CGM and Chitragupt looked over to see three men walking in style towards them.They were dressed differently but had one thing in common.All were splitting images of each other. 


Ranveer : So how did you like my idea of using this song for our grand entrance??

Fateh : Yes!!! It was all his idea.I had a completely different song in mind.And this Jeet supported him too. 

Jeet(irritated) : Can both of you just stop now?! Both of you wanted this song.I had nothing to do with this.Why couldn't you listen to me just once and play that song by Chainsmokers?!!!

Ranveer : Bete jab bade baat kar rahe ho toh bacche beech main nahi bola karte 

Avdesh and CGM are staring with their eyes and mouth wide open. Chitragupt gives a sigh. 

CGM : Can anyone please explain what is going on?! Is this Acharya's new yojna to protect me?! Just like there were seven Dhananands he created my lookalikes too??? Acharya should have told me.

Avdesh : I know lookalikes exist coz Pihu was Arpita's lookalike.But no one can be like Arpita.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed 

Fateh : Bro we will explain everything.Just wait for the rest. Chitragupt we will take it from here. 

Chitragupt : Thank Narayan for this mercy!! 

**Main maati ka putla hoon 
Tune pookhi jaan 
Mera mujhme sab tera hai 
Tu meri pehchaan 
Tu rag rag mein bahe mere man basiya
Rangrasiya tere rang main 
Rang rang gai rang gai main
Rang rasiyaa* 

Jeet(with a soft whistle) : He is here. Party

Avdesh : This song is so beautiful. 

Ranveer : I was so looking forward to this. 

CGM : How on earth did Acharya manage this?! So many lookalikes, Now DhanaaNand is gone ClapClap

Another sandstorm rose and a jeep came in tearing it apart.The man who emerged from it was dressed in an uniform and his eyes were filled with fire. But that face was unmistakable. 

Fateh : Welcome!! Major Rudra Pratap Ranavat 

Rudra(looking over at the rest of the people): So this is all real isn't it? I am used to weird things but even for me this is unbelievable.

Ranveer : Finally we meet Major Ranavat!!! I was curious about you ever since I heard of you.

Fateh : Okay everyone so let me explain the matter here first.Avi and Chandu are already confused like anything. 

Rudra : Wait Fateh!!! How can you forget HIM???!!!
Is there anyone left?!!
 Rudra : Of course.The one and only. 


Everyone was looking over at another figure walking towards them with a magnificent aura. He had long curly hair and he looked every inch a king. But what differentiated him from other kings was the Ektara he carried with him. 

Rudra : As your predecessor I welcome you Prithvi 

Prithvi : Thank you Rudra.I apologise thoroughly, I got lost in the world of music while playing my ektara. Am I late? 

Ranveer : Trust me bro!! We couldn't have begun without you. Which reminds me that Fateh can you please tell everything or should I do the honours?? 

Fateh(takes a deep breath) : So where should I begin from? 

CGM : So you are trying to say that all of us are fictional characters from different stories and we are played by one person named Ashish Sharma and that's why we resemble each other?

Fateh : You're right Chandu. Though it's slightly different for you and Prithvi over here. You see both of you are historical characters so we can say that you are a version of a person who actually existed. Its so complicated right now. But it's more or less like that. 

Prithvi : Yes Samrat Chandragupta Maurya. If we consider the facts then I came much after you both in history as well as in Ashish's career graph so I have immense respect for you. Heart

CGM : I feel the same for you Prithvi. I feel a certain affinity with you even if I am seeing you for the first time. Smile

Jeet : What a unique bromance this is gonna be!!! Big smileEmbarrassedLOL 

Avdesh : But for what reason have we all gathered here?! 

Fateh : It's Ashish's birthday!!! We owe everything to him.Therefore we were all brought to life in order to wish him. 

Ranveer : Yes but why did that Chitragupt choose you to tell this out of all the people? 

Fateh : Coz I am the coolest CoolCoolCoolThat's why Sahiba ended up with me
Ranveer : Now don't get me all angry on you!!!AngryAngryAngrySahiba loved me okay? 

Jeet : You both died okay??? She ended up with no one. 

Ranveer and Fateh : Shut up Jeet!!! 

Rudra : Stop fighting guys! We are here for Ashish!! 

Prithvi : Rudra is right.For what reason are we all fighting when there is no basis for that?Infact I am grateful to Ashish for enacting all of you because I could make so many wonderful friends in you all who are so different from each other and are yet beautiful and special in their own ways.

Fateh :Okay so let's begin... 

Chitragupt: Wait!! He hasn't arrived yet.

Everyone in unison : Who is it now?? 


Everyone : WHAT!!!!! 

Avdesh : I can't believe my eyes 

Ranveer : You are THE RAM???? 

Prithvi : My guess was right. We can't tell you what an honour it is to meet you my Lord. 

Fateh : But how... 

Rudra : Why can't it be possible Fateh? Ashish has tried out various genres and has played historical as well as contemporary characters. So it's obvious that he tried out mythology too.And as a result of that... 

Avdesh(with tears of happinness) : We could get darshan of Ram Ji 

Prithvi : Seriously Ashish is one of his kind.I am never going to forget this experience. 

Ram : Satyavachan!!! 


Avdesh: It's Ashish's birthday no, so has anyone bought gifts and cakes for him?

Chandragupta: What is a cake? My Acharya hasn't taught me anything regarding it! 

Prithvi: What's the syllabus in your school? 

Chandragupta: Akhand Bharat Creation and war techniques 

Rudra: I love the syllabus Embarrassed 

Prithvi: That's great! But don't you think your school should promote Art and Cultural of India? Give me Acharya Chanakya's WhatsApp number. I want to discuss regarding the reform of India's education system! 

Chandragupta: My Acharya is from 330 BCE, he does not have a WhatsApp number 

Ram: What is he saying? Even me and Site use Orkut ErmmErmmErmm 

Chadragupta: But I can give you his Facebook IDBig smileBig smile 

Ram: Oh thank God! Our Kaliyug Generation might not be as high tech as Treta Yug but it's not bad either. India is in good hands EmbarrassedEmbarrassed 

Prithvi: Yes FB ID will do.Tongue

 Avdesh: Samrat you both are diverting from the topic, we need to focus on Birthday celebration! 

Jeet: I will ask my father WinkWink 

Fateh: Hey your father is here (pointing towards Ranveer) I can't see any gifts with himStern SmileStern Smile

Ranveer: Oye Fateh if I am not wrong you are also his father ! AngryAngry 

Rudra: All fathers are same! At least don't act like Ranavat! I have bought candles, gifts and cake. 

He lights the candle and keeps the gift box on the table. 

Rudra:Wait where's the cake?? ShockedShocked 

Ranveer: I was feeling hungry sooo...I...ate it... Hehehe EmbarrassedLOLLOL 

Fateh: Such irresponsible guy he is! Stern Smile Stern Smile Stern Smile 

Avi: Sasure tum!!! AngryAngryAngry

Jeet: Dad!!!! I don't know you OuchOuch 

Rudra: That's how I react when Ranavat does something like this, seems like all father's are same WackoStern Smile 

Prithvi: Common guys! It's a small mistake of the poor boy.. Forgive him now! Forgiveness is the best policy EmbarrassedEmbarrassed 

Ram: Yes we should forgive him, he is a small innocent childSmileSmile 

Ranveer: Thank you Prabhu Shri Ram!!

Jeet: If he is child then what am I? Ermm 

Rudra: Now from where will we get the cakeOuchOuch 

Prithvi: Let me WhatsApp my friend Dharti. He is an amazing cook WinkWink 

Exit Prithvi 

After 10 minutes 

Entry of Dharti 

Dharti: Dharti Singh Ke Dhadakne se Dhadakti Hai Dhadkane Big smileLOL 
Hello Guys!!! Presenting before your the most delicious cake made by the most eligible Mora (looking for a bride for marriage EmbarrassedEmbarrassed). If you like the cake , do visit SHAADI.COM. You will find my profile there Big smileEmbarrassed 

Fateh: What's Mora? 

Rudra: Mora means Boy 

Ranveer: Hey Dharti!! You maybe a good cook. But I am the most eligible bachelor.. All the girls of my village are flat over meWinkWink 

Rudra: Still Sahiba left you right? WinkLOL 

Fateh: Good one bro! ApproveLOL 

Chadragupta: Where is Prithvi ?

Dharti leaves Prithvi enters 

Prithvi: Here I am friends! Big smile
Prithvi thinking in his mind: Thank God noone could guess that it was me who disguised as Dharti phew!!

Ram whispered to Prithvi: Well Prithvi you can hide Dharti's secret from everyone but not from me, don't worry I won't let the cat out of the bagBig smile

Prithvi: Thank you Prabhu!LOL

Avdesh: Now let's start the celebration


It was all so strange and it felt so unreal.Everything had fallen into place and yet everyone was wondering whether what they heard was right or not. 

All the characters had come up with some wonderful speeches to wish Ashish Sharma.
Prithvi and Ranveer start playing their Ektara and Guitar to provide the Background music while others gave their speeches. 

Rudra : Ashish,I know that playing my character must have been challenging for you.But I thank you with all my heart for doing it. You felt every single emotion and weaved it together to form the character which is me today.Thank you for expressing my complexity in such a beautiful and simple way that it touched the heart of many.Happy Birthday Ashish!!! Aapne iss tasveer main apne rang bhar ke usko Rangrasiya bana Diya, 

Jeet : I know that whatever time you spent with me was less as compared to the others.But I can't thank you enough for portraying me and breathing life into my love,heartbreak,pain and sacrifices.Happy Birthday Ashish!! 

Fateh : Happy Birthday Ashish!!! I know I am really cool but you know what bro?You made it that way.I hope you enjoyed playing me.I am sure it must have been fun.

Ranveer : My entire life was filled with ups and downs and my character changed too.I had my own dark side and I had to battle my demons.I have loved to the full and I have seen the best and the worst of what life had to offer.Being with you is an unforgettable journey bro.Happy Birthday Ashish!!! And thank you for giving you 100% into portraying me. 

CGM : Every action I ever took was for the betterment of my country and for my Guru.From whatever I have come to know of you,you have been a really good student to your teachers,a worthy son and a worthy citizen too.I am proud that it was you who portrayed my character.Thank you for being yourself Ashish!! Wish you a very happy birthday!!

Avdesh : The rest have already said everything.Ashish,I want to thank you for projecting the simplicity of my character and as well as the complexity of the situations in which I was put into.Thank you for walking in my shoes and thank you for feeling what I felt.Thank you for bringing my love and devotion for Arpita onscreen and thank you for becoming Bhaiyaji whenever you came onscreen. Happy birthday Ashish and best wishes for you!! 

Ram : Happy Birthday Ashish and I wish you all the best!! Many people have portrayed me onscreen and many more will do in future but you have a special place in my heart.I wish you happiness with my whole heart and Sita,Hanuman,Luv-Kush and Lakshman also send you their wishes.

Prithvi : Dear Ashish,thank you for playing me and understanding me like no one else has done before.Thank you for connecting with me and my love for poetry and art for you too are an artist to the bone.Never let this flare extinguish.Above all thank you for bringing me to life and giving me a face.I wish you all the health and happiness and I love you right back.Jis kalakaar ki kala dil main prem aur anand bhar de use prem main Prithvi Vallabh hai. 


Chitragupt : Your leela was aprampaar Narayan.All the characters wished Ashish and went off on a picnic to know each other and Ashish better. I will say it was a good idea.A bit exhausting for me yes.But good. 

Lord Vishnu : This is not the end actually. Ashish still has a long way to go.Many more characters will come and go.Its a part of his journey.And I know it very well that he won't stop at one place or at one character.He will keep evolving. Thats why I wish him happiness for this birthday and many more to come.

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Love #2 by norbix9Write Up:Love #5 by norbix9

Fangaaalz!! You know whattt??
Something strange happened...on 29th of August...at midnight...
I felt a sensation in my eyes... the lids flickered and flickered...
the eye balls dilated and popped out to perch on my head...
Suddenly I could see a living room...
with a yellow wall with a lovely creeper climbing up and around some Rajasthani  jharokhas...
an antique gramophone on one side...jali...

a brick wall...with a lantern...everything looked raw...
I blinked and blinked..was I dreaming ??? No...
Related image
I could also see a lovely room with a white wardrobe...
at the entrance was an iron sculpture ,of a girl and a boy...
In a corner were  crocs...three yellow pairs and three blue...
on the dresser  thirty four pairs of sun glasses and shades...
oval  round square blue  white  green  red  pink blue...
yes ...in all possible colours..
I knew where I was...yeah !!
:yay: by Toxic-Fox-Girl

Don ask me whhhy I could see all that...

huh..Mayyybe it is since I luv AS sooo much and Related image

since I keep thinking of him sooo much and since I would want to know how he spends his birthdays sooo  much...:crazy: by Dumnezeu

Here is an account of what all did I see...
So AS woke up with a silly grin on his face...hoping for some  surprise  from all...
He got it...four tails wagging in unison..

Scotch had arranged  her food bowl on the bed ...
with a generous helping of tasty chunks...a cake for dad..
Kranti  had  fixed his squeeze chicken toy on the top as a cherry...how inventive..
Toofy had a blue slipper ...well chewed and mushy...to be used as a knife..
And Carbon had a rubber ball for his dad...d best gift ...
After a lot of cuddling AS was allowed to go..to the living room...
Another surprise awaited him...
It wasn't actually !!
He felt the earth moving from under his feet... Horror of horrors !!!

His school teachers and his Principal stood there...
holding  a rather large box... full of goodies ???
AS got teary -eyed and emotional...
they remembered his b'day...they had got him a huge gift !! Awww !!
He didn't expect  those rigid,fussy, authoritarian ,all time complaining teachers to become so generous...
" Sonny...for you...with all our love "...they said smilingly..
Birthday by poisen2014
AS held the box precariously...over whelmed..
He had a smirk on his face...his left eye brow went uppp"
Now that I am a celebrity they have realized my worth,
he mumbled under his breath.Let them beg for my autograph...
have they forgotten how my chair had remained almost new...
with me made to stand on the tables through most of the periods ,how this Math teacher wanted a correct answer for every sum...
she wouldn't accept any creativity in the answers...
" And look at my physics sir !! Always after matter and energy  !!
How all my energy drained out of my veins!!
" They must be regretting their mistakes..I think I should forgive..
make peace and check what have they brought,AS muttered to himself.
Smileys Birthday by LOVEMAYU
He rummaged in through the contents...smiling...
Horror of horrors !!! Out came some notebooks...more red than blue...with a few common shapes on every page...mainly circles and crosses...
Toofy was fascinated...he realized his dad had played games in class..
a game of noughts and crosses...
But not in the grid...why...??
AS was horrified,he had his kids around him...he  wanted to hide them...
He threw them inside the khazane ki peti and banged the lid shut!!
His Principal ,with a glint in his eyes,offered a small pack to AS...
packed in a bright red paper it looked interesting...what was that small thread..??
AS was a lil suspicious when in a silky voice the Principal suggested..
Won't you plant them  in your bathroom for some resounding fire works AS??...
Just like you did in our school..hmm
AS was enraged !! Aren't you supposed to forgive n forget !! Unforgiving fellow!!
He threw the bombs in the trash bin...
Again the doorbell rang..
His old neighbours,with telephones wires dangling from their hands, barged in...
Hello AS,lead us to your phone !Will you ??
Let us see how you like your phone wire clipped in two equal parts...
Absolute silence prevailed !! Archu looked aghast..standing in a corner...
The kidz were ganged together...
They hid an evil smile under their whiskers...for they knew whom to follow now...step for step..
That's when I couldn't take it any more...I shooed the complainers away...
and called the fangaalz in..
:fallinginlove: by Dumnezeu
The whole ambience changed in a moment..there were shrieks n hugs ...
there were warm wishes over flowing...there was happiness in the air...Birthday smileys 2 by poisen2014
AS got busy...he rolled some cotton into a ball... and stuffed them into his ears...
He was safe...he was happy..with a grin spread across his face..
I love you Emoticon by KadyTheLady
I was holding his hands and gazing into his eyes...sinking deep into them...
I felt the earth rumbling...something was different...hard ...cold..
I felt the bump on my head...soft n pudgy...
Falling down off your bed is terrible ...!!!
Confuzled Emoticon by Bleeding-Heart13

Happy Bday to you by KmyGraphic
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Sweetheart Divider Blue by norbix9

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Many many happy returns of the day Ashish Sharma. You are one of the most versatile and finest actor of ITV and above all a lovely human being. This birthday, I wish you abundant happiness and love both in personal and professional life. Keep growing and raising your bar higher and higher as you have been doing till now. Wish you get all the success that you rightfully deserve. Once again Happy Birthday! 

Wish you a very happy birthday Ashish!!! On this day 34 years ago a kindred spirit took birth who went to spread happiness to the hearts of many. I want you to achieve everything you desire with and be showered with happiness on not one but each and every day of every year.This day has become all the more special coz of you and may your smile which won several hearts stay intact forever.The warmth and gentleness of your eyes reflects in the people who are acquainted with you.All my prayers are with you.May the branches of your success spread far and wide and, may your roots remain strong forever so that you remain unshakeable. I have learnt a lot from you.Always remain like this and never change.

"Life is so better if you make sure that happiness is your choice always
That what I believe and this my favorite quote..
And that what you do n your aim is bring smile n happiness on the face.

Thank you for being as you are .. A person full of humanity and inspiring to us in many side..

And because you inspire us , we made a group on Facebook called " Ashish reading club " where we  read books and we discuss it on the group and every one read a book put her own idea about the book and rate it and how it useful to her
we are from different countries but your love n inspiration gathered us
We worked on it 2 years ago and urge people to read and this will be our gift to you for your birthday this year ..fingers crossed   n hope you will love it
Happy birthday day Ashish n
Wish you life full of happiness and alot of successful
Much of love my best actor...be blessed

" Wish you a very happy birthday Ashish, the most finest and committed actor, humble and down to earth person I've ever known. On this special day, I wish for all of your dreams to come true may your path be paved with success and you be blessed with never ending bliss.. Keep shining!! "

Wish you a very Happy Birthday Ashish. May all your dreams come true. Sending you smiles for every moment of your special day...Have a wonderful birthday.

You always make us proud and shower us with Happiness.Wishing you all the happiness, good health and success.Keep glowing and keep growing

Another BigDay .. Another Year ... last year has been a Year of Great Pride for us as we saw You in the new Avatar of #PrithviVallabh& #Khejdi ...Wishing You Greater depths of Artistic Delight & Prosperity in the Coming Year
Living & Loving Be with You &#Archana&YrBachhas&JoyHappiness with Yr  Family& Friends..
May Youhv a Joyful Birthday

Many ManyHappiee returns of the day Ashish!!!
May God shower you with lots and lots of health, wealth, happiness, blessings, success and prosperity always and forever!..
May your day be filled with enjoyment and joy..
Once again wish you a very veryvery happy happyhappywala birthday!!

AS have a blast this year on your birthday!!! You are the best thing to have happened to me!! You are a rare gem whose radiance is slowly being revealed to the world.You add a spark to my life,you put a twinkle in my eyes, you put a swing in my gait.Your screen presence is intoxicating. Your brilliance on screen is unmatched.Your sweet smile and your humility adds to your charm.As a fan I am greedy and want you on my screen asap.Continue being what you are,always.Just remember how much you mean to us ! May all your wishes be fulfilled,I wish you everlasting joy and happiness on your thirty fourth birthday!!

Wish u many many happy returns of the day Ashu
Hope u have a wonderful day nd that the year ahead is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises nd gives u lasting memories that u will cherish in all the days ahead. Enjoy your day and have a blast

Dear Ashish,

Happy Birthday ...May this day bring all the happiness and joy u can receive.

You have given us joy and immense pleasure by ur work and ur actions...I pray to God he makes all ur dreams come true and to keep u and ur family in good health. Have a blast...

Ashish you are a charmer
Making our hearts warmer
Talking for causes nobler
Seeing the world brighter
Wishing you a very happy birthday!!!

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