All are as bad as Tettar

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Posted: 1 years ago
Anaro RIP. Who is this new lady calling herself Anaro? Not her fault but the original just left the serial with no option. 
I dont like betrayals by own children. Sweety got love and affection but the way she smiled at Tettar's problems is cringeworthy. Dablo also betrayed his father because he follows his wife who is worse than Tettar.

Nimki is selfish. She has taken up the cause solely because Babbu wants to divorce her.

Bdo is playing politics.
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Posted: 1 years ago
What did Tettar Singh do to deserve loyalty from his children?
He closed his eyes to his daughter's problems with her husband because son in law is his political advisor.
He never loses an opportunity to humiliate his first born. 

Both reached their saturation points.

For Tettar Singh his political goals are more important than his children.
Dablo is looked down with contempt because he wanted different things from life.

If his children turned against him it is because he is reaping what he has sown.

Soon Babbu also will turn against his father.


New Anaro I guess it will be sometime before she settles down.

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Posted: 1 years ago
Not really. I agree Nimki is definitely selfish but being selfish and being a criminal are two different things. Btw the whole track about the fake video was unbelievably stupid. One who is writing has no idea about polttics at all. Its not municipal elections. Its assembly elections for the sake of good lord and the fight is not against a man. Its against a political party. Circulating fake videos is a crime and yes it can be traced who did it. Besides, a fake video made people not vote for him ?? Like really ?LOL. Thousands of such videos are made and circulated during elections.And why is every incident restricted to Ghattola ? Its a constituency for God's sake. Its for Kuswahapur. 

@ Tettar's children .

In a real life scenario, Tettar would have been poisoned to death by his own children. He is definitely lucky. Both Sweety and Dablo are decent and only giving him back a portion of what he gave them, 

Dablo was a good boy althroughout his life. While Tettar used all his resources to make Baboo a Mukhiya, he didnt want to know if Dablo was struggling with his business plans. A little guidance would have been helpful for Dablo. Rather he criticized him every now and then. This time his father has failed. He is enjoying it.How else do we want him to behave ?

Sweety is Tettar's first born and the only child who has educational qualifications. Yet she isnt his heir.She infact isnt allowed to go anywhere on her own. She lacks the basic rights of having an opinon or making a decision because her father would interfere everywhere. Her husband isnt reponsible for her well being because her father is doing everything for her. Its not love of a father for his daughter. Since his sons are useless, he got his daughter married to a lawyer who can handle his business and politics.He used Sweety to get what he want. It doesnt stop here. He asks her husband to control her even with force and violence because that is how women should live their lives. So, how exactly is she suppose to behave ?

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