BeHir FF - The 'Un' Attached String CHAPTER - 18, PAGE - 55(Page 6)

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 [10 Years Ago]

"Hi this is your Captain Maahir Sehgal along with First Officer Kunal Sharma and along with all other crew we welcome you aboard on Queens Airlines and we are travelling from Mumbai to Delhi which we will be completing within 2 hours 30 minutes. The weather seems to be pleasant and we wish to make your journey a comfortable one. So sit tight and enjoy your flight!! Maahir put the intercom in its proper place and checked if everything was in proper position to drive the flight and gave instructions to the cabin crew and his co pilot. Captain Maahir Sehgal joined this airlines company almost 5 years ago and due to his hard work he soon grabbed the position of Captain. Maahir was the subject of constant discussion among all the female staffs which added to the raging fuel of jealousy for other male staffs as he was the most good looking pilot of the company and also an eligible bachelor. Though Maahir was never a cassanova but he really enjoyed the attention which he received from the airhostesses and other female staffs. Whenever Maahir used to take any flight, Anu used to make sure that her name was added in the crew for that particular flight and it was quite a rule that no one else could serve refreshments to Maahir. Due to her closeness to Maahir, she was a subject of envy for other female staffs and attention to the male pilots and male staffs. Anu almost made it unofficially official that Maahir belonged to her and everyone knew that and Maahir though knew everything, but since Anu never told him anything officially so also he too didn't break her heart stating that he didn't have any that sort of feeling for her. Maahir and Anu had many flights together but one thing which both didn't know at that moment, that this one flight from Mumbai to Delhi was going to change both their lives especially Maahir's. After taking off, when the seat belt signs were turned off, Maahir was having a chit-chat with Kunal. Kunal asked,Sir agar main aapse ek sawaal puchu to aap bura to nehi maanenge?Maahir looked at Kunal and then replied with a smile,First of all don't call me sir, if you want to call, call me Captain. Ye sir' waala title na mujhe burhaape waali feel deta hai aur ek nehi 10 sawaal pucho.He flipped himself towards Maahir and asked,Main ye soch raha tha ke saare male staffs ko aapse itni jealousy hai kyuki aapki vajah se ek bhi female staff unke taraf ghum kar bhi nehi dekhti hai. Kya aapko itne female staffs mein se kisike liye bhi kuch bhi feel nehi hota?Maahir blushed a little bit and replied,Oh God!!Kunal ye to kisi na kisi ke saath aksar hota hi rehta hai aur ab bhagwaan ne mujhe agar aisi shakal di hai to isme meri kya galti hai? Par ha ye baat sach hai ke mujhe unki attention pasand hai. Kunal chuckled and asked,Aur is attention ke liye hum taraste hai. But...ya seriously koi na koi larki to hogi na aapki zehen mein jaisi aapko chahiye?Maahir thought and then replied,Ya vo to hai, aisi larki jo beautiful ho, ek aisi larki jisey dekhu to bas dekhta hi rahu aur phir kuch aur dekhne ka dil hi na kare aur ha usme thori si understanding bhi ho. Kunal cleared his throat and said,Aapko pata hai Anu loves you aur vo aapko lekar obsession ke hadh tak possessive hai. Aapko pata hai usdin ek airhostess bas yuhi bol rahi ke vo aapke saath date par jaana chahti hai to Anu ne usko sabke saamne thappad maara aur usko beizzati bhi kiya aur ek baar Anu ke badle ek airhostess ko aapki flight par crew mein appoint kiya to Anu ne apne dad ke power ka istemaal karke usko naukri se nikalwa diya. Maahir looked outside the window and in a very embarrassed ton replied,I know everything and sometimes Anu ki ye harkate mujhe bohot pareshaan karti hai aur dar bhi lagta hai but main usko sivaay ek bohot achche dost ke aur kuch nehi samajhta hu. Kunal replied,But captain aapko kuch na kuch to sochna parega isse pehle ke uska obsession usko puri tarah se paagal bana de. Maahir was about to reply and just at that moment, Anu came to the cockpit and then said,Captain hamaare business class mein ek female passenger hai jo bohot hungama kar rahi hai. I think she's even drunk. Maahir was confused and asked,Aisa kaise ho sakta hai? Didn't you check before boarding her in? She replied,Pehle thik thak hi thi par mujhe lagta hai vo chupa kar apne saath alcohol lekar aayi thi. Ek to drunk hai aur upar se vo apna guitar lekar chilla chilla kar gaana ga rahi hai aur saare passengers ko pareshaan kar rahi hai. Hum sab milkar usko sambhaal nehi pa rahe hai. Please have a look captain. Maahir looked at the time and then said,Ye kaisi badtameez type ki ladki hai yaar? Aise logo ko you know flight par bethne hi nehi dena chahiye. Maahir then gave the responsibility of flying the plane to Kunal and then came out of the cockpit and walked towards the business class.


Maahir went to the business class and found that a girl was fully drunk and standing on her seat was playing on her guitar and singing loudly. She was turning her back on Maahir and so he didn't see her face. He walked upto her from her back and then said, Excuse me mam!! Ye jagah bethne ke liye hai khare hone ke liye nehi aur aap yaha aise- The girl at that moment, turned her head towards him and Maahir was complete awestruck and his words died inside his throat seeing such a beautiful girl in front of him. He remembered his own words about his dream girl and a smile appeared on his face without any reason. He was so mesmerized by the deepness of her eyes that without having any control over his mind and words, he just simply uttered,Beautiful!! The girl was none other but Bela Sareen and she was returning to her home after completing her pilot training from USA to join her own airlines. Bela completed her high school in abroad and she was a rockstar in there and even did many concerts. Bela, on seeing Maahir standing right in front of him, squeezed her brows and asked,Tum kaun? He was completely lost in her eyes but came back to his senses on hearing her question and then replied,Main aapka captain hu Maahir Sehgal. She gave him a broad smile and she looked just like a Buddhist monk and she waved her hands and said,Hi Capyyy!! Bela leaned a bit towards Maahir, pulled both his cheeks much to Maahir's surprise and Anu's rage and said,Awww!! Tum kitneee cutie pie ho!! Mujhse shaadi kar lo please!! I have fallen in love with you!! She blinked her eyes and pouted and Maahir realized that she had reached the last level of her intoxication and she didn't even realize what she was talking and so he couldn't use harsh means in order to control her. But inside his heart, Maahir knew that he was smitten by her and he too didn't want her to stop whatever she was doing but he also knew that she had to be stopped. He held her hands and removed them from his cheeks and replied,Dekhiye mam aap please beth jaaiye, flight mein aise khare hona allowed nehi hai dekhiye aap ke vajah se dusro ko pareshaani ho rahi hai. Bela again pouted and just like a 4 year old baby, she said,Par mujhe aise bethna achcha nehi lagta hai, main bore ho rahi hu isiliye main gaana ga rahi hu. Maahir said to her,Aap agar nehi bethengi apni seat par aur agar turbulence hua to aap gir jaayengi aur aapko chot lagegi. Ye achcha lagega aapko? Bela nodded her head and said,Ha mujhe chot lagegi to mamma papa ko to bura lagega. Main to good girl hu na.  But then suddenly Bela fall on his arms and in order to save her, Maahir got hold of her and Bela, with a smile said, Par agar main gir gayi to tum mujhe sambhaaloge nehi?? Tum mujhe agar aise pakroge na to main har roz geerne ko tayyar hu. You're my knight in shining armour!! Maahir, in his heart, didn't want to leave her but still he said,Dekhiye mam aap drunk hai aapko pata hai on board is tarah se drink karna to galat baat hai na. Pata hai is vajah se aapko police bhi arrest kar sakti hai. Bela wrapped her arms tightly around Maahir's neck and said,Police pakregi to tum bhi mere saath chalna, dono saath mein jail mein rahenge. She even kissed on his cheek leaving Maahir like haww' and on seeing that Anu was fuming with anger. Unable to tolerate more, she came forward and held Bela's hand and then said,Mam please aap beth jaaiye kyuki aap hosh mein nehi hai aur aapke vajah se baaki ke passengers disturb ho rahe hai. Tabse aapse tameez se baat ki ja rahi lekin shaayad aapko tameez ki language samajhme nehi aati hai. Bela angrily freed her hand and then said to  Maahir,Kaun hai ye junglee witch?? Dikhaayi nehi deta main apne Capyy se baat kar rahi hu? Bad girl manners bhi nehi jaanti.Maahir replied,Ye aapki airhostess hai Miss Anu Mittal. Aap bethiye please, mujhe cockpit par jaana hai.Bela made a baby like crying face and said,Nehi tum mat jaao, yaha par saare gande hai, sab mujhe tabse daat rahe hai, par tum bohot achche ho kyuki tumne mujhe nehi daata hai. Tum yehi betho mere paas please.T umko pata hai aaj tak mujhe mere papa ne bhi kabhi nehi daata main unki laadli hu na aur agar mamma daatti hai to mere papa unko daat laga dete hai. She laughed at her own statement and that sound of laughing was appearing to be music in Maahir's ears. Maahir very politely replied,Thik hai main yaha beth jaaunga par agar main yaha beth gaya to flight kaun chalaayega? Agar main nehi gaya to ye plane crash ho jaayega na.Bela made wide eyes and then said,Achcha???Ooo!!To thik hai mujhe bhi apne saath lekar chalo, main bhi tumhaare saath chalungi. Mujhe lekar chalo pata hai mujhe be plane chalaana aata hai.He smiled and put Bela back in her seat and said,Mam waha passengers ka jaana allowed nehi hai. Bela angrily asked,Kyu nehi ja sakte hai? Main to jaaungi, mujhe jaana hai, jaana hai, jaana hai,v arna main sab tor dungi. Mujhe lekar chalo abhi. She started stamping her feet like a small child who was not given her favourate candy even after being promised. Anu grabbed Bela's hand and angrily said,Aap waha nehi ja sakti hai mam, chupchap yaha bethiye. Bela, at first looked at her angrily and then started crying loudly and Maahir kept on trying to calm her down. Suddenly Bela raised her hand and tried to beat Anu but Maahir stopped her and said,Dekhiye aap sach mein abhi badtameezi kar rahi hai. Aise kisike saath bartaav karte hai kya? Bela pouted and pointed towards Anu and said,Isne mujhe daata aur mera haath bhi pakra. Maahir tried to calm Bela down and said,Thik hai main aapko lekar chalunga, par aapko bhi meri baat manni paregi. Bela nodded her head like an obedient girl and made a face to Anu which made Bela's face more adoreable and Maahir's heart skipped a bit. He took her to the cabin crew sitting area and then asked her to sit there and said,Aap yaha bethiye aur apne seat belt baandhiye aur chupchap bethna parega, main thori der baad aapko aakar le jaaunga.Maahir was about to leave but Bela grabbed his hand from behind and said,Nehi mujhe abhi jaana hai ,abhi lekar chalo.Maahir made her sit on the chair and then asked,Achcha aap mujhe batao aapke ghar mein kaun kaun hai? Bela looked upwards and started counting and then replied,Mere ghar mein...main hu, meri mamma hai, mere papa hai aur itne saare servants hai. Pata hai ek secret batau main tumhe.. Maahir nodded his head and Bela took her face near to his ear and whispered,Aaj na main ghar ja rahi hu mamma papa ke paas. Bela was so excited on giving him the news that Maahir could not but stop smiling and replied,Arey vaah ye to bohot achchi baat hai. Abhi aap sochiye, agar main cockpit mein nehi gaya to dusra pilot plane land kaise karega? Aur agar plane land nehi hua to aap ghar kaise jaayengi? Ghar jaana hai na mamma aur papa ke paas?Bela made a very serious face and then seriously nodded her head and then said,Ha jaana hai, jaana hai, ghar to jaana hi hai, varna mamma aur papa to royenge. He then tied the seat belt of Bela and then said,To phir aap yaha good girl bankar bethiye. Tabtak main yu gaya aur flight land karke yu aaya aur ekdam chupchap bethna parega. Thik hai? Bela again pouted and asked,Par tum chale jaaoge to ye log mujhe daatenge na? He said,Aapko koi nehi daatega, main inko bol deta hu aur agar kisine daata to main unko daat dunga.Bela was so happy and then she agreed to stay behind and Maahir left for the cockpit. When he reached the cockpit, he had smile all over his face and seeing that Kunal asked,Kya hua captain aap bare muskura rahe hai? Maahir asked,Ek baat batao Kunal kya tumhaare pet mein pehle kabhi gudgudi hui hai kya? Kunal gave a what-are-you-talking' look to Maahir and then Maahir said,Mere pet mein ho rahi hai. He turned off the auto pilot and instructed the cabin crew for landing preparations.


After the landing of the flight, when all the other passengers were deplaned, Anu and the other cabin crew tried to make Bela leave the aircraft but she didn't and was continuously ranting,Pehle Capyy ko bulaao, main usike saath jaaungi. Anu and the others were fed up with her and so when Maahir and Kunal were about to leave the aircraft, on seeing Maahir, Bela screamed his name and ran to him and hugged him tightly and said,Capyy dekho sab mujhpar chilla rahe hai. She broke the hug and asked,Cappyy tum mujhe chor kar ja rahe the? She had tears in her eyes and Anu on seeing her hugging Maahir got extremely irritated and whispered,God!!Itni badtameezi to larke bhi nehi karte hai aur ye larki uff!! Kaise kaise ajeeb passengers se paala par jaata hai. Maahir heard Anu and replied,C'mon Anu she's drunk usko pata nehi hai vo kya kar rahi hai. Par mujhe ek cheez aaj pata chali hai ke drink karne ke baad larkiya sirf paagal hi nehi hoti hai balki bohot beautiful aur cute bhi lagti hai. Isiliye itne sab ke baavajud mujhe na gussa nehi aa raha hai.Anu glared at him and then Maahir said to Bela,Chaliye aapka ghar aa gaya hai. Aapke mamma papa intezaar kar rahe honge na. Bela nodded her head and then said,Nehi mujhe goadi mein uthao aur bahaar lekar chalo, jaise hero apni heroine ko uthaate hai na thik vaise.Maahir and Anu looked at each other completely boggled and Maahir said,Sorry mam main aisa nehi kar sakta hu.Bela angrily replied,Nehi karoge to main yaha se bhaag jaaungi phir mere mamma papa tumhe police mein de denge. Anu angrily said to Bela, "Jis tarah se badtameezi tum kar rahi ho, tumhe to police mein hi de dena chahiye. I'm calling the cops right now! Bela squeezed her nose and said to Anu,You churail!! Main capyy se baat kar rahi hu. Twanu ki load hai? Zyaada muh chalaya na to... to... cockroaches ke saath na kamre mein bandh kar dungi. She completely ignored Anu and wrapped Maahir's shoulder with her arms and started shouting to take her up and without having any option left, Maahir had to pick her up. As Maahir was walking embarrassingly, Bela was happily singing romantic songs swinging her legs. All the staffs of Queens Airlines and many people were staring at them and giggling and Maahir was ashamed like hell. Bela said,Tum mere Raj aur main tumhaari Simran. Hai na? She whispered in his ears,Hum na kal hi bhaag kar shaadi kar lenge phir hamaare na ek darjan bachche honge. Main unko lekar cricket team banaungi. After all the emabarrassment which Maahir was facing, any other person, in his place would have just left Bela, but Maahir could not as he was too generous and even unknown to him, was falling for Bela. When they reached downstairs, Maahir and all the cabin crew found that Ranjit Sareen, their boss was waiting there alongwith his wife. On seeing Bela in that condition, Ranjit was damn worried and embarrassed. He cleared his throat and called,Bela!! Bela looked at him and then happily jumped down of Maahir's arms and yelled,Papa!!She ran to her father and then jumped in his arms and said,Aap aa gaye hai papa?? Mujhe pata tha aap zarur aayenge. All the staffs of the airlines were shocked especially Anu, on realizing that Bela was their employer's daughter. Maahir looked at Ranjit and he said,Iam sorry sir mujhe nehi pata tha ke ye aapki beti hai. Actually inhone thori pee hui hai and thats why she is behaving like that. Ranjit, very lovingly, patted on her head and asked,Bela bachcha tumne drink kari hai? Bela immediately nodded her head and then replied,Nehi papa sab jhut bol rahe hai. Maine drink nehi ki hai. She again smiled and then replied,Maine thori si vodka pee hai. Maine drink nehi kiya. I swear!!Madhu held Bela's hand and said,Chal puttar ghar chal!! Bohot ho gaya tamasha!! She then apologized to everyone and said,We are very sorry!! Mujhe pata hai aap logo ko zarur isne bohot pareshaan kiya hoga. Vo kya hai na thori si bigri hui hai. Iske harkato ke liye, iske taraf se main maafi maangti hu. Maahir immediately said,Oh no please mam aap aise mat boliye. Actually ye hosh mein nehi hai, tabhi inhone ye sab kiya hai. Bela said to her father,Papa aap na in sabko job se nikaal do, khaaskar ke is junglee witch ko, par na.. She had a smile on her face and she pointed at Maahir and said,Ye Cappy ko mat nikaalna. She widened her arms and said,Ye cappy na itnaaa achcha hai. Usne mujhe daata bhi nehi. Aap na iske saath meri shaadi karwa do dekho kitna handsome hai. Ranjit smelled that the situation was gradually going to be out of control and so he said,Chalo beta ghar chalo. He then said to Maahir, "I'm really very sorry Captain on her behalf and all the embarrassment you had to face for her. Maahir just smiled and replied,It's absolutely alright sir!! Just take care of her!! Bela's parents started taking her away but then she suddenly stopped and then ran towards Maahir and then hugged him all of a sudden and kissed on his cheek and said,Main bye kehna bhul gayi. Bye Cappy!! Saying she left from there happily singing with her parents with both of them holding one arm of her. Behind her Maahir was standing looking at her as she went and Maahir was just smiling at her. Kunal found him smiling and asked,Captain!! Aap muskura kyu rahe hai? He replied,Soch raha hu ke kya sach mein dua itni jaldi qubool hoti hai? Kunal was confused and asked,Main samjha nehi? He smiled and replied,Aaj pehli baar aisa kisika dekha ke kuch aur dekhne ka dil hi nehi kar raha hai. Kunal looked at the direction Maahir was looking and he understood that he was talking about Bela and so he cleared his throat and said,Captain!! Vo boss ki beti hai aur Anu naam ki ek talwaar already aapke garden ke upar latak rahi hai. Maahir chuckled and replied,Ye baat main jaanta hu ke vo boss ki beti hai par pata nehi kyu... He put his hand on his left side of the chest and said,Ye kambakht dil is baat ko maan ka bhi manna nehi chahta hai aur rahi baat Anu ki to mujhe lagta hai ye sambhaal legi usko. Dekha nehi nashe mein bhi kaise harkaaya tha aaj usko. Kunal smiled and Maahir said,Par dekh bhai ye baat na apne beech mein secret rehni chahiye, raayta mat phela diyo ke kalko pata chale naukri aur chokri dono gayi haath se. Saying Maahir smiled and left from there.


Next day, in the airport, when all the pilots were getting ready for their respective flights, Ranjit stepped inside the pilots' dispatch room. Everyone greeted him and he too did the same. Ranjit smiled and said,Aaj main aap logo ke saamne ek naya announcement karne ke liye aaya hu. Actually meri ek lauti beti, Bela Sareen, abhi abhi apni pilot ki training puri karke waapas Delhi aayi hai aur main jaanta hu ke bohot saare log is usey pehchaante bhi hai because she is already very famous here. Ranjit asked Bela to come inside. When she entered inside, everyone were stunned seeing the change in Bela within a day especially those who were in the last night's flight. Last night, Bela was an extremely beautiful, cute, rich and spoilt young woman fully adored by her parents especially her father but that day she was properly arranged, sober and very beautiful with an appealing personality. But in Maahir's eyes, one thing was common between the last night's and that day's Bela and it was her mesmerizing dark black eyes. Maahir was so lost in her eyes that after 2 times of calling his name by Ranjit, when Anu knocked on his arm, he returned into the world and then said,Yes sir!! Ranjit said to Bela,Ye hamaare airlines ke one of the senior pilots hai Captain Maahir Sehgal and not to say but kaafi popular bhi hai. Maahir could not understand the meaning at first but when he understood, he turned red and seeing that Ranjit smiled and said,Don't be shy young man!! Mujhe apne har employee ki khabar hoti hai. Bela was cautious on hearing his name as she realized that he was the one, with whom she misbehaved the most, as told by her mother. Ranjit continued,Well jaisa ke main keh raha tha ke aaj meri beti ka pehla flight hai actually main bhi ye chahta tha ke meri beti apne career ki shuruwaat apne khud ki company se kare. So as you are one of the seniormost pilot today Captain Maahir, so I want you to guide her in her first flight as your first officer aur iski ek aur vajah ye bhi hai ke... Ranjit looked at Bela meaningfully and said,I think Ms. Sareen should be given the chance to make up for the last night. Bela was very embarrassed at that statement and could not meet her eyes with Maahir. Though Maahir didn't react that much, but inside he was jumping with joy but with extremely cool expression, said,It will be my prevelege to guide Miss Sareen, on her first flight, sir. I will definitely try my best. Ranjit shook hands with Maahir and then wished best of luck to Bela and then left from there. Before leaving with Maahir, Bela said to everyone,Kal ki flight mein staffs kaun kaun the ye to mujhe yaad nehi hai, par mujhe ye pata hai ke maine sabke saath bohot badtameezi ki hai. Isiliye main sabse dil se maafi maangti hu, please mujhe maaf kar dijiye kyuki main kal hosh mein nehi thi. She joined her hands begging for everyones' apology and Maahir was really very impressed seeing her generosity even after being so rich. The staffs accepted her apology and Kunal poked Maahir's arm and whispered,Captain aaj to aapki lottery lag gayi. Maahir replied back, "Aaj subhe aaine mein apna chehra dekha tha aur ha nazar mat lagaiyo. Kunal chuckled and wished him luck and then Maahir said to Bela,To chaliye First Officer, aaj aapka test hai.Bela smiled and then they walked towards the aircraft. On the way, Bela found her father and she ran to him and stopped him by grabbing his hand and asked, "Papa mere pehle flight ke baad mujhe kya gift milega? Ranjit joined her arms across her chest and asked,Baby doll ko kya gift chahiye? Bela replied,Mujhe apne friends ke saath Baali jaana hai aur mujhe aapka private jet chahiye. Ranjit shook his shoulder and replied,Ok but ek shart par ke tum fly nehi karogi uske liye pilots honge. Bela replied,Ok deal!! Par mujhe sabse achche waale beach resort ka sabse badhiya waala sea facing suite chahiye aur chahiye matlab chaiye, chahe uske liye aapko pura resort hi book kyu na karna pare. Main kisi dusre room mein rahungi hi nehi. Ranjit nodded his head and replied,Shehzaadi ji ka hukum... Ranjit pulled Bela's cheeks and continued,Sar aakho par...Princess ko jo jaisa chahiye vaisa hi milega. Papa's promise!! Bela was so happy that she jumped like a child and Maahir was hearing all their conversation and understood that Bela was over pampered by her father almost to the level of badly spoiling her. She bid bye to her father and resumed walking with Maahir. On the way Bela said,Captain Sehgal main uswaqt sabke saamne nehi keh paayi par maine suna matlab mamma ne kaha ke maine sabse zyaada badtameezi aaphike saath kiya tha aur ye bhi ke...maine aapko...Bela was so embarrassed that it was not even possible for her to say anything but still she said,Maine aapko kiss bhi kiya tha. Iam...Iam really very very sorry for that. Pehle jab bhi drink kiya tha aisi haalat kabhi nehi hui par kal to shaayad main puri out of control thi varna aisi harkat to... Main aapse kis language mein maafi maangu mujhe samajhme hi nehi aa raha hai. Maahir looked at her with a smile for a long time and then said,You know Miss Sareen agar aaj main aapko dekhta nehi na to mujhe kabhi ye yakeen hi nehi hota ke aap actually itni polite hai, kyuki kal na aap ekdam 6-7 saal ki bachchi ki tarah behave kar rahi thi. But one thing I must say that you were looking veryyy cute.Bela blushed and then said,Meri mamma kehti hai ke mere papa ke liye main aaj bhi 6-7 saal ki bachchi hi hu. But mujhe na papa se aise atrangi demands karna bohot achcha lagta hai because he never says no!'. Mere janam ki baad hi ye airlines papa ne shuru kiya tha and it became a huge success and so he kinda little bit' spoiled me and I won't lie I love to be spoiled'. While chatting, they both reached their flight and Maahir said,Ha maine sab dekha bhi aur suna bhi ke aap kitni laadli hai apne papa ki. But ek cheez mujhe samajhme nehi aayi ke aapne peeche se fingers cross kyu kiya tha? Bela waved her hand on Maahir's face and said,Vo kuch nehi hai papa ne manaa kiya hai na ke unka jet pilots uraayenge. Abhi ek baar jet mere kabze mein aaya to thore hi main kisi aur ko uraane dungi? Aur pata hai sabse mazedaar baat kya hai? Ye baat na papa bhi jaante hai ke main hamesha apni marzi ka karti hu. Bela winked at Maahir and went ahead of him and entered inside the cockpit.


After taking their respective seats, Bela took out a toffee from her blazer's pocket and gave that to and said,Ye lijiye meri mamma ne diya hai actually na jab bhi main koi kaam pehli baar karne jaati thi, meri mom mujhe ek toffee deti thi kyuki vo dahi shakkar mujhe nehi achcha lagta. Thats absolutely impossible. Maahir smiled and took the toffee and said,Thank you so much Miss Sareen!! Vaise kyuki aaj ye aapka pehla din hai to main chahta hu ke aaj aap announce kare aur aap hi take off bhi kare. She looked at him with wide eyes and then asked,Main??? Take off?? Are you serious captain?? He smiled and asked,Kyu confidence nehi hai? She shook her shoulder and replied,Nehi aisi baat nehi hai par, aaj mera pehla official flight hai aur aise mein main aur take off...You know...Main bohot nervous feel kar rahi hu.He gave a hearty laugh and then said,I can understand, pehle din ka experience hi kuch alag hota hai aur main chahta hu ke ye pehla din aapko hamesha yaad rahe kyuki baad mein vo feel nehi aata hai jo feel aap aaj karogi. Bela was still very scared and asked,Are you sure captain ke main aisa kar sakti hu?? Kyuki ye training flight nehi hai, peeche bohot saare passengers bhi hai. Aapko lagta hai I can? Maahir covered Bela's eyes with his hand and asked,Apne dil ke gehraayi mein jaao aur khud se pucho, can you?Bela remained silent for a couple of seconds while Maahir just stared at her face and then Bela replied,Yes I can!! Bela opened her eyes and then Maahir said,So go for it!! Bela gave a broad smile which melted Maahir's heart and then she made the announcement with full confidence. After that with Maahir's support, she took off her first commercial flight. When the flight was mid air and the auto-pilot was engaged,Bela looked outside the window and said to Maahir,You know Captain aap sahi kehte hai, pehli  flight ki jagah koi nehi le sakta hai. Its something very special. Maahir said,Told ya!! Now Bela had a big characteristic problem and that was due to her half desi Punjabi gene as her father was a typical sophisticated Punjabi and she got that gene from her mother. That problem was whenever she meets someone for the first time, she behaves very formally at first but after some time, her spirit of formality leaves her body completely and then it was occupied by her Desi Punjabi spirit and she becomes too informal and then she talks like a complete chatter box. While Maahir was having his coffee and was thinking in his mind to start a conversation with Bela, which actually he never felt for any other girl, his wish was granted as like many recent wishes, and Bela started the conversation between them.S he asked,By the way Captain aap Punjabi ho na? Maahir nodded his head and replied,Yes Iam a full time Punjabi. Bela asked,Sophisticated waale ya desi waale? Maahir gave her a What-do-you-mean' look and Bela understood that Maahir didn't get what she actually asked him and so she asked,I mean mere papa jaise formal' Punjabi ya meri mamma jaisi bindaas' Punjabi. Maahir pulled his collar and said,Bindaas waala!! Bela was so excited that she held his hand and said,Tab to aapki aur meri mamma ki na bohot jamegi kyuki vo na desi type Punjabi hai and she loves her Punjab and Punjabi. Mere papa aur meri mamma ki love marriage hui thi, par aajkal vo kehti hai ke unhone mere papa se shaadi karke na bohot bari galti ki hai because he is so boreing. Meri mamma to chahti hai ke unka daamaad bhi Punjabi ho par papa kehte hai ke vo ek achcha ameer ghar dekh kar meri shaadi karwaayenge. Par maine to unse saaf saaf keh diya hai ke main agar shaadi karungi to love marriage hi karungi. Aap hi batao aajkal ke larke larkiya aise kaise kisi bhi ajnabee se shaadi kar sakte hai? Isme bhi koi logic hai bhala? Mere papa bare selfish hai khud to love marriage kar liya par mere time par nakhre dikha rahe hai. Maahir widened his eyes to see such a quick transformation in Bela's behaviour but was amused seeing that free bird' Bela in front of him. He asked,Really??To kaisa larka chahiye aapko? Bela blushed and replied,Koi prince charming nehi chahiye. I mean chahiye...but jo thora handsome ho, jisko khaana banana aata ho kyuki mujhe nehi aata na... baaki ka abhi tak actually maine plan nehi kiya hai. Maahir muttered to himself,Uska koi panga nehi hai kyuki mujhe bara achcha khaana banana aata hai. Bela asked,Kuch kaha aapne? Maahir nodded his head and just opened his mouth to ask about her parents, but before that Bela said,Actually vo kya hai na mere papa mujhe lekar bare over possessive hai, kya kare unki bhi koi galti nehi hai, after all ek lauti hu na. Mamma to kehti rehti hai ke kuch ghar ke kaam seekhle, thora khaana banana seekhle, shaadi ke baad sasural mein jaakar kya karegi par maine bhi keh diya hai, mera pati thore hi mujhse khaana banwaayega aur agar aisi naubat aayi to apne ghar se main cook dahej mein lekar jaaungi.Maahir appreciated her and said,Waah!!Kya planning hai. Vaise aapko na is maamle mein bilkul koi problem nehi hogi. Bela was confused and asked,Kya matlab? Maahir swallowed the lumo formed inside his throat as he just realized what he just spilled out in front of Bela and replied,Uh...Mera matlab hai ke I'm sure aapke prince charming ko khaana zarur banana aayega. I'll pray for you. Bela thanked him and then Maahir said,Vaise aapne kamaal ka future plan banaya hai. Bela thought that to be a genuine complement and so she said,Hai na?? Main jaanti thi, planning to karke rakhni hi chahiye na. Ab aap hi batao, main akeli larki aur aajkal ka zamaane koi bharosa hai kya? Meri ek cousin thi, uske boyfriend ne usko 6 mahine baad hi chor diya. Meri ek college friend thi, usko shaadi ka waada karke, shaadi se just do din pehle kisi aur larki se shaadi karke US bhaag gaya kameena aur meri ek dusri friend, uske baare mein to kya batau by God bari dukh bhari kahaani hai.Uske boyfriend ne usko shaadi ka waada kiya aur pregnant banakar chor kar chala gaya. Maahir asked,To aap...Bela stopped him and said,Main aapko kya batau Captain Sehgal, meri mamma ne jabse ye sab suna hai na itni senti ho gayi hai ke har waqt tension ke maare hai na unka BP high rehta hai. Mera papa to mujhe pilot training ke liye bahar bhejna hi nehi chahte the, par maine bhi zidd kiya aur phir purey khaandaan ko pata hai ke Bela agar apne zidd par aa gayi to vo kya kar sakti hai isliye papa ke paas aur koi option hi nehi bacha aur unhone mujhe bhej diya. Maahir looked at the time and found that it was almost getting near to the landing time and as he was about to inform Bela regarding that but she continued,Jab main bahar ja rahi thi na to mamma ne mujhe seekha para kar diya tha ke zyaada kisi ajnabee se baat na karu, ye...vo... Ab main kya school mein parti hu jo vo mujhe ye sab bataayegi? Ye moms bhi na uff!! Vaise mujhe institute mein bhi bohot proposals mile the but maine ek ko bhi bhaao nehi diya.Bela continued her chatting and by that time, it was the time for landing. But Maahir didn't want her to stop her nonsense as he was liking listening to her rubbishes very much especially the expressions she was giving after each of her statement but since the job had to be done, he said to Bela,Ek baat honestly batau mujhe na aapki baate sunne mein bohot achchi lag rahi thi lekin flight ke landing ka time ho gaya hai na so... Bela bit her lips and then accompanied Maahir in landing the flight. After the flight came to a complete hault, Bela, in a very embarrassing tone said,Mera radio waapas se chaalu ho gaya na. Mere saath problem hi ye hai, main chahkar bhi control nehi kar paati. Maahir, in order to make her feel better said,Nehi nehi aisi koi baat nehi hai actually na lambi flights aksar boreing hoti hai lekin aap ke saath to waqt ka pata hi nehi chala. Maine aaj sach mein pehli baar apni flight bohot zyaada enjoy kiya hai. Bela smiled and asked,Kyu aapke saare co pilots boreing hote hai kya? Maahir rested his face on the palm of his right hand and replied,O na ji na boreing nehi hote, par koi aap jaisi bhi to nehi hai. Bela gave him a what' look and Maahir immediately corrected himself and said,Vo...uh... main ye keh raha tha ke kisne kaha aap zyaada baat karti hai? Mujhe to aisa kuch nehi laga. Bela was very happy on hearing that and she said,Haaye sachchi!! Pehli baar aaj mujhe kisine kaha hai ke main kam bolti hu. Lagta hai aaj maine baate thori kam ki hai na to shaayad bhukh zyaada lag rahi hai varna mujhe itni jaldi bhukh nehi lagti hai. Maahir immediately nodded his head and said,Ha ha aap jaaiye aur bahaar mera intezaar kijiye main bhi abhi aata hu aapke peeche.Bela nodded her head and then took her luggage and her blazer and left from there. After she left, Maahir gave a sigh of relief and then said,Ye itna kam bolti hai ke aaj ke flight ka time kaha se beeta mujhe pata hi nehi chala. Beta Maahir agar iski ma ka damaad tu ban gaya na,to ye to teri zindagi aadhe mein hi nipta degi aur suhaagraat to bhul hi ja, iske chakkar mein to mere bachche bhi late paida honge. Maahir smiled at his own statement and then left the aircraft.


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SmileSmileSmile i like the story very much,,,but as request please write a story completely in english...because i am from tamil nadu i know little bit hindi only...
Posted: 2018-08-29T11:03:01Z
Originally posted by SUNSHISHASU

SmileSmileSmile i like the story very much,,,but as request please write a story completely in english...because i am from tamil nadu i know little bit hindi only...
I can't help it for this story sorryEmbarrassedyou can take your time and read it and about another story fully in english I will have to think about it
Posted: 2018-08-29T13:02:20Z
Nice update

Bela use to be so different and carefree

What happened that caused them to separate? Was it bela's Dad?

I am excited to read when bulbul meets Mahir. He is going to be so much hurt

Thank you!
Posted: 2018-08-29T13:16:07Z
Very good try to post next part soon
Posted: 2018-08-29T13:45:33Z
I,'ve no patience in me
PLZ update soon
Posted: 2018-08-29T19:29:34Z
Originally posted by komlika

Nice update

Bela use to be so different and carefree

What happened that caused them to separate? Was it bela's Dad?

I am excited to read when bulbul meets Mahir. He is going to be so much hurt

Thank you!
Hurt and happy
Posted: 2018-08-29T19:30:01Z
Originally posted by Avi99

Very good try to post next part soon
Its not possible to update soon

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