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This is my another story!!Smile
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A girl was standing in front of her school's gate waiting for her car to pick her up. She was just asking the watchman of the school about the time after every 5 minutes but to her utter dismay no car stopped in front of the school gate and no one came to pick her up. At last she got bored and climbed on a basement outside the school gate. She sat down, joined her legs in a cross and rested both her elbows on her thighs and supported her face on both her palms and pouted sadly and said,I know mamma again forgot to pick me up. Kya pata bhul hi gayi ya jaanbujhkar nehi aayi. Hamesha mujhe promise karti hai that we will have lunch together par kabhi apna promise nehi nibhaati hai. Hamesha koi na koi meeting ya phir official lunch ya phir kuch aur, kuch na kuch chalta hi rehta hai unka. Mere liye to waqt hi nehi hai unke paas. She was getting more and more impatient and even more angry but just then something came upon her mind and a smile formed on her face and she said,Though I have never seen him, bas unki baate hi suni hai but I know mere daddy aise bilkul nehi honge. Vo to bohot zyaada achche honge. At that moment, a car stopped in front of the gate and the girl quickly came down of the basement and ran hurriedly towards it. The driver opened the door and an elderly lady came out of the car. On seeing the lady, the girl made a sad face and gave a sigh of disappointment and asked,Mamma phir se bhul gayi na naani aur isiliye unhone aapko bheja hai? Now don't tell me ke unko achaanak se koi bohot important kaam aa gaya hai. The girl again pouted sadly and seeing that the lady hugged her and said,Aww mera bachcha!! Ab main aur kya kahu? Mamma to sach mein hi bohot busy hai. Par koi nehi mamma nehi hai to kya hua, naani hai na. Aaj hum dono ek saath lunch karenge aur vo bhi tere favourate restaurant mein. The girl, though was sad but with a smile hugged her grandmother and said,You know naani you are my bestest friend kyuki ek aap hi ho, jiske saath mein daddy ke baare mein baat kar sakti hu aur aapko gussa bhi nehi aata. Varna ghar mein to unke naam par hi curfew lagi hui hai. The girl sat inside the car beside the lady and the driver drove off. While on the way, the girl asked,Ek baat to bolo naani, kya daddy bhi aise hi the...I mean promise karke bhul jaane waale? Ya kaam ka bahaana karne waale? The woman nodded her head and replied,Nehi oye!! Hum punjabiya apne waade kabhi nehi bhulte hai. Tera baap jab bhi teri ma ko koi promise karta tha na, to har haal mein usko nibhaata tha. The girl asked,Par naani, naanu aur mamma dono bhi to Punjabi hi hai na. To vo log aise kharoos type kyu hai? The woman made a face and replied,Naam se hi bas Punjabi hai, varna punjabiyo ki ek bhi khaasiyat inme nehi hai aur teri ma bilkul apne baap pe gayi hai. The girl curiously asked,Really???To phir main kispar gayi? The woman smiled and then kissed on her forehed and replied,Oye puttar tu to hai na dono par gayi hai. Ziddi apni ma jaisi aur caring apne baap ki tarah. The girl was very happy to hear that she got the nicest quality of her father and hoped desperately to meet her father one day.

The girl described above was Bulbul Sehgal, 8 years old daughter of Captain Bela Sareen and Captain Maahir Sehgal. Bela was the daughter of Ranjit Sareen, ex Indian Air Force Officer and the owner of QUEENS  AIRLINES. The company was established in Delhi where Maahir was a senior pilot and Bela was a rookie pilot who started off her career in her own airlines company. They fall in love, got married much to her father's chargin since Maahir was his employee and then separated due to some reasons. Bela became very quiet and went to depression after her marriage failed and so Ranjit shifted his whole business to Canada so that Bela could stay away from her old memories. Before leaving India, she came to know about her pregnancy but due to their separation, didn't inform Maahir about that as she thought that he didn't deserve to know about the child. Everyday, whenever Bela used to be alone outside everyone's eyes, she spent time with Maahir's photo and reminiscing about their sweet memory. Ranjit could not see the pain of Bela and he tried to get her and Maahir divorced so that she could move on in her life but despite of hating him with all her heart, Bela never found the courage to divorce him and separate his name from hers. Though Bela didn't like talking about Maahir, in front of everyone, but Bulbul, she loved her father just because of her grandmother, as she was the one who never hid anything from her about Maahir, despite of Ranjit's warning, which she obviously overlooked. Though Bela loved Bulbul with her life, but her hatred for Maahir, surpassed that love and so in order to forget him, Bela always remained busy in her work, giving less time to Bulbul. She even used to fly commercial flights as the senior pilot for short vacation in order to separate herself away from her stress and sorrow especially to grab some me time away from everyone and so Bela's mother Madhu Sareen, took care of Bulbul and she never let Bulbul forget her father along with missing her mother. She used to tell Bulbul about Maahir everyday which was not liked by Bela and Ranjit. Ranjit even tried to change Bulbul's surname during her birth but Madhu didn't let it happen. Bulbul is an exteremely arrogant child when it comes to making anyone surrender to her demands and she could use any means to achieve her goal without caring about the consequences. Though she misses her mother very much and also knows that her mother loves her, but somewhere she got used to her overlooking nature and in her heart never expects anything from her in return except the whereabouts of her father. Getting to know the whereabouts of her father was the only thing that Bulbul never succeeded in achieving. Her one and only dream was to meet her father thinking that she might get the love from him which she never got from Bela and to unite both her parents as she knew no matter how much Bela hated Maahir in front of everyone, but she still loved him with all her heart.



The walls of a gym of a lavish apartment was covered fully with photographs of a woman and a couple and the same man in the photograph was working out. After his workout, while he was having his protein shake, his cellphone rang. From the other side, a woman was calling him. The convo :-

The man :- "Yes Anu!!

The woman :- "C'mon Maahir aise sukhe sukhe Yes Anu!' do mahine baad hamaari engagement hai aur shaadi bhi ho jaayegi aur tum ho ki abhi bhi kitne unromantic ho.

The man :- (gave a dry type of smile) "Main gym mein hu Anu and right now Iam very tired. Mujhe abhi fresh hona hai aur phir office bhi jaana hai.

The woman :- "Ya ya I know,par main ye soch rahi thi ke aaj thori shopping kar lu. Maine papa se bhi baat kar li hai to tum please mere saath aaj chalo.

The man :- "Uh...Anu...Iam sorry main nehi chal sakta, meri aaj flight hai and you know, main apne flight ka schedule change nehi karta. Tum...Kuhu ko lekar chali jaao. Vaise bhi mujhe shopping par jaana kuch khaas pasand nehi hai.

The woman :- "Ok I understand, main tumhe force nehi karungi. Main Kuhu ke saath chali jaaungi you just take care. I love you Maahir!!

The man :- "Ya bye.

The man was Captain Maahir Sehgal, presently the co-owner of KINGSTON  AIRLINES, alongwith his college friend Anu Mittal's father, Shekhar Mittal. Maahir's parents died many years ago in an accident. Anu used to love him since past 12 years, but Maahir loved only Bela and Anu was just his friend. She even took the job of an airhostess, despite of being a billionaire's only daughter, just to be close to Maahir. He married Bela leaving Anu heartbroken. After Bela stepped out of Maahir's life, he was heartbroken and was so angry on everything that out of desperation to forget Bela and to make himself rich, he proposed a business deal to Shekhar and both together founded the new aviation company. With Shekhar's financial support and Maahir's hard work, it soon made its place among the top 25 best airlines companies around the world along with QUEENS  AIRLINES. Just like Bela, Maahir, despite being the co-owner, used to take fly commercial flights as the senior pilot. Anu grabbed the opportunity of his loneliness and came closer to Maahir and one day her father proposed her marriage with him. Since Maahir didn't divorce Bela, so at first he was not ready but thinking that Anu waited for him for 12 long years, he thought of not betraying the person who loved him so dearly for the one who just left him without giving any chance to explain and so he agreed for the marriage, a sort of compromise so that at least the one, who really deserved happiness and who stood by him everytime could be happy.



Bela returned late at night as usual and remembered that she had promised Bulbul that she would pick her up from the school and would have lunch together but could not keep her promise and so in order to make up to her, she thought of going to Bulbul's bedroom at first. She went to Bulbul's bedroom and found that she was watching TV. Bela walked upto Bulbul and was just about to start a conversation, when Bulbul snatched the words from her mouth and imitated just like her mother,Number 1 - Iam sorry Bulbul baby, main thora late ho gayi. You know na office mein kitna kaam rehta hai and I had a busy schedule today. Main ekdam se bhul gayi aur jab yaad aaya to maine naani ko bhej diya tumhaare paas. I promise agli baar pakka jaayenge. Number 2 Iam sorry mera baby vo kya hai na maine to tumhaare liye time nikaala hi tha aur main office se nikal bhi gayi thi par naanu ne achaanak se ek bohot important meeting reschedule kar di, to ab main kya karti? Par uske liye to main tumhaara lunch barbaad nehi kar sakti thi na isiliye maine naani ko tumhaare paas bhej diya. After finishing Bulbul looked disappointedly at her mother and asked,Do you have anything different to say than that? Really mamma you should work on your excuses. Bela was somehow controlling her laugh on seeing the way Bulbul imitated her but once she finished, Bela held her ears and said,Iam really sorry Bulbul!! Par maine aaj time sach mein nikaala tha par you know naanu...Bulbul nodded her head and then clapped and said,Ya right!!I can understand. Its Number 2!! Bela said,Ok aaj mujhe sorry nehi chahiye, ye bolo tumhe kya chahiye?Anything you want,you'll get it today.Bulbul squeezed her brows meaningfully which actually meant that she had something very naughty cooking inside her brain and asked, Anything I want? Bela nodded her head and replied,Yup!! Bulbul got down of her bed and then ran out of her room. After a minute, she returned with a photo frame and gave that to Bela and said,Mujhe inka address, phone number, email sab chahiye. Bela looked at the photo and felt disgusted as she brought Maahir's photo with her. Out of disgust, she threw the frame on the bed and said,Bulbul why do you do this everytime? Tumhe pata hai na I don't like it aur maine tumhe kitni baar samjhaaya hai ke tumhaara yu Maahir ke baare mein baat karna bilkul bhi pasand nehi hai mujhe aur maine tumhe ye bhi bola hai na ke abse sirf main hi tumhaari mummy aur papa dono hu.Bulbul took the frame and looked at Bela angrily and then she was about to throw it in the floor but Bela screamed and stopped her. Bulbul smiled and said,Aap khud daddy ka photo pillow ke neeche rakh kar soti ho and now when I was trying to break it, you screamed. Aap bhi meri tarah daddy se pyar karti ho na.S o why don't you tell me his whereabout? Mujhe janna hai mere daddy kaha hai. Isme aapke kaunse paise kharch ho jaayenge.Bela gave a fed up look to Bulbul and replied,Bulbul please, mujhe har roz ki ye chik chik achchi nehi lagti hai. Mera luck kharaab hai jo ye mera husband hai kyuki maine usse is duniya mein apne mummy papa ke baad sabse zyaada pyar kiya tha lekin usne... Bela stopped and Bulbul replied,Ok fine!! Mujhe aapke husband ke baare mein janne ka koi interest nehi hai lekin aapko mujhe mere daddy ke baare mein bataane mein kya problem hai? Aapko unse jitna hate karna hai kijiye lekin main to apne daddy se bohot pyar karti hu. Bela was so disgusted that she didn't argue with her and picked up the photo and said,Apni umar se zyaada baat mat karo Bulbul. Jis baat ko lekar beth jaati ho, bas beth hi jaati ho. Pehle tumhaare daddy ne meri jaan khaayi ab unki kasar tum puri kar rahi ho. What is the problem with you? Kis baat ki kami ho rahi hai tumhe yaha par? Bulbul bluntly replied,Mere daddy ki! Bela understood that it was useless to argue with her any further and so was about to leave when Bulbul replied,Bye bye Mrs. Sehgal!! Bela stopped on hearing Bulbul addressing her as Mrs Sehgal, since it was only Maahir who used to call her that. A twist of emotions filled her heart but after a few seconds she left from there. After Bela left, Bulbul said,Chahe aap mujhe kuch bhi na batao mamma, par main apne aap se promise karti hu ke main mere daddy ko dhundh kar hi nikaalungi, chahe mujhe kuch bhi karna pare. After all jo cheez karne ki manaayi ho vo karne mein mujhe bohot maza aata hai. Bulbul gave a determined and evil smile thinking that one day she would really unite her parents.


The whole night Bulbul was only planning and thinking about how could she find the whereabouts of her father. In the morning, she came to have breakfast with everyone and was sitting like a dreaded and exhausted soul. Bela, on seeing her asked,What happened? Kya hua mere bachche ko? Bulbul yawned and rested her right portion of her face on her palm and replied,Nothin' mamma!! Main to bas aise hi soch rahi thi ke daddy ke baare mein pata kaise karu. Main to har raat hi sochti hu aur kal raat bhar to kuch zyaada hi soch rahi thi isiliye na abhi bhi neend aa rahi hai.On hearing the name of Maahir, Bela in a tensed manner looked at her father thinking the way he would react to it now. As presumed by Bela, Ranjit was really very angry and he scolded Bulbul,Bulbul stop being so stubborn!! Kitni baar humne manaa kiya hai ke Maahir ka naam is ghar mein nehi liya jaayega. Pehli baat ab Maahir ke saath hum logo ka koi relation nehi hai. Isiliye ye daddy ka raag alaapna bandh karo. Stop calling him daddy!! Har roz ek hi baat samjhaana mujhe bilkul bhi pasand nehi hai. Bulbul though tolerates everytime Bela insulted her since she knew that at least she loved Maahir a lot but other than her if anyone insulted Maahir, she would never tolerate that. So when Ranjit said bad about Maahir, Bulbul was so angry at her grandfather that she immediately protested,Naanu aap mere daddy ke baare mein kuch mat bolna mujhe ye sab bilkul bhi achcha nehi lagta hai. Agar main apne daddy ko daddy nehi bula sakti hu to phir mamma bhi aapko kal se papa nehi bulaayegi. Achcha lagega na aapko? Bela, in a firm tone, in order to control Bulbul said,Bulbul ye tareeka hua apne naanu se baat karne ka? Behave yourself aur abhi bina koi awaaz nikaale muh se apna naashta khatam karo aur apne room mein jaao.Ranjit completed his breakfast and then left for office after asking Bela to come to the office as soon as possible. The cook served Bulbul milk and muslie but on seeing them, she squeezed her nose and pushed away the bowl and said,How many times I'll tell you that I don't like this garbage? Bring my paraathe and my curd.Bela pointed at the bowl and said,Listen Bulbul, ye health ke liye bohot achcha hai,ye sab jo roz roz tum paraathe ki demand karti ho na,ye bilkul healthy nehi hota hai sehat ke liye.Ye saari cheeze zyaada khaane se you will become fat.Madhu patted at Bulbul's hair and replied,Oye puttar is umar mein nehi khaayegi to kya budhdhe hone ke baad khaayegi? Ye sab khaane se insaan tandurust banta hai.Arey hamaare desi ghee mein jo baat hai, vo yaha ke ghaas pus mein kaha. Bela nodded her head and replied,Ya right!!Main to bhul hi gayi thi ke naani aur nawasi ke saamne meri kaha chalegi. Jo karna hai karo meri bala se bas khaana time par kha lena. Bulbul aaj tumhaara school bandh hai so I don't want any complain against you. Do you get that? Bulbul nodded her head and  replied,Main ghar par hi rahungi don't worry.Vaise bhi mujhe bohot kaam hai. Bela whispered,Whatever!! When she was about to leave, to Bulbul and Madhu's utter disgust, Reyhaan came in the house to meet Bela. Reyhaan Khurana, son of Ranjit's childhood friend and is a pilot of QUEENS  AIRLINES. Reyhaan and his family shifted to Toronto to expand their business but since Reyhaan is a licensed pilot and even owns a private jet for himself, he thought of joining Ranjit's company so that he could spend some more time with the family and especially Bela since he loves her a lot. Ranjit even chose him as the suitor for Bela after she gets officially divorced from Maahir after getting to know Reyhaan's feelings for her. Bela greeted Reyhaan and asked,Hi Reyhaan kaise ho? Reyhaan replied,Main thik hu par lagta hai ke tumhaara mood aaj kuch thik nehi hai. Bela smiled and raised her brows and replied,Well vohi roz ki problem Bulbul and her daddy puran. Iam just fed up of it.Reyhaan smiled and said,Don't worry Bela ek baar shaadi ho jaane do, jab vo hamaare ghar mein aa jaayegi she will slowly forget Maahir. Bachchi hai aur usko apne papa ka pyar bhi to nehi mila hai. Par main hu na, main vo sab kuch karunga jo ek baap apni beti ke liye karta hai.She smiled and said,I know Reyhaan you'll do it and  I respect your sentiments par main shaadi ke liye tayyar nehi hu. Ek baar shaadi karke usko sambhaal nehi paayi and I don't want to go through that heartbreak again. Vaise bhi Bulbul aur mera relation bohot zyaada achcha nehi hai aur main aisa kuch nehi karna chahti hu jisse ke hamaara relation aur bhi kharaab ho.Vo apne daddy ki jagah kisiko nehi degi, I know her. Vo itni stubborn hai ke vo apni zidd puri karne ke liye kisi bhi hadh tak ja sakti hai, bohot arrogant hai vo. Thats why Iam saying, tum bohot achche ho Reyhaan tumhe mujhse bhi achchi larki mil jaayegi so you should think about it.Reyhaan smiled and replied,Koi bhi achchi larki tum to nehi hogi na aur vaise bhi vo abhi bachchi hai. She will be handled nicely. Just trust me!!Bulbul was having her breakfast and watching them from quite a distance and was getting irked on seeing Reyhaan talking to her mother. The main reason of her anger was that both of them were talking and smiling since she can't tolerate him especially when he is with Bela. She asked Madhu,Naani ek baat batao naanu is aadmi se meri mamma ki shaadi kyu karwaana chahte hai? Inse to kahi guna zyaada handsome mere daddy hai?She squeezed her nose and replied,Pasand to ye mujhe bhi nehi hai puttar,par kya kare tere naanu ke aagey kisi aur ki chalti hai kya.Bulbul said,Naanu to vaise mere daddy ke baare mein sunna tak pasand nehi karte hai lekin aap mujhe sab bataati ho na unke baare mein tab to aapko dar nehi lagta? Khair choro!! Dekh lena naani main apni mamma ki shaadi kisi aur se nehi hone dungi.Meri mamma sirf aur sirf mere daddy ke saath hi rahegi.Saying she walked upto Bela and Reyhaan. On seeing her Reyhaan walked towards her to greet her. He gave her a chocolate and said,Hullo Bulbul!!Nice to meet you!!Bulbul looked at the chocolate for a second and looked at Reyhaan for the next second and gave him a fake smile asked,Meri mamma se shaadi karne ke liye aap mujhe bribe kar rahe hai? Vaise aap agar aisa kar bhi rahe hai to koi faayda nehi hai. He smiled and asked,Kyu aapko main achcha nehi lagta?She nodded her head and replied,Bilkul bhi nehi. I don't like you at all!! Reyhaan sat on his feet and asked,Kyu? Mujhe to aap bohot pasand ho? Bulbul, made a face and replied,Kyuki mere paas mere daddy hai, ha vo mujhe miley nehi par ek din to mil hi jaayenge. Har koi hamesha ke liye thore hi chupa sakta hai unko mujhse? Isiliye abhi mujhe ek aur daddy ki koi zarurat nehi hai aur daddy sabke paas ek hi hote hai do do nehi. Reyhaan replied,Par beta aapke daddy aapke saath nehi rehte hai na aur aapki mamma bhi aapke daddy ke saath rehna chahti nehi hai.Bulbul shook her shoulder and said,Rehte nehi hai to iska matlab ye thore hi hai ke vo kabhi nehi rahenge? Abhi main daddy se mili nehi hu na jab main daddy se mil lungi tab vo hamaare saath rehne ke liye zarur maan jaayenge aur mamma to aaj bhi mere daddy se hi pyar karti hai main jaanti hu bas daddy ko dhundh kar nikaalne ki der hai.He predicted that stubbornness of Bulbul to be a childhood fantasy and in an amusing tone asked,Par agar aap apne daddy ko na dhundh paayi to? Aur chalo maan lete hai ke dhundh bhi liya aur agar uske baad bhi aapke daddy aapke mamma ke saath nehi rehna chahe to? She smiled and replied,Dhundh kar to main apne daddy ko nikaal kar hi rahungi. You don't worry about that. Agar nehi dhundh paayi to main bhi Bulbul Sehgal nehi. Reyhaan wished her best of luck and said,To phir thik hai agar tum apne daddy ko nehi dhundh paayi to main tumhaari mamma se shaadi karunga and you can't stop me and you have to come and live with me in my house. Agreed?She smiled and replied,I don't have to stop you because my daddy won't let that happen.He got up and patted on Bulbul's cheek and then left towards his car where Bela was waiting for them.


[ India ]

Maahir was working in his office, when Kuhu came to meet him. Kuhu Kapoor is a common friend of both Maahir and Anu and she is a very nice person. Among the two she is closest to Maahir and more than friends she is like a sister to him. Maahir may hide everything from everyone but never hides anything from Kuhu. On seeing her, in his office, Maahir smiled and asked,Kya baat hai?Achaanak mere cabin ka raasta kaise bhul gayi madam?Kuhu sat on a chair opposite to him and replied,Main nehi bhuli raasta par lagta hai ke tum apni is dost ko bhul gaye.He put aside his work and smile at her and asked,Really??Vo kaise?She shook her shoulders and said,C'mon Maahir apne aap ko dekho,kya the aur kya ho gaye ho.Jabse Bela gayi hai tumne to jaise apne aap ko andar bandh kar liya hai.Aisa kaise chalega? Upar se you are going to get married to Anu. Isiliye maine baar baar tumhe samjhaaya tha ke usse shaadi karne ka ye decision itni jaldbaazi mein mat lo.He made a straight face and replied,Main thik hu Kuhu. Iam perfectly alright. Mujhe kuch nehi hua hai. Ab Bela meri zindagi mein nehi hai isiliye I don't think about her anymore.She, in a mocking tone, said,Shes not in your life isn't it?Har roz,drawyer kholkar tum uski photo dekhte ho.Tumhaare ghar mein aaj bhi uski photos lagi hui hai.Tum aajtak usey apni zindagi aur apne dil se nikaal nehi paaye aur tum mujhe keh rahe ho you've moved on.Pata hai aisa karke tum Anu ko punish kar rahe ho.I mean she waited for you for 12 years,kitna pyar karti hai tumse aur is tarah se bina Bela ko puri tarah apne dil nikaale tum Anu ko shaadi ke baad khush kaise rakkhoge? I know Bela se tum bohot pyar karte ho aur apna pehla pyar jo tumhaari biwi thi usey bhulna is not so easy aur is baare mein main tumhe bilkul judge nehi karungi isiliye main nehi chahti hu ke tum dono shaadi karo. Isse koi khush nehi rahega yaar.He replied,Sab thik ho jaayega you don't worry.Kuhu replied,I hope so too Maahir. By the way maine tumhaare liye ek special sweet dish banaayi hai jo tumhe bohot pasand hai. Ye lo!! Kuhu gave him a box and he happily said,Bundi ka raayta na?Thanks!!He took a spoonful and then said,Its yummy!!You know desi khaane ki baat hi kuch aur hoti hai. Kuhu replied,Ha vo to hai. Vaise maine koshish ki hai par shaayad Bela jitna achcha nehi bana paau. Maahir put his full concentration of the food which he was having and so without looking at Kuhu he replied,Bela ko kaha khaana banana aata tha. Khaana to main hi banaata tha. Usko to roti tak thik se banaani nehi aati thi. Bohot mushkil se to roti banana seekhaya tha usko aur vo bhi usko gol to banaane aate the nehi to bowl se kaatkar shape... Maahir's eyes fall on Kuhu and found Kuhu was giving him a meaningful look and Maahir felt very embarrassed and Kuhu said,8 saal ho gaye hai aur tum aajtak Bela ki choti se choti baat nehi bhul paaye to abhi kya usko khaak bhuloge? Maahir shrugged and Kuhu continued,Pata hai kabhi kabhi sochti hu ke agar you know... tum dono alag nehi huye hote to kya pata aaj main bua ban chuki hoti and I wonder agar sach mein tum dono ka koi bachcha hota to vo kiske jaisa hota. Maahir immediately replied,Hota nehi hoti... I always dreamt of a daughter, ek pyaari si pari jaisi aur main na usko uski ma jaisi... you know ziddi' type nehi banne deta. Apne jaisa banaata, uske per kabhi zameen par hi nehi parne deta aur usko itna saara spoil karta. Suddenly at that moment he started having hiccups and Kuhu gave him water.When his hiccups were stopped,she said,Shaayad tumhe koi yaad kar raha hoga.He sadly smiled and replied,Anu hi hogi aur kaun.Kuhu replied,May be thats Bela.Maahir nodded his head and then finished the sweet dish.


[ Canada ]

Bulbul was very angry at the way Reyhaan was trying to be so caring with her and to be her father. She knew that Bela was not interested in getting married to him but the way he was advancing in his way along with the full support of Ranjit, Bulbul was scared that this time, Reyhaan might get successful. Bulbul, filled up with fear, anger and impatience which clouded her heart and brain, went to Madhu's room where she was resting and reading a magazine. On seeing Bulbul in that expression, Madhu asked,Ki hoya puttar? Aisi sadi hui shakal kyu banaakar rakkhi hui hai? Bulbul jumped into the bed and said,Naani mujhe na dar lag raha hai. Agar mamma ne us bandar se shaadi karne ke liye ha kar diya to? Mera kya hoga? Main sach keh rahi hu ke main na kisi aur ko daddy nehi bulaaungi aur phir hamesha ke liye apne daddy ke paas chali jaaungi phir kabhi nehi aaungi. Madhu made a haww!' face and asked,Bulbul ko dar lag raha hai? Puttar teri dictionary mein ye word hai kya? Mujhe to pata hi nehi tha. Bulbul made a face and replied,Naani dekho main itni tension mein hu aur aap mere saath mazaak kar rahi hai? Main apni mamma ki dusri shaadi hote huye nehi dekh sakti hu. She almost pouted when Madhu made her sit on her lap and said,Oho mera bachcha teri ma ki dusri shaadi nehi hogi beta, main keh rahi hu tujhse. Bulbul said,Pata hai naani I challenged that man ke main apne daddy ko dhundh kar nikaal kar hi rahungi par main aisa karungi kaise? Mujhe to kuch nhi pata hai unke baare mein sivaay iske ke unka naam Captain Maahir Sehgal hai aur vo ek commercial pilot hai meri mamma ki tarah. Maine na har social network site par check kiya hai lekin vo to kahi par hai hi nehi. Itna gussa aa raha tha na mujhe ke kya batau. Itni kya secret hai? Kaunse President of India bane bethe hai? Bulbul was extremely frustrated at her father and seeing that Madhu replied,Puttar ek baat hamesha yaad rakhna koi bhi insaan agar sachche dil se, purey man se koi bhi kaam karne ki thaan le na to usey pura karne se usko koi nehi rok sakta hai aur phir tu to hai hi in sab mein expert. Tere dimaag mein to khuraafaati ideas ki ugaai hoti rehti hai, aisa koi kaam hai jo tu nehi kar sakti to ye piddi sa challenge kya cheez hai? Lagaa apna dimaag. Bulbul desperately wanted to search for her father but at that same moment she was scared and tensed for her mother about the fact how she would behave when she would find out about this new mission of her. She said,Vaise to mujhe dar lagta hai nehi kisi se lekin main mamma ko upset nehi karna chahti hu. After all unke paas mere liye waqt ho ya na ho lekin I love her and I know she loves daddy too. But she had a heartbreak due to daddy so mujhe unka dil dubaara se dukhaane mein bara bura lagta hai. Madhu understood her dilemma and said,Ek baat das tu menu, teri ma ne itne saal shaadi kyu nehi ki? Bol? Isi liye na ke usey tere papa se pyar hai abhi bhi aur tu hi to kehti hai ke vo abhi bhi uska photo apne takiye ke neeche rakh kar soti hai. To phir? Chahe vo kitna bhi gussa kyu na ho usse par vo khud bhi uske saath rehna chahti hai. Main ma hu na uski main jaanti hu. To phir bata agar tu apne ma baap ko milaayegi to ye to bohot achcha kaam hua na aur achche kaam karne ke liye thori bohot tedhe raaste use karne parte hai, usme koi galat baat nehi hai aur phir tu to unme se hai jo agar ghee seedhi ungli se na nikle to ungli tedhi nehi purey ghee ka jar ulta kar deti hai. Madhu knew one thing about Bulbul that if she had been given the right motivation in a perfect way, she is an unstoppable monster to achieve her goal as she knows exactly which string had to be pulled in whose case. Bulbul thought about it and said,Aap sach keh rahi ho naani? Achcha kaam karne ke liye tedha raasta use karna galat nehi hota? To phir ab dekho Bulbul Sehgal kya kamaal karti hai. Main aapko kehti hu naani, ab agar mujhe heaven ya hell dono ko khod kar bhi nikaalna pare na to bhi main apne daddy ko nikaal kar hi chodungi aur us monkey man ko main aisa sabak seekhaungi na ke zindagi bhar yaad rakkhenge ke Bulbul se panga lena kitna bhaari parta hai. Madhu patted on her back and said,Shabbash puttar!! Ae hui na gal!! Bulbul made a naughty grin and replied,Naani aloo ke paraathe khilaao na varna mera dimaag kaam nehi karta hai. Breakfast mein bhi vo kachra khaana para tha aur dimaag ko double tez dauraane ke liye double aloo ke paraathe usse na mere dimaag mein bad waale ideas bhi jaldi jaldi aate hai. Madhu said,Teri ma sahi kehti hai tu bohot nakhra karti hai khaane mein. Sahi mein ek din aloo ke paraathe kha kha kar aloo ki dukaan ban jaayegi. Theher main bana kar laati hu. Saying Madhu left to prepare food for Bulbul.


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Wow very niceSmile
Continue soonEmbarrassed
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Love it.. very good story.. cant wait for the next chapter    Clap
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Wow very niceSmile
Continue soonEmbarrassed
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Love it.. very good story.. cant wait for the next chapter    Clap
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Loving it...
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It was beautifully written 
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