KuNan Discussion Thread#2 ||Dil Pe Kisika Zor Nahi||

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"You fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time"

Handsome & Talented Shakti Arora along with Gorgeous & Vivacious Drashti Dhami
are here to steal our hearts with their excellent performances as Kunal and Nandini


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"It takes a strong man to handle a broken woman"

Paediatrician Kunal Malhotra - Cheerful, Caring, Supportive and a happy-go-lucky guy
A perfect life partner every girl wishes to have
He is a self righteous man who believes in calling a spade a spade

Being a man of strong sense of responsibility & loyalty; he always stands by his principles.
He is very optimistic person who believes in taking the life as it comes

Kunal is head over heels in love with his wife, Mauli
and then enters ... her best friend Nandini Rajdeep Thakur

"Jo Mauli ki dost bankar humari zindegi mein aayi
Aur dekte hi dekte meri bahut kuch ban gayi!!!

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"It is not the the bruises on the body that hurt.
It is the wounds of the heart and the scars on the mind"

Nandini Rajdeep Thakur - Vivacious, Bubbly, Lively
Nandini was all of it. But, one wrong decision, turned her life upside down.
She was victim of domestic violence for six long years.
Years of abuse and lack of support had turned her meek and under-confident.
She kept convincing herself of fixing Rajdeep Thakur, her husband one fine morning, but all in vain.

She always craved for her childhood best friend Mauli;
and still regrets the day she chose Rajdeep over Mauli.

Miracles do happen.
After long wait, Kunal comes into Nandini's life as ray of hope.
Mauli and Kunal together give her strength to face Rajdeep.

From standing on her legs by taking cooking classes for the Colony Residents
to filing Divorce petition to remove Rajdeep from her life;
now Nandini is getting her life back into track.

"Aasan nahi hota buri shaadi ko bulana
Bharso baat maan kar raha hai; ek baar phir ghar basane ka.
Bus ek problem hai!!!
Aapna ghar basane javoogi toh meri best friend ka ghar toot jayega!"
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Dear Nandini

I am struggling with my feelings. I am not able to decide about my newly developed feelings for you.  Since I saw you that day ... dancing like a free bird celebrating its freedom. I was so mesmerized.

From then, I was so disturbed ... tried to avoid you too but couldn't stay away from you for long. The day you gave statement in favour of me to Police and warned Rajdeep ... i was touched.

Temple incident ... that look in your eyes. I was convinced you too feel for me.

You leaving our house had almost shattered me; that too after you hugged me in the middle of the road

The sweet little moments at your house ... i am gonna cherish it forever.
When your saree caught fire; i thought i lost you. I couldn't control myself; and hugged you.

I don't know how to define all this.
I wish you could open up your heart too for me.

Now that you will be away from us ... let's see what's in store for us.

I just hope you stay happy always.



Dear Kunal

I admire you a lot; and you have been my savior several times.
I can't thank you enough for that.

You not only have saved me; but also been the reason for my happiness.
You always cheer me when i feel down and upset.

I don't want to be a reason of any trouble in your life ... especially your married life

Knowingly/unknowingly ... directly/indirectly ... this series.. this silsila have started; but it's better to stop it here itself

Honestly, I can't tell you the reason why I hugged you that day. I am also more or less sailing in the same boat .. struggling with my feelings

Though life is unpredictable; I hope things will be fine and you stay happy always.


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 Headers: Saniya, keepdreaming

 Write Up:_Nightmare_ ,rabia.shaktiaro
Co-ordinating team
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