Is Nandini not at fault?

Posted: 2018-08-12T01:50:51Z
Posting after a looonnnggg time, I had sworn off of using India Forum but couldn't stop myself from asking this question, this is not about Kunal, Kunal is solely responsible for breaking his marriage, he's responsible if his marriage breaks but that's not what I am talking about, none will defend Kunal but how isn't Nandini wrong?

What we know about Nandini?

Nandini and Mauli were best of friends, then came Rajdeep, Rajdeep was nice to Nandini obviously because he wanted to marry her, he did not reveal his true face in front of her, but he did it in front of Mauli, he misbehaved with her, Mauli told Nandini about it but Nandini believed Rajdeep over Mauli and she had to pay the price of that one mistake, none should face all she did, none should go through what she went though, Rajdeep made her life miserable but thankfully Mauli came back in her life and got Nandini out of an abusive marriage and the life which was nothing better than hell

I have seen people writing that it's not wrong for Nandini to fall in love with Kunal or it's understandable that Nandini falls for Kunal, how so? How is it understandable from any point of view?

Nandini a woman who went through so much, she paid heavily for one mistake she made, do you think one week is all she needs to come out of that trauma of being abused and fall in love with or be attracted to the first man she meets? Wouldn't she need the time to heal the mental scars? It's not about Kunal, it's about Nandini, the woman Nandini who got out of one messy life, why would she choose the same pain for herself?

Then there is Mauli's friend Nandini, even if Kunal is the nicest man she knows can she really fall for Mauli's husband? And if she does how isn't it her fault? So you have been wronged by someone so you get the free pass to hurt people without thinking about who is it that you are hurting? Nandini is responsible for her actions as much as Kunal is
I don't believe that you can't control your feelings, of course you can control your feelings, people get all kinds of wrong feelings but they do control it when they don't then we have problems, as they say "Genius is knowing when to stop"
I hope I am clear that I am not blaming Nandini for breaking Mauli's marriage that ball is in Kunal's court, but I am blaming Nandini for breaking Mauli's trust, again, she did it once with Rajdeep and she's doing it again with Kunal Edited by Metis - 2018-08-12T07:32:56Z
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if Nandini totally decided that she will sure fall.for Kunal then surely it is her fault but here Nandini has regretted by showing feelings to Kunal . she has feel sorry for mauli . Nandini has initial feelings but after ward she has control her feelings and regretted such thoughts
btw I love this line" genius is knowing where to stop and i think Kunal and Nandini following this line
both Kunal and Nandini controlling their feelings towards each other in order not to hurt mauli

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Posted: 2018-08-12T02:23:29Z

Kunal & Nandini both are at fault if Nandini just fall for Kunal with out any regret .
Kunal must take more blame because he has a pretty , intelligent and supportive wife unlike Nandu
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Posted: 2018-08-12T02:25:20Z
If they do end up having an affair then both Nandini and Kunal are at fault.
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Posted: 2018-08-12T02:33:51Z
I guess I wasn't as clear as I thought lol
I do believe that emotional cheating leaves bigger scars than physical cheating, when Kunal says that he tried to control himself but not anymore then goes on to romance Mauli in bed, then watches Nandini in rear view mirror I believe he has already started acting on his feelings, if he cared about Mauli even a little bit he would have shared his feelings with her, it's important to let it go instead of helping it find a home in your heart, you can get attracted to anyone that's perfectly fine but the way both Kunal and Nandini are behaving it's like it's too difficult for them to live apart from each other, they don't care about Mauli when they are with each other only cry over their actions 

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Posted: 2018-08-12T02:45:16Z
in. Friday episode Kunal did not c Nandini through mirror in car though mauli and all other sleeping only Kunal and Nandini were awake

Kunal was disgusted with himself that I cannot see in my eyes now I have to make myself so that I can see in my eyes

and Nandini too regretted in her room that how can she destroy life of friend who has make my life bright

Kunal has shared indirect feelings to mauli that if I am lost will u search me?Edited by surabhi01 - 2018-08-12T02:53:31Z
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Posted: 2018-08-12T04:31:52Z
Hi Dracarys, good to see you here. I totally understand your point.
I think I've also said that I won't blame Nandini if she falls for Kunal coz of the abusive husband and torturous married life she experienced in her past, and its natural if she falls for Kunal since he saved her many times and gives her respect and care which she must have craved from a man. But that doesn't mean she is right in falling for Kunal. It's wrong and a betrayal to Mauli's trust obviously.
Even if she starts to feel for Kunal she should know how to control it for Mauli's sake, Coz if she owes her happiness and freedom she has in her life at present it is to Mauli and not Kunal exactly. Mauli is the one who stood for her when she had nobody. She choosing Rajdeep was somehow fine, But betraying or breaking her trust by having feelings for her husband can never be called fine or acceptable. She would be similar to Kunal then.Edited by Luv_PaRiAnSh - 2018-08-12T04:33:56Z
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Posted: 2018-08-12T04:53:46Z
I don't think anybody is saying what Nandini is doing or will be doing is going to be RIGHT or she can't be held responsible. What most people are saying is that they understand why she might be developing feelings for Kunal coming from a phase where she longed for love and respect from her abusive partner but never recieved it and then seeing Kunal the most ideal husband who treats his partner with umost respect and love, Yes every human is responsible for his/her actions but Nandini isnt hurting Mouli on purpose.She didnt come with the intention to break Mouli's family or fall in love with Kunal. Her feelings started developing during the course of time and she does know what Mouli means to her and even now doesnt want to hurt her and wants to walk away from her life..I guess the most difficult science in the world is human psychology. It is but impossible to predict how every person would react or will be able to react in a given situation. Some may be able to control and some may not because human species though belonging to the same mammalia kingdom have their own thinking ,personality and controlling power. I wouldnt say just because I am able to control my feelings that is how it would be for everyone because every human is different and has a different way o flooking at things or reacting in  a given situation.If we all reacted and controlled ourselves in the same way we all would be clones wouldnt we?

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