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Suganda never believed in horoscopes. She always felt that life has its own path and the way we walk on it makes our lives. She never regretted fighting with her family for Arnab, knowing the fact that she may never be recognised as his wife at all. She was ready for that. What she wasn't ready was the realization that her daughter, her lovely pari who is just 4 months old will never be recognised as Arnab's daughter. Will always have to hide the fact that she has a father. Will never have the opportunity to have Arnab at her special moments.

That realization bough a sense of desperation in Suganda. She was able to ignore it for a long time, was able to smile through the desperation seeing the love in Arnab's eyes but she was no longer able to control it. To know whether her daughter will have that right to be a wife, to be a daughter was something she wishes to know.

Suganda had heard about a baba who used to visit a temple a few kilometres from where she lives at a temple. People used to say that the Baba used to know immediately what problems they were facing. But more importantly they stated that he brought a hope to those who didn't have any hope at all also. When Piya was 1 yr old, the Baba came to that place. Knowing that Arnab will be arriving day after tomorrow, Suganda packed all the things essential for the trip and picking up her daughter whispered about a trip that they were going to take.

Piya smiled and Suganda fell in love with her all over again. For her, her daughter was the beautiful she ever will see. Suganda travelled to that place where the baba was said to be staying. Reaching over there she saw that there was already a huge crowd over there. Time passed and it was late morning when she was finally able to see the Baba.

Seeing a baby in her hand, Baba gestured for his discipline to get a seat for her. When she sat down, he asked "Can I hold your baby?. Suganda was scared but gave Piya to the Baba. Baba held her expertly as if he had held babies before. He played with her for sometime and Piya smiled the whole time, reaching for the toy he held in his hand. Later on he passed her to Suganda and she fed Piya. All this time, Baba waited patiently for her to finish her motherly duties with Piya. As she got Piya to sleep, Baba said "You are worried about her.

Baba could clearly see the strength and the fear in the mother's eyes for her child. But what he saw when he held Piya was something that had to be conveyed to her "Your daughter is very special. She was born at a time that was considered to be auspicious and for those people who are born at such time, it is often considered that they will have the protection of the Goddess. Your daughter has the capacity to love unconditionally just like you. Seeing the relief in the mother's eyes his heart broke for what he is going to say next "But her life will not be easy. For she will live like an orphan even when she has a family, her love will be unconditional but will be against the laws of nature, her journey will be fruitful but not without facing hurdles some of which may result in death also.

He continued "She will love a monster, but he will be her angel. She will make strangers into a family, broken bonds will become together because of her, she will be the light in lots of the people's lives. Her love will be unconditional no matter what, but she will face tears more often than not. You have faced difficulties defying the societal laws in your love for him, she will defy the laws of nature in her love for him. She is made for one person and for that person she will live and will be willing to die. For her she will be his angel, for him she will be his light, his salvation, his everything. Their love will bring 3 fractions together and bind in a bond more stronger that anything at all.


Suganda hearing all this looks down at Piya her eyes filling seeing her peaceful face. Feeling a hand on her head, she looked up to see at the Baba looking at her with kindness in his eyes. He said " this is your present moment. Live your life with your daughter. The future always changes. Nothing is fixed. Realizing her hope that he daughter may not have as difficult a life as stated by the Baba she took his leave.

He watched her walk away with sadness in his eyes. A Discipline seeing the tears in the Baba's eyes asked "Respected Baba, why are you crying?. Wiping the tears from his eyes, he said "How will I tell a mother that her daughter has a secret from her ancestors which will set the course of her life and may be her death also?

Okay so it has been a long time I have started writing again and in this forum it is my first ff. So hope you like it and do comment. 



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Loved loved loved d prologue
Fantastic start
Looking forward to first chap
Sugand was worried fr her daughter da baba predicted hed future but hide a part of it
Posted: 2018-08-09T17:47:05Z
well come back dearHug
its been yrs we havent seen u where were u?
very interesting prologue 
oh god hearing what that baba said abt pia make really sadBroken Heart
just hope pia wont suffer like hellD'oh
continue plz 
plz continue in arjun forum alsoDay Dreaming
Posted: 2018-08-09T21:53:39Z
super starting Clap
sugandh is worried for pia nd her future...baba also don't tell her full truth
he felt a mother's pain 
congrats for the story
Posted: 2018-08-14T01:45:10Z
Interesting start dear
Continue soon dear
Posted: 2018-08-17T11:51:10Z
interesting update waiting for next update

continue soon. pm me
Posted: 2018-08-22T14:17:04Z
waiting dearDay Dreaming
Posted: 2018-09-22T08:44:10Z
Plz continue soon dear 

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