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Posted: 2018-08-01T10:41:39Z

I know that a serial is not for real and is fiction but most times people follow serials religiously so feel there needs to be a thought behind anything created.

I do not follow Silsila but few days back saw one episode where one friend remembers her childhood friend and misses her badly. With no friendship serials nowadays I liked this part. Tried to search on google what this serial is about and was surprised to see it to be a love triangle. But when I saw 2 3 other episodes it was clear that the couple loved each other and the wife loved her friend. She supports her and helps her come out of issues. Takes her along with everywhere something no one will do especially when husband wife are so busy and get very less time together as shown here. What a gem of a friend and the story further shows her husband fall in love with this lady. Hardly can I believe that such plots are written. Serial it is but many watch right. It takes away belief on friendship, it does not allow u trust people. It is sad that friendship and a husband wife relation is so easily broken and nothing can be trusted. But Is that the case.

Will anyone trust a husband ever again..a friend ever again..a relation ever again if stories are written this way. Why should every story have same ending. Can't we show good genuine friendship. Can't a husband really love his wife in such a way that he can also be friends with his wife's friend. I believe a person really in love is always in love and he will not change loyalties whatever it is. So does not matter if person is beautiful or has same likes. Yes ofcourse his wife has to be good which this lady is . She is too good. Then y show such a twist only for trps.

I Do not support this kind of story. People outside might stop trusting friends and husbands due to such stupid stories. This is just not acceptable to me, is it to u.

I hope they do not show love between these two otherwise I will be disappointed. How I wish friendship could have been explored instead. A pure innocent story is nowadays just not made. Unfortunately people also watch such stories.
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Posted: 2018-08-01T20:06:34Z
21st century log bohot agae bar chuka hai . I know many married friends who watching this show with their husbands too . They are not scared or foolish enough to take some fiction in heart . I would say its funny when people think like this. Are we so stupid now have to learn something from simple serial. Are we so weak that cant take mere fiction as fiction aka kalpanik stuff . I am not , because loving it as show laughing with others discussing it over all enjoying it . And dont judge others who watching it you have no right what is fortunate or unfortunate they mature enough to understand . As you said dont like im saying dont reply me , not in mood for moral gyaan i have that in me and i know where to use it .
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Posted: 2018-08-01T21:36:35Z
Not again please.. everyday koi na koi ajata hai yeh topic leje.. hum pak chuke hai yeh 
sun sun ke.
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Posted: 2018-08-01T22:19:58Z
 I agree with u Thumbs Up & nice observation Clapi really hating like type of serial exactly .as well as all husbands & friends may  be start cheating friends & wifes due to such nonsense stories .


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Posted: 2018-08-01T22:47:59Z
Dear don't watch the show and let them enjoy who love to watch the and let live thank you
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Posted: 2018-08-02T09:19:01Z
This is just a discussion forum and I have posted my view. I respect all views and expect people to understand that everyone has his/her view. It might be same or different.. isn't it good to have a healthy conversation know what others feel and btw thanks for giving your perspective.

I stick to my view but this just helped me understand your's aswell.

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Posted: 2018-08-02T11:24:54Z
Lovely post.. and you wrote exactly my heart and mind...
I have been watching this show for good actors but today I lost my patience with the concept...
I came here to write something like this but then saw this post and you saved my time

What message are they trying to convey... don't blindly trust your husband and best friend.. completely illogical concept

I have no words only to say that the message provided in serial is very disheartening for any women..
I just hope Nandani does not fall for her friend's husband and stay a strong women of solid character

Kunal character gone for me

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Posted: 2018-08-02T14:52:26Z
Well I respect everyone post here ..but if this is a 21st century i guess people are more observing and smart to understsnd what kind of relationships are shared now a days ..those relations comes to an end with worst memories ,sadness...unfaithfulness...broken dreams..People will not take this story on heart but yes it will definately make them think ...Actually it hapened with my dear one ...I dont want to disclose the story...neah i cant hate this show but what is the motive behind this story ?? u all  I am a big fan of Shakti and DD they are simply adorable and brilliant actors but such kind of things r not accepable in our society if u r educated or not...

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