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Note: i may not be able to update it on a regular basis due to time constraint, still i couldn't restrain myself from posting this as i miss RaYa! 

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A nicely decorated bungalow in Mumbai...its outer surface dropping multi shaded lights...whereas the inner area is furnished with violet and white orchids...the intelligent chicks have arranged for some fragrance free flowers.. while making sure that the glazing decoration looks elegant too! After all, it had to be a larger than life type celebration...though they had no intentions to show it off! The trio just wanted to treasure the day.. capture some priceless moments from their parent's 40th marriage anniversary eve...their parents...who not only had given birth to them..but also blessed them with a Life in true sense...from whom they got to know the true value of a relationship...it's not always about leading lives together...sometimes it's just about living the life together...the elder daughter of the clan tied knot a bit earlier as she has grown up seeing two souls blooming into love...understanding...and mutual respect! The twins are also now happily married...and busy in raising their own kids!

The house which was buzzing with activities few moments back, seemed to be a bit tensed now as the couple who were going to get married for the second time this evening, got missing! The elder one calls her Father in Law, her Mentor: Dad, Mom-Dad have gone missing! We have no clue about their locus! But the voice from the opposite side assured her that her parents must have gone for a walk, they might have not noticed the phone calls, that's why they are not responding!

A Street View Park, Khao Gali -Mumbai,

A couple sitting in a bench, then man seems to be in his late 80's and the lady is somewhere in her mid 70's...the man looks well upholstered whereas the lady seems to be a bit skinny! The gentleman seems a bit clam, concentrating on his I-pad...but the lady is quite restless...noticing the sweat dropping down the forehead of the man sitting next to her...the man of her life...not only is her husband...but much more than a friend...a soulmate he is! On his shoulder, she finds peace, finds a new ray of hope...the light to begin a day!

The man whose eye sight is been a bit weakened now a days...looks quiet dashing with the spectacle! He is observing his spouse who is concerned just because he is sweating due to the summer heat...a lady with whom he has spent a lifetime...who is caring, compassionate and gentle...whose warmth is well enough to make his day...his life partner she is!

Usually, a couple have so much to share on the day of their anniversary...that's too the 40th anniversary...so many memories to cherish for...maybe to share some dormant desires too which are yet to see the lights of fulfillment! Probably those people among those extra ordinary couples who generally we praise off.. but this couple in this bench...is a bit different...or let's say, they are among those few ordinaries who know the meaning of life...who never wanted to be in lime light...they themselves are the lights! They do not feel the need to walk keeping hand in hand in public...they make a walk side by side silently...if one of them falls behind...then other one looks backward,,,, wait for a while so that the other one can match the pace! They value the word Ordinary, instead of living the whole life in a yarn to win the tag named extraordinary!

The lady in the bench..is searching for her specs in her small side bag..the man knew well which section of the magazine would attract her attention...there is a column named RaYa'...the heading apparently meant heaven! This is a very ordinary story of an ordinary couple...still it catches the millions pair of eyes...the magazine publishes each part every weekend though the viewers wanted it to be on a daily basis! The writer who is a housewife in profession, did not want to "sell the concept...that's why she has made sure this gets published in a supplementary magazine that comes along with the newspaper! But the author badly wanted people to read the content too, so that they could start believing in love all over again even in a fast paced world where the emotion called love got somewhere lost in an attempt to possess the person you love! Moreover, the author finds it a moral responsibility of her to maintain the essence of a true story that she has witnessed from so close...that is why she has chosen to pen down the story with the initials of her favorite couple Ra & Ya...together they are called RaYa which also means friendship...after all, friendship shall be the base of any relationship...a relationship which is probably the only tie free from any materialistic bindings!  

The old lady could not find her glasses, her husband comes forward to help her...let me read it today! Today, they published the third part...the subheading says: the first meeting of RaYa! The lady goes near to her man...to know more about a couple that millions of people admire!

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Awesome... very well written...
wait for the next part started
Posted: 2018-07-30T15:05:58Z
Beautiful start
Posted: 2018-07-31T03:04:15Z
SUPERB. i m loving this already. waiting for next part .
Posted: 2018-07-31T07:53:41Z
A different start of the story 
Love to read more about it.
Posted: 2018-08-02T15:31:52Z
Very new concept di love it 
Posted: 2018-08-05T01:32:27Z

The people walking around were admiring the couple from behind...what did they actually see in an old aged couple to lionize for? The man in white kurta was breathing a bit faster due to asthma issues...The lady was way too simple...her grey bun got a bit loose..her untidy hair was flowing against the wind...altogether, there was no special sight at all...still, even the teens passing across...were  adoring them...the lady got irked...the man beside her made a laugh...Priya...relax!

The lady: I tell you Ram, this is the major drawback of being the mate of a successful businessman! People from here and there, always peep in!

The man: Ma'am, they are not staring at us because of that!

Lady: then?

Man: they have found something in us that people keep searching for in a relationship for their entire life!

Lady: hmmm! The lady gets busy in searching for the nasal spray in her bag...and finally finds a small pump!

Man: how did you know that I have left mine at home?

Lady: I did not know, but I always keep an extra one with me for emergency!

Man: I know! That's why I always tend to forget the pack at home!

She offers him the small inhaler...he breaths in and finds a bit of comfort to take breath!

He looks at her loose bun...comes near...and tie it properly, seems like he has mastered the method...after all, a years of experience he had acquired.. in tying her loose hair! She glances at his French cut white beard...he looks so elegant with it! If she had believed in love at first sight, she would definitely fall for this old man even at her 70's...but they did not believe in that concept...they would rather go for knowing a person by heart...because...there is always something beautiful about the soul...there is always something precious in the heart...and learning the heart doesn't come within a day..it takes ages! She grew old knowing this person beside her...the passage of life became so meaningful with this man beside! And they find the similar vibe in the couple written about in that magazine lying beside...

The man reads it out for her...


RaYa's first meeting:

Disclaimer: to maintain the personal secrecy, only the short form of the couple's real name has been used in this story...and the supporting characters names have also been reserved on personal grounds!

The old couple reading the magazine, laugh's at the author's pen name: Psycho Mom'...

The couple's (known as RaYa) first meeting was in an arranged set up...the young girl's (Ya) Father was an old acquaintance of Ra's Mother...their parents wanted them to meet each other...They went for a visit at the girl's house...she was the only child of a renowned architect, who had recently recovered from a major cardiac arrest! The man knew the boy's mother since years...her husband was a good friend of him...who passed away years back!

The girl did not like the dramatic arrangement at all...she knew well why her Father has arranged for this meeting...he wanted her to get hitched soon! She knew that she is the only support of her ailing father...and getting married means leaving this old life to suffer alone! How could she let that happen...her father raised her up...he did not ever wanted to marry again after her mother's demise when she was only 4! Moreover, she never really believed in love, marriage or companionship! For her, there was only one form of Love: that is in between the Father-Daughter..that she has seen in her 33 years span of life!

The young man (Ra), who was in his late 40's, was also not very convinced to agree to this meeting, he is in no mood to accommodate a lady in his life! He already had too much to do in life...he had two other siblings, a younger brother and a sister! After his Father's death, he had been tied with the moral responsibility to look after his family...in the course to take further his father's business, he did not even realize that when he had left behind the youthful phase of life! His mother and grandmother were behind him to get married...but he had lot more to do than only living his own life! Now, when he is a well-established name in the industry, there comes thousands of alliance for him...but he knew that people were attracted more to his name than to himself!


Ra's friend has made him to dress up in a golden kurta..which is showing off his extra curves even more! The girl is dressed in a light green salwar suit...keeping her curls lying on her left shoulder...they have sit on the opposite sofa..if you take into account the setup 40 years back, you must have thought of the couple trying to get a view of each other down their eyes..the girl blinking the eyes in shyness and the man scrutinizing the girl with a careful observation! But here we are talking about RaYa! They were looking straight at each other...with an intention to eat up the other one!

The girl's father was insisting her to show her small library (that she had furnished well in the opposite side of the living room) to the guests, Ra's two friends, siblings and to Ra too! All were mesmerized by the girl's choice! In those days, it was so rare to find a mini library at someone's house! Ra's friends and siblings were whispering something into each other's ears...finally, Ra's friends had handed him with a bunch of roses to offer to Ya! They leave the place soon in an act to roam around the luxurious house!

As soon as they leave, Ra came forward to keep the bunch of flower in the side table, soon after he places the flower near to the table the lady was standing, she started sneezing!! The man was left in utter confusion thinking what exactly happened! But in that single course of action, they could feel that they were so poles apart! Probably, it was too late to calculate all these, as they could clearly feel that their parents were so much hopeful about this relationship!

Ya: look, I am not doing this for myself! I am doing this only for the sake of my father...and I cannot deject him at this point of time! I do not know about your opinion, if you want to back off, you are free to!

Somewhere, the man liked the sparks in her eyes...those days, people used to get so disheartened due to dejection and this girl had the courage to talk about the topic so straightforward! She had no regret if such a well-known businessman backs off from the alliance! In fact, she herself was offering him to do so!

Ra: look, I know you have been dragged into this matter just as I am! I would not like to force you, I would say to my family that I did not like you...you too say something as such!

Few moments later, their respective parents call for them in the corner...to ask for their personal opinions! They were blessed by such supporting parents...who could think to get their approval before the final words! For Ya, nothing in the world was more important than her father's wish! Ra had full belief in his mother's choice! They silently nodded yes to the knot even though they were not really so fond of each other!

Writers note: it's not always about how similar two individuals are...to each other! It's all about how you let the other own grow being in your companion! Sometimes, it doesn't matter in the long run, that how reluctant you were to initiate the first move...it's all about how you made it work with time!


The old couple is a loyal viewer of this story...they too were married to each other in such a way...they never felt love for each other at their first meeting...love was such a matter of distant for them at that moment! What is love after all? The sensation that you feel at the first sight? Probably no! Probably it is something that you discover in a journey...that never really sweeps you off your feet...probably...it makes you learn how to walk your way...they feel so grateful that they did not fall in love instantly...as it would be falling for the person only...they feel content as they could love the person within that they have been able to learn in a journey called life!







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me first.
the past and the present.
beautiful writing.
waiting for next.

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