OS - Her Deadly Secret

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   Stop and read this first . Technically it's not OS or story ...i written it for forum game thread . Feeling bored so posting it separately. Now the main thing ... this inspired urf copy paste from ' how I met your mother ' one particular episode ( copy cat whole Epi )basically it won't be fun for many ... still if you want read it for fun ... Nothing much in it ..

                          Her Deadly Secret

              " I so pity you Geet, I bet your life there in Canada was better than this . You here and your dearest boyfriend busy with other people "

                    Geet rolled her eyes at Dev' s remark . It's Dev' s regular chant , he loves to tease Maaneet and no body take him seriously . All know him well to understand where his mind stays ... Girls , Girls and only Girls ... his one and only obsession pretty girls . But Adi and Pinky gotten serious.

                   " sach mein agar aasa hua toh " Adi couldn't help and asked her .

                  " uff guys seriously , look at Maan " all eyes went to Maan who talking with a businessman but his eyes continuously on Geet ..." and most important he is my boss here not boyfriend.. he can't be with me I understand it "       

                  " good point " Dev raised his glass with cheeky smile just then Maan came back . Giving soft kiss to her check he muttered sorry .

                 " Finally another success ..thank you guys "

                   " oh please thanks vanks ke kaam nehi chalega ...you have to treat us " all agreed together .

                      " fine you guys deserve it, tomorrow we all going to mall and you guys can buy anything...means a-n-y-t-h..."

                   " nooo " he stopped hearing her shouting oddly , it was so sudden that Dev's glass fallen on floor.

               " what the hell Geet ? It's party " he looked around as all looking curiously at them ...
                    " sorry I didn't mean to ..but I really can't go "

                   " Geet tu bhi na...its free from Maan , we all worked together , so now like good boss n friend he paying for us . How can you say no... we can shop..."

                     " No means no I'm not going to mall that's it " just like this she went from there leaving all worried .


                 Next day except Geet all enjoying lunch together just then Adi brought this topic again .

                   " Maan I mean sirrr " he corrected quickly as they still at office and Maan very much strict on this name calling here .." did you ever thought why Geet reacted like that ? "

                      Maan looked uncomfortable " ya she just dont like " he tried to mask it casually, showing them it doesn't matter to him but only he knew what he feeling . This matter not letting him to sleep .

                     He dating Geet for 6 months and he knows only two thing about her , one she from Canada and other she doesn't believe in marriage . It's not first time she reacted like this , before too many times she did same . What can be the matter ? Girls like shopping no love shopping , then why she like this .

               " but why she don't like ...main toh bina khay piye pura din shopping kar sakti hoo " Pinky stated with dreamy face making Adi scared .

                    " huh Pinky we are talking about Geet here ..."

                 " I know ..." she glared him for breaking her dream in mid.

                      " waise sir why don't you ask her ? I mean she is your girlfriend she will share it "

                      " no Pinky we trust each other and we promised that we will never force each other for anything "

               " yes we know that , even we know that you are an open book , every thing about you on TV or internet ..so basically you have nothing to hide ...but Geet has everything ... I so eager to know how she enjoyed her life there . Damn Canada... you can do anything I so wish "

                   " Devvv " Maan glared him openly for bringing those ... it's not first time , he always tease him but now situation is different .

                 " you are no fun . Anyways it's her past ..you are his present stop behaving like typical boyfriend . "

               " I m not bother about her past ok ..im just I want to know everything about her . I have this right hai na " all nodded looking at his puppy face..

                   " you know the way she reacted I feel like something big happened in Mall and for that she doesn't want to go there ..."

                 " ya right must be something big ..and Mall always remind her of that so she doesn't go there..."

                   " whatever guys it's her personal matter "

                   " and you are her boyfriend " Adi remind him with cheeky smile ..

                  " I got it ...it must be po*n. "

               They didn't surprise hearing Dev exciting guess as they know his obsession about po*n and didn't give importance.. " trust me guys it should be po*n. Our sexy hot Geet did something sexy , dirty there and now ashamed of it ..."

           " stop it Dev..."

              " what it can . Look at Geet, she has everything to die for and moremove we all know she ..."

                 " is afraid of marriage ..." Adi told thinking hard " I think she got married at mall... this can be the reason . Now a days people do it ..."

                 " Are you guys kidding me ...tum log " Maan looked at both but they busy with themselves .

               " it's po*n "

               " it's marriage "

              both party start fighting not caring what Maan saying ...

               " fine bet "

               " ok slap bet ... loosing party will get a tight slap from winner "

              " done...get ready I'm gonna win " Dev Sounds pretty thrilled which irked Maan more .He looked at his friends who getting excited over something which killing him inside . Why he needs enemy his crazy friends is enough.

               " do you guys realise I'm here and I'm not gonna ask her because of you guys stupid bet "

             He was about to go when Dev throw his master stroke

                     " hooo don't tell me you are afraid ...because in any option you are so gone man..."

                  " I won't ask her that's it " he announced before going out .


                   " you are married "

that's the first question he asked seeing Geet who busy eating chips . Her face turn pale" urh... W..ha what are you saying ? "

                 Maan laughed making it like joke " you know na my crazy buddies they were saying it " ' ask her ask her ' his mind keep telling him but he couldn't get courage .

                    " oh ..ya " she grabed one glass of water n drink it with one go .

                  " umm let's watch movie ,what say " she went to turn on TV leaving him worried .

               After few minutes he couldn't help and asked again in different manner .. " so I was thinking last day may be i planned it wrong , I was so busy these days , couldn't give you time , it's better if we both spend time together . That's why this whole day is yours . We will watch movie , will go on long drive, have lunch at beach ... then Shopping...drinking " he tried his luck but to his surprise Geet turned off TV and looked at him sharply.

                    " you really doing this . You actually want to know why don't i like going to mall hai na "

                   " umm no baby I mean . It's sound weird you are a girl and you don't like..."

                   " fine I'm not girl "

               " but last night i checked you were "

               " Mannn " Geet wanted to bang her head on something " can't we just drop it "

                  " or may be you can just tell me .."

                 few minutes silent on both side . " fine yes I'm married... I was pretty young and made mistake . But soon he left me and went to Italy then me too left Canada "

                  " whattt " he literary fallen from couch but Geet hold him in time " you married ! And you didn't tell me ! "

               " I'm telling you now "

             " but how ? Why ? " He was looking at her as if he saw some ghost and lost his words . " Ok fine you divorced him right ? "

               " look Maan we were young ...we made mistake "

               " you told this part already ...iske baad "

                   " he just left , I didn't get time so..."


               THUD ... Dev couldn't balanced and fallen on floor because of Adi's slap . He actually saw stars before eyes .

                      " I told you yaee I win " Adi toast his drinks feeling proud ...but Pinky stopped him eyeing Maan who looking as miserable as ever .

                   " umm so what she said ...how was , I mean is her first husband ..he is good or "

               " I bet he is as handsome as Maan or may be more.. see Geet has great taste on men she would never choose some tom deck Harry "Dev joined after composing himself still rubbing his check ..." that was really too hard man .." he glared Adi who shrugged his shoulder.

                  " it was bet and I won "

             " wait till caught you ... "

               " I will wait Mr Loser "

               " don't fly too high , she got married on mall that doesn't mean my guess is wrong . Who knows she did ding dong in Mall too I can still win bet ..."

                   " I'm doomed " All stopped hearing Maan...and looked upon sympathy " she is married and not even divorced . What's that make me , Mistress ! "

                   his eyes gotten big as all things making clear now . Why she always irked of marriage topic , why she doesn't want Maan to keep hoping high for their relation. He wants to murder someone and his friends not helping either .

                      " yes mistress minus paying " Dev said simply taking one sip of his drink ..." hey she doesn't pay you right ..." Maan nodded innocently ..." so ya non pay mistress " all nodded eyeing him sadly .


                 Next day when Maan was trying to concentrate on meeting suddenly Dev messaged him . His eyes gotten big after reading it . Without wasting any time he rushed out .

                  Geet was busy watching tv when Maan barged in without notice .
" Maan, you here ! Are you alright ..you looking qui..."

.                   " you lied , you are not married " he cut her coming straight to point .

                  " what ! how can you ..."

                  " I checked , I checked all past records of mall wedding in Canada and it saying you never married there, infact there not any information of your marriage "

                   " you did what ! You really went by back and did that " he can feel she not pleased with it so finally told truth..

                     " ok fine Dev checked "

                  " What? You shared my secret with Dev . How could you ? I trusted you ? "

               " ya I know but it's false news so "

                 " whatever I trusted you with one secret and you couldn't keep it , there people say girls can't keep secret ..."

                 " I was feeling miserable I had to share "

                   " and I trusted you to hide my thing "

                   " technically you told me a lie to hide "Maan tried to give reason , but Geet not ready to listen .

               " you are terrible, you can't even keep lie , how I can trust that you will keep my truth ..."

               " i will, trust me . No matter what , your past won't matter to me "
Maan said as normaly as he could but in inside he not ok with the Deadly Sceret . When her marriage things came wrong , his fears turned worse , thinking other possibility . Can he handle that he not sure .

                    " how can I trust you now , ...i was planning to tell you today that I lied but it not even 24 hours you told it to others then how ..."

                      before she can brust on him more all came in . Dev looking too happy but Adi sweating badly .

                   " hoo here my star " he gave Geet a sly smile before keeping his laptop on table . " So here everyone presenting you our sexy queen Geet..she gonna blow our mind "

              he winked at Maan and then without any notice slapped Adi on face , if Pinky didn't hold him he would be on floor .

              " awoo man it hurts "

                   " what are you guys doing ? " Geet asked looking confused.. " why you slapped him ? "

                     " because I won the bet ..you are not married but there is more hot secret behind you not going to Mall "

                    Geet looked at Maan then other , lost words to say anything..." you guys bet on.. Maan you ..."

                   " look baby it really doesn't matter "

                      " hey common Maan let's watch it together . My Canadian friend sent it , saying this video can't be miss ..."

               " no I don't want to see it . It doesn't matter . I don't want to know her secret when she not comfortable to tell anyone . I trust her and respect her privacy . I'm sure she will tell me when time comes "

                  Maan went to Geet and held her hands .." I'm sorry , I shouldn't have behaved like that ..i should respect your decision of not sharing something "... he told sincerely with lots of love for her .

                  " aww love birds it's so cheesy fine don't watch ...but we can watch right " before Maan can stop him he played the video.

                     All shocked seeing Geet in a red shirt dress trying to seduce a old man ...before video play more Maan shut it angrily ...

                   " it doesn't matter it's her past ..so whatever in this video won't change my love for her ..."

               " but we do want to see sexy naked ..."

              " naked ...oh Dev you and your one minded thoughts... yes I m scared to commit because of my parents failed marriage but this wild guess , you must have gone mad Dev "

                     without saying much Geet played the video again making them stunned . All mouth open realising what this video is about ...its not some hot video but a music video of Geet . She is singing and dancing weirdly with others .

                 " this is musi..."

               " yes music video . I was teenage pop star there . It was my first and last hit song . ' LET'S GO TO MALL ' I used to sing it going every mall . And I'm not happy with that career. I never wanted you guys to see it because I'm not proud of it ..."

                  " seriously Geet you looking cute doing those weird step " Maan commented smiling looking at video again .

             " ha see this monkey step " Dev tried to copy one step in which Geet hide her face feeling embarrass...

              " hey baby don't be shy ...you looking cute "

             " not fair you looking at my worst nightmare " he pulled her closer giving light kiss on her check..

                 " no I find you quiet adorable there ..."

                    " Maan saying right ...with those bird nest on your head you looking stunning "

               " shut up Dev she looking nice in those curly hair "

                  " thanks for being honest but this matter close here "

                      Geet tried to warn everyone but as usual their look told her , they won't listen and won't let this chance to go to tease her .

               In all this Adi fumed at Dev " you shouldn't slap me idiot "

              " hello even you lost "

                  " you lost too "

               both went on to argue and Maan rolled his eyes...
" they would never grow up "

                   " nope no chance of that " Geet agreed smiling.. " but they actually making our life more interesting .. between you really thought I did some po*n "

               " no I mean ...ok fine I did thought once "

               " so it wouldn't have matter to you "

                 " no , but my love wouldn't change ... my love not so weak "

           " that's really sweet of you Mr...but do you realise I shared my deepest secret , so you are now more close to me "

               " I'm glad to hear it . I want to be your everything. I love you "

               " love you too " he kissed her lips softly to seal her confession...Edited by Keepdreaming - 2018-07-20T05:06:08Z
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Posted: 2018-07-20T02:21:33Z
again here ... its not very interesting
just time pass ... nothing much to do so posted it
feel free to enjoy
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Posted: 2018-07-20T03:29:01Z
U know I am very very scared thinking what secret
Turns out as music video he he he
Cute one sabi
Poor maan I really pity him
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Posted: 2018-07-20T06:43:08Z
Originally posted by SANJANA9167

U know I am very very scared thinking what secret
Turns out as music video he he he
Cute one sabi
Poor maan I really pity him

hehe I know
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Posted: 2018-07-20T07:02:43Z
Originally posted by Keepdreaming

Originally posted by SANJANA9167

U know I am very very scared thinking what secret
Turns out as music video he he he
Cute one sabi
Poor maan I really pity him

hehe I know

That's really funny I enjoyed it LOL
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Posted: 2018-07-20T07:06:15Z
Nice os
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Posted: 2018-07-20T07:11:18Z
Originally posted by SANJANA9167

Originally posted by Keepdreaming

Originally posted by SANJANA9167

U know I am very very scared thinking what secret
Turns out as music video he he he
Cute one sabi
Poor maan I really pity him

hehe I know

That's really funny I enjoyed it LOL

lol I actually had fun typing it ... I'm now official copy cat LOL
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Posted: 2018-07-20T07:13:55Z
Originally posted by Keepdreaming

Originally posted by SANJANA9167

U know I am very very scared thinking what secret
Turns out as music video he he he
Cute one sabi
Poor maan I really pity him

hehe I know

That's really funny I enjoyed it LOL
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