Ishra SS- Hamsafar mera tu ho gaya - pt 17 on pg 139 on 7/3

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Hello friends back again , no no not with something new but with one of my yet to start story's part one . Actually my that thread is closed and Mod is also not there . Coincidentally my this thread was not copy protected and one of my buddy asked an update for this ,so I thought to make it in new thread . This is my story " mere gamo ki raat ka ujla savera " ,I had changed its name . Though that was apt name but was too long ,so I changed it ,below is prologue then part one .
Scroll down.
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PROLOGUE & PART 1- scroll down .


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Here's the prologue .


Ishita was making all kids stand in queue so that she can count and look after every kid, and at the time of going back she can again check all kids r there or not. 

Ishita counted the kids and said the granny and the watchman -see there r 30 children. I am keeping eyes on everyone, Aap dono bhi dhyaan rakhiyega, don't let any kid go out of the park.She said to which the both nodded. 

Soon she left all the kids to play in the park while she was just keeping a check on them. 

Ishita iyer ,a girl in her mid twenties ,is a teacher in "Dehra dun hill academy school" Dehradun and teaches class kg, one and two. She loves all her students a lot and today she brought them all on a picnic in a nearby park. 

All were enjoying and seeing them, ishita was also happy when her eyes fell on a small girl of her class, Ruhi bhalla, who was sitting silently in a bench. Ishita has always seen her lost but never got a chance to talk to her in private as she has to take care of all the kids but as all were busy in their own world, she decided to go and talk to Ruhi. 

Ishita walked to Ruhi and said -hey Ruhi, why r u sitting here. 

Ruhi wiped her tears in a jiffy and said -kuch nahi ma'am. 

Ishita saw her crying and said -what happened beta, u can share it with me. She said caressing ruhi's little face. 

Ruhi start crying feeling her warmth and said hugging her -papa ki yaad aa rahi hai.

I- oh ho to hamari ruhi ko papa ki yaad aa rahi hai ,you miss your mummy papa too much na .

Ru- no I only miss my papa only .

I- why ,you love your papa more than your mamma .

Ru- no my papa loves me very much but not mamma .

I- if your papa loves you so much then why he has send you here .

Ru- no my papa did not but my mamma and that bad uncle has send me here .

I- I didn't get you bachcha ,who is bad uncle and how your mamma only can send you here without your papas permission.

Ru- because that judge aunty has ordered me to live with mamma and bad uncle, not papa ,and that bad uncle admitted me here ,mujhe yahaan bilkul achcha nahi lagta ,mujhe papa ke pass jaana hai ,daadi daadu ke saath rahna hai .

I- so you mean to say that your mummy and papa don't live together but separately and you love your papa not mamma .

Ru- humm ,papa is very good ,he loves me a lot and mamma is not good ,wo hamesha mujhe scold karti hai aur mujhe yahaan chod diya ,I wanna go to my papa ,woh mujhe bahut pyaar kartein hain aur wo mere liye bahut rotein bhi hain.

Ishita got to know about ruhis parents who are not together and she loves and is craving for her father ,like she has craved all her life .Ishita finally decided that she will not let little ruhi crave for her father and will surely help her , thinking so she asked ruhi that if she has her fathers phone number ,for which the little girl shook her head negatively.

That's all for prologue ,if you found it interesting give 165+ likes for early update .

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Hi friends here's part one of this story ,which is for my buddy " mehwishfarooq" who demanded this update .

Part 1

After that ishita and ruhi talked for some more time ,ishita assured ruhi that she will surely make her talk with her father . Ruhi got happy and started opening up with ishita ,she even told that she never know who was her mother ,till that party night . Ishita cupped ruhis face and spoke " ruhi beta ,aap daro mat ,you can share everything with me  ".

Ru- you know mam ,my father is very good ,he loves me a lot but he had a bad habit too .

I- what bad habit sweety .

Ruhi got silent ,for which ishita caressed her hairs softly and spoke 
" ruhi bolo na bachche ,I told you I will help you na baby ,if you will not tell me about your papa ,how will I help you ".

Ru- you know mam , mere papa bahut gussa kartein hain ,that night main aur papa ,ek party mein gaye the . wahaan par mamma aur wo bad uncle bhi aaye the . papa ko award bhi mila tha ,then don't know what happened ,papa ko bahut gussa aaya .papa ne wahaan un bad uncle se jhagda kiya and he hit him too .unhe bshut chot lagi ,phir papa took me from there and I was so scared . Next day police came and arrested papa ,dadu ne papa ko chudhaya but after that judge aunty called me and told me that I will now live with mumma ,not papa . that's when I know she is my mumma ,Maine kitna mana kiya but mumma loved me so much in front of judge aunty ,mujhe bhi laga she will love me . unhone ns bhi mujhe bahut pyaar kiya do dino tak ,After that she kept an aaya for me aur mujhe ghar mein akele chod ke bahar jaane lagi . one day that bad uncle and mumma brought me here ,and left me . main bahut royi but mamma didn't listened to me ,even she didn't let me talked to papa. mujhe yahaan akele achcha nahi lagta hai , mujhe papa ,dadi aur dadu ke paas jaana hai.

Her eyes got teary ,till she completed her talk ,she wiped the tears with her both tiny hands and sobbed ,ishita hugged her close to her heart and recalled her life . She then asked ruhi's father's name from her and promised her that she will surely make her talk to her father but before that she has to play with other kids . Ruhi nodded happily ,ishita instructed other kids to play with ruhi and sat in the bench . Ishita looked at ruhi and couldn't stop herself to go to her past ,she recalled she was same as ruhi's age when her parent parted . Non of them had cheated each other but they fight a lot because of their big ego and finally decided to part . Ishita was their only child at that time and both of them loves her a lot ,even they had tried to live together for ishita's future but finally parted and as ishita was small she was send with her mother . After her parents parted ,her father use to visit her Saturday and Sunday but after some days ,her mother got a job out of that city . She moved to Dehradun with ishita and she then never got a chance to meet her father . when she was in class five she came to know that her father got married to other woman and now is living happily with his new family . Little ishita was heart broken and after some days her mother too married another man . Her mother got new husband but she could never connect him with him asher father while he too never considered her as his own daughter.Ishita anyhow managed to live with her mother and her step father till her graduation and after that she left them . She then searched a job for herself and managed her livelihood by herself till now . She decided in herself that she will not let ruhi live a life like her as has lived  without her father's love . 

Soon it was evening ,ishita gathered all the kids ,took their attendance and brought them back to their hostel . All the kids were happy ,while going to her room ,ruhi looked ishita with hopeful eyes ,ishita nodded assuring her that she will fulfill her promise . That night was very long for ishita as she was very much eager to make ruhi talk to her father .Finally the next day come ,ishita went to her school then finally to the office . She with some excuses took the attendance register of kinder garden and checked ruhi's details . She saw her parents name as Shagun Arora and Raman bhalla their phone number too was there ,she immediately took both the numbers and then went away . Soon the classes started and after sometimes it was lunch time . Ishita finally got the time , the kids went to canteen and were having their lunch while aaya's were taking care of them . Ishita dialed Raman's number ,he picked the call and spoke " hello ".

I- m I talking to Mr Raman bhalla .

R- yeah ,may I know whom ,I m talking to .

I- Mr bhalla ,this ishita iyer ,I m...

Before she could complete herself he cut her in mid and asked " sorry to interrupt you miss iyer but did we two know each other ".

I- no actually ...

R- then sorry miss iyer you have to excuse me as I m rushing for a meeting , can we talk later .

I- no actually its about ruhi .

R- (shocked )- ruhi ... shat happened to ruhi ,wo theek to hai na ,I swear if something happened to her ,I will not spare this shagun .

I- Mr bhalla please listen to me ,ruhi is ok ,I mean to say she is physically ok but not mentally .

R- what do you mean moreover who are you,main to poochna hi bhool gaya .

I- Mr bhalla ,I m ruhi's class teacher from dehradun ,where she studies .

R- can I talk to her .

He spoke getting impatient .Ishita nodded and spoke " that's why I called you ,she too is eager to talk to you ".

R- please bula do na app use ,I will be greatful to you .

I- no need for that ,main abhi bulati hai .

Saying so she called ruhi , she took the phone and said "hello " ,Raman's eyes welled up listening to ruhi's voice . She spoke hello hello for such time then when she didn't get any answer ,she told crying " mam lagta hai phone cut gaya ".

That's when Raman spoke " no rooh ,I m there beta .aap bolo how are you ".

Ruhi started crying and spoke " papa please mujhe aapse mila na ,mujhe yahaan bilkul achcha nahi lagta ,mumma kabhi mujhe phone nahi karti ,aap please aao na papa ."

R- ok beta ,papa is coming .you wait for me papa will come to meet my angel tomorrow .

Ru(happily )- sachchi papa .

R- humm ,beta please mam ko phone do .

Ruhi passed the phone to ishita ,she took the phone and spoke Hello,for which Raman thanked her a lot ,then informed her that he want to meet ruhi , he pleaded ishita to help him in meeting ruhi ,ishita too agreed that she will make them meet .

That's all for now ,hope you like this .Enjoy reading and do comment .
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Very interesting & beautiful story. Waiting for the update
Posted: 2018-07-19T03:27:10Z
Great start
Loved it
Ishu helping ruhi to meet Raman
Ashgun are disgusting
Update soon
My writing index
Posted: 2018-07-19T03:51:42Z
Congratulations for new story
Its amazing update
Like yhm but different from real one
Thanks for updating

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