Ishra ss-tu ki jaane pyaar mera#2,last part on pg 109 updt on 24/1(Page 79)

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Plzz sis update this story.....

Really wonderful story

I read this story maxinum 15 

Eagerly waiting for next update soon 

Humble request 

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Plzzzzzzzz sis update this story 

Eagerly waiting 

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Really amazing sis 

Eagerly waiting for next update sis

Raman thinking about adi words

He was totally confused...

But mind and heart are fighting

Abi planning dirty game with raman

He want ishita create misunderstanding between ishifa and raman

Raman didn't found any solution 

Ishita is soo good...she want only raman caring nature....she love him too much

Ishita planned surprise for raman

I think ishita is pregnant! !!!!

What happed next? ?????? Eagerly waiting for next update sis

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Story of ishra,where Raman fell for a four year elder lady Ishita .he took the flat on rent and start loving with her.slowly she too fell for him and both consummated their relationship but problem started cropping up when raman's friend abhi started telling Raman that how inappropriate Ishita is for him,just because he wanted to make relationship with her.raman is fighting with his insecurities while Ishita was living in her Dreamland oblivious of the problem about to come her way soon.


Raman smiled and said-kitni cute hai aur caring bhi,how can I ever be with sad with her.abhi talks rubbish,I am very happy with Ishita and will always remain happy.hum dono ke beech mein age difference kabhi matter nahi karega,haan she is bit mature but she is childish also sometime and I really love her,yahin sach hai aur hamesha yahin sach rahega.he said to himself and get indulge in his work.

On the other hand,Ishita was standing in front of the mirror holding the sleeveless dress ,he gifted in her hand.

Ishita-pehnu yaa nahi pehnu ,Raman ne toh keh diya that I don't need to wear if I am uncomfortable.actually he didn't told so ,I made him tell so.i saw his face fell when I denied to wear this ,pehan leti hoon,itna toh kar hi sakti hoon main unke liye ,unhe achcha lagega aur unhe khush dekh kar mujhe bhi achcha lagega.she said thinking about his happiness and finally decided to wear the gown for him.

After an hour,she got ready wearing the shimmery white gown,her hair was tied in a beautiful bun while she was wearing the sleek necklace he gifted her.she look at herself and said-achchi toh lag rahi hoon,tu bhi naa ishu,bina matlab ke bhaav kha rahi thi.but yeh bhi thik hai,aakhir mera haq hai nakhre karne ka but it's my duty also to make him happy,keep him happy.she thought and went to decorate the room for him.

She decorated the dinner table and then lite the candle in the room.after doing the needful she start waiting for him .

After half an hour ,he finally entered the house all tired but stopped seeing the ambience.

He look around smiling when he heard-u liked it??

Raman-very much,he was saying but stopped seeing her.she was looking way too beautiful in that gown.his eyes twinkled seeing her in the gown and she walked to him.

She came very close to him and said-i thought to surprise u.

Raman -bahut achcha socha tumne,I am really surprised and very pleasantly surprised.u r looking ravishing.much more then my imagination.he said kissing her shoulder while she closed her eyes.

He grabbed her waist and said-feel like eating u raw,u r looking just too yummy.

Ishita-u can have me but before that have ur food,u must be tired naa.

Raman-tumhe dekhne ke baad ab bhookh kisse hai.i will have u first then will have food.

Ishita-as u wish,she said surrendering herself to him.he picked her in his arms and took her to their room.he make her lay softly on the bed and lay down beside her and soon both get lost in each other.

After an hour of love making,they were laying side by side.

Raman-u r the best jaan,u know how to lift my mood.i was just so tired and sleepy but u took away from sleep.he said kissing her bare shoulder.

Ishita-i think we should eat now,made ur favourite palak paneer.

Raman -i love u so much for this,u r just perfect in everyway.idiot r those who says that we don't make a good pair,actually they r right,we make a great pair.

Ishita-who told u that we don't make a good pair,she asked making him realise that what he said.

Raman-noone,I am hungry.lets eat.he said to which she nodded meekly and soon both were enjoying their meal.

Raman was go on talking while Ishita was silent.seeing her like this he asked-what happened,u r looking lost.

Ishita-nothing ,just thinking who is trying to separate us by filling nonsense in ur head,aap aaj Kal kitna chillate hai mujh par,unsure bhi rehte hai .I am scared ,Raman .I can't loose u,all i have is u.aapko kho kar main jee nahi paaungi.if ever in life u feel that I am not suitable for u then please just tell me once.i will change myself for u.aapke liye sab kuch kar sakti hoon but can't live without u,u r just too precious for me.she said while her eyes got teary.

Raman-hey pagal,why u r crying??I am not going anywhere leaving u ,we r going to live together forever ,samjhi stop crying.u r my jaan and will forever be my jaan.he said and both hugged each other .

Slowly time start passing ,ishra were happy in their world.raman was also getting over his insecurities showering all his love on Ishita.

One day,Ishita was happily making breakfast when she felt like throwing up. She slow down the gas and ran to the washroom. 

She throw up and held the wash bowl to balance herself. She washed her face many times and went back to do her work. 

She resumed her work but again felt like throwing up. She ran again to the washroom and throw up again. 

She stood there and thought -hey Murugan, what's happening to me. Kahin main pregnant to nahi ho gayi.i can be pregnant,Raman ko bolun.nahi first let me confirm.then I will give him the good news,he will be very happy.kitne khush honge Raman,honge naa.ofcourse honge after all it will be his baby,our baby.she said caressing her tummy and went to resume her work.she was not able to stand to the smell ,so just left the kitchen and went to rest .

After five minutes,Raman came to check her and she told that she is feeling weakness .

Raman touched her forehead and said-bukhar toh nahi hai,doctor ke paas chalein.

Ishita-nahi,I am good.thoda rest kar lungi then I will feel better.u go.

Raman-r u sure,if u want I can stay back.

Ishita-not needed,I am all ok.aap baahar kuch kha,she was saying when he said-that I will manage ,tum rest karo.and call me if u have any problem ,ok.

Ishita nodded and he went pecking her temple.she closed her eyes and rest for sometime .

After half an hour,she got ready and went to the market.she purchased the pregnancy kit and went home.

She did the test and was waiting for the results when finally two pink lines showed up.she smiled fully and said-u r pregnant Ishita, congratulations ur baby is about to come.congratulations to u too Raman papa.she said and smiled hiding her face in her palm.

She got up happily and start decorating the house and getting ready not able to wait for him.

On the other hand,Raman was working when his phone rang.he saw the display and left the phone ringing seeing abhi's name.

Raman-i don't wanna hear his rubbish,so it's better if I ignore his call.he thought and got busy.the phone rang for long and then stop ringing.abhi called Raman many times but he didn't pick it up.

After sometime his phone start ringing again.raman saw it was mihir's call so picked it only to hear-so u were intentionally avoiding my phone.

Raman got caught ,so said-i don't wanna hear any rubbish from u,ki Ishita mere liye thik nahi hai ,I will be a laughing stock if I stays with her.i love her and will always be with her it,now talk if u want to talk anything else.

Abhi realised his plan is failing ,so said-ok ,if u don't wanna listen then I will not say,but the truth is that very soon,she will become a burden for u and then u can't get rid of her.abhi toh sab thik hai ,just think of the day she will get pregnant.u have to marry her just for the kid.just think of it,Shaadi ke pehle saal mein hi pregnancy aur bachcha.u will not be able to enjoy ur married life fully.honeymoon par bhi nahi jaa pyaar nahi rahega,sirf responsibilities rahegi aur frustration rahega .he said and hung the call.

Raman heard his word and said-we r not going to plan baby any time soon,after this project will end,I will introduce Ishita to maa-papa.ek lavish wedding hogi hamari ,phir ek lamba honeymoon,phir kahin chaar paanch saal baad,we will plan our baby ,abhi thodi naa papa banna hai mujhe ,abhi meri umar hi Kya hai ,he thought and got busy in his work while on other hand Ishita was decorating the house happily to give him the biggest news of their life.

That's all for now, enjoy.

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Updated next part.

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Superb update

Raman was thinking about abhis word but than thought he loves ishita they will always be together otherside ishita was thinking if to wear that gown gifted by raman she thought to make him happy and wore that gown and decorated the room when raman came back he was surprised he got lost in ishitas beauty both got lost in each other raman said he loves her so much people are mad when they say their couple is not perfect ishita asked who was saying this raman diverted her mind ishita asked raman never leave her if he dont like anything about her tell her she will change herself for him but she cant loose him as he is too precious for her raman said he will never leave her time started passing ishra were happy in life one day ishita was not feeling well she took pragnency taste and found she is pragnent she thought to give raman this good news other side abhi was calling raman but he didnt picked so he called raman from mihirs mobile abhi said whg he is avoiding him raman said he dont want to listen anything bad for ishita abhi thought his plan is failing abhi said once ishita will get pragnent hebwill have to marry her for kid than he will not be able enjoy his married life raman thought that will never happen as they will plan baby after four five years  i m scared for ishita poor she will be heartbroken

Pld update soon

Thanks for the pm

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Superb update di

Ishita was trying to fulfil Raman’s wish

She was so upset thinking that someone is trying to separate them

Abhi is disgusting.......he is still instigating raman

Raman is so stupid.....,he is getting trapped 

Omg.....ishita is pregnant 

Lets see what happens next 

Ty 4 d pm too

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Awesome update 

Eagerly waiting for next part 

Plz plz plz update soon 

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