Ishra ss-tu ki jaane pyaar mera#2,last part on pg 109 updt on 24/1(Page 44)

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Excellent part Star
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Nice teaser.
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Glad Raman came back. Hope he ir clear now.
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Raman tried to call ishita but her phone was switched off making Raman worried and angry on the same time. 

Raman -yeh bhi koi baat hui, arey main thoda gussa nahi ho sakta kya, chidak nahi sakta kya. This is just too much, ishita bhi Ek dum bachchon wali harkat karti hai. Ab kar diya naa mujhe pareshan. But main kyun pareshan hoon, if she don't care to talk to me, then I don't care too. Rahen gussa, I am sleeping. He said and lay down closing his eyes. 

He tried to sleep but couldn't. All he could think is about the sadness in her voice when he shouted on her. He got up at once and said -i can't sleep, I do care. Pata nahi kya kar rahi hogi. So rahi hogi yaa phir ro rahi hogi. Pata nahi kuch khaya bhi hoga ki nahi. Itne calls aur messages. She must have been thinking about me. And the moment I messaged her, she called me back. It means she was waiting for my call, and what I did. I shouted on her unnecessarily. I shouted on her for being so caring, it's wrong. Abhi ne mere dimaag mein gandagi bhar di and I shouted on her unnecessarily. It's not done, aisa nahi karna chahiye tha. And now I can't be in peace till I see her. He thought and got up. 

He packed his goods, left a note for his parent and went out of the house. He check the time and said -subah hone se pehle, I will reach her. Will say sorry to her, then only I can be in peace. He thought and start driving. 

At 5.30 in morning, Raman's car was parked in front of her house. He smiled fully thinking about her reaction seeing him. He opened the door with the spare keys he has and went to her room only to see it empty. 

Raman -yeh ishita kahan gayi?? He thought getting scared, that what if she did something wrong. 

Raman -nahi nahi, meri jaan itni kamzor nahi. She must be somewhere else. He thought and start looking for her.he finally found her in his room. His shirts were all over the bed and she was sleeping hugging one of his shirt. He smiled seeing her love for him. He went close to her and saw her face thouroughly. He can see dried tears near her eyes. He felt guilty for his harsh words and said -i am sorry, jaan. Really sorry. Saying so he kissed her temple softly. 

He removed all the shirts from the bed and lay down next to her. He hugged her tight and closed his eyes feeling tired. Soon he too slept cuddled in her. 

After an hour or so, Ishita turned in sleep and felt someone next to her. She opened her eyes in sheer fear but got relieved seeing raman sleeping next to her. She closed her eyes to sleep again but then open in utter shock. 

She touched raman and said -raman, aap yahan?? Aap hi ho naa, she asked shaking Raman. 

Raman opened his eyes hearing her and said -haan jaan, main hi hoon. Tumhara raman. 

Ishita -but aap toh do din baad aane wale the. 

Raman -haan, aane to wala tha. But kaise rukta when I hurt u last night. Sorry jaan, I was disturbed coz of something and in the process I hurt. Sorry jaan, I didn't intended to. Really sorry. he said picking her lips. 

Ishita smiled and said -its OK Raman. Aap mere paas wapas aa gaye. It's more then enough for me. 

Raman kissed her temple again and said-can I sleep now, I am tired. I came driving. 

Ishita opened her arms and said -ofcourse. 

Raman came closer to her and engulfed into her. She happily kissed his hair and said -i love u raman. 

Raman too kissed near her neck and said -love u too jaan. Saying so he closed his eyes to sleep while ishita was just too happy getting him back. 

Soon Raman was again sleeping peacefully in her arms while she was looking at him all happily. All the pain she felt last night hearing his harsh words went down the drain seeing him again so close to her. She admired him for long and showered his face with numerous kisses making him open his eyes. 

Raman -u r not letting me sleep, jaan. 

Ishita made an innocent face and said -sorry, I was just loving u. U know I missed u alot. 

Raman pulled her closer and said -miss toh maine bhi bahut kiya tumhe. Ur fragrance, ur touch, ur love, I missed it all .he said putting his fingers in her long hair making her moan in pleasure. He realised she too want him as much as he want her. He pulled her close to himself and soon both got lost in their pool of passion. Raman start loving her like there is no tomorrow while she was also loving him back with equal passion. 

After a long passionate encounter, both slept cuddled in each other feeling relaxed and stress free. 

At ten, Raman opened his eyes feeling his phone ringing in his head. He got up at once seeing his mother's number. He composed himself all ready to hear her scolding and as he expected, his mother start shouting on him for leaving like this. 

After much time, when she finally stopped he said-sorry maa,kuch bahut urgent tha, that's why I have to come. But promise next time aaunga toh jyada rukunga. 

Toshiji -tu kahan rukta hai, but it's OK. Apna khayal rakhna. Achche se kuch khila bhi nahi paayi tujhe. Koi nahi agli baar. She said and both talked for late. 

They talked for long and then hung the call. Raman get off the bed and went out only to see ishita laying breakfast humming a song. 

Raman went to her and hugged her from back. He kissed her neckline and said -bahut khush lag rahi ho?? 

Ishita smiled and said -yes, I am. Kyunki Aap aa gaye. 

Raman -i am also very satisfied. 

Ishita -satisfied, kyun?? 

Raman -kuch nahi, tum bolo. Kya bana rahi ho??

Ishita -aloo ka parantha, aapka favourite. 

Raman -thanks jaan, kitna sochti ho mere baare mein. U really love me alot naa. 

Ishita nodded and said -sabse jyada. Achcha raman, aapka mood kal kyun off tha. 

Raman thought for a while and said -kuch khaas nahi, achcha jaan. Tell me one thing. Tumhe lagta hai naa ki main tumse pyaar karta hoon. I mean tumhe yeh toh nahi lagta naa, that its all physical. 

Ishita look at him hearing him and asked -yeh Aap kya puch rahe hai, Raman?? 

Raman -kuch nahi, tum bhool jao that I asked u this. Sorry I hurt u. He said and hugged ishita tight but she broke the hug and said -nahi, aap bataiye, why u asked this?? 

Raman -actually I was feeling ki maine tumhare liye aaj tak kabhi kuch special nahi kiya. I never did anything which made u realise my love for u,naa.tumhe lagta hai kya ki hamara rishta sirf physical hai. Am I using u, he said telling all his doubts to her. 

She smiled and said -achcha yeh bataiye, kya itni dur kabhi aap Itni raat ko car chala kar kisi ke liye aaye hai?? 

Raman thought for a while and nodded in no. 

Ishita -toh yeh joh aapne aaj kiya, this is very special. Agar aap aaj nahi do din baad aate, tabhi main aapse naraaz nahi hoti. Still u came just for me. Yeh joh kiya aapne, this gesture is priceless. Then how can u say that u never did anything special for me. She said smiling making him smile too. 

Ishita -aur rahi baat physical ki. Toh yeh hum dono ki khushi se hua hai. Aapne mere saath jabardasti nahi ki hai. It was my choice to give myself to u. Aur waise bhi it's may not be the base of every relationship but it's necessary in every relationship. Toh isme aapka mera faayda uthane ki baat hi nahi hai. We both r involved in this. She said looking at him making his sigh in relief. 

He hugged her tight and said -thank u jaan. Thank u for clearing my doubts. I don't want all this to be physical. U r very precious for me. May be I can't tell u, but tum sach much bahut maayne rakhti ho mere liye. I love u, I really do. Main confuse ho jaata hoon, gussa ho jaata hoon. But I really love u alot. Tumhe kabhi takleef nahi pahunchana chahta. He was hugging her tight and telling her like giving assurance to himself then her while ishita was thinking that why he is so unsure about their relationship. Who planted seeds of unsurity in his mind. And though he was assuring her but his unsurity was making ishita worried. 

That's all for now, enjoy and do comment and hit like. Will wait for it. 

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Updated next part, enjoy. 
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interesting and beautiful update
continue soon
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Beautiful update
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Continue soon

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