Ishra ss-tu ki jaane pyaar mera#2,last part on pg 109 updt on 24/1(Page 32)

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oh no I already feel bad for ishita
with great difficulty she had trusted someone
and if she comes to know if all this she'll be really hurt
Raman seems very confused
even he was wondering why he dint say what toshiji was saying
does he actually love ishita??
continue soon
Posted: 1 years ago
interesting teaser
feeling bad for ishra
continue soon
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Raman was just looking at abhi while he was busy in making Raman understand not to take the relationship ahead with ishita when Raman said -bas kar yaar, kitna bolega. I don't wanna listen. Main ishita se pyaar karta hoon and this is not any infatuation, ki khatam ho jayega and I will leave her. I will never leave her. He said and got up. He start walking when abhi said -naji chodega, toh kya karega, shaadi?? Do u even want to get married?? He said making Raman turn. 

Abhi got up and said walking to her -shaadi karega?? 

Raman -haan, why not. U r also getting married. 

Abhi -yaar, mere aur mere biwi ke beech mein kuch nahi hua hai. I have to marry her to get her. But u have already got her, usse shaadi karne ki kya zarurat hai. Aur meri wali, mujhse 6 saal choti hai. After marriage also I can enjoy with her for long. But tere saath kya hoga pata hai, she start wanting a child after getting married aur ek saal mein u will have ur baby in ur arms. Papa banne ke liye ready hai tu?? He asked making Raman think. 

Raman -why she will ask for a baby so soon?? 

Abhi -coz she don't have time my brother, baby hone ka bhi Ek time hota hai. And she don't have that much. OK tell me, why we marry someone??

Raman -why?? 

Abhi -u tell. 

Raman thought for a while and said -kyunki hum pyaar karte hai. 

Abhi -no, because we want to have sex. See yeh baat thodi straight hai but it's truth. We make relationship to have sex and when u r already involved in it. Toh shaadi ki kya zarurat hai. See Raman, I really don't know how u will be feel hearing this, but for me, I think u r going to make a blunder. Ek apne se badi umar ki lady mein woh charm nahi hota joh choti mein hota hai, they r just too cute and sexy. This lady is nowhere cute and sorry to say sexy bhi nahi hai. Tujhse jyada mature bhi lag rahi hai.i think u should break up, Isse pehle ki yeh tere gale ki haddi ban jaaye. After all u have already got what u wanted. 

Raman -dont say like this, I love her. 

Abhi -u love her, OK then tell me what u have done for her to make her feel special, other then doing that. 

Raman thought and said -kuch khaas kiya nahi, but I love her. And that I know for sure. 

Abhi-really sure. 

Raman said yes, with unsurity in his voice. 

Abhi -think about it again my brother, choosing a wrong girl means ruining ur life. He said and went leaving Raman think. He stood there for long and then went to his friends. 

He sat with his friends and drank whike his mind was still on Abhi's words. 

After an hour, they dispersed and went to their respective room. Raman too reached home and slept as he was heavily drunk. 

Raman was standing with his friends and said -u all wanted to meet my girl naa,so I requested her to come here. Here she is, my jaan, my ishita. He said and showed everyone towards the door. 

All looked at the direction and saw a lady entering the room wearing a blue net saree. 

All look at ishita and then at Raman and next moment all burst into laughter making Ishra shocked. 

Friend 1-yeh teri girlfriend hai, yaa mummy. 

F2-seriously yaar, what u say in her. Aunty ji lag rahi hai. 

F3-haan toshi aunty jaisi. He said and all start laughing hard. 

All were laughing while abhi said -i told u naa, u will become a laughing stock because of her. Arey apni umar dekh aur uski dekh. Aunty lag rahi hai teri. Maine kitna samjhaya tha tujhe but nahi tujhe toh pyaar ka bhoot chadha tha, I told u naa it's not love, it's mere attraction. Ab bhugat, abhi toh sirf dost has rahen hai, very soon everyone will start laughing at u, u will become a laughing stock for the whole society. Look at everyone's girlfriend and look at urs, ab bhi time hai, sambhal jaa, warna teri zindagi barbaad samajh. He said and continued laughing with others while Raman was just looking at everyone. 

Raman got up at once and look around only to realise it was just a dream. He got up at once and went to washroom. He washed his face many times and look at him in the mirror. 

He wiped his face and went to bed. He picked his phone and saw many calls and messages from ishita. He read all one by one.she was missing him too much and was also worried coz he wasn't picking the phone. He messaged her back that he was busy and will be back soon. 

Like ishita was waiting for his message,his phone rang next second. He picked it and said -hello. 

Ishita -kahan the Aap, Raman. I was calling u since so long. 

Raman -busy tha, function mein. Sorry. 

Ishita -its OK, Aap kab wapas aa rahe hai. I am missing u alot. 

Raman -dekho, abhi time lagega. 

Ishita -kyun, function toh ho gaya naa. 

Raman -haan, but maa want me to stay back for a day or two. She missed me alot naa. 

Ishita -i am also missing u, Raman. Aap mujhe miss nahi kar rahe. 

Raman -i am sleepy, can we talk tomorrow. 

Ishita -ofcourse, Aap so jaiye. Khana khaya aapne. 

Raman -function mein gaya tha, kyun nahi khaunga. 

Ishita -aapne sharab pi hai,raman??

Raman-haan yaar, function tha, thodi si pi li. Ab tum lecture mat shuru Karna. 

Ishita -nahi, Main kuch nahi keh rahi. Aap so jao. She said and hung the call while Raman felt that he was too rude to her. He was about to apologise but she hung the call. He try to call her again but she switched off the phone. He throw the phone in anger and said -main kya kar raha hoon, why I am letting his words overpower my love for ishita. Nahi, I will not hurt her. I love her, he said almost screaming, but then mellow down and said -i love her naa. He said like questioning to himself. 

On the other hand, ishita went bad that he didn't asked about her well-being even once. 

Ishita -he didn't even asked me whether I had my dinner or not. Raman aise kyun behave kar rahen the. Kuch hua hai kya, itne disturb kyun the.mujhe baat karna chahiye kya.nahi he was drunk,kal baat karungi. She said and closed her eyes to sleep but sleep was faraway from her eyes like she can feel him changing. 

That's all for now, enjoy and do comment and hit like. Will wait for it. 

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Updated next part, enjoy. 
Posted: 1 years ago
Nice update 
Update soon Di 
Thanks for pm
Posted: 1 years ago
Raman is getting all confused
Abhi is disgusting and has such low thinking
Poor Ishita
She would be so hurt to know Raman is under this confusion
Update soon
Wanna know what does Raman do now
Continue soonish
Posted: 1 years ago
amazing update
so it was a dream
continue soon
Posted: 1 years ago
Loved it
Stupid abhi

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