it's just the drama why so much hate

Posted: 2018-07-15T23:52:09Z
i usually go to social platforms to find more info about silsila. but, I find out a lot of haters over there.
they hating on Kunal and Nandini, especially Nandini, like she did a crime seriouslyShocked Why there so many hatersAngry  
I'm so tired of them, for now on I need to stop reading their comments, and enjoy watching the drama.

i will stay raal, and stay loyal fan of drashtiBig smile no matter what happens, i will keep supporting keep watching this drama. like always do...
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Posted: 2018-07-16T00:09:46Z
ignore ... it's show , take only as show
those haters very few neutral others jealous because DD n SA on colors ( expected) seeing IG views not hard to guess haters
some can't see actors other than their fav, mostly DD , unki bas chaale toh DD bas ek actor sath hi kaam kare
just enjoy , it's touchy subject let's see what makers gonna do with it
bura laage remote toh hai hi
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Posted: 2018-07-16T00:10:39Z
Haters are going to hate,no matter what.when I go to youtube I just watch the video and come out.
People have decided it is a bad show and has bad influence on the society.
With 1.44 TRP not even 1/8th of the society is watching.
If the dramas are corrupting the society,the saas bahu shows must be stopped first.the venomous saas is one reason a lot of girls are refusing to get married.We can say that justification.
If it is corruption ,what about adult movies shown around the county in various theatres,so many married men are watching them and P***n.what about those??
Yeah haters are going to matter what.
I agree the concept is negative but it is just entertainment.I take it that sense only.

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Posted: 2018-07-16T00:37:56Z
People have decided it is a bad show and has bad influence on the society...           

those who watching , taking it as show not even on social media, I mean trp audience
they don't have time to go around n waste time on hating , bohot kam hote hai
most are not even from India ( trp audience) so why care for those , who not giving anything for show..
and all know it's sensitive matter still makers trying something new others I want to watch it thinking it entertaining me ...its making me laugh it making me cry it will end when time will come

If the dramas are corrupting the society,the saas bahu shows must be stopped first.the venomous saas is one reason a lot of girls are refusing to get married.We can say that justification...

in that case most of show should be banned . SaaS hero ki 100 marriage karwaye , for them it don't give any wrong message ...unke liye woh sab imaginary, fictions hai but problem with another Fiction show
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Posted: 2018-07-16T04:11:11Z
it is so funny that people r making final conclusion that Nandini will break her best friend home when serial just completed one month .as if they r writer of show not gajra kottari

gajra kottari has already written about extra martial between jagya ,anandi and gauri in balika vadhu

why would gajra kottari who is writer of silsila badlete rishton will repeat same story of extra martial affair which she has already written in balika vadhu ?

and gajra kottari deal sensitive issue very sensitively like she did in balika vadhu . and here she will again deal sensitive issue sensitively in sbrkEdited by surabhi01 - 2018-07-16T04:14:13Z
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Posted: 2018-07-16T04:28:27Z
Muno..truly if one want to enjoy any show can be done after ignoring haters comments..some people don't have time n wish to watch but have time to pass comments n giving knowledge..when I was not in social media ..I have enjoyed shows more better n without this like why watching it ? Its not good concept ..etc etc..
I have watched shows on EMA too without being any one fan even and my family members too watched.. and they were well executed n were too I don't mind watching silsila too n expecting the same from CV's to handle this different concept well..also its a DD show n even if she has Greg char here ..I have no problem ..just want to watch her n her acting n booked to silsila firstly coz of her but liking cast too.Star
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Posted: 2018-07-16T04:51:37Z
ignore them
without thinking abt anything im gng to enjoy the show
as far i love evry char development
im also big fan of DD so i ll keep watching for her

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Posted: 2018-07-16T08:06:28Z
I grew up reading stories like Charitraheen! I will take the story as a story!! How situations change relationships... And honestly IGNORE THEM!!
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