| Holding On & Letting Go : AR FF | chapter 15 - pg 76 | 11 Nov - Page 66

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Posted: 3 years ago

I can feel your heart hanging in the air
I'm counting every step as you climb the stairs
It's buried in your bones, I see it in your closed eyes
Turning in, this is harder than we know
We hold it in the most when we're wearing thin

Armaan counted backward on his fingers for the fifth time seeping in whatever he felt. He felt rage, he felt disappointment, he was agitated and for the first time in a long time he didn't blame his messed up mind but someone else for not understanding him, for misjudging him, for not knowing him better, for thinking low of him unknowingly. 

He almost laughed because it wasn't anyone but her, with her everything feels like falling into place and for once it didn't and somehow still it didn't feel foreign but the most real thing in all this time. To feel something where he didn't feel depressed but felt better of himself. She has always been the one to make him feel better for himself, that he deserves better but this time it hurt him more than it ever did, probably more than the time she broke their engagement and he didn't know what to do.

"Armaan I don't know what to tell you? Will you understand that I was handling a case and it required a quick treatment?" Ridhima looked at him with helplessness in her eyes. It was like she was walking on a glass that could break at any moment.

Comin' like a hurricane, I take it in real slow
The world is spinning like a weather vane
Fragile and composed
Though I am breaking down again
I am aching now to let you in

Silence crept in the room as soon as those words left her mouth. He scoffed at her, he chuckled bitterly and looked at her with bewilderment. 

"You actually thought this Ridhima that I don't understand! Why? Do you think I would feel bad or insecure that I am not allowed to do my practice at this moment? Well Ridhima Gupta that is the last thing I would feel bad about, believe me. I have saved more people in my career of 2 and a half years that you ever saved in 3 and continuing years. Ridhima you are the last person I wanted this pity, this unwanted care, the over-caring of my feelings." A tear dropped from his eyes as his clenched his hands in a fist.

"Armaan I didn't mean it tha--", Ridhima stopped as he cut in her midway and started in a tone that she felt goosebumps.

"Ridhima don't you get it? Why I didn't want to meet you? For the exact same reason, I never wanted to be a different person in your eyes, I wanted to be the same old Armaan you fell in love, flawed yet normal, human... and that image, that person is tainted in your mind right now considering how you are overthinking about my feelings. I don't want you to f**king walk on fire baby--", He sat on his bed suddenly being emotionally drained, throat dried as the last word wasn't audible, a mere whisper and pointed her towards the door.

She came closer to where he was sitting and sat on the floor on her knees in front of him as both of their eyes were glazed with tears and looked at him.

" I am sorry Armaan. Call me when you are ready to talk to me, I won't force myself on you." She moved her hands close to his upper jaw but soon backed off and got up and ran out of his room.

"Atul...she is here." Muskaan walks slowly to Atul who was sitting on the swing in the backyard of Gupta House. Padma had them called for a lunch only to bombard them with the news of Anjali returning and unlike before no one was enthusiastic of her being there. She left when they needed each other and whatever the reason may have had been, it did hurt them a lot. Though of course, everyone had their reasons to be not excited, whatever happened during the last days she was here before going miles away didn't help. So in all, they were already not on talking terms. Muskaan obviously heard about her when she talked to Padma aunty as she didn't know about the fall-out.

Seven times it came when you were not awake
Seven times the flame, too much to take
The sky burns red against your skin
The world we know turns in the wind

"Hey, guys.." Anjali stepped outside in the backyard along with Padma, Nikki, and Abhi carrying the food containers to the dining table out. 

Nikki sighed at the lack of response Atul had while Muskaan nodded her head just for the sake of Padma aunty. She wasn't surprised how everyone had a fall out because of two people who held them strong was hurt and away. 

"Now you guys should start eating aur kuch chahiye toh kitchen sai le lena. Mai maa kai saath bazaar jaa rahi hoon." Padma smiled at them and left.

"We should start eating phir ghar chalenge." Abhi broke the silence and moved to the table along with Atul and Nikki while Muskaan stood on the same spot.

"So how is everything going on ?" Anji looked at them pulling out a chair.

"Tujhe wahi rehna chahiye tha Anji, why did you come back ?" Muskaan asked suddenly and Atul sighed. He knew it, Muskaan might try to act normal in front of Padma aunty but she was the one itching out to leave the sight of Anjali Gupta.

"Muskaan--" Nikki called Muskaan who looked at her and moved towards the table. Pulling out the chair, she was about to sit when Anjali answered, "What do you mean by that Muskaan? Armaan is okay, my sister is back, of course, I am supposed to back home, it's not like I went there for forever."

Muskaan scoffed with a laugh and sighed and sat on her chair not bothering to reply to her. A lot of happened obviously but whatever the reasons might have been for others to not talk to Anjali, she had it all different, in fact, none of them even knew about it. Anjali was her best friend, she was the person who she went crazy with and having Anji saying things she never imagined, she was mortified, she didn't like that person.

Rahul stared out of the window sipping his coffee and smiled. Both the idiots are back again, of course not in the sense they so dearly want them because that would take time, both of them had their worlds turn upside down, faced death and led some of the most miserable months of their life, actually in a sense still leading. His luggage was parceled along with Armaan on his doorstep, unshaved look and pale with eyes swollen. 

Comin' like a hurricane, I take it in real slow
The world is spinning like a weather vane
Fragile and composed
Though I am breaking down again
I am aching now to let you in

The guy he cared about so deeply looked distorted. Of course, he cared about Armaan, no matter what happened in college, the teasing Armaan might have done, he did save him from countless heartbreaks and bullies. He was drunk out of wits after Armaan wooed Sonia and so as a payback deleted his part of a co-joined assignment they got, needed to submit the day later, which was much more than Armaan had to write up only to find it completed and submitted the next day while he slept in till evening. 

Armaan was the guy who was genuine, he acted like a brat but whenever they hung out together with a common friend, he saw how deeply he cared for Nikki and Rakesh. In fact despite how much he teased him but he never let other people tease him. Armaan had other issues about he got to know when Nikki disappeared, Armaan used to get annoyed at everything, he became reserved, he became more of a brat, he started going away from people he knew for the last 3 years. The Armaan he saw was very different from the guy he took him to be.

 Rahul had a sign of relief after he heard Ridhima's voice, the cheerful kind. The person who wasn't angry at the world for every wrong happening to her. The one whose life didn't just revolve around her patients after her treatment but cared for herself as well, who held the courage to question why she was the one deserving the wrath when all she had been great and not accepting that there must be something wrong in her.

Armaan was giving her hard time, he heard from Billy uncle, that ass. He chuckled thinking. He understood Armaan's every decision and that wasn't a doubt. Wasn't he the one who took that decision even before anyone did? It wasn't easy, it wasn't an ailment, it was something grave and he didn't know how to tell Muskaan then and now she knew about it without him saying anything to her, he didn't have the guts to listen to her reaction and what she thought of it. 

Ridhima counted the stars in the sky as she was laid on the bonnet of her car. She was kinda happy with Armaan's reaction but not happy about whatever happened before and the reason for his reaction.

He spoke for himself, he spoke his mind and she was glad he did. Armaan Mallik was hurting and no ready to go back with her and she wouldn't force it, two days later she had to return back and she didn't know how to manage everything but she knew she had to make everything a little right for them, she has to make a way for both of them to open up to each other despite being away. 

Making Armaan feel better, in fact having him stand back as a better man would take a lot of time and hard work but she was willing to take the hard way for them but he had to be a part of it. He needed her but he also needed to work on himself before they jump into a relationship and she was going to help him. Armaan can be a hard ass but she was as stubborn as he is and she wouldn't force anything on him but she definitely has the authority to change everything with a minute decision of hers for both of them.

A/N: Well I didn't like what I wrote before and also got busy due to tests so basically that is my reason of much late late late update. I definitely have plans for AR to get back together but it would be a super slow way. May babies are hurting so much damn. :p

Also Praggs I took Rakesh straight from your College Reunion track of ILYLTF!

Love Ya Guys!

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Posted: 3 years ago
Why you torturing us like this? Poora chapter dona!!
Posted: 3 years ago
res :P
Ittu sa part...???
Itne mein humhara kiya hoga Kido...
Itne din baad tumne complete ki, phir bhi ittusa...
*Pout** not so done Kido...
Ab itna chotu sa part diya hai toh, comment bhi chotu sa milenge...
Don't complain... 

as usual awesome tha... 
Chalo acchi baat hai, Armaan ne itna toh baat ki ridz se...
Lekin ab naraz bhi hogaye, because she couldn't come and they couldn't go out... 

Ah oh, seems like everyone, specially Muski and Atul is not happy to see Anjali back...
They all met her for the sake of Padma aunty... 
Muski toh apna gussa, andar daba ke nehi rakhte...
Bol diya muh pe heheh... 
Koi nehi, aage jaakar I m sure sab tik hoga... 

I like the part u put of Rahul...
So he was happy for AR... 
He knows both are stubborn... 
and whatever Armaan did, he respect him because he did something similar...
reason was different but still, they left their lovers for their happiness... 

Hmmm wonder how Ridz is going to make Armaan agree to move back with her...
Sahi hai, dono stubborn hai... 
Kuch na kuch karenge Ridz, woh aise Armaan koh chodke nehi jaenge...
Woh saath lekar jaenge aur woh bhi usko mana kar, uske marzi se...

Awesome and super update...
Love it...
Love u more...
Take care :D
Continue soon.. :)
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Posted: 3 years ago

did i miss any part??? pata nhi meko kuch samajh nhi aaya ye laha se shuru hua???anji kaha se aagayi???

jo v ho i love this update
muskaan ne kya sunaya anji ko
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Posted: 3 years ago
Please update... 
Posted: 3 years ago
Starting was very sad..My cuties r going through sooo much pain..Can't see them like that CryCryCry
Dono apni apni jagah sahi hai lekin phir bhi Armaan ko ek baar sochna chahiye ki agar uski place pr Ridz hoti to kya vo Ridz ko aisi halat mein akela chodta????Kabhi nahi vo to ek shadow ki tarha har pal usk saath rehta to Ridz us se door kaise rah sakti hai???? Ek baar Armaan ko Ridz k pov se soche..Armaan Ridz se door gaya bcz vo nahi chahta tha ki usk karan Ridz ko hurt ho,vo uspr boz bane,vo uski khushi k lie us se door gaya tha lekin phir bhi aaj Ridz khush nahi hai bcz unki khushi ek saath hai...
Unk lie pehle se hi kuch bhi easy nahi tha,they suffered sooo much in their love life par unk ek dusre k saath ne humesha har obstacles ko paar kiya hai n aaj bhi Armaan kitna bhi mana kr de bt use sabse jyada apne Basket ki zaroort hai...
Anji to Anji hi hai...Her first priority was always her career...Vo humesha sabse pehle khudk baare mein sochti hai...Jab Ridz ko sabse jyada usk Dii ki zaroort thi tab Muski usk saath thi...
Atul n Muski's behavior towards Anji bilkul sahi hai n Muski was very straight forward n really liked that thing abt her...
And plz aisa adha adhura nahi poora update chahiye...
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Posted: 3 years ago
UPDATED GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PMS not sent yet, will be late.
Posted: 3 years ago

Muski & Rahul & Champ & Nik & Anjy. Yayayayay! Ab, Anjy ke kya syape hain? I'm dying to know. I really am. Hassa know everything. Why did Anjy leave? Why is she back now that things are looking up for the gang? That's a real selfish thing to do, aint it? Abandoning them in their time of need and coming back when it's better. Well, it also completely an Anjy thing to do, so there's that.

But, can Rahul get to Mumbai soon? I need me some RaMusk. Also, Rahul kinda supporting Ridz cause he understands Armaan's condition the best. (Like, out of the rest of the gang)
Ofc, there's gonna be drama when Ridz finds out that Rahul knew the entire time and kept his mouth shut, the bozo head. Cause they've been in touch and he never once told her. She's gonna be so mad! It'll be so much fun to see!

But, more gang moments. I missed them.

And, yes. I loved that Armaan sunaofyed Ridz. Just because he isn't practicing at the moment doesn't mean he isn't a doctor. He is. He understands. And Riddhima saying that just undermined who he is as a doctor and it wasn't cool. I like that he made it clear cause really, Armaan let's her get away with everything. But, not anymore. Yay!

And, woot. Rakesh. My babe. I <3 him. And he's here! Woohooo!! :p

Ab bas jaldi se one convo between AR cause Ridz is gonna leave in a couple days! Please.

Dill Mill Gayye 

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