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The epic of Mahabharata is the masterpiece by Krishna Dwaipayan Vyaasa, and the first of his two most famous works. In this endeavour, I'm trying to present the epic for my friends and anyone who is sufficiently interested in Mythology to read their way through four completely messed up threads. LOL
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...i am the dance and i still go on...
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Part 53

All well in Khandavaprastha. The subjects adored their king and willingly paid their taxes and cooperated wholeheartedly in any venture undertaken by the pandava brothers.

One day, when the court had just broken up, a few Brahmans confronted Arjuna. "Shame on you and your brother the King!" They said. "A few thieves have stolen our cattle, and the government chooses to let us down!" Arjun tried to console them by the Brahmans cut through his words, "Remember, a King who fills his treasury with gold from his men but does not offer protection and sanctuary in time of need, has to bear the consequences of the sins committed by every person in his kingdom!" Arjun supported the faltering Brahman saint, and guided him cautiously to a nearby seat. Settling the ascetic down he said, "Do not fear, Sir. I will go fetch my bow and arrows, and go straight after those thieves that dared to cause trouble in King Yudhishthir's kingdom!"

Upon reaching the artillery Arjun realized that Yudhishthir was inside the room talking to Draupadi. Remembering his earlier vow, to never enter the room if Draupadi were alone with one of his brothers, he realized this was dilemma. On one hand, if he went inside, he would be trespassing upon the privacy of his brother and (for then) his wife, but if he did not on the other hand, there would be questions raised upon the credibility on the Pandava government. After slight deliberation he decided that he could not let his brother's reputation be tarnished and entered the room anyway.

Gathering the necessary weapons Arjun set out behond the thieves. within a short time, he slaughtered the miscreants and returned with the Brahmans' cattle. Immensely pleased, the saints showered blessing upon Arjun, and the other Pandavas while a servant summoned all present, on behalf of Draupadi, to a jolly day's meal.

That evening, Arjun sought out Yudhishthir and said to him, "Brother, pardon me for I entered the artillery while you were alone with Panchali! So, as per our earlier arrangement, I've come to take your leave before leaving for the forests." Yudhishthir looked crestfallen as he said, "But Arjun, your interruption was completely fair. It's only a sin if you enter a room while your younger brother is alone with his wife. An elder brother is like a father and entering the room when your father is alone with your mother is no sin! So trust me, and quit this plan." Arjun smiled in a low-spirited manner, "I wish I could, Jyeshtha, but you, just like Father, have always taught us that we should never compromise on dharma. To retract from your vow is a cardinal sin! But never you mind Jyeshtha, twelve years will pass by in blink. I will be back before you even realize I'm gone."
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...i am the dance and i still go on...
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Very well written. Will be reading the other parts soon.
Please continue the story soon.

Thank you.
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I really don't think I could read the previous threadsROFL
But I was a MB fan so I'm going to read it from here only baki ka serial ki tarha hi thaLOL

Mujhe humesha bohot ajeeb laga ki room me ghusne k lia isko forest bhej diaCry
I love the pach bhai ek biwi vala concept too but no one writes about their personal lives they just focus on the war ...
I didn't read so o don't know about this one but hope di ap ka main focus war nahi haySmile

Zyada pak pak ho gyaLOL
Thank you so much for the pmEmbarrassed
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Congrats for the thread ProteetiParty
Awesome partApprove
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Nice update 
Continue soon Smile
AMUNRA - MY GOLD MINE 🌺🌺 !! एक बात अपनी तबीयत में ये भी शुमार कर लो ना मिले कोई खुद जैसा तो खुद से ही प्यार कर लो !! 🌺🌺
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Update after so long Pro:)  congrats on new thread :) 
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