What goes around comes around

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Posted: 1 years ago
Thats the basic truth of life.
So, Anaro devi, the better half of Tettar Singh, whose whole life revolved around her pride, belittling others and dominating the weak had to taste her own medicine.

Although I sincerely disapprove of domestic violence, what happened to Anaro was inevitable. She has to remind Rekha of her aukkat only because she decide the menu for the day. Tettar reminded her how she is not important for the haveli.  She has to taunt her bahus about the financial status of their fathers. Today Tettar too did insult her the same way. ' Tumre baap ka hai ka?'. She encouraged her sons to beat woman. Today Tettar abused her the same way Babboo had abused Nimki. She belittled Rambachan because Nimki had asked Babboo to bring her home after her Pakphera. Today she asked Tettar to choose between Nimki and her and Tettar chose Nimki.

Sweeti is wiser than her mother. She has realised her worth unlike Anaro. She has understood her life is not different from Nimki. Nimki infact has better opportunities than her, if not in the haveli then outside the haveli. She has family and friends. Sweeti was only concerned about Babboo and her family when the marriage happened. Nimki was just an object, a thing that could bring peace in her family. In a way she thought the Mukhiya post in haveli would assure Rituraj moves to Patna but slowly she understood Rituraj has no such plans. He has enough excuses to live in her maika all his life.Sweeti therefore sympathises with Nimki. Same is with Dadi. She feels abandoned the same way. She fakes to be proud of her heritage, of her sons and grandsons, uses guns to show her power and place in this haveli but as the eldest member understand how futile and useless are the lives of the women inside the haveli. Anaro simply refuses to accept that. She believes if she keeps revolting she will win. Nimki thinks the same way. She thinks by being romantic all the time she will win Babboo one day. Both the women are equally ignorant.

As I have said before this is not how I expected Nimki to enter the haveli. She is just lucky yet again. After her scene with Tunne, I thought she would achieve it but I guess we have a lazy FL here. Nevertheless her scene was well directed, well acted one. Her emotions and her pride and her happiness were shown simultaneously with the help of the flashbacks. I loved how she entered with swag and then only waved at other women then move on to her room. she is really sensible with Elena. She handled her nicely. I love how she understands the whole tension inside the house unlike her usual behaviour. 

Overall, loving the new development.

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Posted: 1 years ago
Well, it was nice to see the humiliation of Anaro.
But what will happen next?

They wasted time on FBs as if we dont remember them.

And Elena cant be kept in the room throughout. She will suffocate even if it a nice room. Good to see babboo throw a smile at her. 
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Posted: 1 years ago
Baboo's character has been white washed a lot. He will fall for Nimki. This is something I never wanted to happen. The same happens to every other show. Accepting Nimki doesnt legalise the crime committed by them. Its still a crime and they should be punished legally but I guess its too much to ask from the makers. They have their trp audience to appease. Its all business.

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Posted: 1 years ago
Well. Anaro had it coming since a long time.It's just that she didn't see it or chose not to see it.
She closed her eyes when her husband made their son marry a girl against his wishes at gun point and then she saw how her husband forces their daughter to stay in that unhappy marriage.What made her believe that she would be treated any differently?

Coming to the episode itself the violence is so disturbing.But in reality we know that people can be even more violent.
In Nimki's entry into Haweli scene they could have gone easy on those lengthy flashbacks.Sometimes too much can kill the effect.These makers don't know where to end a scene.

I think Nimki made her stand clear in that conversation with Babbo she let him know that she is very aware of her rights and she can go to police and seek the support of law but she doesn't want things that way. From that conversation it is clear what her stand on her status in that family is. Whether they like it or not she considers herself as part of the family.It is  better for everyone around if they accept the truth on their own instead being made to accept by use of force.

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