Koi Kuch Bhi Kaho, Mein Nahi Mantaa

Posted: 2018-06-10T04:55:54Z
Mein bus abhi abhi Fifth Episode dekha :P
Pata hai, pata hai ... late hu
But it always, better late than never :P *lol*

What an episode Man! Completely loved it!!! <3
Each and everyone did their part beautifully :*
Be it Rajdeep or Nandini or Kunal <3 for that matter :*

I am completely loving this show!!! =D

And, finally *phew* on the Fifth Episode Kunal - Nandini, our very own KuNan meet
Haayo rabba, mein bahut excited thi for their first millan =D
Aur woh bhi kya millan mila humme ... wah wah!!!
I had goosebumps throughout the last scene *dreamy*

Oh my! I am fangirling here *silly* =)) =))

Okay, before you question me with 'How can you enjoy that scene?' and all related stuffs.
Let me explain myself

Mujhe scene iss liye aacha laga ... mainly coz uss scene mein insaniyat tha
which we rarely see around us these days :|
Aaj kal kaun kissi ke baare mein sochta hai?
If we hear some sounds in neighborhood, we just close our doors and sit inside
[aapka nahi pata, mere neighborhood mein kuch aisa hi hota jaa raha hai]

Kunal Nandini ke peeche peeche gaya ... because he was worried for her
Nandini ke alava koi aur hota, tho bhi Kunal aise hi karta
{remember the accident scene ... how he jumped-in to rescue the Lady and her son}
Mera Kunal both hi aacha hai *muuuaaahhh* [that is for Kunal] :P

So, what i was saying ... agar kissi ko woh scene aacha nahi laga ... woh issliye hai kyunki ... aapke maan mein "extramarital affair" word ghunj raha hai

Kissi insaan ke jaan bachane se, thodi na affair shuru hota hai?

As for now, Kunal sympathize Nandini

In coming days, he will get to know Nandini is Annamika
and he will, of course with Mauli (after swimming pool scene), help Nandini to SLAP Rajdeep.
I so much want Nandini to slap Rajdeep left right and center :x

About Kunal falling for Nandini and vice-versa
My thoughts on it ... to fall in love ... iss mein saahi ya galat nahi hota
We just fall in love *such a beautiful uncontrollable feeling*

Next question which arise is, How can a person who is already in love, fall in love with another person??

It is not love that Kunal will (future tense) feel for Nandini. It's care and concern.

And later on, even if it turns to love; it isn't the absence of Mauli that makes Kunal fall for Nandini.
It will be Nandini's innocence what makes Kunal love her.
We have heard Mauli say herself, Kunal would have loved Nandini, if he had met her first. That shows how lovable and pure soul Nandini is.

And for Nandini loving Kunal. Well that's obvious enough; seeing the way Kunal treats Mauli. She too will wish for someone who is loving and caring like Kunal. Please note, like Kunal.

Never will Kunal or Nandini wish to break Mauli's heart

Par Jazzbat saahi ya galat nahi hote ... jaazbat toh bus jazzbat hote hai

It is not anybody's fault ... things just happen ... flow of events

So, koi kuch bhi kaho ... mein nahi manta
out and out I love how things are being taken forward in Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka

PS :: Extramarital affair doesn't always mean cheating ... i repeat, always.
There are people who fall for it, even without them knowing.

PPS :: I somewhere read Kunal should breakup/divorce Mauli before he starts feeling for Nandini.
Kaash..kaash humare paas koi device ya technology hota; to know when we fall in love and out of it *kaash*

# These are my thoughts
Zaroori nahi hai aap isse sahamat ho
Jo aapko saahi lage, zaroori nahi hai mujhe bhi vo sahi lage
Aur jo aapko galat lage, zaroori nahi hai, mujhe bhi vo galat lage
## So, peace out
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Posted: 2018-06-10T05:10:23Z
Loved the post truly what is you said some people may never understand feelings r uncontrollable ... every people is not wrong in this type of situation some circumstances made people fall for any other person ... love is uncontrollable and blind ...u truly define nandini and kunal thats what the show is about Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka
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Posted: 2018-06-10T05:14:22Z
Beautiful post dear
i loved kunan meeting scene chemistry abhi se dikh gyi waiting for next episode now
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Posted: 2018-06-10T05:24:51Z
Wonderful post dear
Loved Friday episode totally..Raj deep torturing nandini..nasuni running with embarrassment  and kunal saving nandini loved every bit of it...eagerly waiting for Monday...precap is intersting..kunal giving advise to nadini and how he told  her jhurm shanewala jhurm karne wale se bhi bada gunegaar hain ...
She is intriguing  and cast and crew doing very good job..
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Posted: 2018-06-10T05:24:58Z
jajbat mein aur pyaar mein farak hota hai .jajbat mein aap Kisi ke Saath injustice hote nahi dekh sakte use dukhi nahi dekh sakte .jajbaati aap Kisi ke Saath aap ho sakte ho. jaise doctor ka patient ke liye jaj baati hona ,teacher ka student ke liye .jajbaati kitne logon ke Saath ho sakte Hain pur pyaar ek hi si hota hai

pyaar mein insaan   doosre insaan ke Bina ek pal nahi reh sakta,pur jajbaati insaan ko sirf chinta rehti hai    

pyaar personal hota hai ,pur jajbat personal nahi hote

yahan Kunal Nandini ke peeche isliye nahi bhaaga kyonki use Nandini se pyaar hai balki woh isliye bhaaga woh sentimental by nature and v have seen how Kunal become sentimental when wrong test for child going on and he resign

sentimental Kisi se bhi ho sakta hai pur love ek si hi hota hai Edited by surabhi01 - 2018-06-10T05:31:51Z
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Posted: 2018-06-10T05:34:52Z
Thankyou Anysia for this beautiful post Heart You wrote every little thing,every little detail so perfectly  Clap Yes it was Kunal's concern for her after he saw her being manhandled that made him go after her . He was concerned she would do something to herself so he followed her outside to make sure she was going to be okay. He knew she wasnt in the right state of mind after what she went through.As of now he has only concern and sympathy for her. How and when this will change only time will tell. For Nandini she isnt used to this kind of concern and care. This is what she longs for. Someone who can respect and care for her .She probably will see that in Kunal and thats how she will develop a liking for him I guess. Also I am one of the people who really does believe jasbaat humesha humare bas me nahi hota. Human relationships are the most complicated and to define what is right in them is even more complicated.Sometimes it really isnt in our hands. You know it is wrong but you still cant help it. You still feel an unknown bond with that someone else and you dont know what to do about it. Again this is purely my opinion and perspective and everyone has their own. Let us wait to see how the story unfolds and how they go forward with KuNan .I really loved that last scene and it did give me goosebumps too ! I am looking forward to their scenes in the upcoming episodes and I also would prefer if he gives a divorce and then moves on as an alternate storyline. 
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Posted: 2018-06-10T06:40:57Z
Beautiful post anysia, I am amazed that people are hating that scene because they are seeing this as EMA. Log yese behave kar rahe hai ke Kunal ne Nandini ki jaan bacha kar mauli ko cheat kiya. Woh scene me romance nahi tha nahi usko nandini se pyaar tha, He just went there to save a person life. Woh yesa hi hai, Nandini ke place me koyi aur hota tho bhi woh yehi karta. He is righteous man. Mere ko samjh me nahi aaraha woh scene ka itna bada issues banane ki baat kya hai. that scene is just a normal scene. I guess people fall for Nandini and Kunal's chemistry Wink (actually me to LOL Damn that scene is so beautiful so is KuNan Chemistry and the musicHeart )but they can't because they don't want to support EMA. But no one is supporting here. Everyone knows that EMA is wrong but we are just going with flow tho kuch acha lage tho appreciate kar shakte haiErmm
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Posted: 2018-06-10T08:38:59Z
By far one of the best post I read in this forum...Very well written and I agree with each and everything written here...Great job
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