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Character Introduction

Akhil: Akhil is the boy-man. He has chocolate boy looks,extremely rich but maturity of a teenager. Money has made him stubborn andbeing a only son of his mother he is pampered and spoilt to the core. He ishead over heels in love with Antara, his girlfriend

Akhil's mother: Being a single mother to Akhil she loves herson to the core. She has never said no to her son. No matter how ridiculous herdemands may be.

Geet: Geet and her family live in the outhouse of Akhil'shouse since her childhood since her dad took up a job as Akhil's driver. Geet,since her childhood loves Akhil with all her heart and adores him but beingvery timid and shy she never said anything. She thinks she is not good enoughfor him as he is so smart and handsome and she is just below ordinary in everyaspect. She addresses to Akhil's whims & fancies as if its her command. Sheknows every aspect of his life and assists him in even trivial things. HelpingAkhil in every-way is only her way to show her love to him, love of which Akhilis indifferent and unaware of. She works in his office as his assistant. Shesees Akhil as the main focal point of her life and does everything to pleasehim. Geet even helps buy Akhil buy gifts for his girlfriend even if it breaksher heart.

Antara: Model and actress by profession she is thegirlfriend of Akhil. But lack of manliness in him annoys her a lot, resulting infrequent fights between the couple

Maan: His sole reason in life is Revenge. He has come with aspecific motive, that is to destroy Akhil forever. Destroy Akhil for that hehad done to him, what he had done to his family. To show the real face behindhis innocence He will destroy him in every way, professionally as well aspersonally; and what better way to destroy anyone than to befriend him and thenbetray him; exactly like what he had done. He had planned everything perfectlyto avenge Akhil, but one thing he never planned was to meet Geet and to slowlyfall in love with her.

Will he fall in love with her? Will Geet fall in love Maanand leave Akhil? Will Maan suceed in his plan to destroy Akhil, or will hislove deviate him from his path? Will Geet trust Maan after knowing his truth?Who will Geet choose to believe Akhil or Maan?

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Nice cs...  Cont soon.
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Congrats for new work.

Waiting egarly.
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congrats for new story
very interesting
continue soon
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wow another story
the best thing about you is , you always come with different concept
first jaded Prince then blind dating and mystic connection now this
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Nice character sketch.. 
 Cont soon.
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Superb CS
Waiting for chapter
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Congrats on the new story! thanks 4 da pm! 

amazing character sketch! 

update soon

Gurmeet Choudhary Drashti Dhami Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

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