The sacrifice begin

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 Hello ! I'm new in IF and I dare to write something here!! 
This is Panchali's POV . how she felt during her share.. Tried to express her unspoken feelings!!
Bless bear with me!! And soo sorry in advance for my mistakes!!Smile


i stood numb when I heard my husband told my mother in law that he can't marry before his two elder brothers!
Just some moments ago he won my hand as well as my heart in my swamvar and as we entered my new house , his hut , he said to his mother , "Mata , see , what I got today !"
He had a beautiful and innocent smile on his face , may be to surprise his mother he told thus!! and unexpectedly his mother surprised both of us saying, "Arjun , shared the thing , you got among you five brothers" I thought , may be she doesn't know about my swamvar is it possible??Probably my swamvar was the biggest swamvar ever done by any King and our bards announced that in every corner of
Aryavart , of course to made Arjuna aware of my swamvar , for whom my father did the yajna and for whom I was born from the yajna . If it's necessary to marry the elder brothers before then I have my two elder sisters , Somavati and
Chamdravati , they are my uncle's daughters , they can marry these two brothers of my husband.
While I was absorbed in my thoughts I eldest brother in law's words , "let all of us do marry this princess of Panchal"
I got the biggest shock of my
life ..I was totally confused ... I couldn't understand at all...what was going on there , marry?? Five men??? I felt my palms become cold like a dead person.. I lost my balance and took the support of the wall. I looked at my husband , the mighty worrior Arjun , whose face also bore the same expression like mine . I knew he love me and love me sooo much . when he held my hand protectively at my swamvar to protect me from the Kings ... When he he held me from falling during our small yet beautiful and dream like journey ... The very moment I understood his heart , his love. I felt his love through his looks , through his touch, But why he is silent now? I thought ... But I got my answer , The greatest and best worriar of Aryavart afraid to cross the words of his mother and especially of his eldest .
TBC ...
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Very nicely written. Good start to the story.
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Originally posted by paartha

Very nicely written. Good start to the story.

Thank you so much
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I couldn't help but ask my mother in law ,in a shivering voice"mata , I am already married , the moment I put garland on his neck I become your third son's wife , how can I marry again ? And with five men??? How is it possible?? Mata tell me please!! "And looked at my husband , whose face , I felt glowed up a little bit by hearing my words ,
               But again I heard my mother , almost mother's words , "Princess , if you don't want to marry my sons , we can't force you , but if you want to , then either marry my five sons or marry my eldest , Arjun can not marry before his brothers , and for your information , my eldest is the future emperor of Hastinapur , if you marry him , you will be the empress , now choice is yours" tears rolled down from my eyes , I felt a certain pain in my heart , an unbearable pain , I lost my words , and heard Queen Kunti's voice again , "And yes , if can't do both , then we have to send you back to your father "  why did she say , choice is mine?? When I didn't have anything to chose at all ??? She had already decided my future , Either marry five or yudhishthir alone , or else she would send me back to Panchal , I wanted to ask her , didn't  bheem marry with Hidimba ?? He was also younger than Yudhishthir , but I couldn't , 
                I couldn't oppose her , if I didn't marry , then my dear Panchal , my beloved father would have to face many criticism , already 1 lakh Kings were his enemy , because of me , and I didn't want to make Hastinapur another enemy of his , I can't marry Yudhishthir alone, I wanted to tell her , I never bothered about power , if I , then I would never put a garland on Your third son , who was nothing but an unknown and poor Brahmin for everyone , I born for Arjun , he was my destiny , So...I took the biggest step of my life , far different from other women ,  it would be far hard than others life ... 
        I wanted to tell them , I am also a human , a woman , who can love only ONE in her life My Govind had said , there is no love without sacrifice , as always he proved himself right , let me sacrifice for my love , no...let US sacrifice , yes , I knew my Arjun pain was no less than mine after all I am his soulmate,  then Let the sacrifice begin !!
The end!! Thank you for taking time to read this , Sorry for my mistakes !! :-) 

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Posted: 2018-06-08T09:15:45Z
Wonderful Unmesha god bless you.

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Posted: 2018-06-08T09:23:20Z
Originally posted by ltelidevara

Wonderful Unmesha god bless you.


Thank you so much di , I've already told you that compliment from a writer like you means a lot to me
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Posted: 2018-06-08T12:03:02Z
Nice ending, you have captured the emotions so well. 
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Posted: 2018-06-08T12:08:25Z
Originally posted by paartha

Nice ending, you have captured the emotions so well. 

Thank you very much!
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