Contrasting relationships: None perfect?

Posted: 2018-06-06T10:15:17Z
Hello guys! ( After long time) ! 
After watching two episodes, I couldn't but write about it. The topics they brought up in both the episodes are worth hours of discussion and are pretty subjective. So, here are few points that I want to share and let me know if you feel same about it. 

The perfect wife/woman : On one side, they showed a well educated professional woman who couldn't manage to get back on time for her husband and as highlighted in second episode, there is a limit till a man bears it and then it ends and he seeks intimacy n comfort in another woman. Without disrespecting any profession, this is the real issue and can be observed very commonly now a days. 
On other side, they showed that staying home, being dolled up for husband, giving him undivided attention doesn't help either. It doesn't ensure happy relationship as the husband is not satisfied with her either and is abusive n degrading.  
This shows, ,you won't find a perfect wife or partner, you have to make it work, compromise and be vocal about it. 

Right to cheat: The core point of discussion is, if your partner is not perfect, does that give you right to cheat?. 
For me it is, NO. If we see from both perspectives, the guy they showed in second episode having affair with another woman did have valid reason. Whatever points he highlighted about his wife not giving him time, being too busy with her job, kids and home. He was right all along but it doesn't give him right to go behind her back. 
As Mauli said, her job does help them have a better life style and if he doesn't want a better lifestyle but his wife's attention, he should be vocal about it. He should let her know what he wants instead of going to another woman. About kids and home, they are equally his too and he needs to help her with this. 

Perfect relationshipThe show highlighted that, while the onlookers might perceive your relationship as a perfect one it has it's own high and low points. While they showed Nandini watching Mauli and Kunal go all lovely dovely in car, she had a lingering smile which held a silent wish to have such relationship. A wish to have a partner as intimate as the stranger in car. 
While there is chemistry and understanding, it is taking the perfect ones a lot of pent up emotions. A tension that is starting to build up and due to nature of their relationship, they couldn't disagree with each other or be vocal about it. Like Mauli not telling kunal that she is unhappy about his decision and kunal being understanding about her not coming back home on their anniversary. 
The emotional tension in relationship is as sensitive as physical abuse in other one. This reflects that, no relationship is perfect, however intimate you are with your partner. 

Lack of communication: This might end up being the reason for crack in relationship or even end of it. , in apparently perfect one and the imperfect one too. 
As they do not tell their partners, what they actually feel and show a fake emotion, the time would come when the real one bursts like a volcano and burn whatever they have between them. 
This was the problem with both sides, where Nandini couldn't form a sentence in front of her husband, Mauli faked her support to kunal. 
So, I am waiting for Nandini to burst at some point and Mauli to realize what she has been doing as it is going to stay at the back of her mind and wouldn't satisfy her in long term. 

Here is my perspective, I blabbered a lot and have lot more to write but i would keep it till here LOL
Hope to read your opinion as well. I just wish, makers keep it up and do not make it a trp game. Dead
Ciao, Byee... 

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Posted: 2018-06-06T10:40:51Z
Nicely analysed and written Smile
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Posted: 2018-06-06T10:44:21Z
woh you picked up every single thing
can't agree more
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Posted: 2018-06-06T10:47:58Z
Originally posted by Keepdreaming

woh you picked up every single thing
can't agree more
hi there Wink
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Posted: 2018-06-06T10:48:48Z
Originally posted by TheMockingBird

Nicely analysed and written Smile
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Posted: 2018-06-06T11:00:07Z
Interesting take on the relationships. There are clearly issues in both marriages, and one of the marriage's issues are more self evident than the other. The characters' emotions are being explored beautifully in the last 2 episodes, so its allowing the  audience to see every side of the coin. It shall be interesting:)

Good to see old faces backTongue
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Posted: 2018-06-06T11:42:22Z
Beautifully written one Clap
Mauli has set a standard and I have this feeling that she will have a tough time in 'Maintaining' it specially with Nandini coming in the picture who will handle things differently 
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