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Posted: 3 years ago
Promo kuch jyada samaj nahi aaya, except Nani is back! I was waiting for it. Unke aur Armaan ki bonding bhi mast thi. :)
Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by dmgd3

Promo kuch jyada samaj nahi aaya, except Nani is back! I was waiting for it. Unke aur Armaan ki bonding bhi mast thi. :)

Itne dinon se kahaan gayab ho madam?
Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by DMGThings

Originally posted by dmgd3

Promo kuch jyada samaj nahi aaya, except Nani is back! I was waiting for it. Unke aur Armaan ki bonding bhi mast thi. :)

Itne dinon se kahaan gayab ho madam?

Dealing with some personal stuff. It was kinda hectic.. Time hi nahi mila IF open karne ka.
Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by dmgd3

Originally posted by DMGThings

Originally posted by dmgd3

Promo kuch jyada samaj nahi aaya, except Nani is back! I was waiting for it. Unke aur Armaan ki bonding bhi mast thi. :)

Itne dinon se kahaan gayab ho madam?

Dealing with some personal stuff. It was kinda hectic.. Time hi nahi mila IF open karne ka.

Ohhh. I hope it's all good now. :)
Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by DMGThings

Originally posted by dmgd3

Originally posted by DMGThings

Originally posted by dmgd3

Promo kuch jyada samaj nahi aaya, except Nani is back! I was waiting for it. Unke aur Armaan ki bonding bhi mast thi. :)

Itne dinon se kahaan gayab ho madam?

Dealing with some personal stuff. It was kinda hectic.. Time hi nahi mila IF open karne ka.

Ohhh. I hope it's all good now. :)

Its better now :) 
Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by Batul22


Shaam ko. Just got home from class. Really tired.
Posted: 3 years ago

Previously On...

(Agar yaad nahi toh doob maro sabke sab. Kaise yaad nahi?)

The much awaited proposal!


Chapter 76

Armaan and Riddhima sat on the floor of the basketball court for god knows how long, still high on the proposal. Neither of them said anything because they didn't need to. The significance of this day, of what had just happened between the two of them was something that they both understood very well.


Both of them had been eagerly awaiting the day when Armaan would finally leave his fears and insecurities behind and they would be able to take a step forward in their relationship. Today, it had finally arrived. And, there were no words to describe just how amazing it felt. So, they didn't use any.


Armaan kept a tight hold of Riddhima and occasionally dropped kisses on her - her hair, her head, her shoulder, her nose, her mouth - wherever he could reach. He was met with an appreciative sound from Riddhima everytime he did it which made him grin.


The growling of Armaan's stomach brought them back to reality. Riddhima chuckled and pulled away from him, causing Armaan to pout.


"Chaliye, Dr. Mallik, aapko bohot bhook lagi hai," she said, taking his hand and pulling him up.


"Jaisa aap kahen, Mrs. Mallik," Armaan replied, stressing on her soon to be surname, which made Riddhima blush. Armaan grinned widely and wrapped her up in arms, pressing his lips to hers in a passionate kiss.


"Oyye hoyye," he mumbled breathily when they pulled back. Riddhima blushed deeper at that.


"Come on," Armaan said, looping his arm through hers and guiding her to the dinner table.


He took the champagne out of the ice bucket and grinned at Riddhima. "Shall we?" He asked. Riddhima nodded. She'd found that she liked a few varieties of champagne when they were in Paris.


Armaan took her hand in his and they popped the champagne together. Riddhima squealed when it sprang open from the bottle.


Armaan took the two glasses from the table and poured them each some.

"To us," Armaan said by way of a toast, clinking his glass with Riddhima's.


"To us," Riddhima murmured, smiling shyly.


They both sipped some of it before taking a seat at the table.


They sat like they always did - side by side - instead of across from each other. Armaan wrapped an arm around Riddhima and pulled her close to him. Riddhima smiled and shook her head fondly at his antics.

She uncovered the serving bowls and frowned on seeing the food.


"Armaan!" Riddhima whined. "Yeh saara toh mera favourite khana hai."


Armaan looked at her confused. Why was she unhappy if they were all her favourites?


"Haan, Jaan. Mujhe pata hai. Maine hi date organize ki hai," he replied.


"Lekin kyu?" She asked.


"Date kyu organize ki?" Armaan shot back, his confusion increasing.


"Arre, obviously taaki tumhe propose kar saku!" He added.


Riddhima facepalmed herself. "Baby, yahaan sirf mere favourites kyu hai? Tumhaari bhi date hai. Tumhaare liye bhi aaj itna important din hai. Toh sirf mere kyu?" She asked.


"Ohhh. Like that?" Armaan questioned, finally getting what she was asking.


"Yes. Like that," Riddhima told him.

Armaan shrugged. He didn't have an answer for that apart from the fact that he liked doing these things to make Riddhima happy.


"Baby, next time se agar khane mein tunhaari favourite cheezein bhi saath mein nahi hui toh main... Toh main..." Riddhima fumbled, thinking of what to say.


"Toh kya?" Armaan asked, grinning impishly.


"Main... Main... Main... Haan! Main khana nahi khaungi!" Riddhima said, finally thinking of something that would make Armaan change his ways.


"Basket!" Armaan cried. "Tum aisa nahi karogi. Okay?"


"Armaan, agar tumne meri baat nahi suni toh main bilkul aisa karungi," Riddhima told him.


Armaan sighed. "Ab toh aadat daalni padegi na? Tumhaare sab nakhre sehne ki. Waise... 3 saal tak jhela hai, baaki saari zindagi bhi nikaal lunga."


"Armaan!" Riddhima snarked, swatting his chest.


Armaan chuckled softly. "Achcha baba, nahi chidhaunga," he said. He kissed the top of her head and Riddhima snuggled closer.


Riddhima served the food in the only plate that was available. She sent Armaan an you're impossible' look to which he just grinned smugly and shrugged.


"Aaa," Armaan opened his mouth to be fed when Riddhima had put all the food in the plate.


"Really, Armaan?" Riddhima asked. Armaan nodded.


Riddhima sighed and made him eat the first bite before eating herself. The rest of the meal passed with Riddhima feeding them both while Armaan tried his best to use this opportunity to romance with her.


"Jaana zaroori hai?" Armaan asked Riddhima, resting his head on her shoulder.


The two of them were standing outside Gupta Mansion. They were both deliriously happy with the new development in their relationship and wanted to enjoy being in their own bubble, cut off from the rest of the world, for longer. But, that wasn't possible and reality came calling, literally, in the form of a phone call from Padma who wanted to enquire what was taking Riddhima so long.


So, reluctantly, they'd both left from the Basketball Court and made the journey home.


"Tum bhi chalo andar," Riddhima suggested. "Itne dino se kaam mein busy the toh ghar bhi nahi aaye. Mumma pooch rahi thi tumhaare baare mein. Phone pe bhi kaha mujhe ki Armaan ko lekar aana."


"Okay, done," Armaan agreed immediately, happy that he'd get to spend more time in Riddhima's presence.


Riddhima chuckled. "Tum na, ekdum pagal ho, baby. Itni jaldi maan gaye? Thodi toh sharam karo. Ab sasural banne waala hai yeh tumhaara. Kabhi bhi mooh uthake yahaan nahi aa sakte."


"Kyu? Main kyu nahi aa sakta? Mera bhi ghar hai yeh. Tum toh apne sasural mein 24x7 rahungi, lekin main milne bhi nahi aa sakta? Aisa kyu? Bohot na insaafi hai. Main toh aaunga. Tum mujhe rok bhi nahi paogi," Armaan ranted.


Riddhima guffawed at his words. "Achcha baba. Aa jaana. Main kuch nahi bolungi. Lekin abhi chalein?" She asked.


"Haan, chalo. Mujhe bhi milna hai Mumma se," Armaan replied. "Lekin, usse pehle," saying so, he leaned forward and kissed Riddhima passionately.


"Okay. Chalo chalte hain," Armaan announced, pulling back after a couple minutes.


Riddhima blushed, but held Armaan's hand in her own, entwining their fingers tightly before walking towards the door.


She opened the house with her key and the two of them walked inside.


"CONGRATULATIONS!" A chorus of voices greeted them, along with pomp & fare.


Armaan & Riddhima looked up, shocked to see Shashank, Padma, Billy, Ananya & Nani all standing there with party hats on and a cake in front of them. The hall had been decorated with streamers. Wishing you a happy married life, the banner on top of their heads read.


"Nani?!?!" Armaan exclaimed, absolutely delighted. "Aap kab aaye?"


"Arre, Shashank ne mujhe itni achchi khush khabri di toh main aa gayi, apne bachchon se milne," Nani replied.


Armaan grinned and hugged her and Riddhima followed suit. Then, they both touched her feet together, seeking her blessings for the new beginning in their life.


Hugs and kissed and tears and blessings all blurred together as the elders in Armaan & Riddhima's life expressed their happiness on the momentous occasion.


"So, Armaan. Ab maine sabko bataya yeh theek haina?" Shashank asked him jokingly.


Armaan nodded, smiling sheepishly.


"Haan, Armaan. Mujhe baat karni hai tujhse! Tune Shanky ko bataya aur mujhe nahi? Saga hi baap hu tera," Billy cribbed.


"Oh. Aap mere baap hai? Mujhe toh laga tha ki mere chote bhai ho," Armaan laughed. "Sabse toh yehi kehte hona?"


"Tu topic mat change kar," Billy warned. "Seriously, yaar! Mujhe kyu nahi bataya?"


"Mujhe na... Aapko pareshaan karne mein bohot zyada mazaa aata hai. Isliye maine nahi bataya. Uss din bhi jab sab sleepover ke liye ghar aaye the, aap kaise utawle ho rahe the. Hayyyeee! Bada sukoon mila aapko itna tang karke," Armaan answered, smirking widely.


"Tu Billy ki chod. Mujhe bhi nahi bataya," Ananya cribbed.


"Aur mujhe bhi! Waise toh bada Beautiful, Beautiful karke peeche pada rehta hai. Lekin yeh batane ke liye nahi hua tujhe?" Padma scolded, twisting his ear.


"Ow! Mumma aap baat - baat pe kaan kyu pakad lete ho? Bohot dard hota hai!" Armaan exclaimed.


"Rehne do, Bhabhi," Ananya answered. "Iss ladke ke saath aisa hi hona chahiye!"


"Arre, main aap sabko surprise dena chaahta tha! Kyu mujhe itna daant rahe ho? Sorry na. Please!" Armaan pleaded.


"Padma, dekho kitne achche se maafi maang raha hai. Ab chod do isse," Shashank said.


"Aap toh rehne dijiye," Padma back answered. "Sab pata tha aapko, lekin kisiko kuch khabar nahi hone di aapne!"


"Maine Armaan ko promise kiya tha ki main kisi ko nahi bataunga. Toh ab tum batao. Kya karta?" Shashank asked.


"Arre, kyu sab bachchon jaise lad rahe ho? Aaj itna khushi ka din hai. Sab milke celebrate karte hain! Yeh ladai jhagda chodo ab," Nani instructed. "Kisko pata tha, kisse nahi, kya farak padta hai? Ab toh sabko pata haina?"


"Yeh baat aapne bilkul sahi ki hai, Maa," Billy seconded. "Celebration toh banta hai."


Champagne was popped and the cake was cut.


"Arre, Riddhima. Ring toh dikha humein," Ananya said. "Yeh Armaan toh aisa khusat hai. Kisiko ring bhi dekhne nahi di."


Riddhima ducked her head, embarrassed and forwarded her left hand to show her mother & mother in law the ring.


"Wow! Kitni sundar hai! Armaan, teri choice toh bohot hi achchi hai," Padma commented. Armaan smiled shyly.


"Armaan ki choice best hai!" Ananya replied, kissing Riddhima's forehead, making her blush deeper.


"Waise, yeh baat toh Annie ki bilkul sahi hai. Pehli baar Armaan ne kuch dhang ka kiya hai," Billy commented.


"Billy!!" Armaan whined.


"Arre, what Billy? Sahi toh keh raha hu. Waise bachpan se jo teri harkatein haina, tujhe toh thankful hona chahiye ki meri Riddhima jaisi itni achchi ladki tujhe mili," Billy replied.


"Tu kyu pareshaan kar raha hai mere bete ko? Humaara Armaan koi kam hai kya? Itna achcha ladka hai," Nani came to Armaan's defense.


Armaan grinned and hugged her, resting his head on her shoulder. "Bas, aap hi ho, Nani. Baaki kisiko toh meri kadar hi nahi hai," Armaan pouted.


"Oyye, nautanki," Riddhima taunted. "Tum rehne do. Waise bhi khud hi apni itni tareef kar lete ho, kisi aur ke paas kuch bolne hi nahi bachta."


"Yeh hui na baat. Riddhima ekdum sahi keh rahi hai," Billy agreed with her, hugging her sideways.


"Mudde ki baat yeh hai, ki ab shaadi ki tareek pakki kar leni chahiye," Padma announced.


"Sahi keh rahi hain, Bhabhi," Ananya agreed.


"Haan, bhai. Jaldi se koi achcha sa muharat dekhlo tum dono," Nani instructed Shashank & Billy.


"Waise main ek baat clear kar deta hu," Billy said. "Shanky tu zyada na - nukur mat karna. Sabse jaldi jo muhurat hoga, shaadi toh usme hi hogi. Bas ab tune bohot din tak meri beti ko apne ghar rakh liya hai."


"Haan, haan. Waise bhi, tujhe toh bohot jaldi haina, Riddhima ko le jaane ki?" Shashank asked rhetorically.


"Toh, kyu nahi hogi? Itne waqt se main wait kar raha hu. Aur yeh, mera nalayak beta. Kitna kaha isse, ki bas ab karle shaadi, lekin meri sunnta thodi hai? Bas apni mann ki karta hai. Toh ab yeh maan gaya hai toh bas main fatafat shaadi kara dunga dono ki. Inka kya bharosa, phir mood change ho gaya toh?" Billy asked.


"Nahi!" Armaan exclaimed.


"Kya? Itni jaldi mood badal liya?" Billy asked, worried.


"Nahi. Mera matlab, ab mood nahi badlega," Armaan replied.


"Kyu, dulhe raja? Bohot jaldi hai Riddhima ko le jaane ki?" Padma teased.


Armaan blushed heavily.


"Oh! Armaan tumhe sharmana aata hai yeh toh humein pata hi nahi tha," Shashank added fuel to the fire.


Armaan turned redder, if it was possible. For the first time, Riddhima was smirking, seeing Armaan shy away.


"Tu kya daant dikha rahi hai?" Nani asked Riddhima on seeing her grin.


"Kuch... Kuch nahi, Nani," Riddhima replied.


"Rehne de. Sab samajhti hu main. Sab Armaan ko chidha rahe hain toh tujhe bohot mazaa aa raha haina?" Nani asked.


Riddhima smiled sheepishly. "Sorry, Nani," she apologized.


"Itne bade ho gaye ho dono. Shaadi karne wale ho, lekin bachpana nahi gaya ab tak," Nani commented.


"Haan, toh theek haina. Aise rahe wohi achcha hai. Right Basket?" Armaan came to his girl's defense.


Riddhima blushed, but nodded, hiding her face in Billy's shoulder.

"Kya baat hai? Itni decorations kis baat ki?" Anjali asked, entering the house.


On seeing the poster, she squealed.


"Ridzy?" She asked, her voice eager. Riddhima only nodded.


"Aaahhh!!! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!" Anjali exclaimed, pulling Riddhima for a tight hug.


Then, she turned and hugged Armaan too. "Ab toh officially Jeeju bulana hi padega," she teased, causing Armaan to blush, like always.


They chit chatted for sometime before the Malliks took their leave.

The elders blessed Armaan & Riddhima once more and then everyone turned in for the night.


Anjali followed Riddhima into her room.


"Ridzy! I'm so excited, baby! Aaj finally Armaan aage badh gaya! I'm so happy!" She told Riddhima, hugging her again.


"Me too, Di," Riddhima agreed. "Di, aap itni jaldi kaise aa gayin? Aapki toh night duty thi na?"


Anjali laughed. "Actually, meri night duty na, Rahul ki galti ki wajah se lagi thi. Toh usse waise hi thoda guilty feel ho raha tha. Aur maine thoda drama karke usse aur guilty feel karaya, toh usne kaha ki woh meri dutu sambhaal lega!"


"Diii!!" Riddhima exclaimed. "Aapne yeh achcha nahi kiya."


"Tu yeh sab chod. Rahul aur meri story important nahi hai. Teri hai! I still can't believe that Armaan proposed! Chalna Muski aur Nikki ko bhi phone kar dete hain!" Anjali cried, excited.


"Nahi, Di!" Riddhima immediately vetoed the idea.


"Par kyu? Unhe bhi toh pata hona chahiye," Anjali whined.


"Haan, Di. Par hum kal subah batayenge na. Actually, yeh news sunne pe mujhe bhi toh unki excitement dekhni hai. Phone pe woh baat nahi hai jo saamne saamne batane mein hai," Riddhima explained, blushing.


"Awww! Meri pyaari Ridzy! Tu itni zyada excited hai?" Anjali asked rhetorically. Riddhima just nodded, hiding her face.


"Ab itna bhi blush mat kar. Ring dikha apni," Anjali commanded.


Riddhima smiled and showed Anjali the ring and the two girls spent the next few minutes oohing and aahing over it.


"It's so beautiful, Ridzy. Aur tujhe kitni suit bhi karti hai," Anjali said.


"Haina? Mujhe toh bohot zyada pasand hai," Riddhima answered.


"Haan, bhai. Ho bhi kyu na? Jeeju jo laaye hain," Anjali teased.


"Diii!!" Riddhima whined.


"Achcha, baba. Nahi chidhaati," Anjali placated Riddhima.


"Waise, hum sabko toh poora shak tha ki Armaan aaj propose karne wala hai," Anjali told her.


"Really?" Riddhima asked.


"Aur nahi toh kya. Woh, Armaan bol raha tha ki woh propose karne wala hai, but kab usne bataya hi nahi. Phir jab aaj Rahul aur Abhi ne bataya ki koi anniversary hai, toh hum sabko laga ki shayad aaj hi woh karde," Anjali ranted.


Riddhima laughed softly.


"Waise, yeh toh bata usne propose kaise kiya? Bohot romantic hoga na? Did he get down on one knee? Speech kaisi thi?" Anjali fired questions.


"Bas, bas, Di! Ek baar mein ek hi question ka jawab de sakti hu," Riddhima answered.


"Haan, toh batana," Anjali demanded.

Before Riddhima could say anything, her phone rung. She checked the caller ID to see Armaan's name flashing. Anjali saw this too and smirked.


"Lo. Aa gaya loverboy ka phone. Abhi toh gaya tha yahaan se! Seriously, tum log kitna chipakte ho ek doosre se poora din! Bore nahi hote kya?" Anjali asked.


"Diii!" Riddhima complained.


"Achcha. Chod. Mat bol. Main toh jaa rahi hu sone. Pata nahi tum dono ki baatein kab khatam hogi. Yeh discussion hum kal continue karenge. Sabke saath. Okay?" Anjali asked.


Riddhima nodded her acquiescence.


"Hi," Riddhima spoke into the receiver, answering the phone once Anjali left.


"Hi," Armaan sighed.


"I miss you," they both murmured at the same time, causing both of them to laugh.


"Basket, mann nahi lag raha. Waapas aa jau kya? Khidki se?" He asked.


"Baby, tum poore paagal ho. Kal toh milenge hi na," Riddhima told him.


"Haan, haan. Bol toh aise rahi ho jaise khud mujhe miss nahi kar rahi," Armaan teased.


Riddhima blushed.


"Oyye hoyye," Armaan sighed dreamily. "Yeh sharam toh sachmuch jaan le legi."


"Armaan! Tumse kitni baar kaha hai! Aisi baatein mat kara karo!" Riddhima scolded.


"Achcha, baba. Nahi karta," Armaan replied. "Lekin, please. Ab aaj ke din toh kamse kam gussa mat hona. Okay?"


Riddhima laughed softly. "Nahi karti gussa. Lekin tum bhi aise baat nahi karoge."


"Deal!" Armaan answered immediately.

They stayed quiet for sometime, listening to each other's breathing. They didn't really need words. Especially not today. Only they knew how they were feeling and it was not a feeling that could be described in words. No one else would ever understand just how important this day was to them.


"Achcha, suno," Armaan broke the silence.


"Kya?" Riddhima asked.


"Tumhaare ghar ke neeche hu. Phone rakho. Aa raha hu," he told her.


"Tum itni jaldi kaise pohonch gaye?" Riddhima asked. Backtracking, she answered her own question. "Ghar se nikalte hi phone kiya na mujhe? Bas Mom aur Dad ko ghar drop karke turant waapas aa gaye."


"Wow, Basket. Mere saath rehke tum bhi bohot smart ho gayi ho," Armaan replied cheekily.


"Armaan!!" Riddhima reprimanded.


"Achcha. Ab phone rakho. Aa raha hu," he instructed.


Riddhima hung up and ran to the window. Armaan looked up at her and smiled, waving. She blushed and waved back.


Riddhima helped him inside once he had climbed up. They curled up on the bed.


"Aaj tumse alag rehne ka bilkul mann nahi tha mera, Jaan," Armaan whispered.


"Mera bhi," Riddhima replied.


"Pata hai? Aaj ka din, meri life ka sabse khoobsurat din tha. Thank you, Armaan!" Riddhima said.


Armaan smiled. "Thank you kis liye?" He asked.


"Iss din ko itna khaas banane ke liye. Sach Armaan, aajse pehle, kabhi kisine aisa kuch nahi kiya mere liye. Aisa lag raha tha jaise iss duniya ki saari khushiyaan aaj mere darwaze pe hi dastak de rahi hai," she told him.


Armaan kissed her head.


"Toh sahi hai na. Main tumhe hamesha khush rakhunga, Riddhima. Bohot, bohot, bohot khush," Armaan promised.


"Jaanti hu," Riddhima replied. "Mera Armaan, meri khushi ke liye kuch bhi kar sakta hai."


"Sab jaanti ho toh phir thank you kisliye? Aur waise bhi, thank you tumhe nahi, mujhe kehna chahiye," he said.


"Achcha? Tumhe kyu?" Riddhima asked.

"Ab kahaan se shuru karu?" Armaan wondered.


"Sabse pehle toh, thank you, for saying yes," he started.


Riddhima snorted. "As if main kabhi kuch aur kehti. Itna hi bharosa hai kya?" She asked.


Armaan chuckled lightly. "Nahi, nahi. Lekin aise thoda toh lagta haina, ki shayad na keh dogi toh? Waise, maine aisa socha nahi, kyuki main toh apni Basket ko achche se jaanta hu. Jaanta hu ki tum kabhi na nahi kehti. Lekin, ekdum thodu si nervousness toh hoti haina," he said, showing thodu' with a pinch of his index finger and thumb.


Riddhima chuckled. "Achcha, baba. Samajh gayi."


"Good. Toh ab aur suno, kis cheez ke liye thank you bolna hai," he continued. Riddhima nodded and got comfortable, snuggling close to him.

"Toh, second wala thank you, isliye ki tum mujhe itni achcha tarah se samajhti ho. Mujhe pata hai, ki tum bohot waqt se yeh chaahti ho, ki hum iss rishte ko aage badhaayein. Main hi paagal, itna dara hua tha. Lekin phir bhi, tumne mujhe kabhi iss baat ka bura nahi lagaya. Uske liye thank you," he told her seriously.


"Armaan, tum seriously kitne buddhu ho, baby. Yeh bhi koi baat hui? Tumne hi kaha na, samajhti hu main tumhe. Jaanti hu ki tum kis sabse guzre ho. Itna toh pehchaanti hu tumhe ki mujhe pata hai ki yeh sab karke tumhe koi khushi nahi mili. Tumhaari saari insecurities apni jagah jaayaz thi, Armaan. Maine toh kabhi tumhe blame hi nahi kiya. Tum hi ho na, paagal. Har cheez mein khudko blame karne ka tareeka dhoond hi lete ho," Riddhima told him.


Armaan smiled at her words.


"Achcha, theek hai. Woh chodo. Aur bhi toh reason hai," Armaan said.


"Aur kya reason hai?" Riddhima asked, in tone that said, aaj toh tum sab bol hi do.


"Mujhe pata hai, ki ab main jo bolunga, tumhe thoda gussa aayega. Thoda kya, shayad bohot gussa aayega, lekin main kehna chaahta hu. Aaj mujhe mat tokna tum," Armaan told her.


"Achcha, baba. Lekin sirf aaj. Iske baad hum yeh baat kabhi nahi karenge. Maine tumhe kabhi blame nahi kiya, Armaan. Mujhe pata hai ki uss situation mein, tumhe jo sahi laga tumne kiya. Aur, shayad, uss waqt, tumhaara yahaan se jaana hi sahi faisla tha," Riddhima told him.


She really did know him best. Without him uttering even a word, she understood what he was about to say.


"Shayad," he agreed. "Lekin, 10 mahine hum alag rahe, Basket. Aur phir, uske baad tumne mujhe itni asaani se maaf kar diya! Pata hai mujhe, uss waqt tum kitni takleef se guzri. Jaanta hu kitni zaroorat thi meri tumhe. Aur, jab mujhe wahaan hona chahiye tha, main tha hi nahi. Uss waqt, jab tumhe sabse zyada meri zaroorat thi. Aur, tumse jhooth bhi bola."


Riddhima sighed. "Tum yeh baat kabhi nahi bhoologe na?" She asked.


Armaan shook his head vehemently.


"Lekin, please. Iske baad yeh baat humaare beech kabhi nahi aayegi, Armaan. Shayad tum sahi ho. Uss waqt mujhe tumhaari zaroorat thi. Lekin, tumhe bhi toh meri zaroorat thi aur main wahaan nahi thi. Toh, phir, tum chaahte ho main yeh sab leke baith jau? Har baar tumse maafi maangu?" She asked.


"Nahi, Basket! Tumhaari koi galti nahi thi. Tum kyu maafi maangogi?" He questioned.


"Haan, toh bas. Jis tarah tumhe lagta hai meri galti nahi thi, ussi tarah mujhe bhi yehi lagta hai. Us samay, haalaat hi aise the ki kisiki koi galti nahi thi," Riddhima told him.


"Achcha theek hai. Uske baare mein baat nahi karenge. Lekin mere thank you ki list abhi khatam nahi hui hai," Armaan told her.


"Ab aur kya bachaa hai?" Riddhima asked, surprised.


"Bohot kuch bachaa hai, Jaana. Tumhe kya pata," Armaan teased.


"Pata lagaane ki hi koshish kar rahi hu," Riddhima replied.


"Achcha. Theek hai. Chalo, short mein ek saath bol deta hu, okay? Thank you, for loving me so much, meri itni care karne, itni dekh bhaal karne. Tum na, meri Angel ho. Meri zindagi mein aayi, aur apne jaadu se, usme itni saari khushi bhar di. Uske liye toh sabse zyada thank you," he said.


Riddhima grinned and leaned in, kissing him passionately.


"I love you, baby," she said.


"I love you, too, Jaan," Armaan replied.


They talked about anything and everything the entire night, falling asleep in each other's arms, dreaming of a future when they would get to do it all the time. A future, that wasn't far away.


Awww. These two cuties!! I adore them so much!

Sab itna happy haina, I just love it!

And, my girl PeeCee is officially engaged!!! WOOOHHHOOO!!! Who else is so freaking excited after hearing the news? I was a huge JBros fan in my teens, so I'm definitely super excited!

In honour of the engagement, a few lyrics from my fave JB song - 

"When you look me in the eyes,

And tell me that you love me,

Everything's all right,

When you're right here by my side,

When I hold you in my arms,

I know that it's forever,

I just gotta let you know,

I'm never gonna let you go..." <3 


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