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Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by anne_01

Liked it ?
Nahh, I loved it. 
This reunion is so much funnn !
Everyone's reaction seeing Rahul. Sleepy
But, the way riddhima stand's for Rahul. LOL
Dekhte hai how Armaan will convince riddhima for a danceTongue
And also, how everyone will react once they get to know about AR.
Please continue pretty soon. 

I am so glad to know that you're loving this track! I'm having a lot of fun with it too! :D

Rahul is turning heads all round at this reunion. :P

The next few chapters are going to be a lot of fun, so I'm excited! :D
Posted: 3 years ago

Previously On...


Armaan, Rahul & Rakesh talk.


Armaan asks Riddhima for a dance, but it ends up going hilariously bad.


Jai decides to make a bet on whether or not Armaan will be able to convince Riddhima for a dance.


Chapter 66

"Riddhima! Armaan shouted, as he chased after her, but Riddhima just kept moving, not listening to Armaan.


"I'm sorry, na. Please, he pleaded, but Riddhima paid him no mind.


Finally catching up to her, Armaan held her arm and pulled her with him to a secluded corner. Without giving her a chance to protest, he quickly gathered her in his arms, holding her close.


"I'm sorry, baby, he apologized yet again, kissing her forehead.


Riddhima rolled her eyes, looking here and there, as if she wasn't interested in what Armaan was saying.


"Basket, Armaan drawled lovingly, caressing her hair and cheeks.


When Riddhima looked at him, he grinned wide and said, "I'm sorry!


"Mujhe nahi chahiye tumhara koi sorry, Riddhima answered with an attitude.


Armaan laughed and pulled her even closer. "Toh kya chahiye? He asked cheekily.


"Kuch nahi! Riddhima replied.


"Yaar, tum har baat pe gussa kyu ho jaati ho? I'm sorry! Please! He pleaded, letting go of her and holding both his ears in apology. He even pulled the puppy dog eyes.


Riddhima sighed. "Tum na... Ugh! Why are you so cute? She asked rhetorically. "I can't even stay mad at you for long.


Armaan grinned on hearing that. "Achcha haina. Mere liye toh best hai, he replied childlishly. Riddhima shook her head at him fondly, giving in and hugging him. She pressed a kiss to his chest before parting from the hug, but not letting him go.


"Lekin, it was so embarrassing Armaan. Tumne mujhe aise ground pe gira diya. Sab kaise has rahe the, she whined.


"I know, Basket, he replied, caressing her cheek with his knuckles. "I'm sorry. Lekin woh Nikki aur Muskaan mujhe aise dekh rahe the. Toh I got startled.


"Hmmm... Riddhima mumbled.


"Ek dance toh iss gareeb ko mil hi sakta haina? Please, Jaan, Armaan begged, unleashing the intensity of his deep blue eyes on her.


Of course, Riddhima wasn't immune to it and nodded absentmindedly, not in a state to say anything at the moment.


"Thank you, baby! You're the best! I love you! Armaan exclaimed, placing a quick, hard kiss on her.


Riddhima blushed, but replied. "I love you, too. She kissed his cheek and then hugged him, hiding her face in his chest.


"Oyye hoyye, Armaan murmured lovingly, kissing the top of her head.


"Chalo, Jai announced. "Aaj toh lag hi gayi. Sab batao, Armaan pe paise laga rahe ho ya uske against?


It was a madhouse once he was finished. Everyone was bidding, left right and centre.


"Mere 1000 Riddhima pe, Rohit opened. Soon, Shaurya, Neha, Roshni and Sonia joined in.


"Mere bhi 1500 Riddhima pe, Rakesh announced.


When they were done bidding, Abhi bid money on Armaan, surprising everyone. "Mere 500 Armaan pe, he said.


"Um, Abhi? Shaurya asked tentatively. "Are you sure?


Abhi nodded confidently.


"Ek baar sochlo. Agar haar gaye toh? Shaurya pressed.


"Don't worry. Maine sochke hi yeh decision liya hai, Abhi assured him.


"Mere bhi 2000 Armaan pe, Nikki said, shoving the money to Jai.


"Yeh, Nikki na, bilkul nahi badli. Shaadi ho gayi lekin abhi bhi Armaan ki chamchi hi hai, Neha commented lightly to Sonia. However, it didn't go unnoticed by anybody.


"Kyu? Tumhe koi problem hai? Nikki asked her rudely.


Neha scoffed and looked away.


Nikki wanted to say something, but Muskaan stopped her. "Yeh sab chodo. Mere 1500. Hero pe. I mean, Armaan pe, she told Jai.


"Waah, waah, Muskaan. Not bad, Nikki commented. "Itne saare paise?


"Haan, toh ab hum senior doctors hai yaar. Thoda toh level hona chahiye! Muskaan replied.


Nikki guffawed. "Tu na... Din pe din, Dr. Shubhankar banti jaa rahi hai.


Muskaan made a face. "Chalna, main kabhi Dr. Keerti ko chup chupke taadti nahi hu. Aur kabhi yellow saree mein imagine nahi karti.


This caused Nikki to laugh and the girls shared a hi5 while Abhi just shook his head in exasperation.


"Waise, Jai walked to Rahul. "Bas tu hi bachaa hai, Daddu. Bol, teri taraf se Armaan ke against kitne paise lagau? He asked snidely.


Rahul sighed. This boy got on his nerves so bad.


"2000, he replied. "Armaan pe, Rahul completed, shocking Jai.


"What?! He asked, surprised.


"Sunaayi nahi diya kya? Rahul asked irritated. "2000 laga mere. Armaan pe. Riddhima uske saath zaroor dance karegi.


"Itna confidence? Rakesh asked, coming to stand beside the duo.


Rahul shrugged and laughed. "Main unn dono ko bohot achche se jaanta hu. I'm sure.


"Really? Rakesh confirmed.


"Really, really, Rahul answered.


"Um, main side badal lu kya? Rakesh asked him seriously.


Rahul shrugged again. "Mujhe kya pata? Karni hai toh kar. Main toh sirf wahi keh raha hu jo mujhe sahi lag raha hai. Saying so, Rahul walked away to the bar.


"Yaar, isko dekhke kaun bolega ki yeh apni college ka Daddu tha? Jai asked Agastya.


"Haan, yaar. Swag tob dekh bande ka, Agastya replied. "Kuch zyada hi nahi badal gaya yeh?


Rakesh just shook his head in a disgusting manner. He'd never liked how his friends used to treat Rahul. He, and on a few occasions Armaan, had always tried to reason with them and get them to leave him alone, but they never listened. Yes, Armaan used to make fun of Rahul many a time, but he never got cruel like Jai. He knew his limits and he never crossed them. Rakesh didn't like Armaan harassing Rahul either, mostly because Rahul already lacked any sort of confidence and even the smallest remarks hit him home, but Armaan never bothered listening to Rakesh. He'd justify his actions by saying that he never singled Rahul out, like the others, and he made jokes on everybody, even the people in their group. Which was true. Rakesh had tried to explain to him, time and again, that it was different with Rahul, but Armaan never budged. At least, he never got really snide or cold like the others and didn't taunt him like they did. And, he'd supported Rakesh on many occasions in defending Rahul. That was all Rakesh could have asked for. It was better than what the others were doing.


Seeing Rahul and Armaan behave so nicely towards each other had been an amazing feeling for him. Both of them were his closest friends from college, even though they'd failed to keep in touch since graduation. It had been difficult for Rakesh to balance both the friendships in college, but now, he knew that it wouldn't be much of a task. It seemed that Rahul had decided to forgive and forget when it came to Armaan.


"Kya soch kar itna muskura raha hai? Rahul asked Rakesh as he came back with a drink in his hand.


Rakesh turned to him and smiled. "Tere aur Armaan ke baare mein soch raha tha. Tum dono bohot badal gaye ho.


Rahul grinned. "Haan, yaar. Lekin college ko 10 saal ho gaye. Ab toh pehle jaisa kuch nahi raha, sivaaye kuch logon ke, Rahul replied, gesturing to Rakesh's small group of friends.


Rakesh hummed in agreement. "Yeh log nahi badle na? Gods, aisa lagta hai abhi bhi 18 saal ke hain. Yeh Jai, abhi bhi sabko neecha dikhaane ki koshish karta hai. Sonia tere saath flirt kar rahi hai, Neha Armaan ke saath flirt karne ki koshish kar rahi hai. Ughhh. Atleast Agastya pehle jaisa nahi hai. Aur thank god, Tara pehle jaisi hi hai!


Rahul laughed. "Tara is really nice na? He asked. She'd helped Rahul a few times through college and he liked her.


"Definitely, Rakesh replied. "She's really nice.


Before they could continue their talk, someone exclaimed, "What the f**k! Effectively halting it.


"Kya hua? Rakesh asked, looking at Jai, who had a shocked expression on his face.


Jai pointed somewhere on the dance floor and all eyes turned to look at that direction.


Rahul grinned smugly on seeing Armaan and Riddhima dancing casually.


"YASSS! He exclaimed. "Dekha? He asked Rakesh, "Maine kaha tha na.


"Hmmm, Rakesh mumbled. "Paise harva diye tune.


Rahul chuckled.


"Yaar, is bande ne usko dance ke liye manaya kaise? Mujhe toh yehi samajh nahi aa raha, Jai asked everyone. "Abhi toh woh aise naak chadha ke gayi thi jaise usse kabhi zindagi mein baat bhi nahi karegi.


"Haan, baat toh sahi hai, Neha agreed. "Lekin woh bhi toh The Armaan Mallik hai. Aur woh kitna charming ho sakta hai, yeh toh sabko pata hi hai. I mean, koi aisi ladki hai kya jo uske charm se immune ho?


"Nahi, Sonia replied. "I mean, he's so suave, yaar. How can you not be attracted to him?


Rahul and Nikki just smirked on listening to their talks. They still thought of him as the old Armaan. How would they ever react to seeing the new man Armaan had become after falling in love? Nikki was sure that many of these people wouldn't like him. Well, apart from Rakesh. He was a genuinely nice person and he'd be happy for Armaan. And Tara. Of course, Tara. She was such a sweet person.


"They look so nice, na? Abhi asked Nikki, pointing towards AR. Nikki nodded happily.


"Pata hai, Nikki, I'm really happy for them. Especially Riddhima. She's been such a good friend to me in these past few months. And seeing her so happy makes me really happy, Abhi told her. Nikki grinned at that. She adored the fact that Abhi and Riddhima had become such good friends since Riddhima's return. Abhi hadn't really gelled that well with the rest of the group before the incident, so, seeing him get closer to the others made her happy now.


She kissed his cheek and hugged him affectionately on hearing his words.

Soon, Armaan and Riddhima had let the casual moving slide and were now starting to do their Sanjeevani mein world famous salsa, that was their trademark dance. Seeing them, many people moved away from the dance floor, feeling conscious or to just look at their performance.


"Wow, Shaurya muttered, seeing them dance with such finesse. "They dance so well.


"And they look so good together, Tara added.


"Haina? Nikki asked. "I toh think they look absolutely amazing together. She stressed on her words, looking pointedly at Neha, who shrunk back with the rage that was projecting from Nikki.


Their performance was met with a round of applause from everyone. Armaan, being the attention monger he was, was basking in it and took dramatic bows in front of the audience.


Riddhima felt conscious of so many people looking at her and tried to leave, but Armaan had a firm grip on her, not letting her move an inch.


"Armaan, please, she pleaded in a whisper. Armaan smiled at her and shook his head naughtily. She tugged on her arm and she lost her footing, crashing into his chest. He smiled and hugged her around the waist, not letting her leave.


The DJ started playing some romantic music and Armaan & Riddhima swayed from side to side lightly, basking in the feeling of being in each other's arms.


"Basket, Armaan muttered, "I love you.


Riddhima grinned at his declaration and kissed his chest.


"Oyye hoyye, he teased, smiling. "Kya baat hai? Aaj bada pyaar aa raha hai?


"Pyaar toh hamesha hi aata hai, Riddhima replied cheekily. "Lekin tum itni shaitaani karte ho na, mere hisse ki bhi.


Armaan pulled back a little, a scandalized expression on his face. "Matlab tum hamesha aise isliye rehti ho kyuki main tumhaare saath itna flirt karta hu? He asked.


Riddhima bit her lip to stop herself from laughing. "Haan, she replied.


"Matlab, agar main good boy banke tumhe zyada pareshaan nahi karunga, toh tum bina maange hi mujhe... He trailed off suggestively.


"Bina maange hi kya? Riddhima asked, blushing a deep red. Unable to look Armaan in the eye, she started looking around nervously.


Armaan smiled at his cute, innocent Basket and gently placed two fingers under her chin, making her look at him.


"I love you, Basket, he whispered.


Riddhima grinned. "I love you, too, she replied, hugging him tight and hiding her face in his chest again. Armaan smiled and kissed the top of her head, resting his chin on it.


Muskaan looked at the two of them with a bittersweet smile on her face. She was so happy that her best friends were finally happy together. They'd been through so much and if two people deserved to find happiness together, it was them. Muskaan had prayed everyday for almost a year, wishing up on every star she saw, hoping for Armaan and Riddhima to find happiness.


Riddhima had always been such an amazing and supportive friend and without Armaan, Muskaan didn't know what would have happened in her life. Both of them were very special for her and she'd wanted them to find each other again from the bottom of her heart. And, she was so happy that they finally had.


But, seeing them together pricked her heart today. She so wished that she could have what Armaan and Riddhima had with Rahul. He was the one person who'd loved her so beautifully and when he'd left her, she was left with an absence in her life that had been unfulfilled by others. She'd tried to move on, but never had been able to. Her parents had tried to get her married and introduced her to countless suitors, but none of them were Rahul and she couldn't bring herself to agree to marrying them, no matter how mad at Rahul she got. The thing with RK had been a fluke. They'd met by chance and he'd become such a good friend. She knew everything about him, just as he knew everything about her. And so, when their families had suggested them getting married, Muskaan had agreed. She knew that her parents were extremely disappointed in her. She'd introduced them to a person who wasn't her boyfriend, she'd faked her wedding and she'd unceremoniously rejected any potential suitors her family had presented her with. So, when RK suggested their arrangement, Muskaan hadn't thought twice before agreeing. She'd consoled herself and made peace with the fact that she would spend her life with RK as a friend. But now, RK had gotten the love of his life back and their arrangement wasn't in place anymore.

If that wasn't enough, Rahul was there, day in and day out, looking at her with so much love, hoping and praying for a miracle that wished them back together. Her talk with Riddhima had left her even more confused and desperate for Rahul's presence in her life.


Watching Sonia throw herself at him today had been a wake up call for Muskaan. She realized that there were people in the world who found Rahul attractive, people who wouldn't mind marrying him. If that happened, she would loose him. She couldn't have that. Because, no matter what, no matter how much they fought or how much Rahul's decision to break up with her had hurt Muskaan, she was still so desperately in love with him. And, she couldn't imagine her life with anyone else. But, she didn't know how to tell Rahul this.


Neha and Jai noticed her expression and mistook the longingness on her face for her desire to be with Armaan.


"Uhm, Jai cleared his throat, breaking Muskaan away from her thoughts. She looked at him and smiled tentatively.


"Don't worry, he assured. "Armaan's like this only. It doesn't mean anything. Neha nodded in agreement, smiling at Muskaan, even though she was secretly happy that Armaan wasn't as invested in Muskaan as she'd thought.


"Huh? Muskaan asked, confused. "Kya bol rahe ho?


Jai gestured to the dance floor, where Armaan and Riddhima were still dancing, wrapped up in each other's arms, forgetting the rest of the world.


"Armaan ko dekhke upset hona? Ki woh tumhaare saath aaya hai, lekin jabse uss... Uss Riddhima se chipak raha hai? Jai asked.


Muskaan almost laughed right on his face when she heard that. But, she controlled herself.


"Armaan toh college ke dino se aisa hi hai, Neha explained. "Bas, har ladki ke saath flirt karta rehta hai. Tum please uski baat ka bura mat manna.


Muskaan nodded in acknowledgement. "Don't worry, she assured. "Mujhe bura nahi laga. Waise bhi, main aur Armaan toh sirf dost hai.


Neha grinned widely when she heard this. She'd been thinking that maybe Armaan was dating this girl. But, he wasn't. Hallelujah! That was so good.


"Hi, Rahul whispered softly, approaching the small group.


"Hi, Jai answered snidely. Rahul chose to ignore him and turned his attention to Muskaan, who was suddenly very interested in the flooring.


"Dance? He asked her, bringing his hand forward.


Muskaan looked at him, surprised. Rahul chuckled at her expression and said, "Woh actually, un dono ne toh humein akela chod diya hai, he said, pointing to Armaan & Riddhima, "toh maine socha hum hi dance kar lete hai. I mean, agar tumhe koi problem na ho toh.


"That's a great idea! Nikki screeched, appearing out of nowhere. "Muski, tujhe bilkul jaana chahiye, Rahul ke saath dance karne.


Muskaan glared at Nikki, while Rahul smirked at her absolute lack of subtlety. She might have just shouted at the top of rooftops that she was plotting to get them back together.


Seeing Nikki egg them on, Abhi joined her, followed quickly by Rakesh and then Agastya and Shaurya. With so many people standing there, Muskaan couldn't turn Rahul away and hesitantly put her hand in his.


"Thank you, Rahul whispered fervently, looking Muskaan in the eye, the intensity of his gaze leaving her breathless. He pulled a dazed Muskaan to the dance floor, making Nikki grin.


"Waise, Basket, Armaan said after many moments of silence.


"Haan? Riddhima asked.


"Tumne mere sawaal ka jawaab nahi diya, he cribbed.


"Kaunsa sawaal? Riddhima questioned.


"Yahi, ki agar main tumhe pareshaan nahi karunga, toh kya tum apne mann se hi... You know, he trailed off, smiling wolfishly.


"Armaan! Riddhima scolded, swatting his chest. "Tum kitne besharam ho. Aur kuch nahi soojhta na tumhe?


"Bilkul nahi, he promptly replied. "Bolo na.


Riddhima blushed and pushed away from him. She looked at him, mischief leaking from his eyes, making her go even redder.


She slowly advanced forward and pressed a quick peck to his cheeks. "Haan! She agreed, running away.


Armaan (walking in the crowd) -

Socho kabhi, socho zara

Socho kabhi, socho zara


Riddhima (walking on the other side) -

Meri bechainiyon ka jahan dekho zara,

Mere humnashi


Armaan -

Socho na... Dekho na... Socho zara...


Riddhima -

Socho ji socho aisa hota toh,

Chahat ke pal koi saja leta toh,

Aati jaati saanson mein basa leti main,

Khwabon se khayalon ko saja leti main,


Armaan -

Mera dil, dil mera, ishq mein

Ab tera ho gaya


Riddhima -

Mera dil, dil mera, ishq mein

Ab tera ho gaya


(Music) A pulls R to him and dances


Abhi -

Socho ji socho aisa hota toh,

Chahat ke pal koi saja leta toh,

Aati jaati saanson mein basa leta main,

Khwabon se khayalon ko saja leta main,


Nikki -

Mera dil, dil mera, ishq mein

Ab tera ho gaya


(Music) - AR & AN dancing with the crowd


Rahul (standing a little away from everybody else)-

Main bhi bada anjaan tha,

Tujhko nahi jo pehchana,

Kehte hain mohobbat kise,

Janeja maine na jaana...


(Dream sequence. Only Rahul & Muskaan in Rahul's imagination)


Muskaan (hugging Rahul close, dressed like a bride, while he's dressed like a groom)-

Maine haan kar diya sanam,

Ab toh na der kijiye,

Tute na tute na kabhi aisa koi vaada dijiye...


Rahul -

Mere yaara tujhpe bada marta hai dil


Muskaan -

Phir bhi mujhse kehne se kyun darta hai dil?


Rahul -

Mera dil, dil mera, ishq mein

Ab tera ho gaya


Muskaan -

Mera dil, dil mera, ishq mein

Ab tera ho gaya


Me & you, love is me & you

Me & you , me & you, my love is true

Me & you, love is me & you

Me & you , me & you, my love is true


(Music) Armaan shakes Rahul out of his world


Rahul (smiling sadly)-

Maine meri palkon taley jiske chehre ko chupaya,

Kaise main batau tumhe milke bhi woh mil na paya?


Nikki (placing her arms around Abhi's neck and hugging him)-

Mujhe bahon mein bhar le tu,

Main tere paas hoon sanam,

Teri deewangi hoon main,

Tere ehsaas hoon sanam,


Armaan (pulling Riddhima close)-

Ho... Tere hi liye toh hai mohabbat meri,


Riddhima (running away, after pulling Armaan's nose)-

Jaanu main bhi jaanu kya tamanna teri...


Abhi -

Mera dil, dil mera, ishq mein

Ab tera ho gaya


(Music) AR dancing


Rahul (staring at Muskaan)-

Socho ji socho aisa hota toh,

Chahat ke pal koi saja leta toh,


Muskaan (looking away)-

Chahoon bhi toh na mita sakoon dooriyaan,

Tu toh jaane kya hai meri majbooriyaan...


Rahul -

Teri hi yaadon mein, waadon mein,

Baaton mein, kho gaya,


Muskaan -

Mera dil, dil mera..


Armaan (pulling Rahul away) All the boys dance together -


Mera dil, dil mera

Ishq mein ab tera ho gaya


Riddhima (pulling Muskaan away) All the girls dance together -

Mera dil, dil mera

Ishq mein ab tera ho gaya


So, this was a little longer than usual and I hope that it makes you people happy! :D

For people wondering why Armaan & Riddhima haven't said anything about their relationship status, well, they've been at this thing for an hour tops. Armaan and Riddhima haven't been together in the same group for longer than half an hour. And in all this time, there have been other things to deal with. Plus, itna easily thodi bata denge? Thoda build up hona chahiye na. :P

I'm planning to have a lot of AR in the next few chapters, so I hope that makes up for your disappointment about them not telling people. 

But, I hope you guys liked this chapter!

Edited by DMGThings - 3 years ago
Posted: 3 years ago
I am loving these reunion chapters.. Its totally DMG.. i mean exactly how DMG used to be.. fun , love, friendship all snowballed into one. Big smile  The gang pulling each others leg, the friendship that has evolved and become stronger then ever, not only Armaan - Rahul, but the girls as well. Its really fun to read n m enjoying it!!
I really want Rahul n Muskaan to sort out their differences.  
Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by dmgd3

I am loving these reunion chapters.. Its totally DMG.. i mean exactly how DMG used to be.. fun , love, friendship all snowballed into one. Big smile  The gang pulling each others leg, the friendship that has evolved and become stronger then ever, not only Armaan - Rahul, but the girls as well. Its really fun to read n m enjoying it!!
I really want Rahul n Muskaan to sort out their differences.  

I knowww! I'm absolutely loving these chapters too. Theyre so much fun! 
They've become such good friends and understand each other so well and it's so nice to see that. 
Don't worry, RaMusk will sort everything out soon. :)
Posted: 3 years ago

amazing update pragsss
woh armaan-ridhima moments r always so so cute

i so knew it ridhima will fall fr his puppy face.. hahahha armaan really knows how to melt someone's anger spcly ridhima's
gang knws them so well

luvd RM moment also
Edited by Prizi - 3 years ago
Posted: 3 years ago
Ar romance sooo lovely
Omg all are batting for ar dance
But as expected ar dance is amazing
All dancing together that's lovely
Muskaan finally thinking of rahul and danced with him good
I hope muskaan rahul patch soon
Finally armaan's plan is working go rm
I am excited for next
Thanks for pm
Continue soon
Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by Prizi


Hahaha. I hope this is unresed soon. 
Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by nilusoni

Ar romance sooo lovely
Omg all are batting for ar dance
But as expected ar dance is amazing
All dancing together that's lovely
Muskaan finally thinking of rahul and danced with him good
I hope muskaan rahul patch soon
Finally armaan's plan is working go rm
I am excited for next
Thanks for pm
Continue soon

Yeah, I did a song sequence after ages, but I'm glad people are liking it.

AR are the cutest ! <33333
It's so much fun to write them be all couple - y with each other . I adore it. 

RaMusk will be together really soon now, I promise .

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