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The show started with Mouli in a party and her husband kunal was flirting with her over the phone. Mouli is a doctor by profession. Her husband calls her near the poolside. They spend some romantic moment away from the crowd in the party. Mouli tried to get away from him but he kept on touching her and holding her in his arms. They danced in each other's arms for sometime spending quality time together.


Mouli and Kunal couldn't keep their hands off each other so they decided to leave the party so they decided to leave the party and go to their house.


They were spending some intimate time when Mouli's phone ranged and it was a call from her hospital and due to some emergency she had to leave due to some complicacy in her delivery.


Kunal kept on protesting and infact offered to go along with her to the hospital since it was their anniversary. But agreed to leave his wife because she was about to deliver a baby and safe the critical patients life.


Back in the house Kunal waited for his wife and decorated their room while missing her terribly.


Mouli delivered a healthy baby and came back home pretty late and found Kunal asleep. Mouli apologized and promised that she would make things all right.


Next morning Dida was asking for tea from everyone, Mouli went to her room checked her DP. Dadi wished her happy anniversary when Mouli's mother in law called to check on her son and wish them.


Kunal was grumpy when he came out of the bathroom and Mouli tried to pataofy him. But he kept on showing his attitude.


She also tried to flirt with him but he didn't bend at all. He sulked saying he just wanted one romantic night and she couldn't give her.


Then she said its better to go to hospital instead of pataoing him since he doesn't want to get patoed. Kunal demanded a romantic morning to mend up their missed time. They kissed each other and Mouli asked for her gift.


Mouli saw a cut mark and fussed over him. When she opened the bandaid and saw a tattoo of her name on his ring finger. She became very emotional seeing while he said that now no one can take her away from him.


She cooked sweet dish for him and Kunal asked the name of her best friend. She almost dropped the suger container from her hand. Kunal pastured her to tell him the name. She said hopefully wherever she is she is doing fine and that their relationship is over now due to some bad experience and started feeling very very bad.


Kunal once again asked about her friend. Mouli said she is hot and sexy like her but she is totally opposite of what she is. She wears saree, ornaments, and all indian beauty. She also said that she was more like Kunal. Very indianised. She said if she met her before Mouli he would have fallen in love with her. Mouli still refused to mention her name.


They went to a restaurant to celebrate their anniversary and someone was celebrating her birthday.


The birthday girl was their celebrating her husband asked her to eat less sweet because he had only one thing to eat that was her. The girl looked very sad.


Mouli said since her friend lived in Lucknow it is difficult for her to come to the city when Kunal said maybe it was her friend who was celebrating her birthday.


Someone asked the birthday girl whether she had made friends in the city. She said friendship happens only in their childhood.


Birthday Girl's husband reffered her as Nandini and ordered her to eat with fork and knife when she picked up the spoon. Nandini's husband held her hand tightly and squeezed hurting her. He whispered to her not to make a scene since the party was for the investors.


Mouli and Kunal was serve with a cake and they planned to wish her on her birthday. But before they could make it to her, Nandini and her husband already left.


Mr Gupta, the investor tried to molest her and backed off. Her husband slapped her infront of the entire crowd feeling humiliated.


She tried to catch up with her husband when he walked away and almost got ran down by a car that was driven by kunal. Kunal tried to call the girl but she left. And a piece of her jwellery was left on the road that was picked up by Kunal.

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A very intense chemistry Blushing
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Nandini not yet there?  Damnn!!  :/
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Aa gayi Nandini
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cocktail much?
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omg Nandini's husband torture his wife .he treats his wife very badly
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